The Town of Bridgwater in the County of Somerset

The town of Bridgwater is located within the county of Somerset.

Bridgwater is situated in the South West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Sedgemoor, council.

The town of Bridgwater is in the Somerset region of Dorset and Somerset within South West (England).

  • Sedgemoor
  • Bridgwater: Holy Trinity
  • Bridgwater: St Francis of Assisi
  • Bridgwater: St John Baptist
  • Bridgwater: St Mary

Where is Bridgwater is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Bridgwater in Somerset

Dentists in Bridgwater

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Bridgwater
Bridgwater Dental Centre East Quay Bridgwater Somerset TA6 4DB
Bridgwater Dental Centre Symons Way, East Quay Bridgwater Somerset TA6 4GP
Bridgwater Dental Surgery 3 King Square Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3DG
Corner House Dental Practice 10 King Square Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3DG
Cornhill Dental Surgery 23 Cornhill Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3BX
Forrester Dental Surgery 10 King Square Bridgwater TA6 3DG
King Square (dental Surgery) 3 King Square Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3DG
Lion House Dentistry (bridgwater) Limited Benjamin Holloway House, Suite 4b West Quay Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3HW
Parade Dental Practice 48a North Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3PN
Southwood House Dental Surgery Southwood House, 2-4 Taunton Road Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LS
Taunton Road Dental Practice Southwood House, 2 Taunton Road Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LW

Opticians in Bridgwater

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Bridgwater
Boots Opticians (bridgwater) 34-38 Fore Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3NG
East Quay Vision East Quay Medical Centre, East Quay Bridgwater Somerset TA6 4GP
Eye Deals 1 Eastover Bridgwater Somerset TA6 5AG
Louise Ballantyne T/a Turners: A Concept Eye Clinic Aspen House, 67 Wembdon Road Bridgwater Somerset TA6 7DR
Paul White Opticians - Bridgewater 50 St. Mary Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LY tel:01278 421225
Specsavers (bridgwater) 3 Royal Clarence House, High Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3BH

Chemists in Bridgwater

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Bridgwater
Asda Pharmacy East Quay Bridgwater Somerset TA6 5AZ tel:01278 720410
Boots Uk Limited 34-38 Fore Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3NG tel:01278 422011
Cranleigh Gardens Pharmacy Cranleigh Medical Centre, Cranleigh Gardens Bridgwater Somerset TA6 5JS tel:01278 427645
Jhoots Pharmacy Somerset Bridge Surgery, Stockmoor Park,taunton Rd Bridgwater Somerset TA6 6LD tel:01278 411520
Jhoots Pharmacy Victoria Park Medical Centre, Victoria Park Drive Bridgwater Somerset TA6 7AS tel:01278 429813
Lloydspharmacy 14-16 Taunton Road Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LS tel:01278 444756
Lloydspharmacy The Clink Bridgwater Somerset TA6 4AB tel:01278 422108
Lloydspharmacy Weston Zoyland Road Bridgwater Somerset TA6 5BF tel:01278 445333
Rowlands Pharmacy East Quay Bridgwater Somerset TA6 4GP tel:01278 423015
Stockmoor Pharmacy Unit R3, Stockmoor Shopping Centre, Nokoto Drive Bridgwater Somerset TA6 6WU
Superdrug Stores 19 Fore Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3NH tel:01278 423055

Doctors in Bridgwater

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Bridgwater
Cranleigh Gardens Medical Centre Cranleigh Gardens Bridgwater Somerset TA6 5JS tel:01278 433335
East Quay Medical Centre East Quay Bridgwater Somerset TA6 4GP tel:01278 444666
Redgate Medical Centre Weston Zoyland Road Bridgwater Somerset TA6 5BF tel:01278 454560
Somerset Bridge Medical Centre Stockmoor Park, Taunton Road Bridgwater Somerset TA6 6LD tel:01278 411520
Taunton Road Medical Centre 12-16 Taunton Road Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LS tel:01278 720000
Victoria Park Medical Centre Victoria Park Drive Bridgwater Somerset TA6 7AS tel:01278 437100
List of Streets in Bridgwater
Adscombe Avenue
Albert Street
Albert Street
Alberta Way
Albion Close
Alderney Road
Alexandra Road
Alfoxton Road
All Saints' Terrace
Allen Road
Allerton Road
Almond Tree Close
Andersfield Close
Angelica Drive
Angus Way
Anson Way
Apple Tree Close
Appledore Drive
Apricot Tree Close
Arlington Close
Ash Close
Ashford Close
Ashgrove Way
Ashleigh Avenue
Ashleigh Terrace
Ashton Road
Aspen Court
Athlone Road
Augusta Drive
Avalon Road
Avebury Drive
Axe Road
Bagborough Drive
Bailey Street
Balmoral Drive
Barberry Drive
Barberry Drive
Barclay Street
Barhams Close
Barrows Close
Bath Road
Bath Road
Bayford Road
Bayswater Drive
Beckworth Close
Bedford Close
Beech Drive
Beech Road
Belgravia Drive
Bell Close
Belmont Close
Belmont Court
Berry Close
Berrydale Avenue
Biddiscombe Close
Bilberry Lane
Bincombe Road
Binford Place
Bircham Close
Blackdown Road
Blake Place
Blake Street
Blenheim Road
Bloom Row
Bloomsbury Drive
Blossom Close
Bluebell Drive
Boards Road
Bond Street
Bonita Drive
Booth Way
Bouverie Road
Bower Avenue
Bower Fields
Bower Lane
Bower Lane
Bowerings Road
Bowline Close
Bradfield Close
Bramble Road
Branksome Avenue
Bransby Way
Brendon Road
Brendon Way
Brigg Close
Britannia Way
Broadlands Lane
Broadlands Lane
Broadoak Road
Brue Avenue
Bryer Close
Brymore Close
Buckingham Close
Bugle Walk
Butleigh Close
Cambridge Grove
Camden Road
Campion Way
Campion Way
Cannon Close
Cannon Close
Canworth Way
Capes Close
Caradon Place
Carlton Drive
Carolina Close
Carpathian Way
Carver Close
Carvers Road
Castle Moat
Castle Street
Catalana Way
Cavalier Close
Cedar Close
Chamberlin Avenue
Chandos Street
Channi Drive
Chapel Street
Charbray Road
Charlton Close
Charolais Drive
Charter Close
Chatham Avenue
Chatsworth Drive
Chedzoy Lane
Chepstow Avenue
Cherry Close
Chestnut Close
Cheviot Street
Chidgey Close
Chillingham Drove
Chilton Close
Chilton Road
Chilton Street
Church Meadow
Church Path
Church Street
Claremont Grove
Clarence Terrace
Clarks Road
Clipper Close
Clover Way
Cloverton Drive
Coleridge Green
Coleridge Road
Coleridge Square
College Way
Colley Lane
Colmer Road
Condell Close
Connemara Street
Cormorant Close
Cornborough Place
Cornflower Close
Coronation Road
Cothelstone Close
Cotswold Way
Cotton Patch Walk
Countess Avenue
Court Street
Courtway Avenue
Cowslip Walk
Cranbourne Close
Cranleigh Gardens
Crestfield Avenue
Cristata Way
Cromwell Road
Crossways Road
Crow Lane
Crow Lane
Crowcombe Walk
Crowpill Lane
Crusader Close
Daisy Close
Dampiet Street
Danesboro Road
Davies Close
Daws Close
Deacon Road
Deal Close
Devonshire Street
Dewberry Avenue
Dorset Road
Dovai Drive
Drakes Close
Duke Street
Dukes Mead
Duncombe Close
Dunkery Road
Dunwear Lane
Dunwear Lane
Durleigh Hill
Durleigh Road
Earls Close
East Quay
East Quay
Eastern Avenue
Eastwood Close
Edinburgh Road
Edward Street
Eight Acre Meadow
Eldergrove Close
Elizabeth Way
Elmgrove Close
Elmside Road
Elmwood Avenue
Embden Walk
Emerald Way
Empress Court
Enmore Road
Esperia Drive
Evesham Drive
Fairfax Close
Fairfax Road
Farthing Road
Fernleigh Avenue
Feversham Avenue
Fir Tree Close
Florence Court
Fore Street
Forester Close
Four Acre Meadow
Foxglove Walk
Frampton Road
Frederick Road
Friarn Avenue
Friarn Street
Furlongs Avenue
Furze Close
George Street
Gloucester Road
Gooch Close
Gordon Terrace
Grange Drive
Graves Close
Greatwood Close
Grebe Close
Grebe Road
Griffen Close
Halesleigh Road
Halswell Close
Halyard Drive
Hamp Avenue
Hamp Brook Way
Hamp Green Rise
Hamp Street
Hampstead Drive
Hampton Close
Hawkridge Road
Hawthorn Close
Haygrove Lane
Haygrove Park Road
Haygrove Road
Haywater Avenue
Hazelwood Drive
Heathcombe Road
Heather Close
Hestercombe Close
High Street
Highgrove Close
Hillgrove Close
Holford Road
Hollyhock Close
Homberg Way
Homberg Way
Hopewell Street
Horsepond Lane
Huntworth Lane
Huntworth Lane
Huntworth Way
Imperial Way
Irene Close
Ivory Road
Ivy Grove Close
Janson Close
Japonica Close
Jasmine Close
Jasmine Close
Jewel Close
Jubilee Close
Juniper Close
Kendale Road
Kensington Gardens
Kent Avenue
Kestrel Close
Kidsbury Road
Kidsbury Road
Kiko Drive
Kilburn Drive
Kimberley Terrace
King George Avenue
King Square
King Street
King's Place
Kingfisher Close
Kings Drive
Kings Road
Kingsdown Close
Knightsbridge Way
Knowle Road
Korresia Walk
Laburnum Close
Ladymead Close
Lakeside Park
Lamb Lane
Lancaster Close
Larch Close
Larkspur Road
Lavender Walk
Lavinia Way
Leeward Close
Leyton Drive
Liberty Place
Lilliana Way
Lime Tree Close
Limousin Way
Linden Close
Linham Road
Linley Close
Longhorn Drive
Longstone Avenue
Lords Way
Losino Close
Lotus Drive
Lower Bath Road
Loxleigh Avenue
Loxleigh Gardens
Lucerne Crescent
Ludlow Close
Luxborough Road
Lyndale Avenue
Lyndale Avenue
Magnolia Tree Road
Mallard Way
Malvern Close
Mandarin Close
Manley Gardens
Manor Road
Mariners Close
Market Street
Market Way
Marlborough Avenue
Marsa Way
Marsh Lane
Mayfair Close
Mayfield Drive
Mayflower Close
Meadowlands Avenue
Mendip Road
Merino Way
Merle Close
Merridge Close
Middlestream Close
Millwood Close
Milne Close
Milton Place
Monmouth Street
Moonraker Close
Moorland Road
Moorland Way
Moots Lane
Moravia Close
Moss Close
Mount Street
Mulberry Tree Close
Muscovy Drive
Myrtle Close
Naples View
Navarrin Close
Nicholls Close
Nightingale Close
Noble Street
Nokoto Drive
Norfolk Close
North Street
Oak Apple Drive
Oakfield Road
Oakgrove Way
Oakmear Road
Octavia Close
Old Bath Road
Old Taunton Road
Old Taunton Road
Olive Way
Orchard Lane
Orchid Way
Orion Drive
Osborne Road
Oxford Terrace
Palm Tree Close
Palmer Close
Park Avenue
Park Lane
Park Road
Parkstone Avenue
Parrett Way
Peace Close
Peach Tree Close
Pear Tree Close
Pelham Court
Pembroke Road
Penarth Road
Penel Orlieu
Penlea Avenue
Pennycress Way
Penzoy Avenue
Peploe Way
Petrel Close
Phillips Close
Phoenix Road
Pine Tree Close
Plum Lane
Plum Tree Close
Polden Street
Pollard Road
Popham Close
Poplar Road
Positano Court
Potterton Close
Pound Farm Close
Prices Lane
Primrose Walk
Priory Court
Provident Place
Purley Drive
Pyrland Walk
Quantock Avenue
Quantock Meadow
Quantock Road
Quantock Road
Quantock Road
Quantock Road
Quantock Terrace
Quantock Way
Queen Street
Queen's Road
Queenswood Road
Raglan Close
Raleigh Close
Rambler Way
Redgate Street
Reed Close
Reedmoor Gardens
Regal Walk
Regent Way
Regents Court
Rhode Lane
Rhode Lane
Rhyne Bridge
Richmond Close
Ringwood Road
Risemoor Road
River Lane
Riverside Close
Roberta Walk
Roberts Drive
Robins Drive
Roe Close
Roman Lane
Romney Road
Rope Walk
Rosa Way
Rosary Drive
Rosebery Avenue
Rosevean Close
Rowans Close
Royal Drive
Ruborough Road
Rugg's Drove
Russell Court
Russell Place
Salmon Parade
Saltlands Avenue
Sandalwood Ride
Sandown Close
Sandpiper Close
Sandpiper Road
Sandringham Close
Sauneye Way
Savannah Drive
Saviano Way
Saxon Green
Saxon Road
Saxony Place
Seaward Drive
Sedge Close
Sedgemoor Road
Selworthy Close
Severn Close
Seymour Road
Shearwater Close
Shellthorn Grove
Shervage Court
Shire Street
Showground Road
Sika Walk
Silver Street
Simmental Street
Skimmerton Lane
Snowberry Close
Snowberry Close
Somerset Gardens
Somerset Road
Somerton Close
Somerville Way
Sorrel Drive
Southgate Avenue
Sovereign Road
Spaxton Road
Spillers Close
Spoonbill Road
Springfield Avenue
Springley Road
St John Street
St Mary Street
St Matthew's Field
St Matthews Green
St Peters Court
St Saviour's Avenue
Stafford Road
Standish Street
Stanley Close
Stockmoor Close
Stockmoor Drive
Stratton Close
Suffolk Close
Sully Close
Summerway Drove
Sunnybank Road
Sussex Avenue
Sycamore Close
Sydenham Close
Sydenham Road
Symons Way
Tansey Court
Taunton Road
Taunton Road
Teak Close
Teal Close
Teeswater Walk
Tetton Close
The Clink
The Clink
The Clink
The Copse
The Drove
The Leggar
The Leggar
Thistle Park
Thompson Close
Thorncombe Crescent
Timberscombe Way
Tokaro Close
Tone Drive
Tori Green
Toulouse Road
Trevor Road
Trinity Way
Triscombe Avenue
Tudor Way
Tulip Tree Road
Tundra Walk
Turin Path
Turner Close
Tynte Road
Union Street
Valetta Place
Verona Court
Vickery Close
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Vienna Way
Viscount Square
Wadham Close
Walnut Drive
Walton Close
Warren Close
Warwick Avenue
Washington Gardens
Waterford Close
Watermans Meadow
Watsons Lane
Waverley Road
Weacombe Road
Wellington Road
Wembdon Road
Wembdon Road
Wessex Close
West Bower Lane
West Quay
West Quay Close
West Street
West Street
Western Way
Western Way
Westfield Close
Westminster Way
Westonzoyland Road
Westonzoyland Road
Westonzoyland Road
Westover Green
Westwood Road
Whitebeam Close
Whitehall Drive
Whites Close
Whitfield Road
Wilkins Road
Willoughby Road
Willow Court
Willow Walk
Wills Road
Wind Down Close
Windsor Road
Witches Walk
Withy Grove Close
Wolmer Close
Woodbury Road
Wordsworth Avenue
Wrenmoor Close
Wye Avenue
Wylds Road
Wyndham Road
Yeo Lane
Yeo Road
York Buildings
York Road