The Town of Canvey Island in the County of Essex

The town of Canvey Island is located within the county of Essex.

Canvey Island is situated in the East of England region of the UK and is governed by Castle Point, council.

The town of Canvey Island is in the Essex Thames Gateway region of Essex within East of England.

  • Castle Point
  • Canvey Island: St Anne
  • Canvey Island: St Katherine's Worship
  • Canvey Island: St Nicholas

Where is Canvey Island is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Canvey Island in Essex

Dentists in Canvey Island

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Canvey Island
Dental Surgery 90a High Street Canvey Island Essex SS8 7SQ
Eldertree Dental Practice 6-8 Elder Tree Road Canvey Island SS8 8AA
Oak Road Dental Practice 1b Oak Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 7AX

Opticians in Canvey Island

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Canvey Island
Body's Opticians (canvey Island) 12 Knightswick Centre Canvey Island Essex SS8 7AD
Castle Opticians (canvey Island) 164 Long Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0JP
Specsavers (canvey Island) 20-24 Furtherwick Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 7AA
Tyler Goodchild Opticians 51 Furtherwick Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 7AG
Tyler Goodchild Opticians 51 Furtherwick Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 7AG tel:01268693532

Chemists in Canvey Island

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Canvey Island
Boots 171 Long Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0JD tel:01268 695559
Boots 33-37 Furtherwick Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 7AG tel:01268 699900
Boots Central Canvey Pcc, Long Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0JA tel:01268 682761
Boots Third Avenue Health Centre, Third Avenue Canvey Island Essex SS8 9SU tel:01268 697709
Britannia Pharmacy 193 High Street Canvey Island Essex SS8 7RN tel:01268 515560
Britannia Pharmacy 236 Furtherwick Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 7BY tel:01268 515560
Britannia Pharmacy 363 Long Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0JQ tel:01268 515560
Well Canvey Island - Furtherwick Road 97-99 Furtherwick Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 7AY tel:01268 682086

Doctors in Canvey Island

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Canvey Island
Chaudhury Surgery Long Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0JA tel:01268 686160
Ghauri Practice 1a Hawkesbury Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0EX tel:01268 682303
Oaklands Surgery Central Canvey Primary Care Centre, Long Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0JA tel:01268 209339
Rahman Practice 391 Long Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0JH tel:01268 510520
The Island Surgery Long Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0JA tel:01268 686190
The Long Road Surgery 409 Long Road Canvey Island Essex SS8 0JH
Third Avenue Health Centre Third Avenue Canvey Island Essex SS8 9SU tel:01268 683758
List of Streets in Canvey Island
Aalten Avenue
Abensburg Road
Adelsburg Road
Adelsburg Road
Almond Walk
Ambleside Walk
Ameland Road
Amid Road
Andyk Road
Antony Close
Approach Road
Arcadia Road
Arjan Way
Ash Road
Ashingdale Close
Ashleigh Close
Atherstone Close
Atherstone Road
Athol Close
Athos Road
Avon Road
Aylett Close
Azalea Mews
Baardwyk Avenue
Baardwyk Avenue
Barbara Avenue
Bardenville Road
Barnards Avenue
Barnards Avenue
Barneveld Avenue
Batavia Road
Bay Close
Beach House Gardens
Beach Road
Beatrice Avenue
Beck Farm Close
Beck Road
Beechcroft Road
Beecroft Crescent
Berg Avenue
Berkeley Lane
Beveland Road
Beverley Avenue
Birch Close
Blackmore Avenue
Blackthorne Road
Blackthorne Road
Bommel Avenue
Borrett Avenue
Bradley Close
Bramble Road
Brandenburg Road
Brewster Close
Brooklands Square
Broomfield Green
Bruges Road
Brussum Road
Budna Road
Bulow Avenue
Buren Avenue
Buren Avenue
Burwell Avenue
Buyl Avenue
Byron Close
Cambria Close
Cambridge Road
Camperdown Road
Canvey Road
Canvey Road
Caro Road
Cassel Avenue
Castle View Road
Cedar Road
Central Avenue
Central Wall
Central Wall Road
Chalk Road
Chamberlain Avenue
Chamberlain Avenue
Chapman Road
Charfleets Close
Charfleets Road
Charfleets Service Road
Cherry Close
Chichester Close
Church Close
Church Parade
Clarendon Road
Cleveland Road
Clifton Road
Climmen Road
Climmen Road
Clinton Road
Coker Road
Collindale Close
Compton Court
Concord Road
Coniston Road
Convent Road
Convent Road
Corona Road
Corsel Road
Corsel Road
Cottesmore Close
Craven Avenue
Creek Road
Crescent Road
Cropenburg Walk
Daarle Avenue
Dalen Avenue
Deepwater Road
Delder Avenue
Delft Road
Delfzul Road
Delgada Road
Denham Road
Denham Road
Derventer Avenue
Devon Way
Dewyk Road
Dinant Avenue
Dollant Avenue
Dovercliff Road
Dovervelt Road
Downham Road
Dyke Crescent
East Crescent
Eastern Esplanade
Eastfield Road
Edith Close
Edith Road
Elder Tree Road
Elder Tree Road
Elderstep Avenue
Elderstep Avenue
Ellesmere Road
Elm Road
Elsinor Avenue
Essex Close
Essex Road
Eton Close
Fairlop Avenue
Fairlop Avenue
Farm Road
Fenwick Way
Ferndale Crescent
Fifth Avenue
First Avenue
Florence Road
Foksville Road
Foster Road
Furtherwick Close
Furtherwick Road
Furtherwick Road
Gafzelle Drive
Gains Close
Gainsborough Avenue
Geesh Road
Genk Close
Gennep Road
George Close
Geylen Road
Gifhorn Road
Gills Avenue
Gills Avenue
Gleten Road
Gleten Road
Goirle Avenue
Grafton Road
Grasmere Road
Green Avenue
Green Avenue
Green Lane
Griffin Avenue
Grove Road
Gwend Alen Avenue
Gwend Alen Avenue
Haarle Road
Haarlem Road
Haase Close
Hallet Road
Handel Road
Hannah Close
Hannett Road
Hardys Way
Haron Close
Harrow Road
Harvest Road
Hassell Road
Haven Close
Haven Quays
Haven Road
Hawkesbury Close
Hawkesbury Road
Hawthorn Road
Hayes Lane
Heather Close
Heeswyk Road
Heideburg Road
Heilsburg Road
Helden Avenue
Hellendoorn Road
Henson Avenue
Herbert Road
Hernen Road
Hertford Road
Hetzand Road
High Street
High Street
Hilbery Road
Hilton Road
Hilton Walk
Hilversum Way
Hindles Road
Holbek Road
Holland Avenue
Holton Road
Holton Road
Hope Road
Hornsland Road
Howard Place
Hudson Way
Janette Avenue
Jarvis Road
Jasmine Close
Jason Close
Jesmond Road
Juliers Close
Juliers Road
Kamerwyk Avenue
Keer Avenue
Kellington Road
Kenmore Close
Kent Avenue
Kings Close
Kings Road
Kitkatts Road
Knightswick Road
Knightswick Road
Kollum Road
Koln Close
Komberg Crescent
Korndyk Avenue
Laars Avenue
Laburnum Grove
Labworth Road
Lakeside Crescent
Landsburg Road
Lappmark Road
Larup Avenue
Lavender Mews
Lede Road
Leige Avenue
Leigh Beck Lane
Leigh Beck Road
Leigh Road
Leigh Road
Lekoe Road
Letzen Road
Lilac Avenue
Limberg Road
Limburg Road
Limetree Road
Lincoln Way
Linde Road
Linden Way
Linden Way
Link Road
Linroping Avenue
Lionel Road
Lionel Road
Little Gypps Close
Little Gypps Road
Long Road
Long Road
Long Road
Lottem Road
Lovens Close
Lylt Road
Magnolia Close
Malvern Avenue
Maple Way
Maple Way
Marcos Road
Margraten Avenue
Marine Approach
Marine Approach
Marine Avenue
Marine Parade
Matlock Road
Maurice Road
May Avenue
Mayland Avenue
Meppel Avenue
Merlin Court
Metz Avenue
Meyel Avenue
Meynell Avenue
Miltsin Avenue
Miramar Avenue
Miramar Avenue
Mitchells Avenue
Mitchells Avenue
Montague Place
Mornington Crescent
Mornington Road
Mornington Road
Mulberry Road
Munsterburg Road
Namur Road
Nevada Road
New Road
New Road
Newlands Road
Nightingale Road
Nordland Road
Norfolk Close
Norfolk Way
Normans Road
North Avenue
North Avenue
Northfalls Road
Northwick Road
Norton Avenue
Oak Road
Odessa Road
Orange Road
Ormsby Road
Orrmo Road
Ouida Road
Oxford Road
Paarl Road
Palmerstone Road
Papenburg Road
Park Avenue
Park Lane
Park Road
Park View
Pennial Road
Pine Close
Point Close
Point Road
Poplar Road
Primrose Close
Prince William Avenue
Princes Road
Protea Way
Rainbow Avenue
Rainbow Road
Rattwick Drive
Ray Close
Rayment Avenue
Rembrandt Close
Rochford Road
Roggel Road
Roland Lane
Romainville Way
Roosevel Avenue
Rosbach Road
Rosberg Road
Roscommon Way
Rose Road
Roserna Road
Runnymede Road
Runwood Road
Ruskoi Road
San Remo Road
Sanders Road
Seaview Road
Second Avenue
Seventh Avenue
Shannon Way
Sheldon Road
Shellbeach Road
Short Road
Silverpoint Marine
Sixth Avenue
Smallgains Avenue
Smartt Avenue
Somnes Avenue
South Parade
Southfalls Road
Southwick Gardens
Southwick Road
Spanbeek Road
Springfield Road
Sprundel Avenue
St Agnes Drive
St Agnes Drive
St Andrews Close
St Annes Road
St Christophers Close
St Guiberts Road
St James Close
St Johns Crescent
St Lukes Close
St Marks Road
St Marks Road
St Michaels Road
St Michaels Road
St Pauls Road
St Peters Road
Stanford Road
Stanley Road
Station Approach
Station Road
Steli Avenue
Stella Maris Close
Stevens Close
Strasbourg Road
Stromburg Road
Stuart Close
Suffolk Way
Surig Road
Sussex Close
Sussex Way
Sycamore Close
Sydervelt Road
Sydervelt Road
Sylvan Close
Tabora Avenue
Taranto Road
Telese Avenue
Temptin Avenue
Teramo Road
Terms Avenue
Terni Road
Tewkes Road
Thames Road
Thameside Crescent
The Avenue
The Cherries
The Chilterns
The Driveway
The Fallows
The Fielders
The Firs
The Parkway
The Redwoods
The Ridings
The Weald
The Witterings
Thelma Avenue
Thelma Avenue
Thielen Road
Third Avenue
Thisselt Road
Thomas Drive
Thompson Avenue
Thorney Bay Road
Thorp Leas
Tilburg Road
Tilburg Road
Tongres Road
Torsi Road
Tudor Road
Twyzel Road
Urmond Road
Vaagen Road
Van Diemens Pass
Vanderwalt Avenue
Vaulx Road
Venables Close
Venlo Road
Vicarage Close
Vikings Way
Village Drive
Village Drive
Village Hall Close
Voorburg Road
Waalwyk Drive
Waarden Road
Waarem Avenue
Wall Road
Wamburg Road
Warwick Close
Weel Road
Welbeck Road
Wessem Road
West Crescent
West Point Place
Westcliff Gardens
Westerland Avenue
Western Esplanade
Western Esplanade
Westman Road
Westwood Road
Whernside Avenue
White Road
Willow Close
Wilrich Avenue
Wilrich Avenue
Windsor Close
Winter Gardens Path
Winterswyk Avenue
Wittem Road
Woodberry Close
Woodhurst Road
Woodville Road
Woodville Road
Yamburg Road
Yamburg Road
Zandi Road
Zealand Drive
Zealand Drive
Zelham Drive
Zider Pass