HU6 Postcode District

HU6 is one of 12 Postcode Districts for the Hull Post town in East Riding Of Yorkshire


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The HU6 postcode district is a postal district located in the HU Hull postcode area with a population of 36,013 residents according to the 2021 England and Wales Census.

The area of the HU6 postcode district is 4.10 square miles which is 10.61 square kilometres or 2,622.39 acres.

Currently, the HU6 district has about 661 postcode units spread across 4 geographic postcode sectors.

Given that each sector allows for 400 unique postcode combinations, the district has a capacity of 1,600 postcodes. With 661 postcodes already in use, this leaves 939 units available.

The largest settlements in the HU6 postal code are HULL and Dunswell.

The HU6 Postcode shares a border with HU16 (COTTINGHAM, Skidby, Raywell), HU17 (BEVERLEY, Leven, Walkington), HU5 (HULL) and HU7 (Bransholme, Kingswood, HULL).

The primary settlement in the HU6 postcode district is Dunswell. It is located in the county of East Riding of Yorkshire in England. The most significant post town in this postcode district is Hull.

For the district HU6, we have data on 4 postcode sectors. Here's a breakdown: The sector HU6 0, covers Dunswell in East Riding of Yorkshire. The sector HU6 7, covers Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire. The sector HU6 8, covers Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire. The sector HU6 9, covers Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire.


HU6 Postcode Sectors

Map Showing Location of the HU6 postcode Sector
Where is the HU6 Postcode Sector?
A word cloud for the HU6 postcode
A word cloud showing place names for the HU6 postcode district

Map of the HU6 Postcode District

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Map of the HU6 and surrounding districts

When it comes to local government, postal geography often disregards political borders. However, for a breakdown in the HU6 District: the district mostly encompasses the City of Kingston upon Hull (B) (619 postcodes), and finally, the East Riding of Yorkshire area (41 postcodes).

Where is the HU6 Postcode District?

The HU6 postcode district is in the town of Hull. It is located in close proximity to several nearby towns. To the west is Cottingham, which is approximately 2.01 miles away. To the northwest is Beverley, which is approximately 4.89 miles away. Hessle is to the southwest, approximately 5.02 miles away. Barrow-upon-Humber is located to the south, around 7.85 miles away. Further northeast is Hornsea, which is approximately 11.78 miles away. Additionally, the postcode district is approximately 157.81 miles away from the center of London.

The district is within the post town of HULL.

The sector has postcodes within the nation of England.

The HU6 Postcode District is covers the following regions.

Postcode Sectors within the HU6 District

Postcode Districts that Share a Border with HU6

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the HU6 Postcode District
Postcode Sector Delivery Office
HU6 0Malmo Road Delivery Office
HU6 7Malmo Road Delivery Office
HU6 8Malmo Road Delivery Office
HU6 9Malmo Road Delivery Office
Postcode format for the HU6 postcode district
HU6 - X X X
HU6 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Current Monthly Rental Prices

# Bedrooms Min Price Max Price Avg Price
1 £295 £719 £449
2 £400 £1,199 £695
3 £498 £2,000 £948
4 £329 £477 £432
5 £433 £563 £461
6 £383 £477 £438
7 £433 £433 £433

Current House Prices

# Bedrooms Min Price Max Price Avg Price
£250,000 £1,000,000 £625,000
1 £35,000 £115,000 £73,590
2 £70,000 £240,000 £137,626
3 £65,000 £310,000 £162,520
4 £227,995 £350,000 £289,589
5 £425,000 £775,000 £600,000
6 £180,000 £280,000 £230,000
109 £4,680,000 £4,680,000 £4,680,000

Estate Agents who Operate in the HU6 District

LogoNameBrand NameAddressContact NumberTotal Properties
Tulip Student Living HullHullTulip Student Living325/327 Beverley Road, Hull, HU5 1LD01482 34636618
Symonds & Greenham HullHullSymonds & Greenham412 Cottingham Road, Hull, HU6 8QE01482 44420013
Beercocks Newland Avenue, HullNewland Avenue, HullBeercocks154,Newland Avenue, Hull, HU5 2NN01482 42539412
William H. Brown Hull Newland AvenueHull Newland AvenueWilliam H. Brown82 Newland Avenue, Hull, HU5 3AB01482 25183110
loc8me HullHullloc8me29 Salmon Grove Hull HU6 7SX01482 4539508

Yearly House Price Averages for the HU6 Postcode District

Type of Property 2018 Average 2018 Sales 2017 Average 2017 Sales 2016 Average 2016 Sales 2015 Average 2015 Sales
Detached £219,03125 £195,38428 £154,55010 £180,05617
Semi-Detached £120,906143 £117,873134 £122,050149 £112,971146
Terraced £95,810202 £95,897177 £94,627138 £84,479158
Flats £66,23821 £52,08312 £53,80423 £52,59910