LE11 Postcode District

LE11 is one of 2 Postcode Districts for the Loughborough Post town in Leicestershire


A wide range of spatial data has been analysed to present this overview of the LE11 Postcode district. If you would like anything added, please contact us.


The LE11 postcode district is a postal district located in the LE Leicester postcode area with a population of 65,654 residents according to the 2021 England and Wales Census.

The area of the LE11 postcode district is 11.89 square miles which is 30.79 square kilometres or 7,607.14 acres.

Currently, the LE11 district has about 1204 postcode units spread across 5 geographic postcode sectors.

Given that each sector allows for 400 unique postcode combinations, the district has a capacity of 2,000 postcodes. With 1204 postcodes already in use, this leaves 796 units available.

The LE11 postal code covers the settlement of LOUGHBOROUGH.

The LE11 Postcode shares a border with LE12 (Shepshed, Sileby, Mountsorrel).

The primary settlement in the LE11 postcode district is Loughborough, which is located in Leicestershire.

For the district LE11, we have data on 6 postcode sectors. Here's a breakdown: The sector LE11 1, covers Loughborough in Leicestershire. The sector LE11 2, covers Loughborough in Leicestershire. The sector LE11 3, covers Loughborough in Leicestershire. The sector LE11 4, covers Loughborough in Leicestershire. The sector LE11 5, covers Loughborough in Leicestershire. The sector LE11 9 is non-geographic. It's often designated for PO Boxes, large organisations, or special services.


LE11 Postcode Sectors

Map Showing Location of the LE11 postcode Sector
Where is the LE11 Postcode Sector?
A word cloud for the LE11 postcode
A word cloud showing place names for the LE11 postcode district

Map of the LE11 Postcode District

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Map of the LE11 and surrounding districts

When it comes to local government, postal geography often disregards political borders. However, for a breakdown in the LE11 District: the district mostly encompasses the Charnwood District (B) area with a total of 1213 postcodes.

Where is the LE11 Postcode District?

The data indicates that the LE11 postcode district is located in Loughborough. Loughborough is a district town situated in the East Midlands region of England. It is nearby several other towns including Markfield to the South West, Coalville to the West, Leicester to the South East, Wigston to the South, Melton Mowbray to the East, and Ilkeston to the North. Furthermore, Loughborough is approximately 98.9 miles away from the centre of London.

The district is within the post town of LOUGHBOROUGH.

The sector has postcodes within the nation of England.

The LE11 Postcode District is in the Leicestershire CC and Rutland region of Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire within the East Midlands (England).

Postcode Sectors within the LE11 District

Postcode Districts that Share a Border with LE11

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the LE11 Postcode District
Postcode Sector Delivery Office
LE11 1Loughborough Delivery Office
LE11 2Loughborough Delivery Office
LE11 3Loughborough Delivery Office
LE11 4Loughborough Delivery Office
LE11 5Loughborough Delivery Office
Postcode format for the LE11 postcode district
LE11 - X X X
LE11 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the LE11 Postcode Area

We found 2 visitor attractions within the LE11 postcode area

Charnwood Museum
Museums & Art Galleries
Museum and / or Art Gallery
View Charnwood Museum on Google Maps
Carillon and War Memorial Museum
Historic Properties
Historic Monument / Archaeological Site
View Carillon and War Memorial Museum on Google Maps

Current Monthly Rental Prices

# Bedrooms Min Price Max Price Avg Price
£700 £1,400 £894
1 £140 £1,040 £676
2 £477 £1,375 £941
3 £875 £1,500 £1,167
4 £140 £2,000 £735
5 £105 £3,467 £932
6 £386 £2,400 £678
7 £390 £585 £488

Current House Prices

# Bedrooms Min Price Max Price Avg Price
£33,800 £1,000,000 £208,971
1 £32,000 £230,000 £99,065
2 £64,000 £325,000 £191,738
3 £135,000 £500,000 £273,306
4 £60,000 £2,500,000 £437,953
5 £145,000 £935,000 £438,442
6 £160,000 £425,000 £261,000
7 £250,000 £250,000 £250,000

Estate Agents who Operate in the LE11 District

LogoNameBrand NameAddressContact NumberTotal Properties
loc8me LoughboroughLoughboroughloc8me3 Ashby Square, Loughborough, LE11 5AA01509 275497117
Nick Humphreys LoughboroughLoughboroughNick Humphreys39 Ashby Road, Loughborough, LE11 3AA01501 64899252
William H. Brown LoughboroughLoughboroughWilliam H. Brown22/23 Swan Street, Loughborough, LE11 5BL01509 27562148
Newton Fallowell LoughboroughLoughboroughNewton Fallowell3 Swan Street, Loughborough, LE11 5BJ 01509 27566729
Your Move LoughboroughLoughboroughYour Move65-66 Baxter Gate, Loughborough, LE11 1TH 01509 27562825

Yearly House Price Averages for the LE11 Postcode District

Type of Property 2018 Average 2018 Sales 2017 Average 2017 Sales 2016 Average 2016 Sales 2015 Average 2015 Sales
Detached £297,056240 £299,874264 £278,164278 £266,157246
Semi-Detached £194,346378 £184,163300 £173,576262 £160,848264
Terraced £164,776300 £156,161332 £143,447309 £138,066281
Flats £114,086105 £104,66789 £101,80674 £100,62084