The Town of Hindley in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Hindley is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Hindley is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Bolton, Wigan, councils.

The town of Hindley is in the Greater Manchester North West region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Bolton
  • Wigan
  • Castle Hill: St Philip
  • Hindley Green: St John
  • Hindley: All Saints
  • Hindley: St Peter

Where is Hindley is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Hindley in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Hindley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Hindley
Dental Surgery 2 Cross Street, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 3AT
Dental Surgery 51 Atherton Road, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 3EA
Hindley Dental Practice 1-3 Ladies Lane, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 2QA

Opticians in Hindley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Hindley
B Gleave Opticians 102 Market Street, St Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 3AY
Greenhalgh Opticians (wigan) 59 Market Street, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 3AE

Chemists in Hindley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Hindley
Borsdane Pharmacy Unit3, 19 Bordsdane Avenue, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 3QN tel:01942 257548
Hindley Pharmacy Hindley Health Centre, 17 Liverpool Road, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 3HQ tel:01942 255304
Hollowood Chemist 760 Atherton Road, Hindley Green Wigan Lancashire WN2 4SB tel:01942 255700
Trayners Chemist 108 Market Street, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 3AY tel:01942 255295
Well Hindley Medical Centre, 109 Ladies Lane, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 2QG tel:01942 521620

Doctors in Hindley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Hindley
Burza Na 806 Atherton Road, Hindley Green Wigan Lancashire WN2 4SB tel:01942 255765
Dr Tun & Partners Hindley Health Centre, 17 Liverpool Road, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 3HQ tel:01942 482505
Pennygate Medical Centre 109 Ladies Lane, Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 2QG tel:01942 807500
List of Streets in Hindley
Abbott Street
Acreswood Avenue
Addington Close
Albert Street
Alder Lane
Alderley Road
Alders Green Road
Aldred Street
Algernon Street
All Saints Grove
Amber Gardens
Ancroft Drive
Argyle Street
Armitstead Street
Arncliffe Close
Arnside Road
Arthur Street
Arundel Street
Ashbourne Avenue
Ashcroft Street
Ashcroft Street
Ashdale Road
Ashfield Avenue
Ashley Road
Askwith Road
Atherton Road
Atherton Road
Athol Crescent
Aughton Street
Aylesbury Crescent
Back Market Street
Baldrine Drive
Balmoral Drive
Banner Street
Baslow Avenue
Basswood Green
Baxter's Row
Baycliff Close
Beaufort Street
Beaumaris Road
Beechfield Avenue
Bell Street
Belmont Road
Bethany Mews
Bexhill Drive
Birch Street
Blackberry Drive
Blair Avenue
Blantyre Street
Bleach Street
Bleakledge Grove
Bleasedale Road
Blissford Close
Bolderwood Drive
Borsdane Avenue
Boscombe Place
Botesworth Close
Bowling Wood
Brayton Court
Brecon Drive
Bretherton Street
Briar Close
Bridge Street
Bridgewater Street
Bridgewater Street
Brindle Street
Brookdale Road
Brookland Avenue
Brough Close
Buchanan Drive
Burlington Street
Byron Avenue
Cadman Grove
Caernarvon Road
Calder Avenue
Caldew Close
Cambourne Drive
Canning Close
Carlisle Street
Carlton Grove
Carnforth Avenue
Carr Common Road
Carr Street
Carville Grove
Cashmore Drive
Castle Hill Park
Castle Hill Road
Castle Hill Road
Castle Rise
Castle Street
Cawdor Street
Cedar Avenue
Chapel Fields Lane
Chapel Green Road
Chapel Street
Charlesworth Avenue
Chatteris Close
Chestnut Grove
Church Street
Cinnamon Avenue
Claremont Avenue
Close Lane
Close Lane
Close Street
Collier Street
Colwyn Drive
Colwyn Drive
Compton Close
Coniston Road
Conway Road
Coplow Dale
Corner Lane
Corner Lane
Cornwall Drive
Corsey Road
Coupland Road
Coupland Road
Cowburn Street
Cranby Street
Cranstal Drive
Creswick Close
Crook Street
Cropton Way
Cross Street
Crossdale Road
Crossfield Drive
Crown Street
Croyde Close
Daisybank Close
Dalby Road
Dalkeith Road
Dalwood Close
Dalwood Close
Danes Avenue
Danes Avenue
Danes Brook Close
Darby Lane
Derwent Road
Devon Street
Dickenson Street
Dickenson Street
Didsbury Grove
Dodhurst Road
Dorset Street
Dorstone Close
Douglas Street
Downton Avenue
Draycott Close
Durham Road
East Street
Eaton Street
Edenhall Grove
Edgeworth Road
Edinburgh Drive
Edridge Way
Ellergreen Road
Elliott Drive
Emlyn Street
Ennerdale Road
Eskdale Road
Exeter Road
Fairclough Street
Fairman Drive
Fairman Drive
Fenton Way
Fernbray Road
Field Street
First Avenue
Foley Street
Forbes Close
Foundry Street
France Street
France Street
Francis Street
Frederick Street
Freshfield Road
Gaskell Street
George Street
Gidlow Street
Gifford Place
Gilbert Street
Glebe Street
Glenmaye Grove
Glossop Way
Glossop Way
Gloucester Crescent
Gloucester Crescent
Grange Street
Granville Street
Grasmere Avenue
Grasscroft Road
Green Lane
Greenfields Close
Gregory Street
Grenaby Avenue
Grosvenor Street
Hall Lane Grove
Hamilton Road
Hancock Close
Hanmer Street
Hanover Road
Harbern Drive
Harewood Road
Harlea Avenue
Harlech Avenue
Harper Street
Harrison Street
Harvest Way
Haworth Street
Hawthorn Avenue
Hazelmere Gardens
Heath Gardens
Heathlea Gardens
Hereford Road
Highfield Road
Hill Street
Hindley Mill Lane
Hindley Road
Hoade Street
Hockery View
Holbeach Close
Holding Street
Hollins Road
Holt Street
Honiton Close
Hope Street
Hurst Street
Jacob Street
Jenkinson Street
Juniper Drive
Kelso Grove
Kendal Road
Kenilworth Drive
Kildare Street
King Street
Kingsley Road
Knaresborough Road
Ladies Lane
Ladies Lane
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Road
Langdale Road
Langset Avenue
Launceston Road
Laurel Crescent
Leicester Avenue
Levengreave Close
Leyland Avenue
Leyland Street
Lime Grove
Lincoln Road
Lincroft Road
Linden Road
Linwood Close
Liverpool Road
Long Lane
Longhurst Road
Longton Street
Lord Street
Lowe Mill Lane
Ludlow Avenue
Lulworth Drive
Lynton Road
Macclesfield Close
Maidstone Close
Makinson Avenue
Malvern Avenue
Manchester Road
Manor Road
Maple Avenue
Margaret Street
Margaret Street
Market Street
Marsh Row
Marshbrook Close
Martins Court
Meadows Close
Meadowside Road
Merefield Close
Mersey Close
Minehead Avenue
Monyash View
Moorland Road
Mornington Road
Mornington Road
Morris Street
Mort Street
Narborough Close
Narborough Close
Newark Road
Newman Close
Norfolk Close
Oak Avenue
Oldbridge Drive
Organ Street
Ormside Close
Oxford Street
Palin Street
Park Road
Pelham Grove
Pembroke Road
Pendennis Crescent
Pennington Street
Pennygate Close
Penswick Road
Perceval Way
Peter Street
Pilkington Street
Platt Lane
Polegate Drive
Pool Street
Poolbank Close
Presbyterian Fold
Presbyterian Fold
Prescott Street
Princess Street
Prodesse Court
Progress Street
Prospect Street
Queen Street
Radnor Close
Railway Street
Randle Street
Ranicar Steet
Ravenswood Drive
Ravenswood Drive
Regaby Grove
Regent Street
Richmond Road
Ridgewood Close
Rigby Street
Rockbourne Close
Rockingham Drive
Roebuck Street
Romford Street
Rose Street
Rosevale Close
Ruabon Crescent
Russell Street
Rutland Road
Rydal Avenue
Salisbury Avenue
Sandringham Road
Sandy Lane
Sandy Park
Sandy Way
Sarah Street
Scott Avenue
Severn Drive
Shelburne Drive
Sherborne Avenue
Shires Close
Shrewsbury Close
Shuttle Street
Sidbrook Street
Silverdale Road
Skipton Avenue
Smithwood Avenue
Soham Close
Springfield Road
St Andrew's Crescent
Stafford Street
Staplehurst Close
Stirling Road
Strines Close
Stuart Avenue
Sunleigh Road
Sussex Close
Sutherland Street
Swan Lane
Sycamore Avenue
Syderstone Close
Tanfield Close
Taunton Avenue
Tavistock Road
Taylor Grove
Taylor Road
The Mews
The Oaklings
Thetford Close
Thirlmere Road
Thomas Street
Thorn Street
Tintagel Road
Tiverton Avenue
Tollgreen Close
Torside Close
Trafalgar Road
Trafford Road
Tregaron Grove
Trent Drive
Treswell Close
Vine Street
Wakes Close
Walden Close
Walls Street
Warbeck Close
Ward Street
Warwick Drive
Waverley Road
Wellfield Road
Wenlock Grove
Wenlock Road
Wenlock Street
West Street
Westlake Grove
Wetheral Close
Weymouth Drive
Wharncliffe Street
Whitbeam Grove
Whiteside Avenue
Whitinlea Close
Whitsbury Avenue
Wigan Road
Wigan Road
William Street
Willow Drive
Windermere Road
Windsor Grove
Winscar Road
Winsmoor Drive
Winsmoor Drive
Wood Street
Wooddagger Close
Woodford Street
Woodgreen Close
Woodland Avenue
Wooler Grove
Worcester Avenue
Worthington Street
Yarrow Street
Yealand Grove
York Road
York Road