The Town of Wallsend in the County of Tyne & Wear

The town of Wallsend is located within the county of Tyne & Wear.

Wallsend is situated in the North East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, councils.

The town of Wallsend is in the Tyneside region of Northumberland and Tyne and Wear within North East (England).

  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • North Tyneside
  • Battle Hill: The GoodShepherd
  • Wallsend: St John the Evangelist
  • Wallsend: St Luke
  • Wallsend: St Peter
  • Willington Quay: St Paul
  • Willington: St Mary the Virgin

Where is Wallsend is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Wallsend in Tyne & Wear

Dentists in Wallsend

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Wallsend
Dental Surgery 2 Denbigh Avenue Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 0BU
Dental Surgery 31 Tynemouth Road Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 0AA
Laburnum Avenue (dental Surgery) 16 Laburnum Avenue Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 8HQ
Laburnum Dental Practice 96 Laburnum Avenue Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 8HG
Park Dental Practice 97 Park Road Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 7LP
Unit 5 6 Unit 5-6, Addington Drive Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 9UY
Unit 8 [dental Practice] Coastway Shopping, Battle Hill Drive Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 9PA

Opticians in Wallsend

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Wallsend
Optica Eye Clinic Ltd - Wallsend 9 The Forum Shopping Centre Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 8JR
Specsavers (wallsend) 9 High Street West Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 8JA
Thompson Opticians Ltd (battle Hill) Unit 7, Coastway Shopping Centre, Battle Hill Drive Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 9PA
Thompson Opticians Ltd (howdon) 78 Tynemouth Road Howdon Tyne And Wear NE28 0LQ
Thompson Opticians Ltd (wallsend) 33-35 High Street East Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 8PF

Chemists in Wallsend

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Wallsend
Ashchem Chemist 55-57 Burn Terrace Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 7BJ tel:0191 2622731
Boots 6 The Forum Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 8JR tel:0191 2623673
Boots Unit B, Silverlink Retail Park, Silverlink Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 9ND tel:0191 2639504
Coast Road Pharmacy 11 Coast Road Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 9HP tel:0191 2623210
Dennis Chemist 9-13 Tynemouth Road, Willington Quay Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 0AA tel:01912 623780
Fairmans Pharmacy 22 High Street West Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 8HU tel:0191 2623522
Hadrian Pharmacy Unit 2, Addington Drive Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 9UY tel:0191 2953303
Lloydspharmacy 68 High Street East Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 7RH tel:0191 2623829
Lloydspharmacy Battle Hill Walk In Centre, Belmont Close Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 9DX tel:0191 2629407
Portugal Place Pharmacy Portugal Place Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 6RZ tel:0191 2345676
Well 86 Windsor Drive, High Howdon Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 0PS tel:01912 623269
Well Crow Bank, The Green, Wallsend Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 7PG tel:01912 630044
Willington Quay Pharmacy 94 Bewicke Road, Willington Quay Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 6NJ tel:01912 625728

Doctors in Wallsend

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Wallsend
Battle Hill Health Centre Belmont Close Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 9DX tel:0191 2958520
Battle Hill Health Centre Belmont Close Wallsend NE28 9DX
Bewicke Medical Centre 51 Tynemouth Road, Howden Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 0AD tel:0191 2623036
Garden Park Surgery 225 Denbigh Avenue Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 0PP tel:0191 2892525
Garden Park Surgery 225 Denbigh Avenue Wallsend NE28 0PP
Park Road Medical Pract 93 Park Road Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 7LP tel:0191 2625680
Portugal Place Health Ctr Portugal Place Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 6RZ tel:0191 2625252
The Medical Centre, Addington Drive The Medical Centre, Addington Drive, Hadrian Park Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 9UX
The Village Green Surgery The Green Wallsend Tyne And Wear NE28 6BB tel:0191 2958500
List of Streets in Wallsend
Abercorn Place
Acomb Avenue
Addington Drive
Addison Court
Agricola Gardens
Albert Avenue
Alder Road
Alexandra Street
Alexandrea Way
Allendale Avenue
Alnwick Street
Alston Close
Alwin Close
Amberley Close
Amec Way
Andover Place
Angle Terrace
Appleby Gardens
Archer Street
Arden Close
Armstrong Road
Armstrong Road
Ascot Close
Ash Grove
Ash Grove
Ashbrooke Gardens
Ashburn Road
Ashfield Gardens
Ashfield Mews
Ashfield Mews
Askrigg Avenue
Atkinson Street
Atkinson Street
Atkinson Terrace
Auburn Close
Augusta Court
Avon Close
Aysgarth Avenue
Baildon Close
Balmoral Street
Bamburgh Drive
Banbury Gardens
Barmouth Close
Barnstaple Close
Barnwood Close
Barr Close
Barton Close
Barwell Close
Basildon Gardens
Bath Close
Bathgate Close
Battle Hill Drive
Baywood Grove
Beal Gardens
Beamish Close
Beaufort Gardens
Beckenham Gardens
Beckford Close
Bedale Close
Bede Crescent
Bedford Avenue
Beech Grove
Beechfield Gardens
Belford Close
Bellingham Close
Bellshill Close
Belmont Close
Belper Close
Belsay Close
Benjamin Road
Benton Way
Berkley Close
Berry Close
Berwick Drive
Beverley Place
Bewick Park
Bewicke Road
Bewicke Street
Bewicke Street
Bexley Gardens
Bigges Gardens
Bingley Close
Birch Grove
Birkdale Close
Bishops Close
Bittern Close
Blackhill Avenue
Blackthorn Drive
Blanchland Close
Blenkinsop Street
Bodmin Close
Bolam Gardens
Boldon Close
Bondfield Close
Border Road
Border Road
Boreham Close
Boscombe Drive
Boston Close
Bourtree Close
Bowness Avenue
Boyd Crescent
Boyd Road
Bracken Avenue
Bradford Avenue
Brampton Gardens
Bray Close
Brentwood Grove
Briar Close
Bridgewater Close
Bridlington Close
Brighton Close
Bristol Drive
Bromley Gardens
Bromsgrove Close
Broomfield Avenue
Brough Gardens
Broxburn Close
Brunton Avenue
Brussels Road
Buddle Street
Bude Court
Burlington Court
Burnet Close
Buxton Close
Caesar Way
Caleb Drive
Camberley Road
Cambo Close
Cambridge Avenue
Camerton Place
Canterbury Avenue
Carlyle Court
Carlyle Street
Carnforth Close
Caroline Gardens
Carville Road
Carville Road
Catton Place
Cawfields Close
Cawfields Close
Cedar Grove
Cestrium Court
Chadwick Street
Charlotte Street
Cheadle Avenue
Chelford Close
Cheshire Gardens
Chester Avenue
Chesterwood Drive
Chestnut Street
Chestnut Street
Chicken Road
Church Bank
Church Bank
Church View
Churcher Gardens
Churchill Street
Churchill Street
Churchill Street
Clavering Street
Clavering Street
Cleveland Gardens
Clifton Avenue
Coach Open
Coach Road
Coach Road
Coast Road
Coast Road
Coast Road
Coast Road
Cobalt Park Way
Cobden Street
Coldstream Gardens
Collingwood Avenue
Coniston Road
Coniston Road
Conway Gardens
Coquet Gardens
Corbridge Close
Coronation Street
Cragside Gardens
Craster Gardens
Crawley Road
Cross Avenue
Crow Bank
Culford Place
Cumberland Street
Cumberland Street
Curzon Road West
Dairy Gardens
Dalton Court
David Street
Davy Bank
Dees Avenue
Denbigh Avenue
Dene Crescent
Derby Gardens
Derwent Gardens
Derwent Way
Devonshire Gardens
Dilston Grange
Dinsdale Avenue
Dorset Avenue
Douglas Street
Douglass Street
Dovecrest Court
Durham Street
Durham Street West
Eastfield Avenue
Eden Street
Edward Road
Edwin Grove
Eldon Street
Eldon Street
Elgin Avenue
Elgin Avenue
Elizabeth Road
Elliott Gardens
Elmfield Gardens
Elton Street East
Elton Street West
Eltringham Close
Embleton Avenue
Engine Inn Road
Ennerdale Gardens
Equitable Street
Eskdale Avenue
Essex Gardens
Eversley Place
Exeter Road
Ferndale Avenue
Firtrees Avenue
Fitzsimmons Avenue
Ford Terrace
Frank Street
Gainers Terrace
Garden Park
Garrett Close
George Road
George Street
Gibson Street
Gilsland Avenue
Gladstone Street
Glendale Avenue
Grace Gardens
Grange Close
Grange Villas
Green Park
Greenside Avenue
Grey Street
Grosvenor Gardens
Gut Road
Hadrian Road
Hadrian Wynd
Haggie Avenue
Hampshire Gardens
Hardy Grove
Harle Street
Harrington Street
Harrison Road
Hawthorn Grove
Haydon Drive
Haydon Drive
Hazelwood Terrace
Headlam View
Helmsley Drive
Henderson Road
Henderson Road
Henley Gardens
Hickstead Close
High Street East
High Street East
High Street East
High Street West
High View
High View North
Holderness Road
Holland Park
Hollings Crescent
Holly Avenue
Holme Gardens
Home Park
Hopper Street
Horsley View
Horsley View
Hotspur Road
Housesteads Close
Howdon Green
Howdon Lane
Hugh Street
Hunters Court
Hyde Park
Ilford Road
Irwin Avenue
John Street
Kelso Gardens
Kendal Gardens
Kensington Gardens
Kent Avenue
Keswick Gardens
Kingfisher Way
Kings Road North
Kings Road South
Kings Road South
Kings Vale
Kingsley Place
Kittiwake Close
Laburnum Avenue
Laing Grove
Lancaster Drive
Langdale Gardens
Lauderdale Avenue
Laurel Street
Lawson Street
Leicester Close
Lesbury Avenue
Lily Bank
Lily Bank
Limekiln Court
Limekiln Court
Limekiln Road
Limekiln Road
Lincoln Avenue
Lindisfarne Place
Lisle Grove
Lisle Street
Lonsdale Gardens
Lytham Close
Main Crescent
Mallard Way
Malton Gardens
Malvern Road
Marina Veiw
Martin Road
Martin Road
Mason Road
Mason Road
Matfen Gardens
Maurice Road
Mayfield Gardens
Mcilvenna Gardens
Mcnamara Road
Meadow Road
Melrose Gardens
Merlin Crescent
Mickley Close
Middle Engine Lane
Milfield Avenue
Mills Gardens
Mitchell Court
Mitford Gardens
Monmouth Gardens
Mulcaster Gardens
Mullen Gardens
Mullen Road
Mullen Road
Murray Road
Mutual Street
Myrtle Grove
Myrtle Grove
Neptune Road
Newton Avenue
Norfolk Gardens
Norman Terrace
Norman Terrace
North Road
North Road
North Terrace
North Terrace
North View
North View
Northumberland Street
Northumberland Street
Northumberland Villas
O'hanlon Crescent
Oak Grove
Oak Grove
Oakfield Gardens
Oban Avenue
Octavia Court
Orchard Gardens
Osprey Drive
Oxford Avenue
Park Avenue
Park Road
Park Road
Park Road
Park Terrace
Park View
Pembroke Gardens
Percy Street
Perth Close
Perth Gardens
Perth Gardens
Plantation Street
Point Pleasant Terrace
Portugal Place
Portugal Place
Potter Street
Praetorian Drive
Primrose Gardens
Prince Road
Priors Way
Prospect Avenue
Prospect Avenue North
Purley Close
Quay View
Queen's Crescent
Queens Terrace
Queens Terrace
Queens Vale
Radnor Gardens
Rae Avenue
Ravensworth Close
Ravensworth Close
Ravensworth Street
Ravensworth Street
Redcar Road
Regent Road
Regents Court
Regents Park
Reid Avenue
Rheydt Avenue
Richardson Street
Richmond Gardens
Richmond Park
Ridley Avenue
Ridsdale Close
Ripon Gardens
Robinson Gardens
Rochdale Street
Roland Road
Roman Court
Ropery Lane
Rose Gardens
Rosehill Road
Rosehill Road
Rosehill Road
Rosewood Terrace
Rothbury Gardens
Rutherford Street
Rutland Road
Saltburn Gardens
Sandhoe Walk
Sandown Court
Sandown Gardens
Savory Road
Sedley Road
Segedunum Crescent
Selby Gardens
Shafto Street
Shakespeare Street
Sherwood View
Silver Fox Way
Simonside Avenue
Smeaton Court
Smeaton Street
Somerset Gardens
South Terrace
Springfield Gardens
St Cuthbert's Road
St Hilda's Avenue
St Julien Gardens
St Oswald's Road
St Peter's Road
Stamfordham Close
Stanley Street
Station Road
Station Road
Station Road
Stead Street
Stephenson Street
Strawberry Gardens
Suffolk Gardens
Sunholme Drive
Sussex Gardens
Sutton Court
Swan Close
Sycamore Street
Sycamore Street
Sydney Grove
Tarrington Close
Taunton Close
Thames Gardens
The Acres
The Avenue
The Avenue
The Bungalows
The Covers
The Crescent
The Drive
The Meadows
The Silverlink
The Swallows
Third Street
Thompson Gardens
Threap Gardens
Tiberius Close
Timlin Gardens
Tiverton Close
Tree Top Mews
Tynedale Avenue
Tynemouth Road
Tynemouth Road
Tynemouth Road
Valeria Close
Valley Gardens
Victoria Avenue
Vine Street
Wagon Way
Wagon Way
Waltham Close
Walton Gardens
Warkworth Avenue
Warwick Road
Watson Gardens
Weardale Avenue
Welwyn Close
West Farm Road
West Street
Westburn Gardens
Western Road
Westfield Park
Westmoreland Street
Westmorland Avenue
Whitby Gardens
Willington Terrace
Willow Grove
Willow Grove
Wilson Street
Wiltshire Drive
Wiltshire Drive
Wiltshire Gardens
Wimslow Close
Windsor Close
Windsor Cottages
Windsor Drive
Windsor Drive
Windsor Park
Woburn Close
Woodbine Avenue
Woodman Street
Wooley Street
Worsley Close
Worthing Close
Wylam Gardens
York Drive