The RG20 Kingsclere Postcode District

The RG20 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 18,884 and is within the RG Reading postcode area.

Map of the RG20 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to RG20

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the RG20 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
RG20 0Newbury Delivery Office
RG20 4Newbury Delivery Office
RG20 5Newbury Delivery Office
RG20 6Newbury Delivery Office
RG20 7Newbury Delivery Office
RG20 8Newbury Delivery Office
RG20 9Newbury Delivery Office
RG20 5Kingsclere Scale Payment Delivery Office
RG20 6Compton Scale Payment Delivery Office
RG20 7Compton Scale Payment Delivery Office
Postcode format for the RG20 postcode district
RG20 - X X X
RG20 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Towns, Villages or Cities within the RG20 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AdburyhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
AshmansworthvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
BagnorhamletWest Berkshire
Ball HillvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
BeedonvillageWest Berkshire
Bishop's GreenvillageWest Berkshire
Bishop's GreenvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
BoxfordvillageWest Berkshire
BrightwaltonvillageWest Berkshire
Brightwalton GreenhamletWest Berkshire
BurghclerevillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Burghclere CommonvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
CatmoreotherSettlemenWest Berkshire
ChaddleworthvillageWest Berkshire
ChieveleyvillageWest Berkshire
ComptonvillageWest Berkshire
Crockham HeathhamletWest Berkshire
Crux EastonhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Earlstone CommonhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
East EndvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
East IlsleyvillageWest Berkshire
East WoodhayhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
EastonhamletWest Berkshire
EcchinswellvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
ElcothamletWest Berkshire
EnbornehamletWest Berkshire
Enborne RowvillageWest Berkshire
Gore EndhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
HalfwayhamletWest Berkshire
Hamstead MarshallvillageWest Berkshire
Heath EndhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
HighclerevillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
HillgreenhamletWest Berkshire
Hoe BenhamhamletWest Berkshire
HollingtonhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Hollington CrosshamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Horris HillhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
KingsclerevillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
LeckhampsteadvillageWest Berkshire
Leckhampstead ThickethamletWest Berkshire
Marsh BenhamhamletWest Berkshire
NewburytownWest Berkshire
NewtownvillageWest Berkshire
NewtownvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Newtown CommonvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
North EndhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
North HeathhamletWest Berkshire
North SydmontonhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Old BurghclereotherSettlemenBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
OwnhamhamletWest Berkshire
PeasemorevillageWest Berkshire
PenwoodvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Pound StreethamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
StanmorehamletWest Berkshire
StockcrossvillageWest Berkshire
SydmontonhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Tot HillhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Wash WatervillageWest Berkshire
Wash WatervillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
WelfordhamletWest Berkshire
West IlsleyvillageWest Berkshire
West WoodhayhamletWest Berkshire
WestbrookvillageWest Berkshire
WestonhamletWest Berkshire
WhitwayhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
WickhamvillageWest Berkshire
Wickham HeathhamletWest Berkshire
WinterbournevillageWest Berkshire
WoodspeenhamletWest Berkshire
Woolton HillvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
World's EndvillageWest Berkshire

Postcode Sectors within the RG20 Postcode District

Streets within the RG20 Kingsclere Postcode Area