The City of Carlisle in the County of Cumbria

The city of Carlisle is located within the county of Cumbria.

Carlisle is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Carlisle, council.

The city of Carlisle is in the East Cumbria region of Cumbria within North West (England).

  • Carlisle
  • Botcherby: St Andrew
  • Carlisle Cathedral
  • Carlisle Stanwix: St Michael
  • Carlisle Upperby: St John the Baptist
  • Carlisle, Belah: St Mark
  • Carlisle, Harraby: St Elizabeth
  • Carlisle, Morton: St Luke
  • Carlisle: Holy Trinity
  • Carlisle: St Aidan
  • Carlisle: St Barnabas
  • Carlisle: St Cuthbert
  • Carlisle: St Herbert
  • Carlisle: St James
  • Carlisle: St John the Evangelist
  • Houghton, Kingmoor: St Peter

Where is Carlisle is located in the UK

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Map of the city of Carlisle in Cumbria

Dentists in Carlisle

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Carlisle
Aglionby Street Dental Practice 42 Aglionby Street Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1JP
Carlisle Dental Centre Infirmary Street Carlisle Cumbria CA2 7HY
Dental Practice Victoria Place Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1EX
Dental Surgery 1 Warwick Square Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1LB
Dental Surgery 102 Warwick Road Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1JU
Dental Surgery 12 Aglionby Street Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1JP
Dental Surgery 63 Warwick Road Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1EB
Dental Surgery 7 Portland Square Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1PY
Dental Surgery 82 Warwick Road Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1DZ
Dental Surgery Lismore House, Lismore Street Carlisle Cumbria CA1 2AH
Eden Dental Practice 99 Warwick Road Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1EA
Firtree Dental Practice 36-38 Currock Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 4BB
Pct Dental Service Day Clinic, Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle Cumbria CA2 7HY
Spedding Dental Clinic 73 Warwick Road Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1EB
Suite 1 (dental Practice) Suite 1, Exchange House, Cecil Street Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1NL
Windmill Orthodontics 73 Warwick Road Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1EB
Windmill Orthodontics Unit 2 The Sidings, Port Road Business Park, Port Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 7AF

Opticians in Carlisle

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Carlisle
4640 Carlisle Asda Stores Ltd, Chandler Way, Parkhouse Carlisle Cumbria CA3 0JQ
Boots Opticians (carlisle) 3 Devonshire Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8LG
Boots Opticians (carlisle) 43-49 English Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8JU
Conlon Opticians (carlisle) 21 Bank Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8HJ
D & D Mcwilliams Opticians 27 Church Street, Stanwix Carlisle Cumbria CA3 9DJ
Dolores Marshall Opticians Ltd 29a Fisher Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8RF
K.france Opticians Ltd 26 Spencer Street Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1BG
Maxivision Eye Care 57-61 Newtown Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 7JB
Optical Express (carlisle) 16-20 Lowther Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8DA
Specsavers (carlisle) 50-54 Castle Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8JA
Stephen Rowe Opticians (carlisle) 18 St. Cuthberts Lane Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8AG
Vision Express (carlisle) 1 Globe Lane, Lanes Shopping Centre Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8NX
Visualise Opticians 73a Blackwell Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 4AJ

Chemists in Carlisle

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Carlisle
Asda Pharmacy Chandler Way, Parkhouse Carlisle Cumbria CA3 0JQ
Boots 43-49 English Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8JU tel:01228 542944
Boots 6 Petteril Bank Road, Haraby Carlisle Cumbria CA1 3AH tel:01228 523533
Dalston Pharmacy 6-8 Bank Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8EU tel:01228 712506
Dalston Pharmacy Ltd Arnside House, Sycamore Lane Carlisle Cumbria CA1 3SR tel:01228 541344
Dalston Pharmacy Ltd Inglewood Pharmacy Ltd, 7 Central Avenue Carlisle Cumbria CA1 3QB tel:01228 523312
Lloydspharmacy 76 Warwick Road Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1DU tel:01228 511102
Lloydspharmacy Sainsbury's Store, Church Street Carlisle Cumbria CA2 5TF tel:01228 526104
Superdrug Pharmacy 6 Grapes Lane, Lanes Shopping Centre Carlisle Cumbria CA3 8NH tel:01228 521440
Well 28 Blackwell Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 4EQ tel:01228 522015
Well 139 Denton Street Carlisle Cumbria CA2 5HB tel:01228 521308
Well 29 Stonegarth, Morton Carlisle Cumbria CA2 6PD tel:01228 523048
Well 55 Wigton Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 7AY tel:01228 522020
Well 59 Orton Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 7HA tel:01228 522809
Well Fusehill Medical Centre, Fusehill Street Carlisle Cumbria CA1 2HE tel:01228 522014
Well North Carlisle Medical Centre, Eden Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 9JZ tel:01228 521618
Well The Surgery, Port Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 7AJ tel:01228 522549

Doctors in Carlisle

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Carlisle
Arnside House Sycamore Lane Carlisle Cumbria CA1 3SR
Brunswick House Medical Group 1 Brunswick Street Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1ED
Carlisle Healthcare Spencer House, St. Pauls Square Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1DG tel:01228 588121
Dr Britton 42 Blackwell Road 42 Blackwell Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 4EQ tel:01228 531975
Dr Horne 15 Scotland Road 15 Scotland Road Carlisle Cumbria CA3 9HR tel:01228533872
Eastern Way Surgery 1 Eastern Way Carlisle Cumbria CA1 3QZ
Eden Medical Group Port Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 7AJ tel:01228 524477
Fusehill Medical Practice Fusehill Medical Centre, Fusehill Street Carlisle Cumbria CA1 2HE tel:01228 527559
Morton Surgery Langrigg Road Carlisle Cumbria CA2 6DT
North Carlisle Medical Practice Eden Street Carlisle Cumbria CA3 9JZ
Spencer St Surgery 10-12 Spencer Street Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1BP tel:01228 529171
Warwick Road Surgery 65 Warwick Road Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1EB tel:01228 536303
Warwick Square Group Practice Grosvenor House, Warwick Square Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1LB tel:01228 536561
List of Streets in Carlisle
Abbey Street
Abbots Road
Abbotsford Drive
Acredale Road
Adelaide Street
Adelphi Terrace
Aglionby Street
Alanbrooke Road
Albert Street
Albion Street
Albion Street
Alexander Street
Alexandra Drive
Alfred Street North
Alfred Street South
Allandale Road
Almery Drive
Alton Street
Andover Close
Ann Street
Annetwell Street
Applewood Close
Archers Garth
Argyll Drive
Arkwright Way
Arnison Close
Arnside Road
Arthur Street
Ascot Way
Ash Grove
Ashford Way
Ashley Street
Ashman Close
Ashness Drive
Askerton Close
Atholl Grove
Atkinson Crescent
Auchinleck Drive
Avon Close
Backhouses Walk
Bailey Road
Baird Road
Baird Road
Balfour Road
Bankend Road
Bankend Road
Banks Lane
Bannisdale Way
Bardsley Street
Barley Edge
Baron Way
Barton's Place
Bassenthwaite Street
Bassenthwaite Street
Beaconsfield Street
Beaumont Road
Beaver Road
Beck Close
Beck Road
Bedford Road
Bedford Road
Beech Grove
Beechwood Avenue
Belah Crescent
Belah Road
Belfry Close
Bellgarth Gardens
Bellgarth Road
Berkeley Grange
Berlin Street
Beveridge Road
Beverley Rise
Bewcastle Close
Birchdale Road
Birdoswald Drive
Bishops Close
Blackburn Drive
Blackdyke Road
Blackfriars Street
Blackwell Place
Blackwell Road
Blake Street
Bleaberry Way
Blencowe Street
Blundell Road
Blunt Street
Border Close
Borland Avenue
Borough Street
Borrowdale Gardens
Borrowdale Road
Borrowdale Road
Boston Avenue
Botcherby Avenue
Boundary Road
Boustead's Grassing
Bower Street
Bowman Street
Bowscale Close
Bracken Close
Bracken Ridge
Brackenleigh Close
Bramerton Orchard
Brampton Old Road
Brampton Old Road
Brampton Road
Brantwood Avenue
Briar Bank
Bridge Lane
Bridge Road
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Bridgewater Road
Bridgewater Road
Briery Grove
Bright Street
Brisco Meadows
Brisco Road
Brisco Road
Broad Street
Broad Street
Broadoaks Court
Broadoaks Grange
Brook Street
Brookside Place
Broome Court
Brownrigg Drive
Brunel Way
Brunstock Close
Brunswick Street
Brunthill Road
Brunton Avenue
Brunton Avenue
Brunton Crescent
Brunton Crescent
Buchanan Place
Buchanan Road
Burgh Road
Burnett Road
Burnfoot Grove
Burnsall Close
Bush Brow
Butterburn Close
Buttermere Close
Byron Street
Caird Avenue
Caldbeck Road
Caldew Court
Caldew Street
California Lane
California Road
Cammock Avenue
Cammock Avenue
Cammock Crescent
Cammock Road
Canal Court
Canal Street
Cant Crescent
Carleton Road
Carliol Drive
Carlton Gardens
Cartmel Drive
Carvoran Way
Caslin Way
Castle Street
Castle Way
Castle Way
Castlerigg Drive
Castlesteads Drive
Cavaghan Gardens
Cavaghan Gardens
Caven Close
Cavendish Terrace
Caxton Road
Cecil Street
Cedar Grove
Central Avenue
Centurions Walk
Chandler Way
Chapel Brow
Chapel Place
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Charlotte Street
Charlton Way
Chatsworth Square
Cherry Brow
Cherry Lane
Chertsey Bank
Chertsey Grove
Chertsey Mount
Chestnut Hill
Chestnut Lane
Cheviot Road
Chiswick Street
Church Lane
Church Place
Church Street
Church Street
Church Terrace
Citadel Row
Claire Street
Clarence Street
Clementina Terrace
Clifford Street
Clift Street
Clifton Street
Close Street
Clover Fields Drive
Coalfell Avenue
Coledale Meadows
Collier Lane
Collin Place
Collingwood Street
Colmore Street
Colville Street
Colville Terrace
Compton Street
Coney Street
Coniston Way
Constable Court
Constable Court
Constable Street
Coogan Close
Coombe Height
Cooper Way
Corporation Road
Court Square
Court Square
Court Square Brow
Cranbourne Road
Creighton Avenue
Cresswell Avenue
Criffel Road
Crindledyke Close
Croft Road
Cromwell Crescent
Crookburn Close
Crosby Street
Crosby Street
Cross Street
Crosshill Drive
Crown Road
Crown Street
Crown Street
Crummock Street
Crummock Street
Cumberland Street
Cumrew Close
Cumwhinton Drive
Cumwhinton Road
Curlew Walk
Currie Street
Currock Bank Road
Currock Mount
Currock Park Avenue
Currock Road
Currock Road
Currock Street
Dacre Road
Daisy Avenue
Dale End Road
Dale Street
Dale View
Dale-End Road
Dalegarth Avenue
Dalesman Drive
Dalmeny Road
Dalston Road
Dalston Road
Dalston Road
Dalston Street
Dalton Avenue
David Street
Dee Close
Deep Dale
Deer Park Road
Delagoa Street
Dene Crescent
Denton Mill Close
Denton Mill Lane
Denton Street
Derwent Street
Devonshire Street
Devonshire Walk
Diggle Road
Dixon Road
Dobinson Road
Dowbeck Road
Drovers Lane
Drumburgh Avenue
Duchess Avenue
Duke Street
Duke's Road
Dukes Drive
Dunmail Drive
Dunmail Drive
Dunmail Drive
Dunmallet Rigg
Durranhill Road
Dykes Terrace
Earl Street
Earls Way
Easdale Bank
East Dale Street
East Nelson Street
East Norfolk Street
Eastern Way
Eastern Way
Eden Crescent
Eden Park Crescent
Eden Place
Eden Street
Edgehill Road
Edward Boyle Close
Edward Street
Egerton Grove
Eilbeck Close
Eldon Drive
Eldred Street
Eldred Street
Eller Beck Raise
Ellesmere Way
Elliot Drive
Elm Street
Embleton Road
Empire Road
Engine Lonning
English Damside
English Street
English Street
Ennerdale Avenue
Esk Road
Eskdale Avenue
Eskdale Avenue
Esther Street
Etterby Lea Crescent
Etterby Lea Grove
Etterby Lea Road
Etterby Road
Etterby Scaur
Etterby Street
Fairfield Gardens
Farbrow Road
Farlam Drive
Farneside Close
Fellside Grove
Fenwick Drive
Fergus Way
Ferguson Road
Ferguson Road
Fernlea Way
Finch Close
Finkle Street
Finn Avenue
Fisher Street
Flat Lane
Fletcher Way
Flower Street
Forest Hill
Foxglove Close
Fraser Grove
Frederick Street
Freer Street
Friars Court
Fulford Walk
Fulmar Place
Furze Street
Fusehill Street
Garden Street
Garden Street
Gardenia Street
Garfield Street
Garlands Road
Gelt Close
Geltsdale Avenue
Georgian Way
Georgian Way
Gillford Crescent
Gilsland Road
Glaramara Drive
Glendale Rise
Gleneagles Drive
Gloucester Road
Goodwin Close
Gooseland Head
Goschen Road
Gosforth Road
Gosling Drive
Grace Street
Graham Street
Grange Road
Granville Road
Grasmere Street
Grearshill Road
Green Lane
Greenside Road
Greta Avenue
Grey Street
Greystone Road
Grierson Road
Grinsdale Avenue
Grosvenor Court
Grosvenor Place
Hadrians Gardens
Haig Road
Halfeys Lane
Halla Way
Hallin Crescent
Hammond Close
Harold Street
Harraby Gardens
Harraby Green Road
Harraby Grove
Harraby Grove Court
Harraby Street
Harris Crescent
Harrison Street
Hart Street
Hart Street
Hartington Place
Hartington Street
Hartley Avenue
Harvey Street
Hasell Street
Hawes Street
Hawick Street
Hawthorn Grove
Haycock Lane
Hayton Road
Hazel Dene
Head Street
Hebden Avenue
Helvellyn Rise
Henderson Road
Herbert Street
Heron Drive
Hespek Raise
Hether Drive
Hewson Street
Heysham Drive
Heysham Meadows
Heysham Park Avenue
High Green Croft
High Meadow
High Road
Highbank Close
Highfield Avenue
Highwood Crescent
Hillary Grove
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Close
Holly Drive
Holly Lane
Holmacres Drive
Holmacres Drive
Holme Head Way
Holme Head Way
Holme Lane
Holme Terrace
Holmes Avenue
Holmrook Road
Holstead Close
Holywell Crescent
Hope Street
Hopes Hill Drive
Housesteads Road
Howard Place
Howard Street
Howe Street
Hugh Little Garth
Hunters Crescent
Huntsman Lane
Hutton Way
Infirmary Street
Inglewood Court
Inglewood Crescent
Inglewood Road
Inglewood Road
Irthing Street
Irton Place
Ivory Close
Jack Watt Close
Jackson Street
James Street
Jaysmith Close
Jesmond Street
John Roberts Gardens
John Street
Johnston Drive
Jubilee Road
Junction Street
Kangol Place
Kaye Close
Keld Road
Kell's Place
Kelvin Grove
Kendal Street
Kenmount Place
Kentmere Grove
Kershope Road
King Street
Kingmoor Park Road
Kingmoor Road
Kings Drive
Kingstown Broadway
Kingstown Road
Kingstown Road
Kinmont Way
Kirkbeck Close
Kirklands Road
Kirkstead Close
Kirkstead Road
Kirkstone Crescent
Kirriemuir Way
Kittiwake Close
Knights Drive
Knowe Park Avenue
Knowe Road
Knowe Terrace
Knowefield Avenue
Knowefield Close
Laburnum Court
Lakeview Avenue
Lamb Street
Lamplugh Street
Lancaster Street
Langdale Avenue
Langdale Road
Langrigg Road
Lansdowne Close
Lansdowne Court
Lansdowne Crescent
Lansdowne Crescent
Larch Drive
Latrigg Road
Laurel Close
Lawson Street
Leabank Road
Leabourne Road
Leatham Street
Lediard Avenue
Leicester Street
Levens Drive
Lewis Court
Leywell Drive
Lichen Grove
Liddle Close
Lightfoot Drive
Lime Grove
Lime Street
Lime Walk
Linden Terrace
Lindisfarne Court
Lindisfarne Street
Lingfield Close
Lingmoor Way
Lingside Crescent
Linton Close
Linton Street
Lismore Place
Lismore Street
Lismore Street
Lodore Drive
London Road
London Road
Longdyke Drive
Longholme Road
Longlands Close
Longlands Road
Longmans Close
Longsowerby Road
Lonsdale Street
Lonsdale Street
Lord Street
Lords Way
Lorne Crescent
Lorne Street
Low Meadow
Lowry Close
Lowry Gardens
Lowry Hill Road
Lowry Street
Lowther Browns Lonning
Lowther Street
Lowther Street
Lund Crescent
Lyndhurst Gardens
Lyne Close
Lytham Close
Maitland Street
Mallyclose Drive
Manor Place
Manor Road
Maple Grove
Marconi Road
Mardale Road
Margaret Creighton Gardens
Margery Street
Marina Crescent
Market Street
Marks Avenue
Marlborough Gardens
Mary Street
Maryport Court
Maxwell Drive
Mayfield Avenue
Mayor's Drive
Mayson Street
Mcilmoyle Way
Meade Road
Meadow Lane
Meadow View
Melbourne Road
Melbreak Avenue
Melrose Terrace
Merchant's Drive
Merith Avenue
Merlin Court
Metcalfe Street
Milbourne Crescent
Milbourne Street
Millbank Court
Millbrook Road
Millholme Avenue
Millrace Road
Monks Close Road
Montgomery Way
Montreal Street
Moor Park Avenue
Moor Place
Moorhouse Road
Moorside Drive
Moorville Drive
Moorville Drive South
Moorville Way
Morley Street
Morton Street
Mount Pleasant Road
Mountain View
Mulcaster Crescent
Myddleton Street
Myddleton Street
Nairn Way
Naworth Drive
Nelson Bridge
Nelson Street
Ness Way
Netherby Drive
Newark Terrace
Newbury Way
Newcastle Street
Newfield Drive
Newfield Park
Newlaithes Avenue
Newlands Road
Newmarket Road
Newtown Close
Newtown Meadows
Newtown Road
Nook Street
Norfolk Road
Norfolk Street
Norfolk Street
Norman Street
North Street
North View
Northumberland Street
Northwood Crescent
Nursery Road
Oak Lane
Oaklands Drive
Oakleigh Way
Oakshaw Close
Orchard Street
Orfeur Street
Orfeur Street
Orton Road
Orton Road
Osborne Avenue
Osprey Close
Oswald Street
Palmer Road
Parham Drive
Parham Grove
Park Meadows
Park Road
Park Road
Parkhill Road
Parkhouse Road
Parkland Avenue
Parkland Drive
Partridge Place
Pasture Walk
Paternoster Row
Peel Street
Pennine Gardens
Pennine View
Pennine View Close
Pennine Way
Pennington Drive
Penton Close
Percy Road
Peter Lane
Peter Street
Peterfield Road
Petteril Bank Road
Petteril Bank Road
Petteril Street
Petteril Street
Petteril Terrace
Pillar Close
Port Road
Portland Place
Portland Square
Potter's Place
Prescott Road
Princess Park Way
Princess Street
Prior Rigg Lane
Priorwood Close
Priory Road
Pugin Street
Punton Road
Quebec Avenue
Queen Street
Queens Drive
Raffles Avenue
Railton Gardens
Raiselands Road
Randall Street
Rashdall Road
Raven Crag Close
Raven Nook
Raven Street
Ravenstone Way
Red Bank Square
Red Bank Terrace
Red Wood Drive
Reeth Road
Reeth Road
Regent Street
Richard James Avenue
Richardson Street
Richardson Street
Richmond Green
Richmond Green
Rickerby Gardens
Ridgemount Road
Ridley Road
Rigg Street
Ritson Close
River Street
Riverbank Court
Riverside Way
Robert Chance Gardens
Robert Street
Robins Wood
Robinson Avenue
Rome Street
Rose Street
Rosebery Road
Rosehill Drive
Rotary Way
Rotary Way
Rudchester Close
Ruthella Street
Rydal Street
Rydal Street
Saint Pierre Avenue
Salisbury Road
Sanderson Close
Sandsfield Lane
Sandsfield Lane
Sark Close
Scale Hill
Scaleby Close
Scalegate Road
Scalegate Road
Scaurbank Road
Scawfell Road
School Road
School Street
Scotby Close
Scotby Gardens
Scotch Street
Scotland Road
Seatoller Close
Semple Road
Sewell Place
Sewell Road
Shady Grove Road
Shady Grove Road
Shankly Road
Shap Grove
Sheehan Crescent
Sheffield Street
Short Street
Silloth Street
Silverdale Road
Simmerson Drive
Sinclair Court
Siskin Court
Skelwith Close
Skiddaw Road
Skiddaw Road
Skiddaw Road
Solway Park
South George Street
South Henry Street
South Henry Street
South John Street
South Street
South Street
South Wakefield Close
South Western Terrace
Southdale Street
Spencer Street
Spring Gardens Lane
Springfield Road
St Aidan's Road
St Andrews Close
St Ann's Crescent
St Ann's Road
St Augusta View
St Cuthbert's Street
St Edmunds Park
St Edmunds Park
St George's Crescent
St James' Avenue
St James' Road
St John's Close
St Joseph's Gardens
St Josephs Court
St Mary's Gate
St Mellion Close
St Nicholas Bridge
St Nicholas Bridges
St Nicholas Bridges
St Nicholas Street
St Ninian's Avenue
St Ninian's Court
St Ninian's Road
St Ninian's Road
St Pauls Square
St Peters Close
St Peters Drive
St Stephen's Street
Stainton Gardens
Stainton Road
Stanhope Road
Stanhope Road
Stanwix Bank
Stanwix Bank
Stephenson Road
Strand Road
Strathclyde Avenue
Strawberry Terrace
Sunningdale Close
Suttle Close
Swinburn Drive
Sybil Street
Sycamore Lane
Tait Street
Talbot Road
Talkin Close
Tarraby Lane
Teasdale Place
Teasdale Road
Telford Road
The Crescent
The Crescent
The Nook
Thirlmere Street
Thirlwell Avenue
Thirlwell Gardens
Thomas Lane
Thomas Street
Thomlinson Avenue
Thomson Street
Thornton Road
Tilbury Road
Tindale Drive
Tithebarn Street
Toronto Street
Trafalgar Street
Tramside Way
Tree Road
Trevor Street
Troon Close
Troutbeck Drive
Tullie Street
Turnberry Way
Turnstone Drive
Twickenham Court
Tyne Street
Tyne Street
Uldale Road
Ullswater Road
Ullswater Road
Upperby Road
Valley Drive
Vallum Gardens
Vasey Crescent
Viaduct Estate Road
Viaduct Estate Road
Victoria Place
Victoria Place
Victoria Road
Victoria Viaduct
Victoria Viaduct
Wadsworth Road
Wakefield Road
Waldegrave Road
Walden Grove
Walkmill Crescent
Waller Street
Wansfell Avenue
Warnell Drive
Warwick Road
Warwick Road
Warwick Road
Warwick Square
Warwick Street
Wastwater Close
Water Street
Watermans Walk
Watson Street
Wavell Drive
Waverley Gardens
Waverley Road
Weardale Road
Webster Crescent
Well Bank
Well Bank Place
Well Lane
Wellside Walk
Welsh Road
Wentworth Drive
West Tower Street
West Walls
Westmoor Road
Westmorland Street
Westrigg Road
Wetheral Street
Whimbrel Drive
Whinlatter Way
Whinnie House Park
Whinnie House Road
Whinsmoor Drive
Whitfell Avenue
Wigton Road
Wigton Road
Wigton Road
Wilfred Street
William Street
Willow Holme Road
Willow Park
Wilson Street
Windermere Road
Windermere Road
Windsor Way
Wingate Road
Winscale Way
Winton Crescent
Wolsty Close
Wood Street
Wood Street
Woodend Drive
Woodlands Close
Woodrouffe Terrace
Woodsghyll Drive
Woodside North
Wootton Way
Wyvern Close
Yew Close
Yew Tree Court
Yewdale Road
York Gardens
York Road
York Street