The Town of Musselburgh in the County of East Lothian

The town of Musselburgh is located within the county of East Lothian.

Musselburgh is situated in the Scotland region of the UK and is governed by City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, councils.

The town of Musselburgh is covers the following regions.

  • East Lothian and Midlothian - Eastern Scotland - Scotland
  • Edinburgh, City of - Eastern Scotland - Scotland
  • City of Edinburgh
  • East Lothian

Where is Musselburgh is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Musselburgh in East Lothian

List of Streets in Musselburgh
Agnew Walk
Ambassador Court
Arran Marches
Arran Marches
Arrow Crescent
Ashgrove Place
Ashgrove View
Balcarres Place
Balcarres Road
Battlefield Drive
Beach Lane
Bellfield Avenue
Bogpark Road
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Broughton Park
Burns Wynd
Bush Street
Bush Terrace
Cairds Row
Campie Gardens
Campie Lane
Campie Road
Carberry Close
Carberry Grove
Carberry Road
Carberry Road
Carlyle Place
Champigny Court
Clark Avenue
Clayknowes Avenue
Clayknowes Court
Clayknowes Crescent
Clayknowes Drive
Clayknowes Place
Clayknowes Way
Craighall Terrace
Crookston Court
Crookston Road
Dalrymple Crescent
Dalrymple Loan
Delta Avenue
Delta Court
Delta Crescent
Delta Drive
Delta Gardens
Delta Place
Delta Road
Delta View
Denholm Avenue
Denholm Drive
Denholm Road
Denholm Way
Double Dykes
Downie Place
Edenhall Bank
Edenhall Crescent
Edenhall Road
Edinburgh Road
Eskdale Mews
Eskmills Road
Eskside East
Eskside West
Eskview Avenue
Eskview Crescent
Eskview Grove
Eskview Road
Eskview Terrace
Ferguson Court
Ferguson Drive
Ferguson Gardens
Ferguson Green
Ferguson View
Fishers Wynd
Galt Avenue
Galt Crescent
Galt Drive
Galt Road
Galt Terrace
Goose Green Avenue
Goose Green Court
Goose Green Crescent
Goose Green Place
Goose Green Road
Gracefield Court
Grannus Mews
Greenfield Park
Grove Street
Harbour Road
Hercus Loan
High Street
Hope Place
Inveravon Terrace
Inveresk Brae
Inveresk Road
Inveresk Village Road
James Street
Kerr's Wynd
Kilwinning Place
Kilwinning Street
Kilwinning Terrace
King Street
Ladywell Way
Lewisvale Avenue
Lewisvale Court
Linkfield Road
Links Avenue
Links Street
Links View
Lochend Road North
Lochend Road South
Loretto Court
Macbeth Moir Road
Maitland Avenue
Maitland Park Road
Maitland Street
Mall Avenue
Manse Lane
Mansfield Avenue
Mansfield Place
Mansfield Road
Mar Grove
Mar Grove
Market Street
Mayfield Avenue
Mayfield Crescent
Mayfield Park
Mayfield Place
Mayville Bank
Millhill Lane
Millhill Wynd
Moir Avenue
Moir Crescent
Moir Drive
Moir Place
Moir Terrace
Monktonhall Place
Montgomery Way
Moray Way
Moray Way
Mountjoy Court
Mountjoy Terrace
Mucklets Avenue
Mucklets Court
Mucklets Crescent
Mucklets Drive
Mucklets Place
Mucklets Road
New Street
Newcraighall Road
Newcraighall Road
Newcraighall Road
Newhailes Avenue
Newhailes Crescent
Newhailes Road
North High Street
Old Course Gate
Olive Bank Road
Olive Bank Road
Park Avenue
Park Court
Park Gardens
Park Grove Place
Park Grove Terrace
Park Lane
Park View
Pinkie Avenue
Pinkie Drive
Pinkie Hill Crescent
Pinkie Place
Pinkie Road
Pinkie Road
Pinkie Terrace
Queen Margaret Drive
Queen Margaret Drive
Ravensheugh Crescent
Ravensheugh Road
Riverside Gardens
Rothesay Place
Shorthope Street
Somerset Fields
South Street
St Ninians Way
Station Road
Stoneybank Avenue
Stoneybank Court
Stoneybank Crescent
Stoneybank Drive
Stoneybank Gardens
Stoneybank Gardens North
Stoneybank Gardens South
Stoneybank Grove
Stoneybank Place
Stoneybank Road
Stoneybank Terrace
Stoneyhill Avenue
Stoneyhill Court
Stoneyhill Crescent
Stoneyhill Drive
Stoneyhill Farm Road
Stoneyhill Gardens
Stoneyhill Grove
Stoneyhill Place
Stoneyhill Rise
Stoneyhill Road
Stoneyhill Terrace
Stoneyhill Wynd
The Fairways
The Grove
The Inveresk Estate
The Orchard
The Parsonage
Wanless Court
Watt's Close
Wedderburn Court
Wedderburn Terrace
West Holmes Gardens
Whitehill Avenue
Whitehill Farm Road
Whitehill Gardens
Windsor Gardens
Windsor Park
Windsor Park Drive
Windsor Park Place
Windsor Park Terrace
Woodside Gardens