The City of Lancaster in the County of Lancashire

The city of Lancaster is located within the county of Lancashire.

Lancaster is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Lancaster, council.

The city of Lancaster is in the Lancaster and Wyre region of Lancashire within North West (England).

  • Lancaster
  • Lancaster: Christ Church
  • Lancaster: St Mary (The Priory)
  • Lancaster: St Paul, Scotforth
  • Lancaster: St Thomas
  • Ripley School Chapel
  • Skerton St Luke
  • Skerton: St Chad
  • St George Marsh
  • St Paul's Hala Worship & Community Cen

Where is Lancaster is located in the UK

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Map of the city of Lancaster in Lancashire

Dentists in Lancaster

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Lancaster
3a Great John Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1NQ
Bay Dental Care 6 New Street Lancaster LA1 1EG
Bay Dental Partnership 6 New Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1EG
Brock Street Dental Practice 8 Brock Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1UU
Lancaster Dental Clinic 8 Aldrens Lane Lancaster Lancashire LA1 2DU
Mayo Dental Clinic 3 Meeting House Lane Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1TJ
Morecambe Bay Primary Care Trust Community Health Services, Ashton Road Health Clinic, Ashton Road Lancaster Lancashire LA1 4RR
Orthoworld Lancaster Telephone House, Fenton Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1AB
Redbridge Associates Limited (smart Dental Care) Lancaster Farms, Stone Row Head Lancaster LA1 3QZ
Shimmin & Associates 1-7 Marketgate Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1JF

Opticians in Lancaster

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Lancaster
A Taylor (opticians) Ltd 19-21 New Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1EG
Boots Opticians (lancaster) 18-20 Market Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1HT
Conlon Opticians (lancaster) 24 Penny Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1UA
Specsavers (lancaster) 14-16 Cheapside Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1LZ
Vision Express (lancaster) 13-15 Penny Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1UA
Welbourne Opticians Ltd 3 King Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1JN

Chemists in Lancaster

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Lancaster
Boots 14-16 Lancaster Gate, St. Nicholas Arcades Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1NB tel:01524 64547
Bowerham Pharmacy 8 Gordon Terrace Lancaster Lancashire LA1 4DS tel:01524 64921
Cohens Chemist 2 Broadway, Skerton Lancaster Lancashire LA1 2BU tel:01524 64558
Cohens Chemist 52-54 Ullswater Road Lancaster Lancashire LA1 3PS tel:01524 39059
Dalton Square Pharmacy 24 Great John Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1NG tel:01524 32310
Fox And Medcalfe 36 King Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1RE tel:01524 32933
Higher Greaves Pharmacy 20 Scotforth Road, Scotforth Lancaster Lancashire LA1 4ST tel:01524 63795
Rowlands Pharmacy 11 Dalton Square Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1PL tel:01524 63006
Rowlands Pharmacy Pointer Court, Ashton Road Lancaster Lancashire LA1 4JT tel:01524 846871
Superdrug Stores Plc 10 Lancaster Gate, St. Nicholas Arcades Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1NB tel:01524 849195
Well Lancaster - King Street 46 King Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1RE tel:01524 32182

Doctors in Lancaster

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Lancaster
Healthub 1b Queen Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1RS
King Street Surgery 38 King Street Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1RE
Lancaster Medical Practice 8 Dalton Square Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1PN tel:01524 842200
Lancaster Royal Grammer School Surgery East Road Lancaster Lancashire LA1 3EF
Owen Road Surgery 67 Owen Road, Skerton Lancaster Lancashire LA1 2LG
Queen Square Medical Practice 2 Queen Square Lancaster Lancashire LA1 1RP tel:01524 843333
Rosebank Medical Practice Ashton Road Lancaster Lancashire LA1 4JS
Scale Hall Surgery 1 West Drive, Scale Hall Lancaster Lancashire LA1 5BY
List of Streets in Lancaster
Aalborg Place
Abbeyfield Close
Abbeystead Drive
Abbots Way
Aberdeen Road
Addenbrooke Close
Addle Street
Adelphi Street
Africa Drive
Ainsdale Close
Albert Road
Albion Street
Aldcliffe Road
Aldcliffe Road
Alder Grove
Alderley Heights
Alderman Road
Aldren's Lane
Alexandra Road
Alfred Street
Allandale Gardens
Alma Road
Ambleside Road
Anderson Close
Anthony Road
Appletree Close
Appletree Drive
Argyle Street
Arnside Close
Artle Place
Ascot Close
Ash Grove
Ashbourne Close
Ashbourne Drive
Ashbourne Road
Ashbrook Street
Ashfield Avenue
Ashford Avenue
Ashford Close
Ashford Road
Ashford Road
Ashton Drive
Ashton Road
Ashton Road
Ashton Road
Atherton Road
Aughton Court
Austwick Road
Avondale Road
Ayr Street
Ayrton View
Ays-Garth Road
Aysgarth Drive
Back Lord Street
Back Queen Street
Back Sun Street
Bailrigg Chase
Bailrigg Lane
Baker Street
Balmoral Road
Bank Road
Barbon Place
Barley Cop Lane
Barley Cop Lane
Barnacre Close
Barton Road
Bath Mill Lane
Bath Street
Bay Horse Drive
Beaumont Place
Beaumont Street
Bedford Place
Beech Street
Beeching Close
Beechwood Gardens
Belle Vue Avenue
Belle Vue Drive
Belmont Close
Bentham Road
Bigforth Drive
Bigforth Drive
Binyon Road
Birkdale Close
Bishopdale Road
Blackwood Place
Blades Street
Blea Tarn Road
Blea Tarn Road
Bolton Avenue
Bond Street
Borrowdale Road
Borwick Drive
Boundary Road
Bowerham Lane
Bowerham Road
Bowerham Road
Bowland Drive
Bowness Road
Bradshaw Street
Braganza Way
Brantwood Drive
Brennand Close
Brettarch Drive
Brettargh Close
Brettargh Drive
Brewery Lane
Bridge Lane
Bridge Road
Bridge Road
Bridget Street
Briery Street
Brindle Close
Brindle Mews
Brock Close
Brock Street
Brockbank Avenue
Brook Street
Brookholme Court
Brunton Road
Bryer Street
Bulk Road
Bulk Road
Bulk Street
Buller Street
Burnfell Road
Burrow Heights Lane
Burton Avenue
Butterfield Street
Buttermere Road
Cable Street
Caldbeck Road
Calkeld Lane
Cambridge Avenue
Campbell Drive
Canterbury Avenue
Carr House Lane
Carr House Lane
Carr Lane
Cartmel Road
Caspian Way
Castle Hill
Castle Park
Castle Park Mews
Caton Road
Caton Road
Cavendish Street
Cawthorne Street
Cedar Road
Cedarwood Place
Central Avenue
Ceres Way
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Charnley Street
Chatsworth Road
Chelmsford Close
Chelsea Mews
Cheltenham Road
Chequers Avenue
Cherry Tree Drive
Chester Place
Chestnut Grove
China Street
Church Avenue
Church Street
Cinder Lane
City Heights Close
Clare Road
Clarence Street
Clarendon Road
Claughton Drive
Cleveland Drive
Cleveleys Avenue
Cleveleys Avenue
Clougha Avenue
Cockersand Drive
Colchester Avenue
Coleman Drive
Collingham Park
Common Garden Street
Coniston Road
Connaught Road
Coolidge Avenue
Cork Road
Coronation Way
Cotton Square
Coulston Road
Coulston Road
County Street
Coverdale Road
Cowdrey Mews
Crag Road
Cranwell Avenue
Cromwell Road
Daisy Street
Dale Street
Dallas Road
Dalton Road
Dalton Square
Damside Street
Davidson Street
De Vitre Street
Dee Road
Denis Street
Denmark Street
Denny Avenue
Derby Road
Derwent Road
Devon Place
Devonshire Street
Doris Henderson Way
Dorrington Road
Dumbarton Road
Dundee Street
Dunkeld Street
Dunkenshaw Crescent
Durham Avenue
Dutton Drive
Earl Street
East Road
East View Court
Eastham Street
Eden Park
Edenvale Crescent
Edenvale Road
Edward Street
Elgin Street
Ellwood Avenue
Elmsdale Close
Elmwood Gardens
Elterwater Place
Emerson Street
Endsleigh Grove
Ennerdale Close
Eskrigge Court
Esthwaite Gardens
Europa Way
Exeter Avenue
Factory Hill
Fairfield Close
Fairfield Road
Fairhope Avenue
Far Moor Lane
Farleton Court
Farmdale Road
Fenham Carr Lane
Fenton Street
Fern Bank
Fife Street
Firbank Road
Five Ashes Lane
Five Ashes Lane
Folly Lane
Folly Lane
Ford Street
Forest Park
Foxdale Place
Franklin Street
Friar Street
Friar's Passage
Furness Street
Gage Street
Gardner Road
Garfield Avenue
Garnet Street
George Street
Gerrard Street
Gillow Court
Gleneagles Drive
Gloucester Avenue
Golgotha Road
Golgotha Road
Goodwood Court
Goodwood Road
Grab Lane
Graham Street
Grant Close
Granville Road
Grasmere Road
Great John Street
Greaves Drive
Greaves Road
Green Lane
Green Lane
Green Street
Greenacre Court
Greenfield Street
Greenset Close
Gregareth Close
Gregory's Court
Gregson Road
Gressingham Drive
Greta Place
Greyhound Bridge Road
Greyhound Bridge Road
Greythwaite Court
Grimeshaw Lane
Grizedale Road
Haig Avenue
Hala Crescent
Hala Grove
Hala Hill
Hala Road
Hala Square
Hall Park
Halton Road
Hamilton Drive
Hamilton Drive
Hammerton Hall Lane
Hammerton Hall Lane
Harcourt Road
Harewood Avenue
Harrier Court
Hartington Street
Hasgill Court
Hastings Road
Hathaway Road
Havelock Street
Haverbreaks Place
Haverbreaks Road
Haydock Road
Hazelwood Gardens
Heaton Road
Henry Street
Heversham Close
Hibbert Terrace
High Street
Highgrove Road
Hill Road
Hill Side
Hinde Street
Hodder Place
Hoghton Close
Holker Close
Honister Road
Hope Street
Hornbeam Road
Hornby Court
Hornby Drive
Horrocksford Way
Howgill Avenue
Hubert Place
Hunters Gate
Hutton Way
Ingleborough Road
Ingleton Drive
Jackson Close
Jefferson Close
Jensen Close
Johnson Close
Keer Bank
Kellet Lane
Kelsey Street
Kempton Road
Kenilworth Place
Kennedy Close
Kensington Road
Kent Street
Kentmere Road
Kershaw Drive
Keswick Road
Keswick Walk
King Street
Kings Arms Close
Kingsdale Road
Kirkes Road
Knowe Hill Crescent
Knowsley Close
Laburnum Grove
Laburnum Road
Ladies Walk
Lambert Road
Langdale Road
Langdale Road
Langley Road
Langthwaite Road
Langton Close
Lansil Way
Lawnswood Avenue
Lawson Close
Leighton Drive
Leinster Road
Lentworth Drive
Levens Close
Ley Court
Leyburn Road
Leycester Drive
Leycester Drive
Lily Grove
Lincoln Road
Lindbergh Avenue
Lindeth Gardens
Lindow Square
Lindow Street
Lingfield Close
Lingmoor Road
Little Fell Lane
Lloyd Close
Locka Lane
Lodge Street
Long Marsh Lane
Long Marsh Lane
Longlands Road
Lonsdale Place
Lord Street
Lowther Road
Lucy Street
Lune Road
Lune Street
Lune Terrace
Lunecliffe Road
Lupton Place
Lymm Avenue
Lymm Avenue
Lyth Road
Lytham Close
MacDonald Way
Main Street
Malham Close
Mallowdale Road
Mallowdale Road
Mallside Close
Malvern Avenue
Mannin Way
Maplewood Gardens
Mardale Road
Mariner Way
Market Street
Marlton Way
Marsh Street
Marshaw Road
Marton Street
Mary Street
Masonfield Crescent
Mayfield Avenue
Meadow Street
Meeting House Lane
Melbourne Road
Melrose Street
Middle Street
Milking Stile Lane
Mill Street
Minerva Road
Moor Close
Moor Gate
Moor Lane
Moor Lane
Moor Street
Morecambe Road
Morecambe Road
Morley Close
Morley Road
Moss Place
Mount Avenue
Mulberry Lane
Myndon Street
Nairn Road
Nelson Street
Nelson Street
New Quay Road
New Road
Newby Drive
Newlands Avenue
Newlands Road
Newlands Road
Newmarket Avenue
Newsham Place
Newsham Road
Nightingdale Hall Road
Nile Street
Noel Road
Norfolk Street
North Drive
North Road
Nun's Street
Oakwood Gardens
Olive Road
Orchard Lane
Owen Road
Owen Road
Oxford Place
Oxford Street
Palatine Avenue
Palmaston Close
Paragon Way
Park Avenue
Park Court
Park Road
Park Square
Parker Street
Parkfield Drive
Parkgate Drive
Parliament Street
Parsons Close
Pathfinders Drive
Patterdale Road
Peel Avenue
Peel Crescent
Pendle Road
Penny Street
Penny Street
Penrhyn Road
Penrhyn Road
Percy Road
Perth Street
Peter Street
Phoenix Street
Piccadilly Close
Pickard Street
Pickthorn Close
Pierce Close
Pine Street
Pinewood Close
Pinfold Lane
Pitt Street
Pointer Court
Pollard Place
Porritt Avenue
Port Royal Avenue
Portland Street
Pottery Gardens
Powder House Lane
Powder House Lane
Preston Lancaster Road
Price Close
Primrose Street
Princess Avenue
Prospect Street
Quarry Mount Mews
Quarry Road
Quarry Road
Quarry Road
Queen Square
Queen Street
Quernmore Road
Railway Street
Ravens Close
Rawthey Road
Raygill Place
Rays Drive
Redcar Road
Redvers Street
Redwood Heights
Regent Street
Rennie Court
Reynolds Street
Richmond Avenue
Ridge Lane
Ridge Lane
Ridge Lane
Ridge Street
Ripon Avenue
River Street
Riverview Close
Riverview Close
Robert Street
Roosevelt Avenue
Rosebery Avenue
Rosemary Lane
Rossall Road
Rossmoyne Road
Ruskin Road
Russell Street
Rutland Avenue
Rydal Road
Ryelands Road
Ryelands Road
Salisbury Road
Salt Ayre Lane
Salter Fell Road
Sandown Road
Scafell Road
Scale Farm Road
Scale Hall Lane
Scale Hall Lane
Scotforth Road
Scotforth Road
Sefton Drive
Selby Avenue
Seymour Street
Shaftesbury Place
Shakespeare Road
Sharpe's Avenue
Shireshead Crescent
Shrewsbury Drive
Sibsey Street
Sidney Terrace
Sizergh Court
Skiddaw Road
Slaidburn Drive
Slyne Road
Slyne Road
Somerset Avenue
South Road
Spring Bank Lane
Spring Garden Street
Springfield Street
Spruce Avenue
St Andrews Close
St Chad's Drive
St George's Quay
St George's Quay
St Leonard's Gate
St Martin's Road
St Mary's Parade
St Oswald Street
St Paul's Drive
St Paul's Road
St Peter's Road
St Thomas More Walk
Stanley Place
Stanmore Drive
Station Road
Steward Avenue
Stirling Road
Stone Row Head
Storey Avenue
Stratford Close
Sulby Drive
Sulyard Street
Summersgill Road
Summersgill Road
Sun Street
Sunnyside Close
Sunnyside Lane
Sycamore Grove
Sylvester Street
Tall Trees
Tan Hill Drive
Tarbet Street
Tarnbrook Road
Tarnsyke Road
Tarnsyke Road
Tarnwater Lane
Tebay Court
The Grove
The Hawthorns
The Pointer
The Ramparts
The Sidings
The Spinney
Thetis Road
Thirlmere Road
Thirsk Road
Thurnham Street
Thurnham Street
Toll Bar Crescent
Torrisholme Road
Tower Court
Towneley Close
Trafalgar Road
Troutbeck Road
Truman Avenue
Turnpike Fold
Uggle Lane
Uggle Lane
Ulleswater Road
Ullswater Road
Ulster Road
Vale Road
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Place
Villas Court
Vincent Street
Vine Street
Viscount Drive
Wakefield Drive
Warwick Avenue
Washington Close
Water Street
Watery Lane
Wellington Road
Wenning Place
Wenning Place
Wensley Drive
Wentworth Drive
West Drive
West Drive
West Road
West Road
West Street
Westbourne Drive
Westbourne Place
Westbourne Road
Westbourne Road
Westham Street
Wetherfield Close
Whalley Road
Wharfedale Road
Wheatfield Street
Whernside Road
Whinfell Drive
White Cross Street
Whiteray Road
Williamson Road
Willow Lane
Wilton Close
Winchester Avenue
Windermere Road
Windham Place
Windmill Court
Windsor Avenue
Wingate-Saul Road
Winmarleigh Road
Winster Park
Winster Walk
Wolseley Street
Wood Street
Woodlands Road
Woodlea Court
Woodville Street
Worcester Avenue
Wray Court
Wyresdale Court
Wyresdale Gardens
Wyresdale Road
Yealand Drive
York Road