The Town of Macclesfield in the County of Cheshire

The town of Macclesfield is located within the county of Cheshire.

Macclesfield is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Cheshire East, council.

The town of Macclesfield is in the Cheshire East region of Cheshire within North West (England).

  • Cheshire East
  • Hurdsfield: Holy Trinity
  • Macclesfield: All Saints
  • Macclesfield: St John the Evangelist
  • Macclesfield: St Michael & All Angels
  • Macclesfield: St Paul
  • Macclesfield: St Peter
  • Marlborough County Primary School
  • Sutton: St Barnabas
  • Upton Priory: Church of the Resurrecti

Where is Macclesfield is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Macclesfield in Cheshire

Dentists in Macclesfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Macclesfield
115 Chestergate (dental Practice) Dental Surgery, 115 Chestergate Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6DP
Cheshire Cat Orthodontics 45 Great King Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6PN
Cheshire Dental Care 42 King Edward Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 1AA
Crystal Dental Clinic Ltd 211 Park Lane Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 8AA
Dental Surgery 1 Roe Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6UT
Dental Surgery 102 Brock Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 1DQ
Dental Surgery 30 Chester Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 8DG
Dental Surgery 43 Great King Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6PN
Dental Surgery 7 Prestbury Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 1AU
Mac Dental, 3-4 Statham Court, Statham Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6XL
Macclesfield District Hospital Victoria Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 3BL
Miss Jr Gledhill 156 Cumberland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 1BP
Mr Sr Smith 156 Cumberland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 1BP
Top Floor Dental Practice 156 Cumberland Street Macclesfield SK10 1BP
Weston Dental Clinic Earlsway Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 8SR
Whally Hayes Dental Practice 62-68 King Edward Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 1AT

Opticians in Macclesfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Macclesfield
Berry Opticians 123 Chestergate Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6DP
Boots Opticians (macclesfield) 46 Mill Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6LT
East Cheshire Nhs Trust Macclesfield District Hospital, Victoria Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 3BL
Oldbury & Cruickshank Optometrists 73 Pickford Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JD
Park Lane Opticians 141 Park Lane Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6UB
Park Lane Opticians 141 Park Lane Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6UB
Premier Vision Opticians (macclesfield) 20 Castle Street Mall, Grosvenor Shopping Centre Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6AF
Specsavers (macclesfield) Unit 2-3, Mill Street Mall, Grosvenor Centre Macclesfield SK11 6AJ
Vision Express (macclesfield) 31 Mill Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6NE
Waters Green Medical Centre Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL

Chemists in Macclesfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Macclesfield
Andrews Pharmacy 71 Kennedy Avenue Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 3DE tel:01625 618481
Boots Pharmacy 12 Mill Street Mall, Grosvenor Centre Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6AJ tel:01625 615216
Cohens Chemist 46-48 Charlotte Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JB tel:01625 424895
Cohens Chemist Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL tel:01625 664405
Instore Pharmacy Hibel Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 2AB tel:01625 603449
Lloydspharmacy 61 Cumberland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 1BJ
London Road Pharmacy Unit 1, 157 London Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 7SP tel:01625 617331
Peak Pharmacy 5-6 Weston Square, Earlsway Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 8SS tel:01625 423465
Tytherington Pharmacy 2-3 Tytherington Shopping Centre, Brocklehurst Way, Tytherington Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 2HB tel:01625 612993
Well Macclesfield - 209 Park Lane 209 Park Lane Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6UD tel:01625 432755
Well Macclesfield - Bollin House Bollin House, Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL tel:01625 422927
Well Macclesfield - Sunderland Street 76-80 Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6HN tel:01625 422160

Doctors in Macclesfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Macclesfield
Broken Cross Surgery Waters Green Medical Centre, Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL tel:01625 617300
Cumberland House Surgery Waters Green Medical Centre, Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL tel:01625 428081
High Street Surgery Waters Green Medical Centre, Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL tel:01625 423692
Park Green Surgery Waters Green Medical Centre, Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL tel:01625 429555
Park Lane Surgery Park Lane House Med Ctr, Waters Green Medical Ctr, Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL tel:01625 422893
South Park Surgery Waters Green Medical Centre, Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL tel:01625 422249
Vernova Healthcare Cic Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JL tel:01625 264078
List of Streets in Macclesfield
Abbey Road
Abbots Close
Abingdon Close
Acton Place
Adlington Street
Adlington Street
Albert Street
Albert Street
Alder Court
Alderley Road
Alderney Close
Alison Drive
Allen Street
Alma Close
Alton Drive
Alveston Close
Amberley Road
Ambleside Close
Amersham Close
Anderson Street
Anderson Street
Andrew Grove
Appleby Close
Arbour Close
Arbour Crescent
Arbour Mews
Argyll Close
Arley Close
Arlington Drive
Armitt Street
Arundel Close
Ascot Close
Ash Grove
Ash Terrace
Ashfield Drive
Ashton Avenue
Athey Street
Athey Street
Atholl Close
Augusta Drive
Avon Close
Avonside Way
Aylesbury Close
Back Eddisbury Road
Back Paradise Street
Back Wallgate
Badger Road
Baker Street
Ball Lane
Balmoral Crescent
Bamford Street
Banbury Close
Bank Close
Bank Street
Barber Street
Barnard Close
Barnett Street
Barnside Way
Barracks Lane
Barracks Lane
Barton Street
Batemill Close
Becks Lane
Bedford Road
Beech Bank
Beech Farm Drive
Beech Grove
Beech Hall Drive
Beech Lane
Beech Lane
Beechwood Mews
Beeston Terrace
Belfry Drive
Belgrave Road
Belmont Avenue
Berkshire Close
Berwick Close
Berwick Close
Beswick Street
Betchworth Way
Beverley Way
Bibby's Lane
Birch Avenue
Birches Croft Drive
Birchgate Close
Birchinall Close
Birkdale Close
Birtles Road
Birtles Road
Bishopton Drive
Bittern Grove
Black Lane
Black Road
Black Road
Blackley Close
Blackshaw Street
Blairgowrie Drive
Blakelow Bank
Blakelow Road
Blandford Drive
Blenheim Close
Bluebell Close
Bluebell Lane
Bluebell Mews
Blueberry Way
Boden Street
Bodmin Avenue
Bollinbarn Drive
Bollinbrook Road
Bollington Old Road
Bond Street
Bond Street
Boothby Street
Bostock Road
Box Tree Mews
Bracken Close
Bradley Street
Braeside Close
Bramble Close
Bramhall Way
Brampton Avenue
Bransdale Way
Bread Street
Briarwood Avenue
Bridge Street
Brindley Way
Brock Street
Brock Street
Brocklehurst Avenue
Brocklehurst Mews
Brocklehurst Way
Broken Banks
Broken Cross
Bromley Road
Brook Street
Brookfield Lane
Brookhouse Close
Brooklands Avenue
Brough Street West
Brown Street
Brown Street
Brunel Road
Brunswick Street
Brynmore Drive
Brynton Road
Buckfast Close
Buckingham Drive
Buckingham Rise
Buckley Street
Butley Close
Buxton New Road
Buxton Old Road
Buxton Road
Buxton Road
Byron's Lane
Byron's Lane
Byrons Street
Calamine Street
Calveley Road
Camborne Avenue
Cambridge Avenue
Cambridge Road
Campbell Close
Canal Side
Canal Street
Canton Street
Canute Close
Capesthorne Way
Cardigan Close
Carisbrook Avenue
Carlisle Close
Carnoustie Drive
Cartmel Close
Castle Street
Castletown Close
Catherine Street
Cavendish Close
Cawley Street
Cedar Grove
Century Way
Chadwick Terrace
Chantry Court
Chapel Street
Chapel Street
Chapel Street
Charlotte Street
Charlotte Street
Charlotte Street West
Charlton Street
Charnwood Close
Charter Way
Chatham Street
Chatsworth Avenue
Chelford Road
Chelford Road
Cheltenham Close
Chepstow Close
Cherington Crescent
Cherryfields Road
Chester Road
Chester Road
Chestnut Avenue
Cheveley Close
Chilham Place
Chiltern Avenue
Cholmondeley Street
Chorleywood Close
Church Street
Church Street West
Churchill Way
Churchill Way
Clare Drive
Clarendon Drive
Clarke Terrace
Cleaver Mews
Clevedon Close
Clifford Road
Cloverdale Road
Clowes Street
Coare Street
Coare Street
College Court
Collingwood Close
Colville Road
Commercial Road
Commercial Road
Congleton Road
Congleton Road
Coniston Way
Conway Crescent
Copper Street
Coppice Rise
Cornbrook Road
Cornfield Close
Cornwall Close
Coronation Street
Cottage Lane
Cottage Lane
Cottage Street
Cotton Crescent
Countess Road
Cow Lane
Cowbrook Lane
Craig Close
Craig Road
Cranford Avenue
Crew Avenue
Crompton Road
Crompton Road
Cross Street
Cross Street
Crossall Street
Crown Street
Crown Street
Crown Street West
Cuckstoolpit Hill
Cumberland Street
Cumberland Street
Cumberland Street
Curlew Close
Curtis Close
Daintry Street
Daintry Terrace
Dale Street
Dalesford Crescent
Dalesford Crescent
Danes Square
Davenport Street
Davies Street
Dawson Close
Dawson Road
Deerwood Close
Delamere Drive
Delamere Road
Derwent Close
Derwent Close
Devon Close
Dingle Close
Donagh Close
Dorchester Way
Dover Road
Downes Close
Drummond Way
Drummond Way
Duke Street
Dumbah Lane
Dunlin Rise
Dunster Road
Durham Close
Eaglais Way
East Park Road
Eaton Lane
Ecton Avenue
Ecton Avenue
Eddisbury Terrace
Eden Drive
Edinburgh Drive
Edward Street
Eldon Road
Elgin Avenue
Elizabeth Street
Elm Drive
Everglade Close
Exchange Close
Exchange Street
Fairhaven Close
Fairview Road
Fallibroome Close
Fallibroome Road
Fallibroome Road
Falmouth Close
Farmfield Drive
Farmfields Drive
Farnham Avenue
Farwood Close
Fearndown Way
Fence Avenue
Fence Avenue
Fern Lea Drive
Fern Lea Drive
Ferndale Crescent
Field View Drive
Fieldbank Road
Fieldbank Road
Fir Grove
Fir Grove
Fitz Close
Fitz Crescent
Flint Street
Flying Fields Drive
Foden Street
Folkestone Close
Fountain Street
Fountain Street
Fowey Close
Fowler Street
Frances Street
Franklin Close
Freshfield Drive
Friars Way
Frith Terrace
Garden Close
Garden Street
Gas Road
Gas Road
Gawend Lane
Gawsworth Road
Gawsworth Road
George Street
George Street
George Street West
Gilchrist Avenue
Glegg Street
Gleneagles Drive
Gloucester Close
Goathland Way
Goodall Street
Grange Road
Grapes Street
Great King Street
Great Queen Street
Great Queen Street
Green Street
Green Street
Greenhills Close
Greystoke Road
Grisedale Way
Gritstone Drive
Grosvenor Street
Grovewood Mews
Gullane Close
Gunco Lane
Haddon Close
Half Street
Half Street
Hall Close
Hall Grove
Hall Street
Hall Street
Hallefield Crescent
Hallefield Drive
Hallefield Road
Hamble Way
Hardwick Drive
Harewood Way
Harpur Close
Harvest Road
Hathaway Drive
Hatton Street
Haughton Close
Haworth Close
Hawthorn Way
Haydock Close
Hayfield Close
Hazel Avenue
Hazlemere Avenue
Heapy Street
Heather Close
Heatherridge Close
Hedingham Close
Henderson Street
Hewetson Crescent
Hexham Way
Heyden Close
Heyes Farm Road
Hibel Road
Hibel Road
Higginbotham Green
High Street
High Street
High Street
Higher Fence Road
Higher Fence Road
Highfield Drive
Highfield Road
Hill Street
Hillcrest Road
Hillside Drive
Hilton Close
Hobson Street
Hobson Street
Holcombe Drive
Hollands Place
Hollins Road
Holly Road
Home Farm Avenue
Hope Drive
Hope Street
Hope Street West
Horseshoe Drive
Houghley Close
Howe Street
Hulley Road
Hulme Square
Hurdsfield Road
Hurdsfield Road
Huxley Close
Ivy Lane
Ivy Meade Close
Ivy Meade Road
Ivy Road
Jackson Street
Jackson Street
James Street
James Street
Jasmine Avenue
Jodrell Close
Jodrell Street
John Street
Juniper Rise
Justice Street
Keats Drive
Keele Crescent
Kelso Way
Kempton Way
Kendal Road
Kenilworth Close
Kenilworth Road
Kenilworth Road
Kennedy Avenue
Kennedy Avenue
Kennet Way
Kentwell Drive
Kershaw Grove
Keswick Avenue
Keswick Close
King Edward Road
King Edward Street
King Edward Street
King Street
Kingston Avenue
Kirkstall Close
Knight Street
Knight's Close
Knowsley Road
Laburnum Road
Lakelands Close
Landseer Drive
Langdale Close
Langdale Close
Langford Street
Langford Street
Langley Drive
Lanreath Close
Lansdowne Street
Larch Avenue
Lark Hall Close
Lark Hall Crescent
Lark Hall Road
Lark Hall Road
Larkwood Way
Lathom Way
Lavenham Close
Lea Bank Close
Leadbeaters Road
Leamington Road
Leigh Street
Lilford Square
Lime Grove
Lindrick Close
Lindrum Avenue
Lingfield Close
Linnet Grove
Little Aston Close
Little Street
Little Street
Livesley Road
Livingstone Close
Lomas Square
London Road
London Road
London Road Terrace
Loney Street
Longacre Street
Longden Lane
Longden Street
Longden Street
Lord Street
Lowe Street
Lower Bank Street
Lower Exchange Street
Lowerfield Road
Loxley Close
Ludlow Close
Lumley Road
Lutyens Close
Lyme Avenue
Lyme View
Lynn Grove
Lynn Grove
Lyon Street
Madron Avenue
Maidstone Close
Malvern Drive
Manchester Road
Manchester Road
Manley Road
Manor Crescent
Maple Avenue
Marigold Close
Market Place
Market Place
Marlborough Close
Marlborough Drive
Marsden Terrace
Masons Lane
Maxfield Close
Maydews Passage
Mayfield Avenue
Mayfield Terrace
Meadow Way
Meg Lane
Melford Drive
Melksham Close
Melville Road
Merebrook Close
Merebrook Road
Mereside Close
Merlin Close
Merriden Road
Merrydale Close
Mill Lane
Mill Road
Mill Road
Mill Street
Millbank Drive
Minor Avenue
Monsall Close
Monsall Drive
Montrose Close
Moorhill Road
Moorlands Close
Moran Crescent
Moran Road
Moss Bower Road
Moss Chase
Moss Lane
Moss Square
Moss View Road
Mottram Way
Mount Terrace
Muirfield Drive
Mulberry Drive
Needhams Wharf Close
Nelson Street
New Hall Street
New Hall Street
New Hall Street
Newlands Road
Newlyn Avenue
Newmarket Close
Newquay Drive
Newton Street
Newton Street
Nicholson Avenue
Nicholson Close
Nixon Street
Norbury Street
Northgate Avenue
Northgate Avenue
Norton Street
Oak Avenue
Oakhill Close
Old Farm Close
Old Hall Street
Old Mill Lane
Oldhams Rise
Orchard Close
Orme Close
Orme Crescent
Oxford Road
Oxney Close
Padstow Close
Palmerston Road
Paradise Street
Park Brook Road
Park Green
Park Green
Park Grove
Park Lane
Park Lane
Park Lane
Park Mount Close
Park Mount Drive
Park Mount Drive
Park Street
Park Street
Park Vale Road
Parker Street
Parkett Heyes Road
Parkgate Road
Parr Street
Parsonage Street
Parsonage Street
Pasture Close
Pavilion Way
Pavilion Way
Pearle Street
Pearle Street
Peel Street
Peel Street
Pembroke Road
Pendlebury Gardens
Penningtons Lane
Penningtons Lane
Penningtons Lane
Penrith Avenue
Penrith Avenue
Penzance Close
Percyvale Street
Peter Street
Peter Street West
Peterborough Close
Petunia Grove
Pexhill Drive
Pexhill Drive
Pexhill Road
Pexhill Road
Pickenham Close
Pickford Street
Pierce Street
Pine Close
Pine Road
Pinfold Street
Pitt Street
Pitt Street
Pleasant Street
Ploughmans Way
Plover Close
Plumley Close
Polperro Close
Pool End Close
Pool End Road
Pool Street
Poplar Road
Portford Close
Portmarnock Close
Portrush Close
Pownall Square
Pownall Street
Pownall Street
Poynton Street
Poynton Street
Prestbury Road
Prestbury Road
Prestbury Road
Prestbury Road
Preston Street West
Prestwick Close
Primrose Avenue
Princes Way
Priory Court
Priory Drive
Priory Lane
Priory Lane
Pump Tree Mews
Pump Tree Mews
Queen Street
Queen Victoria Street
Queen's Avenue
Raglan Road
Rainow Road
Rayleigh Way
Redesmere Close
Redruth Avenue
Redshank Drive
Redwood Court
Regent Avenue
Renfrew Close
Richmond Hill
Ridge View
Ringway Close
Ripon Close
Riseley Street
Rising Sun Road
River Street
Roan Court
Roan House Way
Roan House Way
Roan Mews
Robin Crescent
Robin Hood Avenue
Robin Lane
Rodney Street
Roe Street
Roewood Lane
Rose Wharf
Rotherhead Drive
Rowan Way
Roxburgh Close
Royal Meadows
Rugby Close
Rugby Drive
Rutland Road
Ryburn Road
Rydal Place
Rydal Place
Ryebank Way
Ryle Street
Ryle Street
Ryle's Park Road
Ryles Close
Ryles Crescent
Salisbury Place
Samuel Street
Sanders Square
Sandgate Road
Sandown Place
Sandpiper Close
Sandringham Road
Sandwich Drive
Saville Street
Scholars Close
Scotthope Close
Sedgefield Close
Selkirk Close
Sevenoaks Close
Severn Close
Shadewood Road
Sharpley Street
Shaw Street
Shelbourne Mews
Sheldon Drive
Sherbourne Road
Sherwood Road
Shutlingsloe Way
Silvan Court
Slater Street
Snape Road
Snow Hill
Somerset Close
Somerton Road
South Acre Drive
South Park Road
South Park Road
Southdown Close
Spinney Mead
Spring Gardens
Springfield Road
Springwood Close
Springwood Way
Springwood Way
St Andrew's Road
St Austell Avenue
St Austell Close
St George's Place
St George's Street
St George's Street
St Ives Close
St John's Road
St Paul's Road
Stafford Close
Stamford Close
Stamford Road
Stanley Street
Stapleton Road
Star Lane
Star Lane
Statham Street
Station Street
Steeple Street
Stevenage Close
Stevenage Drive
Stirling Close
Stoneleigh Close
Stoneyfold Lane
Stratford Way
Suffolk Close
Summerlea Close
Sunderland Street
Sunderland Street
Sunningdale Road
Sunny Bank Close
Surrey Road
Sussex Avenue
Sutherland Drive
Sutton Close
Swallow Close
Swettenham Street
Swiss Cottage
Sycamore Crescent
Sycamore Rise
Tabley Close
Tabor Street
Tamar Close
Tamar Close
Tanglewood Drive
Tarn Mount
Tarn Mount
Tarvin Close
Telford Close
Tenby Road
Tennyson Close
Tewkesbury Drive
The Crescent
The Silk Road
The Silk Road
The Silk Road
The Silk Road
The Silk Road
The Whitfields
Thetford Close
Thirsk Way
Thistleton Close
Thornton Avenue
Thornycroft Street
Thorp Street
Timber Street
Tintagel Close
Toll Bar Avenue
Toll Bar Road
Tonbridge Close
Torr Road
Townley Street
Townley Street
Treen Close
Trident Way
Trinity Square
Truro Close
Tunnicliffe Street
Turf Lane
Turf Lane
Turnberry Close
Turnock Street
Tynedale Close
Tytherington Drive
Tytherington Green
Tytherington Lane
Tytherington Lane
Tytherington Park Road
Underwood Close
Unicorn Gateway
Union Road
Union Road
Union Street
Valley Road
Valley Road
Vernon Street
Vicarage Way
Victoria Road
Vincent Street
Vine Close
Waldon Road
Walker Street
Wallbrook Avenue
Waller Street
Walton Heath Drive
Wardle Street
Warwick Close
Warwick Mews
Warwick Road
Water Street
Waterloo Street West
Watermill Drive
Waters Green
Waters Green
Wayside Road
Weaver Court
Wellesbourne Close
Wellington Circus
Wellington Street
Wenlock Close
Wentworth Avenue
West Bank Road
West Bond Street
West Bond Street
West House Court
West Park Drive
West Street
Westbrook Drive
Westbury Drive
Westerham Close
Western Avenue
Western Avenue
Western Drive
Westfields Avenue
Westminster Road
Westminster Road
Westminster Street
Westminster Street
Westmorland Close
Wetheral Road
Weybridge Drive
Whalley Hayes
Whirley Road
Whiston Close
Whiston Street
White Street
Whitfield Close
Whitney Croft
William Street
Wilton Crescent
Wiltshire Close
Wiltshire Close
Wilwick Lane
Winchester Drive
Windmill Street
Windsor Square
Winlowe Place
Winterton Way
Withyfold Drive
Woburn Close
Wood Street
Woodhouse End Road
Woodhouse End Road
Woodlands Road
Woodside Drive
Woodstock Close
Woodward Close
Wren Close
Wykeham Chase
Yew Tree Close
York Street