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The EX36 4 South Molton Postcode Sector

EX36 4 is a postcode sector within the EX36 postcode district which is within the EX Exeter postcode area.

The Royal Mail delivery office for the EX36 4 postal sector is the South Molton Delivery Office.

The area of the EX36 4 postcode sector is 39.94 square miles which is 103.46 square kilometres or 25,564.58 square acres.

In the year 2017 there were 92 house sales in the EX36 4 with the average house price being £460,101.

Waterways within the EX36 4 postcode sector include the River Bray, River Mole and River Yeo

Map of the EX36 4 and surrounding sectors

Postcode format for the EX36 4 postcode sector
EX36-4 X X
EX36Space4 Letter Letter

Postcode Sectors that Share a Border with EX36 4

Map of the EX36 4 Postcode Sector

Hotels within the EX36 4 Postcode Area

We found 4 hotels and guest houses within the EX36 postcode area

The Castle Inn
The Castle Inn
George Nympton Cross, South Molton, south-molton, EX36 4JE.
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Widehay Barn, South Molton
Widehay Barn, South Molton
Widehay Barn, Mariansleigh, South Molton, south-molton, EX36 4LL.
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The Willows
The Willows
, South Molton, Devon, south-molton, EX36 4EW.
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Belgrave B&B
Belgrave B&B
Belgrave, Nadder Lane, South Molton, Devon, South Molton, south-molton, EX36 4HP.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the EX36 4 Postcode Sector

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AlswearhamletNorth DevonDevon
Ash MillhamletNorth DevonDevon
Bishop's NymptonvillageNorth DevonDevon
ClapworthyhamletNorth DevonDevon
East KnowstonehamletNorth DevonDevon
George NymptonvillageNorth DevonDevon
KnowstonehamletNorth DevonDevon
MariansleighhamletNorth DevonDevon
MeshawvillageNorth DevonDevon
RoachillhamletNorth DevonDevon
RomansleighhamletNorth DevonDevon
Rose AshvillageNorth DevonDevon
South MoltontownNorth DevonDevon

List of Streets within the EX36 4 Postcode Sector