The Town of Morecambe in the County of Lancashire

The town of Morecambe is located within the county of Lancashire.

Morecambe is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Lancaster, council.

The town of Morecambe is in the Lancaster and Wyre region of Lancashire within North West (England).

  • Lancaster
  • Morecambe: St Barnabas
  • Morecambe: St Christopher, Bare
  • Poulton-le-Sands: Holy Trinity
  • Torrisholme: The Ascension
  • Westgate: St Martin of Tours

Where is Morecambe is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Morecambe in Lancashire

Dentists in Morecambe

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Morecambe
Bare Dental Clinic Ltd 6 Fairhope Avenue Morecambe Lancashire LA4 6JZ tel:01524 418194
Dental Education Centre Queen Victoria Centre, Thornton Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5NN
Dental Surgery 3 Kensington Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5LU
Dental Surgery 31 Princes Crescent Morecambe Lancashire LA4 6BY
Genix Healthcare Ltd 338-342 Lancaster Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 6ND
Genix Healthcare Ltd 338-342 Lancaster Road Morecambe LA4 6ND
Lancaster Road (dental Surgery) 338-342 Lancaster Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 6ND
Morecambe Dental Centre Thornton Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5NN
Oasis Dental Practice 75 Yorkshire Street Morecambe Lancashire LA3 1QF
Piotr Drozynski And Grazyna Barbara Drozynski 39 Kensington Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5LU

Opticians in Morecambe

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Morecambe
Moon & Coxhill Ltd 306 Lancaster Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 6LY
Optimum Coatings Ltd 5 Newgate, White Lund Industrial Estate Morecambe Lancashire LA3 3PT
Specsavers (morecambe) 41-43 Euston Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5DF
Vision Express (morecambe) 22 Euston Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5DD

Chemists in Morecambe

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Morecambe
Bare Pharmacy Ltd 45 Princes Crescent, Bare Morecambe Lancashire LA4 6BY tel:01524 410354
Boots 4 Royalty Mall, Arndale Centre Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5DH tel:01524 410709
Cohens Chemist 5 James Street Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5TE tel:01524 411489
Cohens Pharmacy Morecambe Health Centre, Hanover Street Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5LY tel:01524 417522
King's Chemist 359 Lancaster Road, Torrisholme Morecambe Lancashire LA4 6RL tel:01524 410974
Lloydspharmacy Christie Park, Lancaster Road Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5TJ
Morecambe Bay Chemist 28-30 Regent Road Morecambe Lancashire LA3 1QN tel:01524 410009
Your Local Boots Pharmacy Westgate Pharmacy, Braddon Close Morecambe Lancashire LA4 4UZ tel:01524 424224

Doctors in Morecambe

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Morecambe
Bay Medical Group (morecambe Health Centre) Hanover Street Morecambe LA4 5LY
Bay Medical Group (westgate Medical Practice) Braddon Close Morecambe Lancashire LA4 4UZ
Bay Medical Practice (york Bridge Surgery) 5 James Street Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5TE
List of Streets in Morecambe
Acorn Garden
Acre Moss Lane
Aire Close
Akeman Close
Albany Road
Albert Road
Aldcliffe Court
Aldingham Court
Alexandra Road
Alice Street
Alston Drive
Altham Road
Altham Road
Altham Walk
Anstable Road
Arnside Crescent
Ashbourne Grove
Ashfield Avenue
Ashton Road
Audenshaw Road
Avondale Road
Azalea Grove
Back Avondale Road (East)
Back Avondale Road (West)
Back Calton Street
Back Crescent Street
Back Crescent Street
Back Green Street
Back Lines Street
Back Marine Road
Back Morecambe Street
Back Queen Street
Back Roseberry Avenue North
Back Roseberry Avenue South
Back West End Road North
Back Winterdyne Terrace
Balmoral Road
Banbury Road
Bare Avenue
Bare Lane
Barley Cop Lane
Bartholomew Road
Bateman Road
Bath Street
Battismore Road
Baycliffe Crescent
Beach Street
Beaufort Grove
Beaufort Road
Beaufort Road
Beech Grove
Beecham Street
Bellamy Avenue
Bellfield Road
Benson Avenue
Bertram Avenue
Berwyn Avenue
Beulah Avenue
Birklands Avenue
Bishopdale Close
Blea Tarn Place
Bold Street
Borrowdale Grove
Borwick Court
Bowfell Avenue
Braddon Close
Brampton Drive
Branksome Drive
Brantwood Avenue
Brazil Close
Brendjean Road
Bridge Road
Brock Close
Brook Avenue
Brook Grove
Brook Road
Broughton Grove
Buckingham Grove
Buckingham Place
Buckingham Road
Buckingham Road
Burdock Walk
Burlington Avenue
Burlington Grove
Burneside Close
Buseph Drive
Buttermere Avenue
Buxton Street
Calder Way
Cambridge Road
Campion Way
Carleton Street
Carlyle Grove
Carrington Grove
Cartmel Place
Cathedral Drive
Cedar Street
Central Drive
Central Drive
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Chatsworth Road
Chatsworth Road
Chester Close
Chestnut Drive
Christie Avenue
Christie Way
Christie Way
Church Lane
Church Street
Claremont Crescent
Claremont Road
Claremont Road
Clarence Street
Clarendon Road East
Clarendon Road West
Clarendon Road West
Clark Street
Clarkfield Drive
Clevelands Avenue
Clevelands Grove
Clevelands Walk
Clifford Avenue
Clifton Drive
Coastal Road
Colwyn Avenue
Coniston Road
Corringham Road
Crewgarth Road
Crewgarth Road
Croft Street
Cross Street
Dallam Avenue
Dallas Court
Dallas Road
Dennis Grove
Derby Street
Derby Street
Derwent Avenue
Devonshire Road
Dorchester Gardens
Downes Grove
Duddon Close
Dudley Street
Dunsop Gardens
Durham Close
Easdale Avenue
East Street
Edward Street
Eidsforth Road
Elkin Road
Ellesmere Grove
Ellesmere Road
Ellis Drive
Ellwood Avenue
Ellwood Court
Ellwood Grove
Elm Grove
Elms Drive
Elms Road
Endcliffe Road
Ennerdale Avenue
Ermine Place
Eskdale Place
Essex Road
Essington Avenue
Euston Grove
Euston Road
Fairbank Grove
Fairhaven Way
Fairhope Avenue
Fairlea Avenue
Farnlea Drive
Fell Road
Foss Court
Foxfield Avenue
Foxholes Road
Fulwood Drive
Gainsborough Avenue
Gaisgill Avenue
Gardens Grove
Gardner Road
Garfield Drive
Garnett Street
George Street
Gleneagles Drive
Glentworth Road East
Glentworth Road East
Glentworth Road West
Glentworth Road West
Grafton Road
Graham Street
Grange Street
Grasmere Road
Grayrigg Drive
Green Lane
Green Street
Greenholme Avenue
Greenlea Drive
Gringley Road
Grove Street
Hadrian Road
Hall Drive
Hall Street
Hallsall Drive
Halton Court
Hamilton Road
Hampsfell Drive
Hanover Street
Happy Mount Court
Happy Mount Drive
Hardlands Avenue
Harrow Grove
Hatfield Avenue
Hawarden Avenue
Haweswater Place
Hawkshead Drive
Hawthorn Road
Hayfell Avenue
Hazelwood Drive
Heaton Bottom Road
Heaton Close
Helmside Avenue
Heron Drive
Hest Bank Road
Hestham Avenue
Hestham Crescent
Hestham Drive
Hestham Parade
Heversham Close
Hexham Road
Hidings Court Lane
High Court
Highfield Crescent
Highgrove Close
Hilmore Road
Hodder Avenue
Holbeck Avenue
Homewood Avenue
Homfray Avenue
Homfray Grove
Hope Street
Hornby Terrace
Huntley Close
Hutton Crescent
Hutton Grove
Hyde Road
Hydeaway Court
Hyndburn Close
James Street
Janine Close
Jesmond Grove
Kayswell Road
Kendal Drive
Kenilworth Road
Kensington Road
Kent Way
Kentmere Grove
Kenwood Avenue
Kenyon Road
Kilnbank Avenue
King Street
Kirkstone Drive
Lake Avenue
Lake Grove
Lake Road
Lambridge Close
Lancambe Court
Lancashire Street
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Road
Langdale Road
Langden Brook Mews
Langridge Way
Lansdowne Grove
Lansdowne Road
Lathom Avenue
Lathom Grove
Lawnswood Drive
Leamington Road
Leighton Court
Leyster Street
Lichfield Avenue
Lincoln Close
Lindsay Court
Lines Street
Lloyd's Avenue
Lodges Grove
Longmire Way
Longton Drive
Longton Drive
Lonsdale Avenue
Lonsdale Grove
Lonsdale Road
Lonsdale Road
Lord Street
Loupsfell Drive
Low Lane
Loweswater Drive
Lowlands Road
Lowther Avenue
Lucy Street
Lune Drive
Lynden Avenue
Mallow Walk
Mardale Avenue
Marine Road Central
Marine Road Central
Marine Road East
Marine Road East
Marine Road West
Marine Road West
Market Street
Market Street
Marsh Crescent
Marton Drive
Marton Place
Matthias Street
Mattock Crescent
Mayfield Drive
Maylands Square
Meadow Court Road
Meadowside Road
Meadup Court
Melling Court
Mellishaw Lane
Melrose Avenue
Michael Place
Michaelson Avenue
Minster Drive
Monkswood Avenue
Morecambe Road
Morecambe Street East
Morecambe Street West
Moss Road
Mount Avenue
Mount Gardens
Myra Avenue
Needham Avenue
Needham Rise
Nelson Street
Netherlands Road
New Inn Yard
New Street
Newlands Road
Newmarket Street
Nicholson Crescent
North Street
Northumberland Street
Norwood Drive
Novak Place
Oak Avenue
Old Hall Close
Old Market Court
Old Penny Gardens
Oldham Street
Osborne Crescent
Osborne Grove
Osborne Road
Osborne Road
Ousby Avenue
Ousby Road
Out Moss Lane
Out Moss Lane
Ovangle Road
Ovangle Road
Oxford Street
Palmer Grove
Park Crescent
Park Street
Parkview Close
Parliament Street
Parsonage Close
Pedder Street
Pemberton Drive
Pemberton Place
Pembroke Avenue
Pennine View
Pilgrims Way
Pine Street
Pinewood Avenue
Plantain Walk
Platten Grove
Portland Drive
Poulton Road
Poulton Square
Prestbury Drive
Primrose Court
Primrose Street
Princes Crescent
Priory Close
Prospect Grove
Queen Street
Queens Drive
Raby Square
Raby Street
Ranlea Avenue
Redwood Drive
Reedmace Walk
Regent Park Avenue
Regent Park Avenue
Regent Park Grove
Regent Road
Regent Road
Repton Avenue
Ribblesdale Court
Richmond Avenue
Rochester Avenue
Roeburn Drive
Roedean Avenue
Rose Street
Rosebery Avenue
Rossendale Avenue
Royal Road
Ruskin Drive
Ruslands Gardens
Russell Drive
Rysdale Crescent
Salisbury Close
Salt Ayre Lane
Salt Ayre Lane
Sanders Grove
Sandringham Road
Sandside Drive
Savoy Avenue
Scafell Avenue
Schola Green Lane
Schola Green Lane
Scott Avenue
Scott Grove
Scott Road
Scott Road
Scowcroft Drive
Seaborn Grove
Seaborn Road
Selside Drive
Severn Court
Sizergh Road
Skipton Street
Slyne Road
Slyne Road
Somerby Road
South Avenue
South Grove
South Road
South Road
Springfield Street
St Albans Road
St Andrews Grove
St Anne's Avenue
St Celia's Way
St Christopher's Way
St Christopher's Way
St John's Terrace
St Margaret's Road
St Michael's Grove
St Ogg's Road
Stanhope Avenue
Stanley Street
Station Road
Stevant Way
Strickland Drive
Stuart Avenue
Stuart Avenue
Sulby Grove
Sunderland Drive
Sunnyfield Avenue
Taylor Grove
Teasel Walk
The Coppice
The Cove
The Glade
The Mews
The Way
Thirlmere Drive
Thirlmere Grove
Thomas Grove
Thonock Road
Thornton Avenue
Thornton Crescent
Thornton Grove
Thornton Lane
Thornton Road
Thorpe Avenue
Thorvald Gardens
Thurland Court
Thursgill Avenue
Torrisholme Road
Torrisholme Square
Townley Street
Trent Close
Trumley Court
Tudor Grove
Tunstall Street
Turnberry Close
Ullswater Avenue
Union Street
Vicarage Close
Vickers Way
Victor Avenue
Victoria Mews
Victoria Parade
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Wakefield Avenue
Walton Avenue
Walton Grove
Warley Avenue
Warley Drive
Warwick Avenue
Washburn Court
Washington Avenue
Wastwater Drive
Watling Close
Webster Grove
Wellington Terrace
Wells Close
Wenning Court
Wentworth Crescent
Wentworth Crescent
West End Road
West End Road
West Street
West View Road
Westcliffe Drive
Westcliffe Drive
Westfield Grove
Westgate Avenue
Westgate Park Road
Westminster Avenue
Westminster Close
Westminster Road
Westover Street
Whinsfell View
Whinsfell View
Whitby Road
White Lund Avenue
White Lund Road
Whitefield Place
Whitmoor Close
Willow Grove
Winchester Avenue
Winchester Close
Windermere Avenue
Windermere Avenue
Windsor Avenue
Windsor Grove
Windsor Road
Windsor Road
Wingate Avenue
Winthorpe Avenue
Wiseman Close
Witherslack Close
Woodhill Avenue
Woodhill Close
Woodhill Lane
Wyndham Place
Wyre Close
Wythorpe Croft
York Place
Yorkshire Street East
Yorkshire Street East
Yorkshire Street West