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The WR2 Worcester Postcode District

The WR2 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 29,899 and is within the WR Worcester postcode area.

Map of the WR2 Postcode District

Hotels within the WR2 Postcode Area

We found 7 hotels and guest houses within the WR2 postcode area

Moseley Farm B&B
Moseley Farm B&B
Moseley Road, Worcester, worcester, WR2 6NL.
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Henwick House
Henwick House
Jennet Tree Lane, Worcester, worcester, WR2 4UB.
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The Dewdrop Inn
The Dewdrop Inn
Bell Lane, Lower Broadheath, Worcester, worcester, WR2 6RR.
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Daybrook House
Daybrook House
1 Kingsend Road, Powick, Worcestershire, worcester, WR2 4RA.
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Halfway House Inn
Halfway House Inn
Halfway House Inn, Worcester, great-malvern, WR2 4SL.
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Pitmaston Apartments
Pitmaston Apartments
Pitmaston House, Malvern Road, Worcester, worcester, WR2 4ZG.
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Stanbrook Abbey
Stanbrook Abbey
Stanbrook Abbey, Callow End, Worcester, Worcester, worcester, WR2 4TY.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the WR2 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
BastonfordhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
BrayswickhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Broadmore GreenhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Callow EndvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Collett's GreenvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Crown EastvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
DawshillhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Deblin's GreenhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
GrimleyvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
HallowvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Kent's GreenhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
King's EndhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Little EastburyhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Lower BroadheathvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Monkwood GreenvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
MoseleyhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Oakall GreenhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
PowickvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
RushwickvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
ShoultonhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Sinton GreenvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Upper WickvillageMalvern HillsWorcestershire
WorcestercityMalvern HillsWorcestershire
Worlds EndhamletMalvern HillsWorcestershire

Postcode Sectors within the WR2 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to WR2

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the WR2 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
WR2 4Callow End Scale Payment Delivery Office
WR2 4Worcester City Delivery Office
WR2 5Worcester City Delivery Office
WR2 6Worcester City Delivery Office
WR2 4Worcester Apc
WR2 5Worcester Apc
WR2 6Worcester Apc
Postcode format for the WR2 postcode district
WR2 - X X X
WR2 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the WR2 Worcester Postcode Area