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The NR16 East Harling Postcode District

The NR16 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 11,953 and is within the NR Norwich postcode area.

Map of the NR16 Postcode District

Hotels within the NR16 Postcode Area

We found 11 hotels and guest houses within the NR16 postcode area

The Humbleyard
The Humbleyard
Church Lane, Fundenhall, Norfolk, Norwich, ashwellthorpe, NR16 1DT.
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The White Hall
The White Hall
the white hall traice road, Spooner Row, spooner-row, NR16 1HQ.
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Sunset House Bed and Breakfast
Sunset House Bed and Breakfast
32 West Harling Road, East Harling, east-harling, NR16 2SL.
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George & Dragon
George & Dragon
Market Street, East Harling, east-harling, NR16 2AD.
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Field Cottage Bed and Breakfast
Field Cottage Bed and Breakfast
Eccles Road, East Harling, east-harling, NR16 2JE.
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Carleton Cottage
Carleton Cottage
, Carleton Rode, new-buckenham, NR16 1RL.
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Farm Workshop
Farm Workshop
, New Buckenham, new-buckenham, NR16 2BG.
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Owl Lodge
Owl Lodge
, Forncett St Peter, moulton-saint-michael, NR16 1HZ.
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Willow Tree Cottage
Willow Tree Cottage
, Ashwellthorpe, wymondham, NR16 1HD.
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The Stables
The Stables
, Forncett St Peter nr. Long Stratton, forncett-saint-mary, NR16 1HZ.
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The Old Butchers House
The Old Butchers House
, Kenninghall nr. Attleborough, kenninghall, NR16 2AH.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the NR16 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AshwellthorpevillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
BunwellvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Bunwell BottomhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Bunwell HillvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Bustard's GreenhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Cargate CommonhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Carleton RodevillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
CordwellhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Dam BrigghamletBrecklandNorfolk
Dam GreenhamletBrecklandNorfolk
East HarlingvillageBrecklandNorfolk
Eccles RoadvillageBrecklandNorfolk
Forncett EndvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Forncett St MaryvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Forncett St PetervillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
FundenhallvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Fundenhall StreethamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Guilt CrosshamletBrecklandNorfolk
HargatehamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Harling RoadvillageBrecklandNorfolk
Hunt's CornerhamletBrecklandNorfolk
Kenninghall HeathhamletBrecklandNorfolk
Long RowhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Low CommonhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Middle HarlinghamletBrecklandNorfolk
Mill CommonhamletBrecklandNorfolk
New BuckenhamvillageBrecklandNorfolk
North EndhamletBrecklandNorfolk
Park CommonhamletBrecklandNorfolk
Snetterton HeathotherSettlementBrecklandNorfolk
South EndhamletBrecklandNorfolk
TacolnestonvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
TibenhamvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
ToprowvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Upgate StreethamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
West HarlinghamletBrecklandNorfolk
WreninghamvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
WymondhamtownSouth NorfolkNorfolk

Postcode Sectors within the NR16 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to NR16

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the NR16 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
NR16 1Wymondham Delivery Office
NR16 1Long Stratton Scale Payment Delivery Office
NR16 2East Harling Scale Payment Delivery Office
NR16 2Attleborough Scale Payment Delivery Office
Postcode format for the NR16 postcode district
NR16 - X X X
NR16 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the NR16 East Harling Postcode Area