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The SP11 Ludgershall Postcode District

The SP11 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 23,446 and is within the SP Salisbury postcode area.

Map of the SP11 Postcode District

Hotels within the SP11 Postcode Area

We found 11 hotels and guest houses within the SP11 postcode area

Quality Hotel Andover
Quality Hotel Andover
Micheldever Road, Andover, andover, SP11 6LA.
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Bourne Valley Inn
Bourne Valley Inn
Upper Link, St Mary Bourne, saint-mary-bourne, SP11 6BT.
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Esseborne Manor
Esseborne Manor
Hurstbourne Tarrant, Andover, hurstbourne-tarrant, SP11 0ER.
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River Cottage
River Cottage
, Abbotts Ann near Andover, abbotts-ann, SP11 7NW.
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Studio in the Field
Studio in the Field
Field House Wherwell, Andover, andover, SP11 7JP.
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The Hawk Inn
The Hawk Inn
Amport, Andover, andover, SP11 8AE.
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Cleaver Cottage
Cleaver Cottage
1 Cleaver Cottage, Appleshaw, Andover, andover, SP11 9AD.
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Bramble Cottage B&B
Bramble Cottage B&B
5 Newbuildings, Chute Cadley, chute, SP11 9ED.
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George and Dragon
George and Dragon
The Square, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Andover, hurstbourne-tarrant, SP11 0AA.
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Gunville House B&B
Gunville House B&B
Monxton Road, Grateley, Andover, grateley, SP11 8JQ.
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The Old Staddles Annex
The Old Staddles Annex
7 Queens Close, Ludgershall, Andover, Hants, Andover, ludgershall, SP11 9SN.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the SP11 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Abbotts AnnvillageTest ValleyHampshire
AmportvillageTest ValleyHampshire
AndovertownTest ValleyHampshire
Andover DownvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Anna ValleyvillageTest ValleyHampshire
AppleshawvillageTest ValleyHampshire
BinleyhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Chute CadleyhamletWiltshire
Chute ForesthamletWiltshire
Chute StandenhamletWiltshire
ClanvillehamletTest ValleyHampshire
CottonworthhamletTest ValleyHampshire
East AntonhamletTest ValleyHampshire
East CholdertonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
EgburyhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Enham AlameinvillageTest ValleyHampshire
FaccombevillageTest ValleyHampshire
FortonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
FullertonhamletTest ValleyHampshire
FyfieldvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Goodworth ClatfordvillageTest ValleyHampshire
GrateleyvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Great ShoddesdenotherSettlementWiltshire
Great ShoddesdenotherSettlementTest ValleyHampshire
HatherdenvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Hurstbourne TarrantvillageTest ValleyHampshire
IbthorpevillageTest ValleyHampshire
KimptonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
LinkenholthamletTest ValleyHampshire
Little DownhamletTest ValleyHampshire
Little LondonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Little ShoddesdenhamletTest ValleyHampshire
LongparishvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Lower ChutehamletWiltshire
MiddletonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
MonxtonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
MullenspondhamletTest ValleyHampshire
NethertonhamletTest ValleyHampshire
PalestinevillageTest ValleyHampshire
Penton CornerhamletTest ValleyHampshire
Penton GraftonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Penton MewseyvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Perham DownvillageWiltshire
Picket PiecevillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Picket PiecevillageTest ValleyHampshire
QuarleyvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Ramridge ParkhamletTest ValleyHampshire
Red RicehamletTest ValleyHampshire
RedenhamhamletTest ValleyHampshire
SmannellhamletTest ValleyHampshire
St Mary BournevillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
StokevillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
TangleyhamletTest ValleyHampshire
ThruxtonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Upper ChutevillageWiltshire
Upper ClatfordvillageTest ValleyHampshire
UptonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Vernham DeanvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Vernham StreethamletTest ValleyHampshire
WadwickhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
WeyhillvillageTest ValleyHampshire
WherwellvillageTest ValleyHampshire
WildhernvillageTest ValleyHampshire
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the SP11 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
SP11 0Andover Delivery Office
SP11 6Andover Delivery Office
SP11 7Andover Delivery Office
SP11 8Andover Delivery Office
SP11 9Andover Delivery Office
SP11 9Tidworth Delivery Office
Postcode format for the SP11 postcode district
SP11 - X X X
SP11 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the SP11 Ludgershall Postcode Area