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The PE22 Sibsey Postcode District

The PE22 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 16,919 and is within the PE Peterborough postcode area.

Map of the PE22 Postcode District

Hotels within the PE22 Postcode Area

We found 12 hotels and guest houses within the PE22 postcode area

The Red Lion
The Red Lion
The Red Lion, Main Road, Revesby,, Boston, revesby, PE22 7NU.
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Green-Haven Waterside
Green-Haven Waterside
Green-Haven Main Road, Friskney, friskney, PE22 8QS.
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Witham Cottage
Witham Cottage
Copping Syke Farm House, Langrick, Boston, dogdyke, PE22 7AP.
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Mallard Cottage
Mallard Cottage
, Leverton, leverton, PE22 0AW.
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The Forge II
The Forge II
, Tumby Woodside, dogdyke, PE22 7SP.
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Waggoner'S Rest
Waggoner'S Rest
, Frithville Boston, frithville, PE22 7DY.
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Moorhen Cottage
Moorhen Cottage
, Leverton, leverton, PE22 0AW.
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Horseshoe Cott
Horseshoe Cott
, Frithville Boston, frithville, PE22 7DY.
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Curlew Cottage
Curlew Cottage
, Leverton, leverton, PE22 0AW.
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Farriers Cottage
Farriers Cottage
, Benington, benington, PE22 0EQ.
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Keepers Cottage II
Keepers Cottage II
, Benington, benington, PE22 0EQ.
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Sunset House
Sunset House
Main Road, Friskney, friskney, PE22 8QS.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the PE22 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Anton's GowtvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Benington Sea EndhamletBostonLincolnshire
Boston Long HedgeshamletBostonLincolnshire
Brand EndhamletBostonLincolnshire
CarringtonotherSettlementEast LindseyLincolnshire
Claxby PluckacrehamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
ConingsbyvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
CowbridgehamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
EastvillevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Fishtoft DrovevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Fold HillvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Freiston ShorehamletBostonLincolnshire
FriskneyvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Friskney EaudykevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Friskney ToftsvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
FrithvillevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Gipsey BridgevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Hagnaby LockhamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
Haltoft EndvillageBostonLincolnshire
High FerryotherSettlementEast LindseyLincolnshire
HilldykeotherSettlementEast LindseyLincolnshire
Lade BankhamletBostonLincolnshire
LangrickvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Langrick BridgevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Leake CommonsidevillageBostonLincolnshire
Leake Hurn's EndotherSettlementBostonLincolnshire
Leverton HighgatevillageBostonLincolnshire
Leverton LucasgatehamletBostonLincolnshire
Leverton OutgatehamletBostonLincolnshire
Mareham le FenvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
MedlamotherSettlementEast LindseyLincolnshire
MidvillehamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
MiningsbyotherSettlementEast LindseyLincolnshire
Moor SidehamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
MoorbyotherSettlementEast LindseyLincolnshire
MoorhouseshamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
New BolingbrokevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
New LeakevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
NorthlandsvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Old LeakevillageBostonLincolnshire
RevesbyvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Scrane EndhamletBostonLincolnshire
SibseyvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Sibsey Fen SidevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Small EndhamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
StickfordvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
StickneyvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Tamworth GreenotherSettlementBostonLincolnshire
Toft HillhamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
TumbyhamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
Tumby WoodsidevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
West EndotherSettlementBostonLincolnshire
WilksbyhamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
Wood EnderbyvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Wrangle BankvillageBostonLincolnshire
Wrangle LowgateotherSettlementBostonLincolnshire

Postcode Sectors within the PE22 Postcode District

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Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the PE22 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
PE22 0Boston Delivery Office
PE22 7Boston Delivery Office
PE22 8Boston Delivery Office
PE22 9Boston Delivery Office
Postcode format for the PE22 postcode district
PE22 - X X X
PE22 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the PE22 Sibsey Postcode Area