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The LN4 Washingborough Postcode District

The LN4 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 38,658 and is within the LN Lincoln postcode area.

The area of the LN4 postcode district is 144.47 square miles which is 374.18 square kilometres or 92,462.13 acres.

There are 4 postcode sectors within the LN4 district.

Google Map of the LN4 Postcode District

Map of the LN4 and surrounding districts

Postcode Districts that Share a Border with LN4

Google Map of the LN4 Postcode District

The LN4 postcode district is the shape in the centre of the map shaded green.

Hotels within the LN4 Postcode Area

We found 27 hotels and guest houses within the LN4 postcode area

Old Coach House Motel
Old Coach House Motel
1 Church Lane, North Kyme, Nr Woodhall Spa, north-kyme, LN4 4DJ.
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Washingborough Hall Hotel
Washingborough Hall Hotel
Church Hill, Washingborough, Lincoln, washingborough, LN4 1BE.
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Branston Hall Hotel
Branston Hall Hotel
Lincoln Road, Branston, Branston, branston, LN4 1PD.
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Manor House Stables
Manor House Stables
The Manor House, Timberland Road, Martin, Lincoln, martin, LN4 3QS.
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The Orchards
The Orchards
, Dunston nr. Lincoln, dunston-gb, LN4 2EX.
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Fenlake holiday accommodation
Fenlake holiday accommodation
Fenlake fishery Fen Lane, Metheringham, metheringham, LN4 3AQ.
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Kyme Barn
Kyme Barn
, North Kyme nr. Sleaford, north-kyme, LN4 4DP.
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No. 1 Mill Cottages
No. 1 Mill Cottages
1 Mill Cottages, Mill Lane, Heighington, Lincoln, lincoln, LN4 1RQ.
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Tattershall Lakes
Tattershall Lakes
Plot 24, Tattershall Lakes Country Park 57 Sleaford Road, Tattershall, tattershall, LN4 4LR.
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Waterside Escapes
Waterside Escapes
5 Sinclairs Mill Coningsby, Dogdyke, dogdyke, LN4 4UU.
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Chapel Guesthouse
Chapel Guesthouse
2 & 3 The Old Methodist Chapel Chapel Lane, Branston, Lincoln, lincoln, LN4 1LA.
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Beau Vista
Beau Vista
Hall Drive Canwick, Lincoln, lincoln, LN4 1DR.
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Orchard Caravan Park
Orchard Caravan Park
Witham Bank Tattershall, Tattershall, tattershall, LN4 4PZ.
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The Crown Lodge & Restaurant
The Crown Lodge & Restaurant
Main Street,Chapel Hill, near coningsby, Lincolnshire, dogdyke, LN4 4ZL.
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The Old Granary
The Old Granary
The Old Granary Main Street Ashby De La Launde, Lincoln, ashby-de-la-launde, LN4 3JG.
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The Lincolnshire Poacher Inn
The Lincolnshire Poacher Inn
53 High Street Metheringham, Lincoln, metheringham, LN4 3DZ.
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Red Lion Dunston
Red Lion Dunston
Middle Street Dunston Lincoln, Lincoln, branston, LN4 2EW.
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White Horse Holiday Park
White Horse Holiday Park
White Horse Holiday Park, Dunston Fen, Metheringham, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Lincoln, southrey, LN4 3AP.
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Manor Cottage
Manor Cottage
, Timberland, metheringham, LN4 3RX.
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Watermill Farm Cottages
Watermill Farm Cottages
Kirkby Green, Lincoln, metheringham, LN4 3PE.
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Peacock Barn
Peacock Barn
, Timberland, woodhall-spa, LN4 3RG.
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Paradise Lodge
Paradise Lodge
6 The Ramparts, Tattershall Lakes Country Park, Sleaford Road, Tattershall,, Lincolnshire, tattershall, LN4 4LR.
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The Dower House Apartments
The Dower House Apartments
The Dower House, Montagu Road,, Lincoln, lincoln, LN4 2RW.
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Star And Garter
Star And Garter
Princes Street, Metheringham, Lincoln, metheringham, LN4 3BX.
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, Tattershall nr. Woodhall Spa, dogdyke, LN4 4ZP.
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The Tavern At Timberland
The Tavern At Timberland
Houghton House, Timberland, Timberland, timberland, LN4 3RZ.
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Tattershall Lakes Country Park
Tattershall Lakes Country Park
57 Sleaford Road Tattershall, Lincolnshire, dogdyke, LN4 4LR.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the LN4 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Ashby de la LaundevillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
BillinghayvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
BlankneyvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
BloxholmhamletNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Bracebridge HeathvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
BranstonvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Branston BoothsvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Bunker's HillhamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
CanwickvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Chapel HillvillageBostonLincolnshire
Chapel HillvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
ConingsbyvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
DigbyvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
DogdykevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
DorringtonvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
DunstonvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Hawthorn HillvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
HeighingtonvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Holland FenvillageBostonLincolnshire
Hundle HousesvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Kirkby GreenvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
MartinvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
MetheringhamvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
New YorkvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
NoctonvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
North KymevillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
PotterhanworthvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Potterhanworth BoothsotherSettlementNorth KestevenLincolnshire
ReedhamhamletEast LindseyLincolnshire
RowstonvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Sandy BankotherSettlementEast LindseyLincolnshire
ScopwickvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Scrub HillvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Sots HolehamletNorth KestevenLincolnshire
South KymevillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
TanvatsotherSettlementNorth KestevenLincolnshire
TattershallvillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Tattershall BridgevillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Tattershall ThorpevillageEast LindseyLincolnshire
Thorpe TilneyotherSettlementNorth KestevenLincolnshire
TimberlandvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
WalcottvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
WashingboroughvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Wasps NesthamletNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the LN4 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
LN4 1Lincoln Delivery Office
LN4 2Lincoln Delivery Office
LN4 3Lincoln Delivery Office
LN4 4Lincoln Delivery Office
LN4 2Nocton Scale Payment Delivery Office
LN4 3Digby Scale Payment Delivery Office
LN4 3Metheringham Scale Payment Delivery Office
LN4 3Timberland Scale Payment Delivery Office
LN4 4Billinghay Scale Payment Delivery Office
LN4 4Coningsby Scale Payment Delivery Office
Postcode format for the LN4 postcode district
LN4 - X X X
LN4 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the LN4 Postcode Area

We found 1 visitor attractions within the LN4 postcode area

Tattershall Castle
Historic Properties
Castle / Fort
View Tattershall Castle on Google Maps

Streets within the LN4 Washingborough Postcode Area