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The BH21 Wimborne Minster Postcode District

The BH21 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 40,571 and is within the BH Bournemouth postcode area.

Map of the BH21 Postcode District

Hotels within the BH21 Postcode Area

We found 17 hotels and guest houses within the BH21 postcode area

Les Bouviers Restaurant With Rooms
Les Bouviers Restaurant With Rooms
Arrowsmith Road, Canford Magna,, Wimborne, Poole, Dorset, wimborne-minster, BH21 3BD.
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King's Head Hotel
King's Head Hotel
The Square, Wimborne Minster, wimborne-minster, BH21 1JG.
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Sheaf of Arrows
Sheaf of Arrows
4 The Square, Cranborne, cranborne, BH21 5PR.
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Canford Magna
Canford Magna
, Canford Magna near Wimborne, canford-magna, BH21 3AF.
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The Minster Arms
The Minster Arms
23 West Street Wimborne, Wimborne Minster, wimborne-minster, BH21 1JS.
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Bow Cottage
Bow Cottage
76 Wareham Road Corfe Mullen, Wimborne Minster, wimborne-minster, BH21 3LG.
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Baytree House
Baytree House
, Wimborne, wimborne-minster, BH21 2EX.
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Moorland Lodge
Moorland Lodge
, Holt Wood near Wimborne, chalbury, BH21 7DR.
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The Inn at Cranborne
The Inn at Cranborne
5 Wimborne Street, Cranborne, cranborne, BH21 5PP.
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Canford Crossing
Canford Crossing
17 Canford Bottom, Wimborne Minster, wimborne-minster, BH21 2HA.
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West View
West View
, Sturminster Marshall, corfe-mullen, BH21 3RW.
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New Forest Lodges
New Forest Lodges
Gold Oak Farm Hare Lane Cranborne, Cranborne, cranborne, BH21 5QT.
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Home Farm House
Home Farm House
Home Farm House, Butts Close, Wimborne St Giles, Wimborne Saint Giles, wimborne-saint-giles, BH21 5NB.
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Stapehill Lodge B&B
Stapehill Lodge B&B
Stapehill Lodge, Wimborne Minster, Hampreston, hampreston, BH21 7NB.
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Merley Woodland Park
Merley Woodland Park
Merley Wimborne, Dorset, wimborne-minster, BH21 3AA.
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1777. At The Albion
1777. At The Albion
19 High Street, The Square, Wimborne Minster, wimborne-minster, BH21 1HR.
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Woodside Lodge
Woodside Lodge
, Wigbeth Horton nr. Wimborne, horton, BH21 7JH.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the BH21 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Beacon HillvillageEast DorsetDorset
Beacon HillvillagePurbeckDorset
BoveridgehamletEast DorsetDorset
Broom HillvillageEast DorsetDorset
Canford MagnavillagePoole
CashmoorhamletEast DorsetDorset
ChalburyhamletEast DorsetDorset
Chalbury CommonvillageEast DorsetDorset
ChilbridgeotherSettlementEast DorsetDorset
ClapgatehamletEast DorsetDorset
Combe AlmerhamletEast DorsetDorset
Corfe MullenvillagePoole
Corfe MullenvillageEast DorsetDorset
CowgrovehamletEast DorsetDorset
CranbornevillageEast DorsetDorset
CripplestylevillageEast DorsetDorset
Crooked WithiesotherSettlementEast DorsetDorset
EdmondshamvillageEast DorsetDorset
FerndowntownEast DorsetDorset
FurzehillvillageEast DorsetDorset
Gaunt's CommonvillageEast DorsetDorset
GauntshamletEast DorsetDorset
God's Blessing GreenhamletEast DorsetDorset
GrangehamletEast DorsetDorset
Gussage All SaintsvillageEast DorsetDorset
Gussage St MichaelvillageEast DorsetDorset
HamprestonvillageEast DorsetDorset
HaythorneotherSettlementEast DorsetDorset
HemsworthhamletEast DorsetDorset
HenburyvillageEast DorsetDorset
Higher RowhamletEast DorsetDorset
HillbuttshamletEast DorsetDorset
Hinton MartellvillageEast DorsetDorset
Hinton ParvahamletEast DorsetDorset
HoltvillageEast DorsetDorset
Holt HeathhamletEast DorsetDorset
Holt WoodvillageEast DorsetDorset
HortonvillageEast DorsetDorset
Horton HeathhamletEast DorsetDorset
Knob's CrookhamletEast DorsetDorset
KnowltonotherSettlementEast DorsetDorset
Little CanfordhamletEast DorsetDorset
Lodge Copse EstatevillageEast DorsetDorset
Long CrichelvillageEast DorsetDorset
Lower ManningtonhamletEast DorsetDorset
Lower RowhamletEast DorsetDorset
ManningtonvillageEast DorsetDorset
ManswoodvillageEast DorsetDorset
Monkton Up WimbornehamletEast DorsetDorset
Moor CrichelhamletEast DorsetDorset
New TownvillageEast DorsetDorset
Newton PeverilhamletEast DorsetDorset
PamphillotherSettlementEast DorsetDorset
Pig OakhamletEast DorsetDorset
Primrose HillhamletEast DorsetDorset
StanbridgehamletEast DorsetDorset
StonevillageEast DorsetDorset
Sturminster MarshallvillageEast DorsetDorset
Sutton HolmshamletEast DorsetDorset
Three Legged CrossotherSettlementEast DorsetDorset
UppingtonhamletEast DorsetDorset
VerwoodtownEast DorsetDorset
White MoorhamletEast DorsetDorset
WhitmorevillageEast DorsetDorset
WigbethhamletEast DorsetDorset
Wimborne MinstertownEast DorsetDorset
Wimborne St GilesvillageEast DorsetDorset
WitchamptonvillageEast DorsetDorset
WoodlandsvillageEast DorsetDorset
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the BH21 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
BH21 1Wimborne Delivery Office
BH21 2Wimborne Delivery Office
BH21 3Wimborne Delivery Office
BH21 4Wimborne Delivery Office
BH21 5Wimborne Delivery Office
BH21 6Wimborne Delivery Office
BH21 7Wimborne Delivery Office
BH21 8Wimborne Delivery Office
Postcode format for the BH21 postcode district
BH21 - X X X
BH21 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the BH21 Postcode Area

We found 2 visitor attractions within the BH21 postcode area

Kingston Lacy Estate
Historic Properties
Historic House / House and Garden / Palace
View Kingston Lacy Estate on Google Maps
Walford Mill Crafts
Museums & Art Galleries
Museum and / or Art Gallery
View Walford Mill Crafts on Google Maps

Streets within the BH21 Wimborne Minster Postcode Area