The Town of Burton upon Trent in the County of Staffordshire

The town of Burton upon Trent is located within the county of Staffordshire.

Burton upon Trent is situated in the West Midlands (England), East Midlands (England), region of the UK and is governed by East Staffordshire, South Derbyshire, councils.

The town of Burton upon Trent is covers the following regions.

  • Staffordshire CC - Shropshire and Staffordshire - West Midlands (England)
  • South and West Derbyshire - Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire - East Midlands (England)
  • East Staffordshire
  • South Derbyshire
  • Branston: St Saviour
  • Burton-on-Trent: All Saints
  • Burton-on-Trent: St Aidan, Shobnall
  • Burton-on-Trent: St Chad
  • Burton-on-Trent: St Modwen
  • Burton-on-Trent: St Paul
  • Horninglow: St John the Divine
  • Stapenhill: Immanuel
  • Stapenhill: St Peter
  • Winshill: St Mark

Where is Burton upon Trent is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire

Dentists in Burton upon Trent

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Burton upon Trent
13 Hill Street Burton On Trent Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE15 9LD
33 High Street Burton Upon Trent Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1JN
Burton Family Dental Centre 1 Tutbury Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE13 0NU
Cross Street Clinic Cross Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1EG
Dental Perfection @ Branston Unit 4, 87 Burton Road, Branston Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 3DW
Dental Surgery 6 St. Peters Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE15 9AW
Dental Surgery 9 Lichfield Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 3QZ
Hill Street Dental Practice, Health And Wellbeing Centre, Hill Street, Stapenhill Burton On Trent Staffordshire DE15 9LD
Mike Allens Dental Practice Unit 4, Barberry Court, Parkway, Centrum One Hundred Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 2UE
Modwena Orthodontics Modwena House, 13 Market Place Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1HA
Oasis Dental Care Ltd. 3 Station Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1AN
Rosliston Road (dental Surgery) 45b Rosliston Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE15 9RQ

Opticians in Burton upon Trent

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Burton upon Trent
Boot Opticians (burton On Trent) 10 St Modwens Walk, Coopers Square Shopping Centre Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1HL
Boots Opticians (abbey Acrade Burton-on-trent) Abbey Arcade, 181 High Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1HN
Boots Opticians (bourton Place Burton-on-trent) Unit 8, Bourton Place Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1BU
Boots Opticians (burton On Trent) 10 St. Modwens Walk, Coopers Square Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1HL
Carlton Pharmacy & Opticians - Calais Road 118 Calais Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE13 0UW
Direct Specs Ltd (burton On Trent) Unit 9, Northside Business Park, Hawkins Lane Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1DB
Lancaster & Thorpe (burton On Trent) 198 Station Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1AN
Midlands Eye Care Ltd 59 New Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 3QY
Prince And Bates Opticians 193 Station Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1BH
Specsavers (burton-on-trent) 176 High Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1JF
Vision Express (burton-on-trent) Unit 2 Underhill Walk, Cooper Hill Shopping Centre Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1DE

Chemists in Burton upon Trent

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Burton upon Trent
All Saints Pharmacy 28 All Saints Road Burton On Trent Staffordshire DE14 3LS tel:01283 566535
Asda Pharmacy Octagon Centre, Orchard Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 3TN tel:01283 563049
Boots Uk Ltd 1 Coopers Square Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1DG
Carlton Pharmacy 118 Calais Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE13 0UW tel:01283 512066
Dean & Smedley 35-36 St Peters Street, Stapenhill Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE15 9AW tel:01283 518976
Dean & Smedley Ltd 65 Horninglow Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 2PP
Healthcare At Home Fifth Avenue, Centrum One Hundred Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 2WS tel:0870 6001540
Lloydspharmacy Sainsburys S/markets Ltd, Union Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1AA tel:01283 740123
Manor Pharmacy 171 Calais Road, Horninglow Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE13 0UN tel:01283 564928
Manor Pharmacy 251 Branston Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 3BT tel:01283 568166
Manor Pharmacy 14 Wetmore Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1SN tel:01283 535048
Morrisons Pharmacy Morrisons Store, Wellington Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 2AR tel:01283 563947
Peak Pharmacy Winshill Medical Centre, Melbourne Avenue Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE15 0EP tel:01283 529600
Tesco Pharmacy St. Peters Bridge Burton On Trent Staffordshire DE14 3RJ tel:0845 6779100
Waterloo Pharmacy 172 Waterloo Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 2NQ tel:01283 562461
Well Pharmacy Fyfield Road, Stapenhill Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE15 9QD tel:01283 568675

Doctors in Burton upon Trent

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Burton upon Trent
All Saints Surgery 28 All Saints Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 3LS tel:01283 510768
Bridge Surgery St. Peters Street, Stapenhill Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE15 9AW tel:01283 563631
Carlton Street Surgery Carlton Street, Horninglow Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE13 0TE tel:01283 511387
Gordon Street Surgery 72 Gordon Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 2JA tel:01283 563175
King Street Surgery King Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 3AG
Peel Croft Lichfield Street Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 3RH tel:01283 568405
Stapenhill Medical Centre Fyfield Road, Stapenhill Burton On Trent Staffordshire DE15 9QD tel:01283 565200
Wetmore Road Surgery 12 Wetmore Road Burton-on-trent Staffordshire DE14 1SL tel:01283 564848
Winshill Winshill Medical Centre, Melbourne Avenue Burton On Trent Staffordshire DE15 0EP tel:01283 741920
List of Streets in Burton upon Trent
Abbey Street
Abbots Fold Court
Acacia Lane
Addie Road
Adelaide Crescent
Adkins Close
Aintree Close
Albert Street
Alder Grove
Alexandra Road
Alfred Street
All Saints Croft
All Saints Road
Alma Street
Althorp Way
Anglesey Road
Anglesey Street
Anglesey Street
Anson Court
Appleton Close
Arthur Street
Ascot Close
Ash Street
Ashby Road
Ashby Road
Ashby Road
Ashdale Close
Ashford Road
Ashley Close
Ashworth Avenue
Astil Street
Athlestan Way
Athlestan Way
Aviation Lane
Avon Way
Bailey Street
Baker Street
Balata Way
Balfour Street
Balmoral Road
Bamborough Close
Barker Round Way
Barley Close
Barrington Close
Barton Street
Battista Road
Beaconsfield Road
Beam Close
Beamhill Road
Beamhill Road
Bearwood Hill Road
Bearwood Hill Road
Beaufort Road
Beaufort Road
Becket Close
Bedford Road
Beech Avenue
Beech Street
Bellhouse Lane
Belvedere Road
Belvedere Road
Belvoir Close
Belvoir Road
Bend Oak Drive
Beowulf Covert
Beresford Close
Beresford Close
Berry Gardens
Berry Hedge Lane
Best Avenue
Betony Road
Beverley Road
Birch Close
Birches Close
Birchfield Road
Birkdale Avenue
Bitham Court
Bitham Lane
Black Eagle Court
Blackpool Street
Blackthorn Road
Bladon Street
Blakeholme Court
Blenheim Close
Blue Cedars Drive
Bluestone Lane
Bond Street
Borough Road
Borough Road
Bosworth Drive
Boundary Close
Brackenwood Road
Bradley Street
Bradmore Road
Bramble Court
Bramell Close
Bramling Road
Bramling Road
Branston Greens
Branston Road
Bretby Lane
Bretlands Way
Brick-Kiln Lane
Bridge Street
Bridgewater Road
Bridgford Avenue
Bridle Lane
Britannia Drive
Brizlincote Lane
Brizlincote Street
Broadway Street
Bronte Close
Brough Road
Buckingham Close
Burton Road
Byrkley Street
Byron Avenue
Caernarvon Close
Cairns Close
Calais Road
Calgary Crescent
Callingwood Lane
Callister Way
Cambridge Street
Cameron Close
Canal Street
Canterbury Road
Caraway Drive
Carlton Street
Caroline Court
Carpenter Close
Carver Road
Casey Lane
Castilla Place
Castle Park Road
Caxton Court
Celandine Close
Chapel Lane
Charnwood Road
Chatfield Close
Chaucer Close
Cheedale Close
Cherry Leys
Cherrytree Road
Chesterton Road
Chestnut Road
Church Close
Church Hill Street
Church Road
Church View
Churnet Court
Clarence Street
Claverhouse Road
Clay Street
Clay Street East
Clay's Lane
Clay's Lane
Clematis Crescent
Clewley Road
Clifton Way
Clough Drive
Clover Court
Conway Close
Corden Avenue
Cornwall Road
Cotswold Road
Cottesmore Close
Cottesmore Road
Court Farm Lane
Craven Street
Crestwood Close
Crichton Avenue
Cricketers Close
Cross Street
Cross Street
Crown Gardens
Culland Road
Cumberland Road
Curtis Way
Curzon Street
Curzon Street West
Cyclamen Close
Dale Street
Dalebrook Road
Dallow Close
Dallow Crescent
Dallow Street
Dalton Avenue
Darley Close
Darwin Close
De Ferrers Croft
Delhi Close
Denbigh Close
Denton Rise
Denton Road
Derby Road
Derby Road
Derby Road
Derby Street
Derby Street
Derby Street East
Derwent Close
Derwent Road
Deveron Close
Devon Close
Dickens Close
Dingle Drive
Donithorne Close
Dorset Close
Dovedale Close
Dover Road
Doveridge Road
Doveridge Road
Duchy Close
Duke Street
Dunedin Crescent
Dunstall Brook
Durban Close
Eagle Heights
Earls Court
East Street
Eastern Avenue
Edinburgh Way
Edmonton Place
Edward Street
Eighth Avenue
Eighth Avenue
Eldon Street
Electric Street
Elm Close
Elms Road
Elwyn Close
Empire Road
Enderby Rise
Epsom Close
Essex Road
Eton Close
Eton Road
Eton Road
Evershed Way
Eyam Close
Falcon Close
Faldo Close
Fallow Drive
Faraday Avenue
Farm Close
Farm Road
Farman Row
Faversham Road
Ferry Street
Ferry Vale Close
Festival Road
Field Close
Field Lane
Field Rise
First Avenue
First Avenue
Five Lands Road
Flatts Close
Fleet Street
Fontwell Road
Ford Street
Forest Edge Way
Forest Road
Foston Avenue
Fox Close
Foxglove Avenue
Franklin Close
Fred Brewer Way
Frederick Street
Furrows Drive
Fyfield Road
Gainsborough Way
Galloway Road
Gatcombe Close
Genista Close
George Orton Court
George Street
Glamis Close
Glen Rise
Glencroft Close
Gleneagles Drive
Glenfield Rise
Glensyl Way
Gloucester Way
Golding Crescent
Goodman Street
Goodwood Close
Gordon Street
Gough Side
Gough Side
Grafton Road
Graham Close
Grange Close
Grange Street
Grants Yard
Grasmere Close
Green Lane
Green Street
Green Valley Drive
Greenvale Close
Greenwood Road
Grizedale Close
Guild Street
Halcyon Way
Hamilton Fields
Hamilton Fields
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road
Harbury Street
Harcourt Road
Harehedge Lane
Hargate Road
Harlaxton Street
Harlech Way
Harper Avenue
Harrison Close
Harrow Drive
Harwood Avenue
Hawfield Lane
Hawk's Drive
Hawkins Lane
Hawthorn Crescent
Haydock Close
Hazelwood Road
Heath Road
Heather Close
Heathlands Grange
Heathley Mews
Henhurst Hill
Henhurst Ridge
Herbert Street
Heritage Way
Hevea Road
Higgott Close
High Bank Road
High Street
Highcroft Drive
Highfield Close
Highfield Drive
Highgrove Close
Highlands Drive
Hill Street
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillsdale Road
Hobart Close
Hollow Crescent
Hollow Lane
Holly Green
Holly Street
Hollyhock Way
Holme Farm Avenue
Honeysuckle View
Hopley Road
Hopmeadow Way
Hopwood Lane
Hornbrook Close
Hornbrook Road
Horninglow Croft
Horninglow Road
Horninglow Road
Horninglow Road
Horninglow Road North
Horninglow Street
Horninglow Street
Hornton Road
Horton Avenue
Hunter Street
Huntingdon Road
Ibstock Street
Ivy Grove
Ivy Lodge Close
Jacklin Close
Jackson Avenue
Jacobean Court
James Brindley Way
James Street
Jasmine Close
Jennings Way
Jephson Road
Jeque Place
Keble Close
Kedleston Close
Kempton Road
Kenilworth Avenue
Kensington Road
Kent Road
Kestrel Way
Kimberley Drive
King Edward Place
King Street
Kingsbury Close
Kingsdale Croft
Kingsley Road
Kingston Road
Kinver Road
Kitling Greaves Lane
Kitling Greaves Lane
Knights Place
Knightsbridge Way
Laburnum Road
Ladywell Close
Langer Close
Lansdowne Road
Laurel Grove
Lavender Close
Leamington Road
Leander Rise
Leicester Street
Lewis Drive
Lichfield Road
Lichfield Road
Lichfield Street
Lichfield Street
Light Oaks Close
Lime Grove
Lincoln Road
Lingfield Road
Little Burton East
Little Burton West
Little Burton West
Lodge Hill
Long Street
Longbow Close
Longfellow Close
Longford Close
Longhedge Lane
Longhedge Lane
Longmead Road
Lonsdale Road
Lordswell Road
Lordswell Road
Lount Lane
Lower Outwoods Road
Lyndham Avenue
Lyne Court
Lynwood Close
Lynwood Road
Madras Road
Main Street
Main Street
Malvern Avenue
Malvern Street
Manor Close
Manor Crescent
Manor Croft
Manor Drive
Manor Drive
Manor Road
Maple Grove
Maple Way
Market Place
Marlborough Crescent
Marlow Drive
Masefield Crescent
Mayfield Drive
Mayfield Road
Mcadam Close
Mead Crescent
Mead Walk
Meadow Road
Meadowside Drive
Mear Greaves Lane
Melbourne Avenue
Mellor Road
Meredith Close
Merlin Crescent
Merrydale Road
Mervyn Road
Metcalfe Close
Meynell Close
Mill Hill Drive
Mill Hill Lane
Millers Lane
Millersdale Close
Milton Street
Moat Bank
Mona Road
Monarch Close
Monsaldale Close
Moor Street
Moores Close
Morley Close
Morley's Hill
Mosley Street
Mosley Street
Mount Street
Mountbatten Close
Nankirk Lane
Napier Street
Needwood Street
Nelson Street
Nene Close
New Street
New Street
Newbury Drive
Newby Close
Newfield Road
Newman Drive
Newport Close
Newton Leys
Newton Mews
Newton Road
Newton Road
Nicholson Way
Nicklaus Close
Norfolk Road
North Street
Northfield Road
Northumberland Road
Norton Road
Oadby Rise
Oak Street
Oakley Grange
Old Road
Oldicote Lane
Orchard Park
Orchard Street
Orchard Street
Orchid Close
Ordish Court
Ordish Street
Osborne Street
Osprey Close
Outfield Road
Outwoods Lane
Outwoods Lane
Outwoods Street
Oxford Street
Oxley Road
Oyster Close
Paget Street
Palmer Close
Panama Road
Park Street
Parker Street
Patch Close
Paulet School Drive
Pavilion Grove
Peel Street
Pegg Court
Pensgreave Road
Peregrine Close
Perle Road
Pershore Drive
Perth Close
Piddocks Road
Pine Close
Pinewood Road
Pipers Way
Poplars Road
Portland Avenue
Postern Road
Price Court
Primrose Drive
Princess Street
Princess Way
Princess Way
Queen Street
Queens Court
Queensland Crescent
Quorn Close
Raglan Close
Rangemore Street
Ratcliffe Avenue
Ravens Way
Redmoor Close
Redwood Drive
Regency Way
Reservoir Road
Richmond Street
Ridge End Drive
Ridgeway Road
Riverdale Close
Riverside Drive
Riverside Gardens
Rolleston Road
Rolleston Road
Rose Cottage Gardens
Rosemount Road
Rosemount Road
Rosewood Road
Rosliston Road
Rosliston Road South
Rowbury Drive
Rowton Street
Rugby Close
Ruskin Place
Russell Street
Russell Street
Rutland Close
Sales Lane
Salisbury Avenue
Sandalwood Road
Sandown Close
Sandringham Avenue
Saw Mill Way
Saxon Close
Saxon Street
Scalpcliffe Close
Scalpcliffe Road
Scalpcliffe Road
Second Avenue
Sedgefield Road
Sefton Close
Severn Close
Severn Drive
Seymour Avenue
Shakespeare Road
Sheffield Street
Shelley Avenue
Shelley Close
Sherbourne Drive
Shipley Close
Shobnall Close
Shobnall Road
Shobnall Road
Shobnall Road
Shobnall Street
Short Street
Siddalls Street
Silverhill Close
Sinai Close
Somerset Road
South Broadway Street
South Oak Street
South Uxbridge Street
Southgate Drive
Sovereign Drive
Spencer Close
Spinney Road
Spring Terrace Road
Springfarm Road
St Aidan's Close
St Andrew's Drive
St Chad's Close
St Chad's Road
St David's Drive
St Francis Close
St George's Road
St John's Road
St Jude's Way
St Luke's Road
St Margarets
St Mark's Road
St Martin's Close
St Mary's Drive
St Matthew's Street
St Michaels Road
St Modwen's Close
St Patricks Road
St Paul's Square
St Paul's Street West
St Peter's Bridge
St Peter's Bridge
St Peter's Street
St Peters Court
Stafford Street
Stamps Close
Stanhope Street
Stanley Street
Stanton Road
Stapenhill Road
Stapenhill Road
Station Street
Stewart Close
Stirling Rise
Suffolk Road
Suningdale Close
Sussex Road
Swannington Street
Sycamore Road
Sydney Street
Sydney Street
Tatenhill Lane
Tean Close
Telmah Close
Temple Close
Tennyson Road
The Belfry
The Carousels
The Chevin
The Cloisters
The Croft
The Dingle
The Evergreens
The Eyrie
The Fletches
The Grange
The Maltings
The Paddock
The Ropewalk
Third Avenue
Thornescroft Gardens
Thornley Street
Thorntree Lane
Thorpe Close
Thrift Road
Tiger Court
Tilling Close
Torrance Close
Totnes Close
Tower Road
Trent Street
Trevelyn Close
Trustley Close
Tudor Hollow
Turnbury Close
Tutbury Road
Tutbury Road
Union Street
Upton Drive
Uxbridge Street
Vancouver Drive
Vicarage Close
Victoria Crescent
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Village Mews
Violet Way
Walker Street
Walton Road
Warren Lane
Warwick Close
Warwick Street
Waterloo Street
Waterside Road
Watson Street
Waverley Lane
Weir Bank
Welford Rise
Welland Close
Wellington Road
Wellington Road
Wellington Street
Wellington Street West
Wentworth Drive
West Street
Westfield Road
Westminster Drive
Weston Park Avenue
Wetherby Court
Wetherel Road
Wetmore Lane
Wetmore Road
Wharf Road
Wheat Breach Close
Wheatlands Road
Wheatley Lane
William Street
Wilson Way
Winchcombe Drive
Winchester Drive
Windsor Drive
Wood Court
Wood Street
Woodbine Close
Woodland Road
Woods Lane
Woosnam Close
Worcester Road
Wordsworth Close
Worthington Way
Wyggeston Street
Wyllie Mews
Wyndham Crescent
Yarrow Close
Yewtree Crescent
York Street