The Town of Billingham in the County of Durham

The town of Billingham is located within the county of Durham.

Billingham is situated in the North East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees, councils.

The town of Billingham is covers the following regions.

  • Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees - Tees Valley and Durham - North East (England)
  • South Teesside - Tees Valley and Durham - North East (England)
  • Middlesbrough
  • Stockton-on-Tees
  • Billingham: St Aidan
  • Billingham: St Cuthbert
  • Billingham: St Luke
  • Billingham: St Mary Magdalene

Where is Billingham is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Billingham in Durham

Dentists in Billingham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Billingham
Billingham Dental 69-71 Queensway Billingham Durham TS23 2LU
Crown Buildings (dental Surgery) Crown Buildings, Cleveland Billingham County Durham TS23 2LR
Dental Surgery 19a Windlestone Road Billingham Cleveland TS23 3JW
Grace Dental Care 49 Tunstall Avenue Billingham Cleveland TS23 3QB
Old Billingham Community Centre East Avenue Billingham TS23 1BY
Queensway Dental Clinic 156-170 Queensway Billingham Cleveland TS23 2NT
Tunstall Avenue Dental Surgery 49 Tunstall Avenue Billingham Cleveland TS23 3QB

Opticians in Billingham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Billingham
Cats Eyes Optical Centre 10 West Precinct Billingham Cleveland TS23 2NH
Low Vision Supplies 176 Belasis Avenue Billingham Cleveland TS23 1EY
Mccormick & Gorman Opticians 126 Queensway Billingham Cleveland TS23 2NT

Chemists in Billingham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Billingham
Boots Uk Limited 25 Queensway Billingham Cleveland TS23 2ND
Davidson Pharmacy Ltd 3 Station Road Billingham Cleveland TS23 1AG
Harry Hill Chemists 8 Kenilworth Road Billingham Cleveland TS23 2HZ tel:01642 553184
Rowlands Pharmacy 39 Queensway Billingham Cleveland TS23 2ND tel:01642 554416
Rowlands Pharmacy Billingham Health Centre, Queensway Billingham Cleveland TS23 2LA tel:01642 553846
Tesco Instore Pharmacy Leeholme Road Billingham Cleveland TS23 3TA tel:01642 385847
The Pharmacy Abbey Health Centre, Finchale Avenue Billingham Cleveland TS23 2DG tel:01642 530304

Doctors in Billingham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Billingham
Dr Rasool Abbey Health Centre, Finchale Avenue Billingham Cleveland TS23 2DG tel:01642 360033
Kingsway Medical Centre Kingsway Billingham Cleveland TS23 2LS tel:01642 554967
Marsh House Medical Practice Abbey Health Centre, Finchale Avenue Billingham Cleveland TS23 2DG tel:01642 561282
Melrose Surgery 38 Melrose Avenue Billingham Cleveland TS23 2JW tel:01642 553055
Port Clarence Health Centre Port Clarence Road, Port Clarence Middlesbrough Cleveland TS2 1TW
Queenstree Practice Queensway Billingham Cleveland TS23 2LA tel:01642 553389
The Roseberry Practice Abbey Health Centre, Finchale Avenue Billingham Cleveland TS23 2DG tel:01642 552700
List of Streets in Billingham
Aislaby Grove
Allendale Road
Allington Drive
Alvis Close
Alvis Court
Ambleside Road
Ampleforth Road
Anlaby Close
Annan Road
Annfield Close
Appleby Road
Arundel Road
Ashby Road
Ashcombe Close
Ashdown Way
Aston Road
Atwick Close
Auckland Road
Austen Close
Avon Grove
Axbridge Court
Bainton Close
Balmoral Avenue
Bank Road
Bannockburn Way
Barkston Close
Barlow Court
Barmton Road
Barnard Road
Barnet Way
Barton Crescent
Beamish Road
Bedale Avenue
Bedford Terrace
Beech Terrace
Beeford Close
Belasis Avenue
Belasis Avenue
Belasis Court
Belmont Avenue
Bentley Avenue
Benton Close
Berkeley Close
Betjeman Close
Beverley Road
Bewholme Close
Bickley Close
Bielby Avenue
Billingham Bank
Bingfield Court
Blackwell Close
Blake Close
Blakeston Road
Bolam Grove
Bonington Crescent
Bosworth Way
Bowes Road
Bowes Road
Bowhill Way
Bradley Court
Braemar Road
Brafferton Drive
Braid Crescent
Brancepeth Court
Brandon Close
Brendon Crescent
Brent Court
Bronte Way
Brough Road
Broughton Road
Brunner Road
Budworth Close
Burniston Drive
Butsfield Way
Buxton Gardens
By Pass Road
By Pass Road
Byland Way
Byron Close
Calder Close
Cambrian Road
Cambridge Terrace
Carlton Avenue
Carthorpe Drive
Casson Way
Castleton Drive
Cayton Drive
Central Avenue
Chapel Road
Charlton Close
Chatsworth Gardens
Chaucer Close
Chepstow Close
Cheviot Crescent
Chilcroft Close
Chillingham Court
Chiltons Avenue
Church Road
Churchend Close
Clarence Street
Cleadon Avenue
Clee Terrace
Clifton Avenue
Clyde Gardens
Coatham Grove
Cockfield Avenue
Coleridge Road
Coleshill Close
Collingwood Road
Colsterdale Close
Conifer Crescent
Conifer Grove
Constable Grove
Conway Avenue
Corfe Crescent
Cornforth Grove
Cornwall Crescent
Cotswold Crescent
Cowpen Bewley Road
Cowpen Lane
Cowpen Lane
Coxhoe Road
Coxwold Way
Cranstock Close
Cranswick Close
Crescent Avenue
Croxdale Road
Culloden Way
Cumberland Crescent
Dahlia Place
Daimler Drive
Dalby Close
Dalton Grove
De La Mare Drive
Deal Road
Deighton Grove
Delaval Road
Denbigh Road
Devon Crescent
Dickens Court
Dinsdale Court
Dorset Crescent
Dover Close
Driffield Way
Dryden Close
Dudley Road
Dunbar Road
Dunsley Drive
Dunster Road
Earl's Nook
Easby Road
East Avenue
Eastlowthian Street
Eden Way
Edgehill Way
Egglestone Court
Elemere Court
Elemere Court
Eliot Court
Elton Road
Elvington Close
Embleton Road
Escombe Road
Essex Crescent
Etton Road
Evesham Way
Falston Close
Farleigh Close
Fauconberg Close
Fielding Court
Fieldview Close
Finchale Avenue
Flixton Grove
Flodden Way
Foxton Drive
Fredric Terrace
Frosterley Grove
Fulbeck Court
Gainford Road
Gainsborough Crescent
Ganstead Way
Ganton Close
Gardenia Way
Geranium Close
Gilside Road
Gisburn Road
Glamis Road
Gleneagles Close
Glenfall Close
Gloucester Terrace
Goldsmith Close
Gorton Close
Grampian Road
Grange Avenue
Greenwood Road
Greenwood Road
Grosmont Drive
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Road
Guildford Road
Haddon Road
Hale Road
Hale Road
Halidon Way
Hallcroft Close
Halton Close
Hambleton Square
Hardwick Road
Hardy Grove
Harton Avenue
Hastings Way
Hatfield Road
Haverton Hill Road
Haverton Hill Road
Hawkstone Close
Hawthorn Avenue
Haydon Green
Hazelmere Close
Headlam Road
Heaton Road
Hepple Close
Hereford Terrace
Herrington Road
Heswall Road
Hetton Close
High Grange Avenue
High Grange Avenue
High Street
Hill Road
Hogarth Close
Hollinside Road
Holly Terrace
Hollystone Court
Hope Street
Horden Road
Hornsea Close
Horsley Way
Humber Grove
Hurworth Road
Hylton Road
Imperial Road
Iveston Grove
Jubilee Grove
Kelling Close
Kenilworth Road
Keswick Road
Kettlewell Close
Keverstone Grove
Kielder Close
Kildale Road
Kilnwick Close
Kings Road
Kings Road
Kirby Close
Knapton Avenue
Knole Road
Knole Road
Laburnum Grove
Lagonda Court
Lagonda Road
Lambton Road
Lammermuir Road
Lanchester Avenue
Landseer Drive
Langdale Road
Langton Avenue
Lansdown Way
Larch Terrace
Laxton Close
Leeholme Gardens
Leeholme Road
Lenham Close
Lennox Crescent
Leven Street
Leven Street
Lewes Way
Lime Tree Close
Lincoln Crescent
Liverton Crescent
Lomond Avenue
Longfellow Road
Longford Close
Low Grange Avenue
Low Grange Avenue
Lowell Close
Lowther Close
Ludlow Road
Lumley Road
Lunedale Road
Lutton Crescent
Macklin Avenue
Mainsforth Drive
Malvern Road
Manor Way
Marlborough Close
Marsh House Avenue
Marsh House Avenue
Marsh House Avenue
Marsh House Avenue
Marton Drive
Matlock Gardens
Meadowdale Close
Melrose Avenue
Mendip Road
Middle Avenue
Middleton Avenue
Middridge Grove
Mill Lane
Millais Grove
Millington Close
Mond Crescent
Monkseaton Drive
Monkseaton Drive
Moreland Avenue
Murton Grove
Naseby Court
Neasham Avenue
Nelson Avenue
New Road
Newbiggin Road
Newburgh Court
Newbury Way
Newton Grove
Norfolk Terrace
Northfield Road
Norton Road
Nuffield Road
Nutley Road
Oaksham Drive
Ochil Terrace
Old Road
Orton Grove
Otterburn Way
Owington Grove
Palm Terrace
Parklands Avenue
Pelton Close
Pendle Crescent
Pennington Close
Penshaw Court
Penshurst Place
Pentland Avenue
Pentland Avenue
Penton Court
Peveril Road
Picton Avenue
Poldon Terrace
Poplar Terrace
Porlock Road
Port Clarence Road
Quebec Grove
Queen's Terrace
Queens Drive
Quenby Road
Ravensworth Road
Rawlinson Avenue
Redmayne Close
Redworth Road
Reynolds Court
Ribble Close
Richmond Crescent
Rievaulx Avenue
Rievaulx Avenue
Rivendell Close
Robson Street
Robson Street
Rochester Road
Rodney Close
Romney Green
Roscoe Road
Roseberry Road
Rosedale Gardens
Rossetti Way
Rothbury Street
Rowlands Grove
Royce Avenue
Rudston Avenue
Rugby Terrace
Rydal Avenue
Sacriston Close
Saltholme Close
Saltview Terrace
Samphire Street
Sandhall Close
Sandown Road
Sandy Lane
Sandy Lane
Sandy Lane West
Sandy Road West
Sandy Road West
Satley Road
Saunton Road
Scotney Road
Seaton Carew Road
Sedgemoor Way
Severn Grove
Shadforth Drive
Shelley Close
Sherburn Avenue
Shildon Close
Shincliffe Road
Shotley Close
Shotton Court
Sidlaw Road
Sinderby Close
Skipton Road
Skripka Drive
Sledmere Close
Sledwick Road
Somerset Terrace
South Avenue
South View
Speeton Close
Springwell Close
St Aidan's Crescent
St Columba's Avenue
St Columba's Avenue
St Cuthbert's Avenue
St David's Close
St Oswald's Crescent
Staindrop Court
Stainton Road
Stanhope Road
Station Crescent
Station Road
Station Road
Stockton Road
Stockton Street
Stokesley Crescent
Streatlam Road
Stubbs Close
Sunnybrow Avenue
Surrey Terrace
Sutton Place
Swaledale Crescent
Sycamore Terrace
Tamworth Road
Tanton Grove
Tees Bridge Approach Road
Tees Street
Teesdale Avenue
Tennyson Road
Thames Road
The Beeches
The Causeway
The Causeway
The Green
The Linkway
The Moat
Thirlmere Court
Thornley Avenue
Thornton Crescent
Thorphill Way
Thropton Close
Tibbersley Avenue
Tintern Avenue
Troon Close
Tunstall Avenue
Turner Close
Ullswater Road
Verbena Drive
Victoria Terrace
Vincent Road
Waldridge Grove
Wallington Road
Wallington Way
Walsingham Court
Wansford Close
Warkworth Road
Warwick Crescent
Weardale Crescent
Webster Road
West Avenue
West Road
West Street
Westerton Road
Westholme Court
Westlowthian Street
Wharfdale Avenue
Whitehouse Road
Whorlton Road
Willow Terrace
Wilmire Road
Windermere Avenue
Windlestone Road
Windsor Street
Wingate Avenue
Winston Avenue
Witton Court
Wollaton Road
Wolviston Back Lane
Wolviston Mill Lane
Wolviston Road
Wolviston Road
Wolviston Road
Woodham Road
Wooler Crescent
Wordsworth Close
Wykeham Close
Wynyard Road
York Crescent