The Town of Rugby in the County of Warwickshire

The town of Rugby is located within the county of Warwickshire.

Rugby is situated in the West Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Rugby, council.

The town of Rugby is in the Warwickshire region of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire within West Midlands (England).

  • Rugby
  • Bilton: St Mark
  • Brownsover: Christ Church
  • New Bilton: St Oswald
  • Newbold-on-Avon: St Botolph
  • Overslade
  • Rugby: St Andrew
  • Rugby: St George
  • Rugby: St Peter & St John

Where is Rugby is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Rugby in Warwickshire

Dentists in Rugby

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Rugby
42 Regent Street (dental Practice) Uptown, 40 Regent Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2PS
8 Regent Place (dental Practice) 8 Regent Place Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2PN
Bilton Dental Clinic 322 Bilton Road Rugby CV22 7LU
Clifton Road (dental Surgery) 135 Clifton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3QN
Dental Practice 22a Regent Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2PY
Dental Surgery 12 Clifton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3QF
Dental Surgery 159 Railway Terrace Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3HQ
Dental Surgery 9 Whitehall Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3AE
Dental Surgery 97 Clifton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3QH
High Street Dental Practice 21-22 High Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3BG
North Street Dental Practice 34 North Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2AL
One Dental 51-53 Albert Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2SG
Paddox Dental 320 Hillmorton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV22 5BP
Regent Place (dental Surgery) 44 Regent Place Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2PN

Opticians in Rugby

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Rugby
Blackham Opticians 21 Albert Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2SD
Boots Opticians (rugby) 11-12 Market Place Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3DU
Gray Opticians Ltd 48 Regent Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2PS
Halsey Opticians 11 Regent Place Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2PJ
Mobile Eyes Opticians 65 High Street, Hillmorton Rugby Warwickshire CV21 4EG
Scrivens Opticians (rugby) 7 Regent Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2PE
Specsavers (rugby) Unit 26, Northway, The Clock Towers Shopping Centre Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2JR
Vision Express (rugby) 1-2 Market Mall, The Clock Towers Shopping Centre Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2JR

Chemists in Rugby

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Rugby
Asda Pharmacy 12 Chapel Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3EB
Boots Market Mall, The Clock Towers Shopping Centre Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2JR tel:01788 572867
Boots Unit 5, Junction One, Leicester Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 1RW tel:01788 567385
Dudley Taylor 37 The Green, Bilton Rugby Warwickshire CV22 7LZ tel:01788 814224
Knights Pharmacy 30-31 Sheep Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3BX tel:01788 542808
Lister Chemists Hollowell Way, Brownsover Rugby Warwickshire CV21 1LT
Lloydspharmacy 39 Clifton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3PY tel:01788 543269
Lloydspharmacy Morton Gardens, Lower Hillmorton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3AQ tel:01788 575387
Lloydspharmacy Dunchurch Road Rugby Warwickshire CV22 6HU tel:01788 519802
Paddox Pharmacy 316 Hillmorton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV22 5BP tel:01788 542632
Rowlands Pharmacy 34 Clifton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3QF tel:01788 576123
Rowlands Pharmacy 9 Bennfield Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2AS tel:01788 543918
Rowlands Pharmacy Corporation Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3SP tel:01788 574236
Tesco Instore Pharmacy 1 Leicester Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 1RG tel:01788 207447
The Co-operative Pharmacy Rugby Health & Wellbeing Centre, Drover Close Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3HX tel:01788 577889

Doctors in Rugby

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Rugby
Beech Tree Medical Practice Health & Wellbeing Centre, Drover House, Drover Close Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3HX tel:01788 561319
Bennfield Surgery Hilton House, Corporation Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2DN tel:01788 540860
Bilton Green Surgery Bilton Green Bilton Warwickshire CV22 7LY tel:01788 812949
Brownsover Medical Centre Bow Fell, Brownsover Rugby Warwickshire CV21 1JF tel:01788 435214
Central Surgery Corporation Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3SP tel:01788 524366
Clifton Road Surgery 26 Clifton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3QF tel:01788 552211
Market Quarter Medical Practice Health & Wellbeing Centre, Drover House, Drover Close Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3HX tel:01788 578800
Rugby Town Medical Practice 2a Lower Hillmorton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3SU tel:01788 537531
Westside Medical Centre Hilton House, Corporation Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2DN tel:01788 544744
Whitehall Medical Practice Morton Gardens, Lower Hillmorton Road Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3AQ tel:01788 542212
List of Streets in Rugby
Abbey Street
Abbotts Way
Acacia Grove
Acorn Drive
Adams Street
Addison Road
Addison Road
Ajax Close
Albert Square
Albert Street
Albert Street
Alexandra Road
Alfred Green Close
Alfred Street
Allerton Road
Allesley Road
Almond Grove
Alwyn Road
Ambrose Close
Anderson Avenue
Anson Close
Apple Grove
Aqua Place
Arbour Close
Archers Spinney
Arches Lane
Arches Lane
Arden Close
Argyle Street
Ariel Way
Armstrong Close
Arnold Street
Arnold Street
Ash Court
Ashlawn Road
Ashlawn Road
Ashlawn Road
Aspen Close
Aspen Road
Aspen Walk
Assheton Close
Astley Place
Avens Close
Aventine Way
Avenue Road
Avocet Close
Badby Leys
Bailey Road
Bakehouse Lane
Balcombe Road
Balfour Place
Balfour Place
Bank Street
Barby Lane
Barby Lane
Barby Road
Barley Close
Barnaby Road
Barrington Road
Barter Place
Barton Road
Bath Street
Bawnmore Court
Bawnmore Park
Bawnmore Road
Bawnmore Road
Beaconsfield Avenue
Beatty Drive
Beckfoot Close
Beech Drive
Beechmast Close
Belgrave Drive
Bell Road
Bell Walk
Belmont Road
Benches Furlong
Benn Street
Bennett Street
Bennfield Road
Beswick Gardens
Betony Road
Biart Place
Bilton Fields Farm Lane
Bilton Fields Farm Lane
Bilton Lane
Bilton Road
Bilton Road
Birch Drive
Birstall Drive
Blackberry Close
Blackman Way
Blackthorn Close
Blackwood Avenue
Blake Close
Blossom Way
Bloxam Gardens
Bluebell Close
Bond Street
Bonnington Close
Boswell Road
Boughton Road
Boundary Road
Boundary Road
Bow Fell
Bowen Road
Bracken Close
Bracken Drive
Brafield Leys
Braids Close
Brambling Close
Brand Road
Braunston Place
Bridge Street
Bridget Street
Bridle Road
Brindley Road
Brodie Close
Bromwich Road
Bronte Close
Brooklime Drive
Brookside Close
Broom Close
Browning Road
Brownsover Lane
Brownsover Road
Bruce Williams Way
Brunswick Close
Bryant Road
Buchanan Road
Buchanan Road
Bucknill Crescent
Bugle Close
Butlers Leap
Butlers Leap
Butlin Road
Caldecott Place
Caldecott Street
Caldecott Street
Calvert Close
Cambridge Street
Campbell Street
Campion Way
Campion Way
Capulet Close
Carlton Road
Castle Mews
Castle Mound Way
Castle Street
Castle Street
Catesby Road
Cawston Way
Central Park Drive
Chamberlain Road
Chapel Street
Chariot Way
Charles Street
Charles Street
Charles Warren Close
Charlesfield Road
Charlotte Street
Charlotte Street
Charolais Close
Charter Road
Charwelton Drive
Chaucer Road
Cherry Grove
Cheshire Close
Chester Street
Chestnut Field
Chicory Drive
Chimes Court
Church Street
Church Walk
Church Walk
Church Walk
Churchill Road
Churchill Road
Clare Court
Claremont Road
Clarence Road
Clifton Road
Clover Close
Cockerill's Meadow
Collingwood Avenue
Coltsfoot Close
Coniston Close
Conrad Close
Constable Road
Consul Road
Cook Close
Copperfield Close
Corbett Street
Cordelia Way
Cornflower Drive
Cornwallis Road
Corporation Street
Corporation Street
Corporation Street
Cosford Lane
Coton Park Drive
Coton Road
Cottage Leap
Cotterell Road
Coverley Place
Cowan Close
Crackthorne Drive
Craven Road
Crick Road
Crick Road
Croft Avenue
Cromwell Road
Cross Street
Crow Thorns
Crow Thorns
Culworth Close
Cunningham Way North
Cunningham Way South
Curie Close
Curtis Close
Cymbeline Way
Cymbeline Way
Cypress Road
Dale Street
Dalkeith Avenue
David Road
Deacon Close
Deane Road
Deepmore Road
Deerings Road
Deerings Road
Derwent Close
Devonshire Close
Dewar Grove
Dickens Road
Dickinson Court
Ditton Close
Dorrit Place
Dorset Close
Douglas Road
Drayton Leys
Dreyer Close
Drover Close
Drury Lane
Dryden Place
Dryden Walk
Duffy Place
Duke Street
Duncan Drive
Dunchurch Road
Dunchurch Road
Dunsmore Avenue
Dunster Close
Dyson Close
Earl Street
East Street
East Union Street
East Union Street
Eastfield Place
Eastlands Place
Eastlands Road
Eastwood Grove
Easy Lane
Ecton Leys
Eden Road
Edgecote Close
Edison Drive
Edward Street
Edyvean Close
Egerton Close
Elborow Street
Elder Avenue
Elder Close
Eliot Court
Elmore Road
Elms Drive
Elsee Road
Elstop Avenue
Elter Close
Emperor Way
Epsom Road
Essex Street
Evans Road
Everdon Close
Everest Road
Evreux Way
Ewart Place
Expectations Drive
Eydon Close
Falstaff Drive
Faraday Road
Fareham Avenue
Farm Grove
Farnborough Avenue
Farthing Court
Fawsley Leys
Featherbed Lane
Fellows Way
Fennel Close
Fenwick Drive
Fern Close
Ferndown Court
Ferndown Road
Ferndown Terrace
Fieldfare Close
Firs Drive
Fisher Avenue
Fleet Crescent
Florin Place
Follager Road
Foresters Place
Fornside Close
Forum Drive
Fosterd Road
Fox Close
Foxglove Close
Foxons Barn Road
Franklin Close
Frederick Street
Freemantle Road
Frobisher Road
Furness Close
Furrow Close
Gable Close
Gabor Close
Gainsborough Crescent
Gardeners End
Garyth Williams Close
Gas Street
Gas Street
Gatehouse Close
Gavel Drive
Gentian Way
George Street
Gibson Drive
Gilbert Avenue
Gladiator Way
Gladstone Street
Glaramara Close
Glebe Crescent
Glebe Farm Road
Goldsmith Avenue
Goldsmith Avenue
Gorse Close
Graham Road
Grandsire Drive
Grange Close
Grange Road
Grasmere Close
Great Borne
Great Central Way
Greenhill Road
Grendon Drive
Grenville Close
Grosvenor Road
Hadrians Way
Hamlet Close
Hampden Way
Harborough Road
Harborough Road
Hardy Close
Harebell Way
Harris Drive
Harrison Close
Hart Close
Haswell Close
Hawkins Close
Hawthorn Close
Hawthorn Way
Hayes Close
Haynes Way
Healey Close
Heath Way
Heather Close
Helmdon Close
Helvellyn Way
Henry Street
Heyford Leys
Hibbert Close
High Street
High Street
High Street
Hill Street
Hillary Road
Hillfield Road
Hillmorton Lane
Hillmorton Road
Hillmorton Road
Hinde Close
Hobley Close
Holbrook Avenue
Holcot Leys
Hollowell Way
Holly Mews
Holme Close
Holyoak Close
Honeysuckle Close
Hood's Way
Hopps Lodge Drive
Hornbeam Close
Horne Close
Horton Crescent
Hoskyn Close
Houston Road
Howkins Road
Hudson Road
Humphrey Close
Hunter Street
Hunters Lane
Ilmer Close
Ivy Close
Ivy Grange
Izod Road
Jackson Road
James Shera Way
James Street
Jenkins Road
John Thwaites Close
Johnson Avenue
Jubilee Street
Juliet Drive
Juliet Drive
Junewood Close
Kay Close
Kedleston Court
Kennedy Drive
Keppel Close
Keswick Drive
Keswick Drive
Kew Road
Keyes Drive
Kilsby Lane
Kilsby Lane
Kilworth Road
Kimberley Road
King Edward Road
King Street
Kingsley Avenue
Kingsley Avenue
Kingsley Orchard
Kinman Way
Kirkby Close
Kirkby Road
Knole Close
Laburnum Grove
Laing Close
Lancaster Road
Lancut Hill
Landseer Close
Langdale Close
Langlands Place
Langton Road
Langton Road
Lansdowne Place
Larch Close
Laurel Drive
Laurel Gardens
Lavender Close
Lawford Bridge Court
Lawford Lane
Lawford Road
Lawford Road
Lawrence Road
Lawrence Sheriff Street
Lawrence Sheriff Street
Lawrence Sheriff Street
Lea Crescent
Leicester Road
Leigh Road
Lennon Close
Lestock Close
Lever Road
Levis Close
Levy Close
Leys Road
Lilac Drive
Lime Tree Avenue
Linnell Road
Linnet Close
Little Church Street
Little Church Street
Little Elborow Street
Little Grove
Little Lawford Lane
Little Pennington Street
Lloyd Road
Lodge Road
Long Furlong
Long Hassocks
Longrood Road
Longrood Road
Longstork Road
Loverock Crescent
Lower Hillmorton Road
Lower Hillmorton Road
Lower Lea Place
Lower Lodge Avenue
Lower Street
Lucas Court
Lydden Close
Lyndhurst Road
Lytham Road
Lytham Road
Lyttelton Close
Macaulay Road
Macbeth Close
Madden Place
Magnet Lane
Maidenhair Drive
Main Street
Main Street
Mallow Way
Malvern Avenue
Manor House Close
Manor Road
Manor Road
Maple Gardens
Maple Gardens
Maple Grove
Market Place
Market Street
Marlborough Road
Marlborough Road
Martin Lane
Matlock Close
May Lane
Mckinnell Crescent
Meadow Furlong
Meadow Road
Mellish Court
Mellish Road
Mellor Road
Melville Close
Mercer Court
Merlin Close
Merttens Drive
Mica Close
Milestone Drive
Mill Furlong
Mill Road
Mill Road
Millers Dale Close
Millfields Avenue
Moat Farm Drive
Monarch Close
Montague Road
Montgomery Drive
Montrose Road
Moors Lane
Moors Lane
Morris Close
Morson Crescent
Morton Gardens
Moss Close
Moultrie Road
Moultrie Road
Moyeady Avenue
Mulberry Road
Murray Road
Murrayian Close
Myers Road
Naseby Road
Nayler Close
Nelson Way
New Street
New Street
Newbold Footpath
Newbold Road
Newbold Road
Newland Street
Newton Manor Lane
Newton Manor Lane
Nickleby Close
Nightingale Gardens
Norman Road
North Street
North Street
Northcote Road
Norton Leys
Oak Street
Oak Street
Oakfield Road
Oberon Close
Old Leicester Road
Oliver Street
Onley Lane
Orchard Way
Orchid Way
Orlando Close
Orson Leys
Orson Leys
Oswald Way
Othello Close
Oulton Road
Oval Road
Overbecks Close
Overslade Lane
Overslade Lane
Overslade Manor Drive
Overview Way
Oxford Street
Packwood Avenue
Paddox Close
Palmer's Close
Pantolf Place
Paradise Street
Park Farm Close
Park Lane
Park Road
Parkfield Road
Parkfield Road
Parnell Close
Parsons Close
Paynes Lane
Pear Tree Way
Peat Close
Pembrey Road
Pendred Road
Pennington Mews
Pennington Street
Penny Lane
Percival Road
Perkins Grove
Permian Close
Pettiver Crescent
Phipps Avenue
Pickard Close
Pickwick Place
Pinders Lane
Pinders Lane
Pine Grove
Pinfold Street
Pipewell Close
Plantagenet Drive
Plantain Way
Plexfield Road
Plomer Close
Plowman Street
Pool Close
Pope Street
Poplar Grove
Poppy Drive
Portland Place
Portland Road
Pretorian Way
Primrose Close
Princes Street
Prior Park Road
Projects Drive
Prospect Way
Pytchley Road
Quarry Close
Queen Victoria Street
Queensferry Close
Railway Terrace
Railway Terrace
Rainsbrook Avenue
Rankine Close
Rathbone Close
Ratliffe Road
Red Lodge Drive
Red Lodge Drive
Regent Place
Regent Street
Regent Street
Reservoir Road
Reynolds Close
Richmond Road
Ridge Drive
Robbins Court
Robert Hill Close
Robotham Close
Rocheberie Way
Rodney Close
Rokeby Street
Roman Way
Romney Place
Roper Close
Rosewood Avenue
Rothley Drive
Round Street
Rounds Gardens
Rowan Drive
Rowe Close
Rowland Street
Rowse Close
Rupert Brooke Road
Ruskin Close
Russelsheim Way
Russelsheim Way
Rutland Close
Rydal Close
Saffron Close
Sandown Road
Sandpiper Close
Sandy Lane
Saunton Place
Saunton Road
School Gardens
School Street
Schoolfield Grove
Scots Close
Seabroke Avenue
Seabroke Avenue
Sedge Road
Sedlescombe Park
Selborne Road
Seymour Road
Shakespeare Gardens
Shap Fell
Shearwater Drive
Sheep Street
Shenstone Avenue
Shenstone Avenue
Sheridan Close
Sheriff Road
Shortstones Walk
Shortwheat Hill
Shuckburgh Crescent
Sidney Road
Siskin Close
Sissinghurst Close
Slade Road
Slade Road
Smithhill Place
Smiths Orchard
Snellsdale Road
Somers Road
Sorrel Drive
South Street
Southbrook Road
Southey Road
Southfield Road
Sovereign Close
Sparta Close
Speedwell Close
Spellow Close
Spicer Place
Spinney Lane
Spring Street
St Andrews Crescent
St Anne's Road
St Anne's Road
St Georges Avenue
St John Street
St Johns Avenue
St Mark's Avenue
St Michaels Close
St Peters Road
Stanley Road
Stanley Road
Staveley Way
Staverton Leys
Steele Street
Stephen Street
Stocks Court
Stonechat Road
Stourhead Road
Stowe Drive
Strath Close
Studland Avenue
Sun Street
Sunbeam Close
Swift Avenue
Swift Park
Swift Park
Swift Point
Sycamore Grove
Sywell Leys
Tainter Close
Teasel Close
Technology Drive
Temple Street
Temple Street
Tennant Close
Tennyson Avenue
Thackeray Close
The Arbours
The Dingle
The Green
The Kent
The Locks
The Sidings
Thistle Way
Thomas Road
Thomson Close
Thorn Close
Thruxton Place
Tiber Way
Timber Court
Tom Brown Street
Torrance Road
Tower Furlong
Tower Road
Townsend Road
Trevor White Drive
Turner Close
Turnstone Close
Tuthill Furlong
Two Pike Leys
Tythbarn Leys
Union Street
Union Street
Upton Road
Upton Road
Vale Close
Valley Drive
Vere Road
Vernon Avenue
Viaduct Close
Vicarage Road
Vicarage Road
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Street
Violet Close
Voyage Road
Walford Place
Walnut Way
Warren Road
Warwick Square
Warwick Street
Warwick Street
Warwick Street
Waterside Drive
Watts Lane
Waver Way
Waverley Road
Webb Drive
Webb Ellis Road
Welford Road
Wells Street
Welton Place
Wentworth Road
Wesley Road
West Leyes
West Leyes
West View Road
Westbourne Grove
Westfield Road
Westfield Road
Westgate Road
Westwood Road
Wetherell Way
Wheatfield Road
Whetstone Drive
Whimbrel Close
Whitehall Road
Whitehall Road
Whittle Close
Wiggins Close
Wigston Road
Wilf Brown Close
Willburton Mews
William Street
Willoughby Place
Willow Gardens
Willow Lane
Wilson Close
Windermere Close
Windmill Close
Windsor Street
Winfield Street
Winwick Place
Wise Grove
Wolsey Road
Wood Street
Wood Street
Wood Street
Woodruff Close
Woodsia Close
Woodside Park
Woodside Park
Worcester Street
Wordsworth Road
Wych-Elm Close
Wynter Road
Wythburn Way
Yates Avenue
York Street