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The WN Wigan Postcode Area

WN Wigan is a Postcode Area in the United Kingdom. has a population of 308,483 and covers an area of 21,043 hectares.

The WN stands for the letters w and n in WigaN.

Map of the WN Wigan Postcode Area

Explore the WN Wigan postcode area by using our free interactive map.

There are 11 towns within the Wigan postcode area.


Postcode Districts within the WN Wigan Postcode Area

There are 8 postcode districts within the Wigan postcode area

Area of the WN postcode area
Unit Area²
Hectares 21,043²
Miles 81²
Feet 2,265,090,533²
Kilometres 210²

Postal Delivery Offices serving the WN Wigan Postcode Area

  • Leigh Delivery Office
  • Skelmersdale Delivery Office
  • Wigan Delivery Office