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The BH21 7 Ferndown Postcode Sector

BH21 7 is a postcode sector within the BH21 postcode district which is within the BH Bournemouth postcode area.

The Royal Mail delivery office for the BH21 7 postal sector is the Wimborne Delivery Office.

In the year 2017 there were 61 house sales in the BH21 7 with the average house price being £570,116.

The BH21 7 postcode sector is crossed by the A31 Major A road.

Waterways within the BH21 7 postcode sector include the Stour.

The Cranborne Chase & West Wiltshire Downs area of outstanding natural beauty covers part of the BH21 7 postcode district.

Postcode format for the BH21 7 postcode sector
BH21-7 X X
BH21Space7 Letter Letter

Map of the BH21 7 Postcode Sector

Hotels within the BH21 7 Postcode Area

We found 3 hotels and guest houses within the BH21 postcode area

Moorland Lodge
Moorland Lodge
, Holt Wood near Wimborne, chalbury, BH21 7DR.
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Stapehill Lodge B&B
Stapehill Lodge B&B
Stapehill Lodge, Wimborne Minster, Hampreston, hampreston, BH21 7NB.
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Woodside Lodge
Woodside Lodge
, Wigbeth Horton nr. Wimborne, horton, BH21 7JH.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the BH21 7 Postcode Sector

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Broom HillvillageEast DorsetDorset
ChalburyhamletEast DorsetDorset
Chalbury CommonvillageEast DorsetDorset
Crooked WithiesotherSettlementEast DorsetDorset
FerndowntownEast DorsetDorset
God's Blessing GreenhamletEast DorsetDorset
HamprestonvillageEast DorsetDorset
HaythorneotherSettlementEast DorsetDorset
Higher RowhamletEast DorsetDorset
Hinton MartellvillageEast DorsetDorset
HoltvillageEast DorsetDorset
Holt HeathhamletEast DorsetDorset
Holt WoodvillageEast DorsetDorset
HortonvillageEast DorsetDorset
Horton HeathhamletEast DorsetDorset
Knob's CrookhamletEast DorsetDorset
Little CanfordhamletEast DorsetDorset
Lodge Copse EstatevillageEast DorsetDorset
Lower ManningtonhamletEast DorsetDorset
Lower RowhamletEast DorsetDorset
ManningtonvillageEast DorsetDorset
Pig OakhamletEast DorsetDorset
UppingtonhamletEast DorsetDorset
White MoorhamletEast DorsetDorset
WigbethhamletEast DorsetDorset
Wimborne MinstertownEast DorsetDorset

List of Streets within the BH21 7 Postcode Sector