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The NN12 Towcester Postcode District

The NN12 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 23,027 and is within the NN Northampton postcode area.

Map of the NN12 Postcode District

Hotels within the NN12 Postcode Area

We found 20 hotels and guest houses within the NN12 postcode area

Saracens Head Hotel
Saracens Head Hotel
219 Watling Street West, Towcester, NN12 6BX.
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Handley Barn
Handley Barn
Handley Barn, Abthorpe Road, Silverstone, silverstone, NN12 8TW.
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Coffee Pot Tavern
Coffee Pot Tavern
Coffee Pot Tavern, 30 High Street, Yardley Gobion, Yardley Gobion, potterspury, NN12 7TN.
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The Old Bakery Barn
The Old Bakery Barn
the old bakery the close, Eastcote, Pattishall, pattishall, NN12 8NQ.
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Kendal House B&B
Kendal House B&B
7 High Street Blakesley, Blakesley, blakesley, NN12 8RE.
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Yew Tree Cottage
Yew Tree Cottage
Longwell Yew Tree Cottage, The Old Rectory Grounds, Maidford, Towcester, Northampton, Maidford, maidford, NN12 8HT.
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The Owls Of Wappenham
The Owls Of Wappenham
, Wappenham near Towcester, wappenham, NN12 8SS.
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Whittlebury Hall and Spa
Whittlebury Hall and Spa
Whittlebury, Nr Towcester, Northamptonshire, whittlebury, NN12 8QH.
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Farthingstone Hotel & Golf Course
Farthingstone Hotel & Golf Course
Everdon Road, Farthingstone nr Towcester, farthingstone, NN12 8HA.
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Bay Tree Cottage
Bay Tree Cottage
Bay Tree Cottage, Maidford Road Farthingstone Nr Daventry, Northampton, farthingstone, NN12 8HE.
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Waterways Cottage
Waterways Cottage
Bridge Road, Stoke Bruerne, Towcester, towcester, NN12 7SD.
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Silverstone Bed and Breakfast
Silverstone Bed and Breakfast
The Chantry Coach House, Brackley Road, Silverstone, silverstone, NN12 8UA.
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Highcroft House
Highcroft House
157 Watling St West, Towcester, towcester, NN12 6BX.
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The Crown Inn
The Crown Inn
2 Helmdon Road, Weston, weston-gb-1, NN12 8PX.
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Mouse House
Mouse House
, Heathencote, towcester, NN12 7LE.
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Grooms Cottage
Grooms Cottage
Lodge Barn, Mill Lane, Grimscote, Towcester, Weedon Bec, weedon-beck, NN12 8LH.
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Highbridge House Bed & Breakfast
Highbridge House Bed & Breakfast
Highbridge House, Highbridge Road, Wappenham, wappenham, NN12 8SL.
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Intents GP @ Silverstone F1 & Moto GP
Intents GP @ Silverstone F1 & Moto GP
Intents GP Pre @ Silverstone F1 & Moto GP, Nr. Towcester, Northamptonshire, Silverstone, silverstone, NN12 8WP.
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The Granary Barn
The Granary Barn
, Wood Burcote nr. Towcester, towcester, NN12 6JR.
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The Cowshed Bed And Breakfast
The Cowshed Bed And Breakfast
Elm lodge Farmhouse High Street,, Wappenham, wappenham, NN12 8WJ.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the NN12 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AbthorpevillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
AdstonevillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
AldertonvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
AstcotevillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
BlakesleyvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
BraddenvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
CaldecotehamletSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
Cold HighamvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
DalscotehamletSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
DuncotehamletSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
EastcotevillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
FoscotehamletSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
FoxleyhamletSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
Grafton RegisvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
Greens NortonvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
GrimscotevillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
HeathencotehamletSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
HulcotehamletSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
LitchboroughvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
MaidfordvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
MilthorpevillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
PattishallvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
PaulerspuryvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
PlumptonhamletSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
PotterspuryvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
Pury EndvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
ShutlangervillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
SilverstonevillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
SlaptonvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
Stoke BruernevillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
TiffieldvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
TowcestertownSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
WappenhamvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
Weedon LoisvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
WestonvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
WhittleburyvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
Wood BurcotehamletSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
WoodendvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire
Yardley GobionvillageSouth NorthamptonshirNorthamptonshire

Postcode Sectors within the NN12 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to NN12

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the NN12 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
NN12 6Potterspury Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 7Potterspury Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 6Towcester Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 7Towcester Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 8Towcester Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 7Yardley Gobion Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 8Blakesley Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 8Greens Norton Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 8Pattishall Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 8Silverstone Scale Payment Delivery Office
NN12 8Wappenham Scale Payment Delivery Office
Postcode format for the NN12 postcode district
NN12 - X X X
NN12 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the NN12 Towcester Postcode Area