The Town of Folkestone in the County of Kent

The town of Folkestone is located within the county of Kent.

Folkestone is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Shepway, council.

The town of Folkestone is in the East Kent region of Kent within South East (England).

  • Shepway
  • Cheriton Street: All Souls
  • Cheriton: St Martin
  • Folkestone: Christ Church
  • Folkestone: Holy Trinity
  • Folkestone: St Augustine
  • Folkestone: St George
  • Folkestone: St John the Baptist
  • Folkestone: St Mary & St Eanswythe
  • Folkestone: St Peter
  • Folkestone: St Saviour
  • Sandgate: St Paul

Where is Folkestone is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Folkestone in Kent

Dentists in Folkestone

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Folkestone
Colosseum Dental (folkestone) 45-47 Canterbury Road Folkestone Kent CT19 5NJ
Dental Surgery 100 Black Bull Road Folkestone Kent CT19 5QX
Dental Surgery 37 Manor Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2SE
Dental Surgery 55 Cheriton High Street Folkestone Kent CT19 4EZ
Folkestone Dental Centre North Road, Shorncliffe Folkestone Kent CT20 3HF
Guildhall Street (dental Surgery) 27 Guildhall Street Folkestone Kent CT20 1EB
The Dental Care Centre 16 Shorncliffe Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2SF
Total Dental Care 92 Sandgate Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2BE

Opticians in Folkestone

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Folkestone
Boots Opticians (folkestone) 24-26 Sandgate Road Folkestone Kent CT20 1DP
Boots Opticians (folkestone) 78 Sandgate Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2AA
Cargills Opticians (folkestone) 122 Sandgate Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2BW tel:01303 220677
Chris Adams Opticians Ltd 17 Cheriton Place Folkestone Kent CT20 2AY
Eye Folk (folkestone) 20 Guildhall Street Folkestone CT20 1DZ
Specsavers (folkestone) 6 Alexandra Gardens Folkestone Kent CT20 1SS
West Park Farm Specsavers Limited Park Farm Retail Park, Park Farm Road, Park Farm Industrial Estate Folkestone CT19 5GA

Chemists in Folkestone

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Folkestone
Asda Pharmacy 19 Bouverie Place Shopping Centre, Alexandra Gardens Folkestone Kent CT20 1AU tel:01303 213010
Boots The Chemists 24-26 Sandgate Road Folkestone Kent CT20 1DP tel:01303 254007
Central Pharmacy 104 Cheriton Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2QN tel:01303 254427
Guildhall Pharmacy 110 Guildhall Street Folkestone Kent CT20 1ES tel:01303 259414
Lloydspharmacy 180 Sandgate Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2HN tel:01303 220790
Lloydspharmacy Sainsburys, West Park Farm Folkestone Kent CT19 5GA
Mcardle Pharmacy 41 Canterbury Road Folkestone Kent CT19 5NJ tel:01303 251511
Mistvale Chemists 127 Canterbury Road Folkestone Kent CT19 5NR tel:01303 254392
Paydens Pharmacy 38 Cheriton High Street Folkestone Kent CT19 4ET tel:01303 275625
Superdrug Pharmacy 42-44 Sandgate Road Folkestone Kent CT20 1DW tel:01303 253980
Taylors Pharmacy 362-364 Cheriton Road Folkestone Kent CT19 4DX tel:01303 275444
Well Folkestone - Black Bull Road 133 Blackbull Road Folkestone Kent CT19 5NU tel:01303 252721

Doctors in Folkestone

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Folkestone
Central 86 Cheriton Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2QH tel:01303 220707
Guildhall Street Surgery 65-69 Guildhall Street Folkestone Kent CT20 1EJ tel:01303 851411
Koria_ingledene The Surgery, 87 Canterbury Road Folkestone Kent CT19 5NW tel:01303 893381
Manor Clinic 31 Manor Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2SE tel:01303 851122
Park Farm 1 Alder Road Folkestone Kent CT19 5BZ tel:01303 851021
Sandgate Road 180 Sandgate Road Folkestone Kent CT20 2HN tel:01303 851241
The New Surgery 128 Canterbury Road Folkestone Kent CT19 5SR tel:01303 243516
White House Surgery 1 Cheriton High Street Folkestone Kent CT19 4PU tel:01303 275434
List of Streets in Folkestone
Abbott Road
Academy Lane
Ainsdale Close
Albert Road
Albion Mews Road
Albion Road
Albion Villas
Alder Road
Alexandra Gardens
Alexandra Street
Allendale Street
Alma Road
Appledore Crescent
Archer Road
Arthur Street
Ash Tree Road
Ashley Avenue
Athelstan Road
Athelstan Road
Audley Road
Augusta Gardens
Avereng Gardens
Avereng Road
Back Street
Back Street
Baker Road
Baldric Road
Baldric Road
Baldwin Terrace
Barnfield Road
Barracks Close
Bathurst Road
Bayle Street
Beach Street
Beachborough Road
Beachborough Road
Beatty Close
Beatty Road
Beckwith Green
Beech Close
Bellevue Street
Biggins Wood Road
Birkdale Drive
Black Bull Road
Blenheim Place
Bodenham Road
Bolton Road
Bonsor Road
Boscombe Road
Boulevard D'erlanger
Bournemouth Gardens
Bournemouth Road
Bouverie Place
Bouverie Road West
Bouverie Road West
Bouverie Square
Bowden Crescent
Bowen Road
Bowles Well Gardens
Bowles Wells Gardens
Brabner Close
Brabourne Gardens
Bradley Road
Bradstone Avenue
Bradstone New Road
Bradstone Road
Bradstone Road
Brambley Crescent
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Broadfield Crescent
Broadfield Road
Broadmead Road
Brockman Road
Brockman Road
Broomfield Crescent
Broomfield Road
Browning Place
Buffs Avenue
Burrow Road
Burton Close
Buttermere Close
Bybrook Field
Bybrook Way
Caesar's Way
Calgary Crescent
Cambridge Gardens
Canada Close
Canterbury Road
Canterbury Road
Carter's Road
Castle Bay
Castle Hill
Castle Hill
Castle Hill Avenue
Castle Mews
Castle Road
Chalcroft Road
Chalk Close
Channel Close
Charles Crescent
Charlotte Street
Chart Road
Cheriton Court Road
Cheriton Gardens
Cheriton Gardens
Cheriton High Street
Cheriton High Street
Cheriton High Street
Cheriton Interchange
Cheriton Place
Cheriton Place
Cheriton Road
Cheriton Road
Cheriton Road
Cheriton Road
Cherry Garden Avenue
Cherry Garden Avenue
Cherry Garden Lane
Cherry Garden Lane
Cherrybrook Road
Chichester Road
Chilham Road
Christ Church Road
Church Road
Church Street
Churchill Avenue
Churchill Avenue
Claremont Road
Clarence Street
Cliff Road
Clifton Crescent
Clifton Road
Collingwood Rise
Coniston Road
Connaught Road
Coolinge Lane
Coolinge Lane
Coolinge Road
Coombe Road
Copthall Gardens
Cornwallis Avenue
Cornwallis Close
Corone Close
Court Approach
Craufurd Green
Crete Road East
Crete Road West
Crete Road West
Croft Lane
Cromwell Park Place
Dallas-Brett Crescent
Danton Lane
Darby Place
Darby Road
Darlinghurst Road
Darnley Close
Dawson Road
Dean Mead
Denmark Street
Denmark Street
Dennis Way
Devon Road
Digby Road
Dixwell Road
Dolphins Road
Dover Hill
Dover Hill
Dover Road
Dover Road
Dover Road
Downs Road
Dudley Road
Dunnett Road
Dyke Road
Earl's Avenue
East Cliff
East Cliff Gardens
East Cliff Passage
East Road
East Street
Edward Road
Elm Road
Elm Road
Elmstead Place
Elventon Close
Elvington Lane
Enbrook Road
Enbrook Valley
Ernwell Road
Ethelbert Road
Ethelbert Road
Eton Walk
Eversley Park
Eversley Way
Exeter Close
Fairfax Close
Fairway Avenue
Fenner Close
Fern Bank Crescent
Ferne Way
Firs Close
Firs Lane
Fish Market
Fish Market
Fleming Way
Folly Road
Foord Road
Foord Road
Foord Road South
Foreland Avenue
Foresters Way
Foster Close
Fremantle Road
Fusilier Avenue
Gainsborough Close
Garden Road
George Gurr Crescent
Geraldine Road
Gladstone Road
Gloucester Place
Godwyn Gardens
Godwyn Road
Gordon Road
Gough Road
Grace Hill
Grange Road
Granville Parade
Granville Parade West
Granville Road East
Grasmere Gardens
Green Court
Green Lane
Green Lane
Greenfield Road
Grimston Avenue
Grimston Gardens
Grove Road
Guildhall Street
Guildhall Street North
Guildhall Street North
Hammond's Road
Harbour Approach Road
Harbour Street
Harbour Way
Harcourt Road
Hardwick Road
Harriot Close
Harvey Street
Hasborough Road
Hawkins Road
Helena Corniche
Herdson Road
Heritage Road
Highland Close
Hill Road
Hollands Avenue
Holly Close
Holywell Avenue
Hook Close
Horn Street
Horn Street
Hospital Hill
Hythe Close
Ilex Road
Ingles Road
Ingles Way
Ingoldsby Road
Invicta Road
Invicta Road
Ivy Way
James Street
Jesmond Street
Jointon Road
Joyes Close
Joyes Road
Joyes Road
Julian Road
Kent Road
Keyes Place
Kings Road
Kings Way
Kingsnorth Gardens
Lachlan Way
Langdon Road
Langhorne Gardens
Laurel Close
Lawrence Close
Lawrence Court
Lennard Road
Limes Road
Linden Crescent
Linksway Close
Lister Way
London Street
Longford Terrace
Longford Way
Lower Corniche
Lower Sandgate Road
Lower Sandgate Road
Lucy Avenue
Mackenzie Drive
Manor Road
Margaret Street
Marine Crescent
Marine Parade
Marine Terrace
Marler Road
Marshall Street
Marshall Street
Martello Road
Martello Road
Marten Road
Martha Close
Mead Road
Metropole Road East
Metropole Road West
Middelburg Square
Middle Mead
Milestone Close
Military Road
Milky Whey
Mill Bay
Mitchell Street
Moat Farm Close
Moat Farm Road
Montgomery Way
Morehall Avenue
Morrison Road
Mount Pleasant Road
Myrtle Road
Narrabeen Road
Naseby Avenue
Neason Way
New Street
Newbury Close
North Close
North Road
North Street
Oaks Road
Old Mead
Ormonde Road
Oxenden Road
Oxford Terrace
Paddock Close
Paddock Mews
Page Place
Palmerston Street
Palting Way
Papworth Close
Parade Road
Park Farm Close
Park Farm Road
Park Road
Park View
Parkfield Road
Pavilion Road
Payers Park
Pelham Gardens
Penfold Road
Pent Vale Close
Perries Mead
Peter Street
Peto Close
Phillip Road
Pike Close
Pilgrim Spring
Pine Way
Plain Road
Pleydell Gardens
Plimsoll Avenue
Pond Hill Road
Postling Road
Pound Way
Princess Street
Princess Street
Priory Gardens
Prospect Road
Queen Street
Queens Avenue
Quested Road
Radnor Bridge Road
Radnor Bridge Road
Radnor Cliff
Radnor Cliff
Radnor Cliff Crescent
Radnor Park Avenue
Radnor Park Crescent
Radnor Park Gardens
Radnor Park Road
Radnor Park West
Radnor Street
Radnor Street
Ravenlea Road
Redmill Close
Rendezvous Street
Richmond Street
Risborough Lane
Risborough Lane
Risborough Lane
Risborough Way
Risborough Way
Riviera Road
Riviera Road
Road Of Remembrance
Roman Way
Romney Avenue
Ross Way
Rossendale Gardens
Rossendale Road
Royal Military Avenue
Russell Road
Ryland Place
Salisbury Mews
Salisbury Road
Samian Crescent
Sandgate Esplanade
Sandgate Esplanade
Sandgate High Street
Sandgate Hill
Sandgate Hill
Sandgate Road
Sandgate Road
Sandwich Close
Sandy Lane
Scanlons Bridge Road
Scanlons Bridge Road
Seagrave Crescent
Segrave Road
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shakespeare Terrace
Shearway Road
Shellons Street
Shepway Close
Ship Street
Shireway Close
Shorncliffe Crescent
Shorncliffe Road
Shorncliffe Road
Shorncliffe Road
Sidney Street
Sidney Street
Snowdrop Close
Somerset Road
Southbourne Road
Southern Way
Southern Way
Southernwood Rise
Southmead Close
St Andrews Close
St Eanswythe Way
St Francis Road
St George's Road
St Hilda Road
St John's Church Road
St John's Street
St Mark's Close
St Martins Road
St Michael's Street
St Paul's Way
St Saviours Close
St Stephen's Way
St Winifred Road
Stanbury Crescent
Stanley Road
Star Lane
Station Road
Stoddart Road
Stuart Road
Sunningdale Avenue
Sunnyside Road
Surrenden Road
Sussex Road
Sutton Close
Swiss Way
Taylor Road
Temeraire Heights
Temeraire Heights
Tennyson Place
Thanet Gardens
The Acers
The Bayle
The Corniche
The Crescent
The Durlocks
The Leas
The Old High Street
The Parade
The Riviera
The Stade
The Tram Road
The Waltons
Thompson Close
Tile Kiln Lane
Tolsford Close
Tontine Street
Trimworth Road
Trinity Crescent
Trinity Drive
Trinity Gardens
Trinity Road
Tudor Road
Turketel Road
Tyson Road
Underhill Road
Upper Corniche
Upton Close
Valebrook Close
Valley Road
Varne Place
Varne Road
Vicarage Road
Vicarage Road
Victoria Grove
Victoria Road
Vincent Close
Wallace Mews
Walter Tull Way
Walton Gardens
Walton Manor Close
Walton Road
Warren Close
Warren Road
Warren Way
Waterloo Road
Watkin Road
Wear Bay Crescent
Wear Bay Road
Webb Close
Wellfield Road
Wellington Place
Wellington Road
Wells Road
Welson Road
Welson Road
Wesleyan Close
West Cliff Gardens
West Lawn Gardens
West Road
West Terrace
West Terrace
Westbourne Court
Westbourne Gardens
Weymouth Close
Weymouth Road
Whitby Road
Whitecliff Way
Wilberforce Road
William Avenue
Wiltie Gardens
Wilton Road
Wingate Road
Wood Avenue
Wood Avenue
Wood Cottage Lane
Woodfield Avenue
Woodfield Close