The Town of Pudsey in the County of West Yorkshire

The town of Pudsey is located within the county of West Yorkshire.

Pudsey is situated in the Yorkshire and The Humber region of the UK and is governed by Bradford, Leeds, councils.

The town of Pudsey is covers the following regions.

  • Bradford - West Yorkshire - Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Leeds - West Yorkshire - Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Bradford
  • Leeds
  • Farsley: St John the Evangelist
  • Pudsey: St Lawrence & St Paul
  • Woodhall: St James the Great

Where is Pudsey is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Pudsey in West Yorkshire

Dentists in Pudsey

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Pudsey
Dental Surgery 51 Richardshaw Lane Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7NB
Eastleigh Dental Health Practice 103 Old Road, Farsley Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 5BR
Farsley Dental Practice Town Street, Farsley Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 5HX

Opticians in Pudsey

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Pudsey
4947 Pudsey Asda Stores Ltd, Owlcotes Centre, Varley Street, Stanningley Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 6AR
A.p Sparrow Ltd (lidget Hill) 17 Lidget Hill Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7LG
Ian Bell Opticians 18 Lowtown Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7AA
Jarrod Headley Opticians 21 Chapeltown Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7RZ
Sparrow Eye Care 44 Lidget Hill Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7DR
Specsavers (pudsey) 28 Lidget Hill Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7DR
Tunnacliffe & Lambert Ltd 64 Town Street, Farsley Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 5LF

Chemists in Pudsey

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Pudsey
Asda Pharmacy Asda Store, Owlcotes Centre, Stanningley-by-pass, Stanningley Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 6AR
Boots Uk Limited 11 Church Lane, Pudsey Leeds West Yorkshire LS28 7LD tel:0113 2574862
Church Lane Pharmacy 23 Church Lane Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7LD tel:0113 2574629
Day Lewis Pharmacy 40 Town Street, Farsley, Leeds Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 5LD tel:01132 570559
Lloydspharmacy 32 Church Lane Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7RF tel:0113 2567904
Lloydspharmacy Robin Lane Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7BR tel:0113 2570298
Midway Pharmacy 46 Chapeltown Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 8BL tel:01132 570400
Well Stanningley - Sunfield Place Sunfield Medical Centre, Sunfield Place, Stanningley Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 6DR tel:01132 563335
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 72 Galloway Lane Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 8LE tel:01274 665037

Doctors in Pudsey

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Pudsey
Dr Kw Mcgechaen & Partner Sunfield Place, Stanningley Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 6DR tel:0113 2058100
Hillfoot Surgery 126 Owlcotes Road Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7QR tel:0113 2574169
Mulberry Street Medical Practice 18 Mulberry Street Pudsey LS28 7XP tel:0113 2570711
Robin Lane Health And Wellbeing Centre Robin Lane Pudsey West Yorkshire LS28 7DE tel:0113 2576787
List of Streets in Pudsey
Acres Hall Avenue
Acres Hall Crescent
Acres Hall Drive
Albert Street
Alder Drive
Alder Drive
Alder Garth
Alexandra Grove
Alexandra Road
Alma Close
Amblers Court
Amblers Court
Ambleside Gardens
Andrew Square
Andrew Street
Andrew Street
Armitage Square
Armstrong Street
Arncliffe Garth
Arncliffe Street
Arncliffe Street
Arthur Court
Arthur Street
Arthur Street
Arundel Street
Ash Grove
Ashdene Close
Ashdene Crescent
Ashfield Crescent
Ashfield Road
Ashford Drive
Aspect Gardens
Back Bank Terrace
Back Brunswick Road
Back Lane
Back Lane
Back Richardshaw Lane
Back Somerset Road
Back Woodlands Avenue
Back Woodlands Grove
Back Woodlands Terrace
Bagley Lane
Bankhouse Court
Bankhouse Lane
Beckbury Close
Beckbury Street
Beech Lees
Beechwood Street
Belle Vue Drive
Bertha Street
Boocock Street
Bradford Road
Bradford Road
Bradford Road
Bradford Road
Bradford Road
Bradley Lane
Bransby Close
Bransby Court
Bransby Rise
Brick Mill Road
Brick Mill Road
Broad Street
Broadlands Avenue
Broadlands Court
Broadlands Gardens
Broadlands Place
Broadlands View
Broom Mills Road
Brunswick Road
Bryan Street
Bryan Street North
Burton Street
Butler Way
Calverley Lane
Calverley Moor Avenue
Camberley Close
Camberley Way
Campbell Street
Carlisle Drive
Carlisle Grove
Carlisle Road
Carlisle Street
Carlisle Street
Carlton Avenue
Carlton Rise
Carlton Terrace
Cavendish Place
Cavendish Rise
Cavendish Square
Cavendish Street
Cemetery Road
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Chatsworth Avenue
Chatsworth Crescent
Chatsworth Fall
Chatsworth Rise
Chatsworth Road
Chatsworth Road
Chaucer Avenue
Chaucer Gardens
Chaucer Grove
Cherry Tree Crescent
Cherry Tree Drive
Church Lane
Church Lane
Clara Street
Claremont Gardens
Claremont Grove
Clarence Terrace
Clarendon Terrace
Clifton Drive
Clifton Hill
Clifton Place
Clifton Road
Coal Hill Lane
Cockshott Hill
Coleridge Lane
Commercial Villas
Corn Mill Approach
Cote Lane
Cote Lane
Cotefields Avenue
Cranbrook View
Crawshaw Avenue
Crawshaw Close
Crawshaw Gardens
Crawshaw Hill
Crawshaw Park
Crawshaw Rise
Crawshaw Road
Crimbles Court
Crimbles Place
Crimbles Road
Crimbles Terrace
Croft Avenue
Croft House Court
Croft Street
Cromack View
Daleside Avenue
Daleside Close
Daleside Grove
Daleside Road
Dawsons Corner
Dawsons Meadow
Delph End
Donald Street
Dorset Grove
Duckett Grove
Earlswood Chase
Earlswood Mead
Ebenezer Street
Eddison Street
Ederoyd Avenue
Ederoyd Crescent
Ederoyd Drive
Ederoyd Grove
Ederoyd Mount
Ederoyd Rise
Edward Close
Elizabeth Court
Fairfield Avenue
Farfield Avenue
Farfield Drive
Farfield Grove
Farfield Rise
Fartown Close
Fern Lea View
Fern Lea View
Fieldhouse Grove
First Avenue
Foundry Lane
Fowler's Place
Frances Street
Fulneck Court
Fulneck Court
Fulneck Mews
Gable End Terrace
Galloway Court
Galloway Court
Galloway Lane
Galloway Lane
Gambles Hill
Gaunts Place
Gibraltar Road
Gilbert Street
Gladstone Street
Glebe Mount
Glebe Street
Glenholme Road
Glenholme Road
Glenroyd Close
Grange Avenue
Grange Grove
Grange Terrace
Grange View
Grangefield Road
Granville Street
Green Lane
Greenside Grove
Greenwood Row
Grove Avenue
Grove Road
Grove Road
Grove Street
Grove Terrace
Hainsworth Square
Halliday Street
Hammerton Grove
Hammerton Street
Hare Lane
Hare Lane
Harker Terrace
Harker Terrace
Harley Gardens
Harley Gardens
Haydn's Terrace
Hazelhurst Court
Heath Grove
Henry Grove
High Street
Highcroft Close
Higher Grange Road
Highfield Crescent
Highfield Green
Highfield Road
Highfield Street
Highfield Terrace
Hill Side Mount
Hillfoot Avenue
Hillfoot Crescent
Hillfoot Drive
Hillfoot Rise
Hillside Grove
Hillside Mount
Hillside View
Hillthorpe Rise
Hillthorpe Road
Hillthorpe Terrace
Hough Side Lane
Hough Side Lane
Hough Side Road
Hudson Street
Hudson Street
Huggan Row
Hutton Gardens
Hutton Terrace
Ingham's Avenue
Ingham's Avenue
Ingham's View
Ingham's View
Intake Road
Intake Road
Intercity Way
Irwin Street
Kent Avenue
Kent Close
Kent Crescent
Kent Drive
Kent Road
King Street
Kirklees Close
Kirklees Drive
Kirklees Garth
Kirklees Rise
Knoll View
Laburnum Street
Land Street
Lane End
Lane End Fold
Lane End Mount
Larkfield Road
Laurel Mount
Laurel Terrace
Lawson Court
Leafield Drive
Lees Lane
Lidget Hill
Littlemoor Court
Littlemoor Crescent
Littlemoor Crescent
Littlemoor Crescent South
Littlemoor Gardens
Littlemoor Road
Littlemoor Road
Littlemoor View
Lodge Road
Longfield Avenue
Longfield Court
Longfield Grove
Longfield Mount
Longfield Road
Longfield Terrace
Lordswood Grange
Low Bank Street
Lower Bankhouse
Lower Tofts Road
Lumby Close
Lumby Lane
Lynnwood Gardens
Lynnwood Gardens
Manor House Street
Manor View
Market Place
Marlowe Close
Marsh Rise
Marsh Terrace
Marsh View
Meadow Park Crescent
Meadow Park Drive
Meadowhurst Gardens
Melbourne Street
Melrose Place
Merton Avenue
Merton Drive
Merton Gardens
Mill Beck Close
Mill Hill
Millbank Court
Millbank Fold
Millbank View
Milner Fold
Moor Drive
Moor Grove
Moor Grove
Moorfield Crescent
Moorfield Gardens
Moorfield Grove
Moorland Crescent
Moorland Drive
Moorland Grove
Moorland Road
Moorland Road
Mount Pleasant Road
Mount Pleasant Road
Mount Pleasant Street
Mount Tabor Street
Mulberry Street
Nether Street
New Occupation Lane
New Park Avenue
New Park Close
New Park Croft
New Park Place
New Park Vale
New Park View
New Park Walk
New Park Way
New Pudsey Square
New Row
New Street
New Street
New Street
New Street
New Street Close
New Street Gardens
New Street Grove
North Street
North View Street
North View Terrace
Northcote Street
Northwood Close
Northwood Mount
Northwood View
Oak Street
Oakdene Close
Oakdene Close
Oakroyd Mount
Oakwell Terrace
Oakwood Gardens
Oakwood Terrace
Occupation Lane
Old Fold
Old Marsh
Old Road
Old Road
Orchard Drive
Owlcotes Drive
Owlcotes Gardens
Owlcotes Garth
Owlcotes Lane
Owlcotes Lane
Owlcotes Road
Owlcotes Terrace
Oxford Place
Palmer Green
Paradise Street
Park Row
Park Top
Park View
Parkfield Close
Parkfield Mount
Parkfield Terrace
Parkside Road
Parkside Road
Parkside Walk
Pavilion Close
Pavilion Gardens
Pavilion Way
Peckover Drive
Pembroke Drive
Pembroke Road
Perseverance Street
Perseverance Street
Poplar Farm Lane
Poplar Farm Lane
Poplar Square
Post Hill Gardens
Post Hill View
Priesthorpe Avenue
Priesthorpe Avenue
Priesthorpe Court
Priesthorpe Lane
Priesthorpe Lane
Priesthorpe Road
Priestley Close
Priestley Court
Priestley Drive
Priestley Gardens
Priestley View
Priestley Walk
Primrose Hill
Prospect Avenue
Prospect Grove
Prospect Street
Prospect Street
Providence Place
Providence Street
Pudsey Road
Queens Drive
Radcliffe Gardens
Radcliffe Gardens
Radcliffe Lane
Radcliffe Lane
Ravens Mount
Ravens Mount
Red Lane
Regency Park Grove
Regency Park Road
Richardshaw Drive
Richardshaw Lane
Richardshaw Lane
Richardshaw Road
Richardshaw Road
Richmond Gardens
Richmond Road
Richmond Terrace
Ring Road Farsley
Ring Road Farsley
Roberts Street
Robin Chase
Robin Lane
Robin Lane
Robin Lane
Rockwood Crescent
Rockwood Grove
Rockwood Hill Court
Rockwood Road
Rogers Place
Roker Lane
Roker Lane
Roker Lane
Romney Mount
Rosebery Street
Rosemont Avenue
Rosemont Drive
Rosemont Street
Rosemont Terrace
Round Hill Road
Round Hill Road
Rusholme Drive
Ruskin Street
Ruskin Street
Sandringham Avenue
Sandringham Avenue
Savoy Court
Scholebrook Lane
School Street
School Street
Scott Street
Sharp Row
Sheridan Close
Sheridan Way
Sheridan Way
Slaters Road
Smalewell Close
Smalewell Drive
Smalewell Gardens
Smalewell Green
Smalewell Road
Somerset Road
South Drive
South Parade
South Parade
South Parade Close
South Park Terrace
South View
South View
Southroyd Rise
Spinners Chase
Spring Valley
Springbank Avenue
Springbank Close
Springbank Drive
Springbank Grove
Springbank Rise
Springbank Road
Springfield Grange
Springfield Terrace
St James Crescent
St James Crescent
St John's Avenue
St Joseph's Way
St Joseph's Way
St Lawrence Close
St Lawrence Terrace
St Lawrence Terrace
St Vincent Road
Standale Avenue
Standale Crescent
Standale Rise
Stanhall Avenue
Stanhall Mews
Stanningley By-Pass
Stanningley By-Pass
Stanningley By-Pass
Station Street
Stony Royd
Summerville Road
Sun Field
Sun Street
Sunfield Close
Sunfield Drive
Sunfield Gardens
Sunfield Place
Sunnyridge Avenue
Surrey Grove
Surrey Road
Swinnow Green
Swinnow Road
Sycamore Chase
Sycamore Walk
Sydney Street
Teasel Bank
Teasel View
Tennyson Close
Tennyson Street
Tennyson Street
The Beeches
The Boulevard
The Cote
The Crescent
The Fairway
The Gardens
The Green
The Knoll
The Lanes
The Oval
The Terrace
The Walk
Thorne Close
Thornfield Avenue
Thorpe Road
Tofts House Close
Tofts Road
Tong Lane
Town Street
Town Street
Tudor Close
Turbary Avenue
Turkey Hill
Turner Street
Tyersal Lane
Uppermoor Close
Uppermoor Close
Valley Green
Valley Grove
Valley Road
Valley Square
Varley Street
Vernon Place
Viaduct Street
Vicarage Drive
Victoria Crescent
Victoria Grove
Victoria Rise
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Wade Street
Wadlands Close
Wadlands Drive
Wadlands Grove
Wadlands Rise
Walmer Grove
Water Lane
Waterloo Grove
Waterloo Mount
Waterloo Road
Waterloo Road
Waver Green
Weavers Croft
Weavers Row
Well Street
Wellington Grove
Wellington Grove
Wesley Road
Wesley Row
Wesley Square
Wesley Street
Wesley Terrace
Wesley View
West Grove Street
West Park
West Park
West Street
Westbourne Place
Westdale Drive
Westdale Gardens
Westdale Grove
Westdale Rise
Westdale Road
Westover Drive
Westover Gardens
Westroyd Avenue
Westroyd Crescent
Westroyd Gardens
Wheatfield Close
Wheatfield Court
Whitaker Street
Wild Grove
William Lane
Willow Road
Wilsons Yard
Windmill Hill
Womersley Place
Womersley Place
Wood Nook Terrace
Wood Vine Street
Wood's Row
Woodfield Terrace
Woodfield Terrace
Woodhall Close
Woodhall Croft
Woodhall Croft
Woodhall Hills
Woodhall Lane
Woodhall Lane
Woodhall Park Avenue
Woodhall Park Avenue
Woodhall Park Crescent East
Woodhall Park Crescent West
Woodhall Park Croft
Woodhall Park Drive
Woodhall Park Grove
Woodhall Park Mount
Woodlands Avenue
Woodlands Grove
Woodlands Park Grove
Woodlands Park Road
Woodlands Road
Woodlands Terrace