The Town of Chorley in the County of Lancashire

The town of Chorley is located within the county of Lancashire.

Chorley is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Chorley, council.

The town of Chorley is in the Chorley and West Lancashire region of Lancashire within North West (England).

  • Chorley
  • Chorley: All Saints
  • Chorley: St George
  • Chorley: St James
  • Chorley: St Laurence
  • Chorley: St Peter

Where is Chorley is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Chorley in Lancashire

Dentists in Chorley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Chorley
Chorley Orthodontic Limited 18 West Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 2SJ
Dental Surgery 9 Southport Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 1LB
Jones Dental Practice 71 Union Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 1AB
Red Rose Dental Group 8 Dole Lane Chorley Lancashire PR7 2RL
Reeves Dental Practice 38 Park Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 1QU
St Georges Dental Practice 19-21 St. Georges Street Chorley PR7 2AA
The Oaks 69 Preston Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 1PL
Westbank Dental Practice 7 West Bank Chorley PR7 1JF

Opticians in Chorley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Chorley
4364 Chorley Asda Stores Ltd, Bolton Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 3DL
Boots Opticians (fazakerley Street - Chorley) Unit 1a, 9-15 Fazakerley Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 1BG
Boots Opticians (market Walk - Chorley) Unit 25, Market Walk Chorley Lancashire PR7 1DE
Eye Designs Ltd (chorley) 24 Market Place Chorley Lancashire PR7 1DA
Jean Rigby Opticians 127 Market Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 2SQ
Optisavers Opticians (chorley) 60 Market Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 2SE
Specsavers (chorley) 18-20 Chapel Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 1BW
Sutcliffes Opticians 25 St. Georges Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 2AA
Vision Express (chorley) 6 Flat Iron Parade Chorley Lancashire PR7 1BY

Chemists in Chorley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Chorley
Astley Village Pharmacy 5 Hallgate, Astley Village Chorley Lancashire PR7 1XA tel:01257 234220
Boots Uk Limited 24 Market Walk Chorley Lancashire PR7 1DE tel:01257 262648
Chorley Pharmacy 13-17 Peel Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 2EY tel:01257 754754
Cohens Chemist Eaves Green Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 3QG tel:01257 233744
Cohens Chemist The Chorley Surgery, 24-26 Gillibrand Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 2EZ tel:01257 262613
Lloydspharmacy 180 Devonshire Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 2BY tel:01257 272111
Lloydspharmacy 96 Devonshire Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 2DJ tel:01257 263238
Lloydspharmacy 246 Eaves Lane Chorley Lancashire PR6 0ET tel:01257 262385
Lloydspharmacy Library Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 2EE tel:01257 263628
Tesco In-store Pharmacy Ackhurst Park Industrial Estate, Foxhole Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 1NW tel:01257 491847

Doctors in Chorley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Chorley
Dr R Baghdjian Surgery Collison Avenue Chorley Lancashire PR7 2PA tel:01257 513950
Eaves Lane Surgery 311 Eaves Lane Chorley Lancashire PR6 0DR tel:01257 272904
Library House Surgery Avondale Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 2AD tel:01257 262081
Regent House Surgery 21 Regent Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 2DH tel:01257 264842
The Chorley Surgery 24-26 Gillibrand Street Chorley Lancashire PR7 2EJ tel:01257 513970
The Surgery Chorley Chorley Health Centre, Collison Avenue Chorley Lancashire PR7 2TH tel:01257 513930
List of Streets in Chorley
Ackhurst Road
Albany Court
Albert Street
Albion Street
Alker Lane
Alker Street
Allerton Close
Alma Wood Close
Alpine Road
Amber Drive
Anderton Street
Aniline Street
Arley Street
Arley Wood Drive
Arnold Place
Ash Grove
Ashby Street
Ashfield Road
Ashfield Road
Ashwood Court
Aspen Gardens
Astley Road
Astley Street
Athol Grove
Austin Drive
Avenham Road
Avondale Road
Back Ashby Street
Back Mount
Badgers Walk
Bagganley Lane
Bagganley Lane
Balcarres Road
Balcarres Road
Balmoral Road
Balniel Close
Bamber Street
Bank Street
Bank Street
Bannerman Terrace
Bannister Street
Beacon Street
Beaconsfield Terrace
Beaconsfield Terrace
Beatty Avenue
Beechwood Road
Belmont Drive
Belvedere Drive
Bengal Street
Berkeley Close
Binbrook Place
Birch Road
Birkacre Road
Black Horse Street
Blackbrook Close
Blackburn Brow
Blackburn Brow
Blackburn Brow
Blackburn Road
Blackburn Street
Blackstone Road
Bolton Road
Bolton Street
Botany Brow
Bow Wood Close
Bowland Avenue
Bracken Close
Bradford Avenue
Brancker Street
Bridge Mill Court
Briercliffe Road
Brighton Street
Brindle Street
Brock Road
Bromley Green
Brooke Street
Brooke Street
Brown Street
Brownley Street
Browns Hey
Brunswick Street
Buchanan Street
Buckingham Street
Buckshaw Hall Close
Burgh Hall Road
Burgh Lane
Burgh Lane South
Burgh Meadows
Burgh Wood Way
Burlington Street
Buttermere Avenue
Butterworth Brow
Butterworth Brow
Byron Street
Calder Avenue
Cambridge Street
Canal Walk
Canterbury Street
Capesthorne Drive
Carleton Road
Carr Lane
Carr Street
Carrington Road
Carrington Road
Cavendish Street
Cedar Road
Chancery Road
Chapel Lane
Chapel Street
Chapel Street
Charnock Street
Chatham Place
Chatsworth Close
Cheam Avenue
Chelmsford Grove
Chelmsford Place
Cherry Tree Grove
Chestnut Avenue
Chiltern Mews
Chorley Hall Road
Church Street
Church Street
Church View Close
Claremont Avenue
Claremont Road
Clarence Street
Clarendon Street
Clayburn Close
Clematis Close
Cleveland Street
Clifford Street
Clough Acre
Clover Road
Clydesdale Drive
Cobden Street
Collingwood Road
Collison Avenue
Collison Avenue
Coltsfoot Drive
Coltsfoot Drive
Colyton Close
Colyton Road
Colyton Road East
Comet Close
Commercial Road
Common Bank Lane
Congress Street
Coniston Road
Copperwood Way
Copperwood Way
Coppice Close
Coppice Lane
Coppice Lane
Coppull Road
Coppull Road
Cornflower Close
Corporation Street
Cotswold Road
Cottage Fields
Cottam Street
Coventry Street
Coventry Street
Cowling Brow
Cowling Road
Cowling Road
Cowslip Way
Cranbourne Drive
Cranbourne Street
Crawford Avenue
Croft Road
Crook Street
Crosse Hall Lane
Crosse Hall Lane
Crosse Hall Street
Crosse Hall Street
Crown Street
Cuerden Street
Cunliffe Street
Cunningham Avenue
Curate Street
Daimler Avenue
Daisy Fold
Dale View
Dam Wood Close
Darlington Close
Dean Wood Close
Deighton Road
Delamere Place
Denham Wood Close
Derwent Road
Devonport Way
Devonshire Road
Devonshire Road
Devonshire Road
Dole Lane
Dole Lane
Doris Street
Dorking Road
Drumhead Road
Drumhead Road
Duke Street
Duke Street
Dukes Park Drive
Dunscar Drive
Dutch Barn Close
Duxbury Gardens
Duxbury Manor Way
Duxbury Manor Way
Ealing Grove
East Way
Eaves Green Road
Eaves Green Road
Eaves Lane
Edward Street
Egerton Grove
Eldon Street
Elm Grove
Ennerdale Road
Epping Place
Epsom Close
Erskine Road
Euxton Lane
Euxton Lane
Evergreen Close
Ewell Close
Factory Way
Farrington Street
Fazakerley Street
Fazakerley Street
Fell View
Fellery Street
Fern Bank
Ferrier Grove
Fielden Street
Fieldfare Court
Fife Close
File Street
Firtree Close
Flag Lane
Fleet Street
Fleet Street
Folly Wood Drive
Foster Street
Fosterfield Place
Fountains Close
Foxhole Road
Frederick Street
Friday Street
Froom Street
Froom Street
Furness Close
Garden Terrace
Garfield Terrace
Gaskell Street
Geoffrey Street
George Street
George Street
Gilbert Street
Gillibrand Street
Gillibrand Walks
Gin Bow
Glamis Drive
Gloucester Road
Gordon Street
Goring Street
Gorse Close
Goulding Street
Granville Road
Grasmere Terrace
Great Meadow
Green Street
Greenfield Road
Grey Heights View
Grime Street
Grisedale Place
Grosvenor Road
Grundy's Lane
Guildford Avenue
Haigh Close
Haigh Crescent
Hall Gate
Halliwell Lane
Halliwell Place
Halliwell Street
Hallwood Road
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road
Hampton Close
Hardy Drive
Harestone Avenue
Harper's Lane
Harper's Lane
Harper's Lane
Harrington Road
Harrison Road
Harrison Road
Hartwood Green
Haweswater Avenue
Haworth Road
Haworth Road
Hazel Grove
Heald Street
Heapey Fold Lane
Heapey Road
Heather Close
Heathrow Place
High Bank
High Street
High Street
Higher House Lane
Highfield Road North
Highfield Road South
Hindley Street
Hodder Avenue
Hogg's Lane
Hogg's Lane
Hogg's Lane
Holcombe Grove
Hollin Lane
Hollin Lane
Hollinshead Street
Hope Street
Hornby Road
Hornchurch Drive
Houghton Street
Howard Road
Howe Grove
Hurn Grove
Ingle Close
Isleworth Drive
Jackson Road
Jackson Street
Johns Wood Close
Jubilee Place
Keepers Wood Way
Kensington Road
Kershaw Street
Kestrel Close
Kilkerran Close
Kiln Court
King Street
Kingfisher Close
Kingsley Drive
Kirkstall Close
Kirkstall Drive
Kirkstall Road
Kittiwake Road
Knowles Street
Knowles Street
Knowles Wood Drive
Knowley Brow
Laburnum Road
Lakeland Gardens
Lancaster Court
Larch Avenue
Lavender Grove
Lawnwood Avenue
Lawrence Road
Lawson Street
Leigh Row
Lennon Street
Letchworth Drive
Letchworth Walks
Leveret Close
Leyland Drive
Library Street
Lichfield Road
Lighthurst Avenue
Lighthurst Lane
Lightoller Close
Limbrick Road
Lime Grove
Linden Grove
Lindsay Drive
Liptrott Road
Little Carr Lane
Lodge Wood Close
Long Copse
Long Croft Meadow
Long Meadow
Longfield Manor
Longton Street
Longworth Street
Lord Street
Lorne Street
Lower Burgh Way
Lower Burgh Way
Lupton Street
Lupton Street
Lydd Grove
Lyons Lane
Lyons Lane
Lyons Lane
Lyons Lane South
Lytham Street
Mackay Croft
Mackenzle Close
Manston Grove
Maple Grove
Maplewood Close
Market Street
Market Street
Market Street
Market Walk
Marlborough Street
Maud Street
Mayfield Road
Mayflower Gardens
Mealhouse Lane
Melford Close
Melrose Way
Merlin Close
Merton Grove
Millfield Road
Millwood Glade
Milton Terrace
Mimosa Close
Montcliffe Road
Montrose Close
Moor Road
Moor Road
Moorland Gate
Morris Road
Morris Way
Morrison Street
Moss Close
Moss Wood Close
Mossfield Road
Mountbatten Road
Murrayfield Close
Nab Road
Nab Wood Drive
Nelson Road
New Market Street
Nichol Street
Nightingale Way
Norris Street
North Street
Northgate Drive
Northumberland Street
Oak Drive
Oakwood Road
Oakwood View
Old Bridge Way
Old Bridge Way
Old Mill Terrace
Old Wood Close
Olympian Close
Osprey Close
Oxford Street
Pall Mall
Pall Mall
Paradise Street
Park Road
Park Road
Park Royal Court
Park Street
Parker Street
Parkers Wood Close
Parkside Avenue
Peel Street
Peel Tower Close
Pembroke Place
Pennine Road
Percy Street
Peter Street
Pilgrim Drive
Pilling Close
Pilling Lane
Pine Grove
Plymouth Grove
Poplar Street
Poppy Avenue
Portsmouth Drive
Preston Road
Preston Street
Primrose Street
Princess Street
Progress Street
Quarry Close
Quarry Road
Queen Street East
Queen's Grove
Queen's Road
Railway Road
Railway Street
Railway Street
Rangletts Avenue
Raven Close
Ravenhill Drive
Rawcliffe Road
Rectory Close
Red Wing Drive
Redhill Grove
Redwood Drive
Regent Road
Regent Road
Ribblesdale Place
Richmond Court
Richmond Road
Ridge Road
Rivington Road
Roberts Street
Rookery Close
Rookwood Avenue
Rosewood Close
Rosklyn Road
Rossall Road
Rotherwick Avenue
Rowan Grove
Royle Road
Rufford Close
Russell Square
Russell Square West
Rydal Place
Rylands Road
Sackville Street
Saint Annes Road
Saint James's Place
Saint James's Street
Sampson Close
Sandham Street
Sandridge Avenue
Sandringham Road
Saunders Mews
Saville Street
Scarlet Street
Scawfell Road
Seymour Street
Shaftesbury Place
Shakespeare Terrace
Shakespeare Terrace
Shaw Hill Street
Shepherds Way
Shepherds Way
Sherbourne Street
Sherwood Place
Shireburn Drive
Silverdale Road
Silvester Road
Smith Street
Smithills Close
Somerset Avenue
South Avenue
Southdowns Road
Southport Road
Southport Terrace
Springfield Road
Springs Road
Springwood Drive
Spurrier Square
Squares Wood Close
St Alban's Place
St George's Street
St Gregory's Place
St Hilda's Close
St James Court
St Josephs Place
St Michael's Close
St Peter's Street
St Thomas's Road
St Thomas's Road
Standish Street
Stanley Place
Stansted Road
Steeley Lane
Stephenson Street
Stirling Close
Stratford Road
Strathmore Grove
Strawberry Fields
Stump Lane
Stump Lane
Sumner Close
Sutcliffe Street
Sutton Grove
Swords Cross Close
Sycamore Court
Sycamore Road
Talbot Close
Tarn Hows Close
Taylor Street
Temperance Street
Temple Way
Tennyson Avenue
The Bowers
The Brookes
The Causeway
The Cedars
The Copse
The Crescent
The Dell
The Dingle
The Grove
The Grove
The Moorings
The Oaks
The Spinney
The Spinney
The Willows
The Wold
Thirlmere Road
Thornhill Road
Thornycroft Place
Thurstan Place
Tintern Avenue
Titan Court
Tithe Barn Lane
Tithe Barn Lane
Tootell Street
Topaz Way
Tormore Close
Townley Street
Townley Street
Trafalgar Street
Trinity Road
Triumph Avenue
Troutbeck Road
Turton Drive
Ullswater Road
Union Street
Valley View
Ventnor Road
Vicarage Street
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Vine Street
Walgarth Drive
Walgarth Drive
Wallets Wood Court
Walletts Road
Ward Street
Warton Place
Water Street
Waterloo Street
Weaver's Brow
Weld Avenue
Weldbank Lane
Weldbank Lane
Weldbank Street
Wellington Street
West Bank
West Street
West Way
West Way
Westbourne Road
Westminster Road
Westwell Road
Whimberry Close
Whinfield Avenue
Whittam Road
Whittam Road
Whitworth Drive
Willow Road
Windermere Road
Windsor Close
Windsor Road
Windsor Road
Winslow Place
Withnell Grove
Wood Lark Drive
Woodfield Road
Woodford Copse
Woodlands Meadow
Woodville Road
Wordsworth Terrace
Worthy Street
Wright Street
Yarrow Gate
Yarrow Road
Yarrow Valley Way
Yarrow Valley Way
Yarrow Valley Way
Yates Street
Yeadon Grove
Yewtree Close
York Street