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The YO42 Pocklington Postcode District

The YO42 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 14,559 and is within the YO York postcode area.

Map of the YO42 Postcode District

Hotels within the YO42 Postcode Area

We found 12 hotels and guest houses within the YO42 postcode area

The Weaning Shed
The Weaning Shed
, Huggate near Pocklington, huggate, YO42 1TQ.
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Alder Carr House
Alder Carr House
Alder Carr House York Road, Barmby on the Moor, barmby-on-the-moor, YO42 4HT.
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The KP
The KP
Pocklington, Pocklington, pocklington, YO42 1UF.
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The Mohair Farm
The Mohair Farm
The Mohair Farm, York Road, Barmby Moor, York, pocklington, YO42 4HU.
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Wolds Glamping
Wolds Glamping
Ashfield, Canal Head, Pocklington, York, Pocklington, pocklington, YO42 1NW.
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Yorkway Motel
Yorkway Motel
Yorkway Motel, The Balk, Pocklington, York, pocklington, YO42 2NX.
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KP Lodges
KP Lodges
, Pocklington East Yorkshire, pocklington, YO42 1UF.
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The Plough Inn
The Plough Inn
Main Street, Hayton, York, East Ridning of Yorkshire, York, pocklington, YO42 1RJ.
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Bed and Breakfast Ashfield
Bed and Breakfast Ashfield
Ashfield, Canal Head, Pocklington, York, pocklington, YO42 1NW.
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Yapham Holds Farmhouse
Yapham Holds Farmhouse
Yapham Holds Farmhouse, Feoffee Lane, Pocklington,, York, fangfoss, YO42 1PF.
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Bishop Barns
Bishop Barns
Bishop Barns, Bishop Wilton, York, East Riding of Yorkshire, Bishop Wilton, bishop-wilton, YO42 1RY.
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Paradise Lakeside Lodges
Paradise Lakeside Lodges
Ball Hall Lane Storwood, Vale Of York, wheldrake, YO42 4TD.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the YO42 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AllerthorpevillageEast Riding of York
AughtonvillageEast Riding of York
Barmby MoorvillageEast Riding of York
BielbyvillageEast Riding of York
Bishop WiltonvillageEast Riding of York
BurnbyvillageEast Riding of York
East CottingwithvillageEast Riding of York
EllertonvillageEast Riding of York
EveringhamvillageEast Riding of York
Great GivendalehamletEast Riding of York
HarswellhamletEast Riding of York
HaytonvillageEast Riding of York
HuggatevillageEast Riding of York
Kilnwick PercyhamletEast Riding of York
LaythamhamletEast Riding of York
MelbournevillageEast Riding of York
MeltonbyhamletEast Riding of York
MillingtonvillageEast Riding of York
NunburnholmevillageEast Riding of York
PocklingtontownEast Riding of York
Ross MoorotherSettlementEast Riding of York
Seaton RossvillageEast Riding of York
StorwoodhamletEast Riding of York
ThorntonvillageEast Riding of York
Thorpe le StreethamletEast Riding of York
WartervillageEast Riding of York
YaphamvillageEast Riding of York

Postcode Sectors within the YO42 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to YO42

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the YO42 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
YO42 1Pocklington Delivery Office
YO42 2Pocklington Delivery Office
YO42 4Pocklington Delivery Office
Postcode format for the YO42 postcode district
YO42 - X X X
YO42 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the YO42 Pocklington Postcode Area