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The TA4 Williton Postcode District

The TA4 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 18,849 and is within the TA Taunton postcode area.

Map of the TA4 Postcode District

Hotels within the TA4 Postcode Area

We found 28 hotels and guest houses within the TA4 postcode area

White Hart Hotel
White Hart Hotel
West Street, Wiveliscombe, Taunton, wiveliscombe, TA4 2JP.
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Notley Arms Inn
Notley Arms Inn
Monksilver, Frontstreet, Elworthy, elworthy, TA4 4JB.
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Old Malthouse
Old Malthouse
Old Malthouse Pond Orchard, Elworthy, elworthy, TA4 4JB.
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Hartwood House
Hartwood House
Crowcombe Heathfield, Taunton, combe-florey, TA4 4BS.
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Lavender Cottage
Lavender Cottage
Lavender Cottage Preston Bowyer, Milverton Taunton, Milverton, milverton, TA4 1PQ.
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Cherry Orchard House
Cherry Orchard House
Cherry Orchard House West Quantoxhead, West Quantoxhead, west-quantoxhead, TA4 4DW.
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Surridge Farmhouse, Taunton
Surridge Farmhouse, Taunton
Surridge Farmhouse, Bathealton, Taunton, stawley, TA4 2AS.
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The Hayloft, Triscombe
The Hayloft, Triscombe
The Hayloft, Stable Cottage, Triscombe, west-bagborough, TA4 3HG.
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The Old Quarry, Wiveliscombe
The Old Quarry, Wiveliscombe
The Old Quarry, Abbotsfield, Wiveliscombe, wiveliscombe, TA4 2SU.
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The Lethbridge Arms
The Lethbridge Arms
Gore Square Bishops Lydeard, Taunton, bishops-lydeard, TA4 3BW.
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Elmfield, Taunton
Elmfield, Taunton
Elmfield, Sampford Brett, Taunton, williton, TA4 4JY.
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22 Staple, Hill Lane, West Quontoxhead, west-quantoxhead, TA4 4DQ.
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The Old School Bed & Breakfast
The Old School Bed & Breakfast
The Old School, Sampford Brett, watchet, TA4 4LG.
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Fitzhead Inn
Fitzhead Inn
Fitzhead, Taunton, fitzhead, TA4 3JP.
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St Audries Bay Holiday Club
St Audries Bay Holiday Club
West Quantoxhead, Minehead, west-quantoxhead, TA4 4DY.
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The White House Guest House
The White House Guest House
11 Long Street, Taunton, williton, TA4 4QW.
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Rock Inn
Rock Inn
Waterrow, Taunton, wiveliscombe, TA4 2AX.
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Somerset, Williton, williton, TA4 4JB.
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Moonfleat Cottage
Moonfleat Cottage
, West Quantoxhead, Somerset, west-quantoxhead, TA4 4DQ.
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, Fitzhead nr Wivelscombe, fitzhead, TA4 3JX.
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, Stogumber, west-quantoxhead, TA4 3SZ.
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Tilbury Cottage
Tilbury Cottage
, Bagborough, west-bagborough, TA4 3DY.
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, Waterrow Wiveliscombe, chipstable, ta4 2be.
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Orchard House Garden Studio
Orchard House Garden Studio
Hartswell, Wiveliscombe, wiveliscombe, TA4 2NF.
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High Orchard B&B
High Orchard B&B
Maundown, Wiveliscombe, Taunton, maundown, TA4 2HL.
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Jacobs Pond, Near Monksilver
Jacobs Pond, Near Monksilver
Jacobs Pond, near Monksilver, Williton, Somerset, Capton, stogumber, TA4 4LU.
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Tilbury View
Tilbury View
, West Bagborough nr. Taunton, west-bagborough, TA4 3DY.
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Exmoor Gate Lodges
Exmoor Gate Lodges
Waterrow Wiveliscombe, Somerset, chipstable, TA4 2AU.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the TA4 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AllerfordhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Ash PriorsvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
BathealtonhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
BicknollervillageWest SomersetSomerset
Bishops LydeardvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
Bradford-on-TonevillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
Brompton RalphhamletWest SomersetSomerset
CaptonhamletWest SomersetSomerset
ChipstablehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
ClatworthyhamletWest SomersetSomerset
Coleford WaterhamletWest SomersetSomerset
Combe FloreyvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
Cotford St LukevillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
CothelstonehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
CottifordotherSettlementWest SomersetSomerset
CoursleyotherSettlementTaunton DeaneSomerset
CrofordhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
CrowcombevillageWest SomersetSomerset
Crowcombe HeathfieldhamletWest SomersetSomerset
CulverhayshamletWest SomersetSomerset
East CombehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
East LydeardhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
East TownhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
ElworthyhamletWest SomersetSomerset
EscotthamletWest SomersetSomerset
FitzheadvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
FlaxpoolhamletWest SomersetSomerset
FordhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
HalsevillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
Handy CrosshamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
HeathfieldhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
HelehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Higher HalswayotherSettlementWest SomersetSomerset
Higher VexfordhamletWest SomersetSomerset
HillcommonvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
HillfarrancevillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
HoccombehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Huish ChampflowervillageWest SomersetSomerset
LangleyhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Langley MarshvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
LawfordhamletWest SomersetSomerset
Lower HalswayhamletWest SomersetSomerset
Lower VexfordhamletWest SomersetSomerset
Lydeard St LawrencevillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
MaundownhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
MilvertonvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
MonksilvervillageWest SomersetSomerset
NethercotthamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
NettlecombeotherSettlementWest SomersetSomerset
NewtonhamletWest SomersetSomerset
NorthwayhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
OakevillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
Pitsford HillhamletWest SomersetSomerset
Pond ClosehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
PrestonhamletWest SomersetSomerset
Preston BowyerhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
PyleighhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
RaddingtonotherSettlementTaunton DeaneSomerset
Rich's HolfordhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Rook's NesthamletWest SomersetSomerset
RumwellhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Sampford BrettvillageWest SomersetSomerset
ScreedyhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Seven AshhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
ShopnollerhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
SkilgatehamletWest SomersetSomerset
StogumbervillageWest SomersetSomerset
StreamhamletWest SomersetSomerset
TarrhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
TauntontownTaunton DeaneSomerset
TerhillhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
TollandhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Tone GreenhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
ToultonhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Treble's HolfordhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
TriscombehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
UpcotthamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
UptonvillageWest SomersetSomerset
VellowhamletWest SomersetSomerset
WaterrowhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
WeacombehamletWest SomersetSomerset
West BagboroughvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
West LeighhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
West QuantoxheadvillageWest SomersetSomerset
WestowehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
WhitefieldhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
WilletthamletWest SomersetSomerset
WillitonvillageWest SomersetSomerset
WiveliscombetownTaunton DeaneSomerset
WoodfordhamletWest SomersetSomerset
WoolstonhamletWest SomersetSomerset
YardehamletWest SomersetSomerset

Postcode Sectors within the TA4 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to TA4

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the TA4 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
TA4 1Taunton Delivery Office
TA4 2Wiveliscombe Scale Payment Delivery Office
TA4 3Bishops Lydeard Scale Payment Delivery Office
TA4 3Taunton Delivery Office
TA4 4Taunton Delivery Office
TA4 3Lydeard St Lawrence Scale Payment Delivery Office
TA4 4Lydeard St Lawrence Scale Payment Delivery Office
TA4 4Williton Scale Payment Delivery Office
Postcode format for the TA4 postcode district
TA4 - X X X
TA4 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the TA4 Williton Postcode Area