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The TS Teeside Postcode Area

TS Teeside is a Postcode Area in the United Kingdom. has a population of 602,474 and covers an area of 103,624 hectares.

The TS stands for the letters t and s in TeeSide.

Map of the TS Teeside Postcode Area

The shaded area on the map represents the extent of the TS Teeside postcode area.

Area of the TS postcode area
Unit Area²
Hectares 103,624²
Miles 400²
Feet 11,154,035,403²
Kilometres 1,036²

Postal Delivery Offices serving the TS Teeside Postcode Area

  • Coulby Newham Delivery Office
  • Great Ayton Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Great Broughton Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Guisborough Delivery Office
  • Hartlepool Delivery Office
  • Middlesbrough Delivery Office
  • Redcar Delivery Office
  • Skelton-in-cleveland Delivery Office
  • South Bank Delivery Office
  • Stockton Delivery Office
  • Trimdelivery Officen Station Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Wingate Scale Payment Delivery Office

Tourist Attractions within the TS Teeside Postcode Area

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