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The WR13 Colwall Stone Postcode District

The WR13 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 8,195 and is within the WR Worcester postcode area.

Map of the WR13 Postcode District

Hotels within the WR13 Postcode Area

We found 16 hotels and guest houses within the WR13 postcode area

Holdfast Cottage Hotel
Holdfast Cottage Hotel
Marlbank Road, Little Malvern, great-malvern, WR13 6NA.
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The Malvern Hills Hotel
The Malvern Hills Hotel
Jubilee Drive, Wynds Point, Malvern, great-malvern, WR13 6DW.
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Colwall Park - Hotel, Bar & Restaurant
Colwall Park - Hotel, Bar & Restaurant
Walwyn Road, Colwall Village, Malvern, great-malvern, WR13 6QG.
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Malvern Stables
Malvern Stables
Stocks Lane Newland, Malvern, Malvern, great-malvern, WR13 5AZ.
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Hope End Barn
Hope End Barn
, Cradley nr. Malvern, mathon, WR13 5JQ.
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The Old Stables B&B
The Old Stables B&B
The Old Stables,Coles Green Leigh Sinton, Malvern, great-malvern, WR13 5DW.
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Severnside Bed & Breakfast
Severnside Bed & Breakfast
Clevelode, Malvern, great-malvern, WR13 6PD.
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Chirkenhill Farm
Chirkenhill Farm
Chirkenhill Farm, Sherridge Road, Leigh Sinton, Malvern, Great Malvern, great-malvern, WR13 5DE.
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Birtsmorton, Malvern, Malvern Wells, birtsmorton, WR13 6AR.
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Hornbeam Cottage
Hornbeam Cottage
, Malvern, great-malvern, WR13 6NP.
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Hopeend Holidays Cottage
Hopeend Holidays Cottage
Chockbury Lane, Cradley, Great Malvern, Worcester, great-malvern, WR13 5JQ.
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The Coach House
The Coach House
, Castlemorton, castlemorton, WR13 6JF.
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Orchard Cottage
Orchard Cottage
, Welland, welland, WR13 6LP.
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Myrtleberry Accommodation
Myrtleberry Accommodation
New Road, WR13 6BY, Castlemorton, castlemorton, WR13 6BY.
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Rectory End
Rectory End
, Cradley nr. Malvern, mathon, WR13 5LQ.
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Wishing Well Cottage
Wishing Well Cottage
, Mathon nr. Malvern, mathon, WR13 5NZ.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the WR13 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AshfieldhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
BerrowhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Birts StreetvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
BirtsmortonhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Camer's GreenhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
CastlemortonvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Chandler's CrosshamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
ClevelodehamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Coles GreenhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
ColwallhamletCounty of Herefords
Colwall StonevillageCounty of Herefords
CradleyvillageCounty of Herefords
CrowcrofthamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Crumpton HillhamletCounty of Herefords
Deblin's GreenhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Drugger's EndhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Eight OakshamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
EvendinehamletCounty of Herefords
Golden ValleyvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Great MalverntownCounty of Herefords
Great MalverntownMalvern HillsWorcestershire
GreenhillhamletCounty of Herefords
GrittlesendhamletCounty of Herefords
GuarlfordvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Ham GreenhamletCounty of Herefords
Hollybed StreethamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
HuntsbridgehamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
King's GreenhamletForest of DeanGloucestershire
Leigh SintonvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
MadresfieldvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
MathonhamletCounty of Herefords
Moorend CrosshamletCounty of Herefords
NewlandvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Pin's GreenhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Ridgeway CrosshamletCounty of Herefords
Rye StreetvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Sledge GreenvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Smith End GreenhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Stony CrosshamletCounty of Herefords
StorridgevillageCounty of Herefords
WellandvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
WestfieldvillageCounty of Herefords
White EndhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire

Postcode Sectors within the WR13 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to WR13

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the WR13 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
WR13 5Malvern Delivery Office
WR13 6Malvern Delivery Office
Postcode format for the WR13 postcode district
WR13 - X X X
WR13 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the WR13 Postcode Area

We found 1 visitor attractions within the WR13 postcode area

Old Court Nurseries & Picton Garden
View Old Court Nurseries & Picton Garden on Google Maps

Streets within the WR13 Colwall Stone Postcode Area