The Urban Area of Dagenham in the County of Greater London

The Urban Area of Dagenham is located within the county of Greater London.

Dagenham is situated in the London region of the UK and is governed by Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Redbridge, councils.

The Urban Area of Dagenham is covers the following regions.

  • Barking & Dagenham and Havering - Outer London - East and North East - London
  • Redbridge and Waltham Forest - Outer London - East and North East - London
  • Barking and Dagenham
  • Havering
  • Redbridge
  • Becontree: St Alban
  • Becontree: St Cedd
  • Becontree: St Elisabeth
  • Becontree: St George
  • Becontree: St Mary
  • Becontree: St Thomas
  • Dagenham: St Martin
  • Dagenham: St Peter & St Paul
  • Hartley Brook Church

Where is Dagenham is located in the UK

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Map of the Urban Area of Dagenham in Greater London

Dentists in Dagenham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Dagenham
1-3 Dewey Road (dental Practice) 1-3 Dewey Road Dagenham Essex RM10 8AP
Castle Dental Practice Green Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 1YR
Dental Surgery 221 Heathway Dagenham Essex RM9 6AE
Dental Surgery 228 Oxlow Lane Dagenham Essex RM10 7YX
Dental Surgery 515a Gale Street Dagenham Essex RM9 4TP
Dental Surgery 618 Becontree Avenue Dagenham Essex RM8 3HB
Dental Surgery 700 Green Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 1YX
Dental Surgery 831 Longbridge Road Dagenham Essex RM8 2DA
Dental Surgery 833a Longbridge Road Dagenham Greater London RM8 2DA
Five Elms Health Centre Five Elms Road Dagenham Essex RM9 5TT
Heathway Dental Surgery 276a Heathway Dagenham Essex RM10 8QS
I Levitan And Associates 1 - 5 Orchard Road Dagenham Essex RM10 9PT
London Borough Of Barking J Engwell Clinic, Woodward Road Dagenham RM9 4SR
Wood Lane (dental Surgery) 479 Wood Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 3NT

Opticians in Dagenham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Dagenham
4140 Dagenham Asda Stores Ltd, Merrielands Crescent Dagenham Essex RM9 6SJ
Care Optics (dagenham) 527a Gale Street Dagenham Essex RM9 4TR
Heathway Eyecare (dagenham) 295 Heathway Dagenham Essex RM9 5AQ
Henry Morgan Ophthalmic Opticians Ltd 276 Heathway Dagenham Essex RM10 8QU
Low Vision Centre Parsloes Park Health Centre, Porters Avenue Dagenham Essex RM8 2AQ
Nasir Opticians 114-116 Church Elm Lane Dagenham Essex RM10 9RL
Opt-a-vision 764 Green Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 1YT
Shiva Opticians Ltd 433 Becontree Avenue Dagenham Essex RM8 3UH
Specsavers (dagenham) Unit 27/2 The Mall, Heathway Dagenham Essex RM10 8RE
Super Optical - Dagenham Unit 13, Dagenham Business Park, 123 Rainham Road North Dagenham Essex RM10 7FD

Chemists in Dagenham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Dagenham
Alvin Rose Chemist 606 Longbridge Road Dagenham Essex RM8 2AJ tel:020 85901480
Andrew Bass Pharmacy 1148 Green Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 1BP tel:020 85921756
Asda Pharmacy Merrielands Crescent Dagenham Essex RM9 6SJ tel:020 89848515
Boots Uk Limited 17 The Mall, Heathway Dagenham Essex RM10 8RE tel:020 85921001
Britannia Pharmacy 420 Wood Lane Dagenham Essex RM10 7FP tel:02085 936213
Britannia Pharmacy 453 Porters Avenue Dagenham Essex RM9 4ND tel:020 85921080
David Lewis Chemist 16 Porters Avenue Dagenham Essex RM8 2AQ tel:020 85921557
Day Lewis Chemist Heath Chemists, 149 Broad Street Dagenham Essex RM10 9HX tel:020 85920161
Day Lewis Pharmacy 7 Beadles Parade, Rainham Road South Dagenham Essex RM10 8YL tel:020 85924787
Day Lewis Pharmacy 2 Royal Parade, Church Street Dagenham Essex RM10 9XB tel:02085 179142
Hannigan 240 Bennetts Castle Lane, Becontree Dagenham Essex RM8 3UU
Hedgemans Pharmacy 438 Hedgemans Road Dagenham Essex RM9 6BU tel:020 85921063
Kry-ba Pharmacy 21 Goresbrook Road Dagenham Essex RM9 6XA tel:020 85924904
Lloydspharmacy 281 Wood Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 3NH tel:02085 921613
Mastaa-care Pharmacy Ltd 26 Whalebone Lane South Dagenham Essex RM8 1BJ tel:020 85922497
Nuchem 778 Green Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 1YT
Oxlow Chemist 217 Oxlow Lane Dagenham Essex RM10 7YA tel:020 85958527
Sandbern Chemist 705 Green Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 1UU
Talati Chemist 282 Heathway Dagenham Essex RM10 8QS tel:020 85923321
Valence Pharmacy 453 Becontree Avenue Dagenham Essex RM8 3UL tel:020 85904811
Waller Chemist 279 Heathway Dagenham Essex RM9 5AQ tel:020 85922934

Doctors in Dagenham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Dagenham
Dr A Arif 620 Longbridge Road, Goodmayes Dagenham Essex RM8 2AJ tel:020 36687497
Dr A Moghal's Practice Becontree Medical Centre, 641-645 Becontree Avenue Dagenham Essex RM8 3HP tel:0844 4778681
Dr Bk Jaiswal's Practice Woodward Road Dagenham Essex RM9 4SR tel:020 85925500
Dr C Ola's Practice 36 Dewey Road Dagenham Essex RM10 8AR tel:020 85920049
Dr Dp Shah's Practice 199 Reede Road Dagenham Essex RM10 8EJ tel:020 85922664
Dr Km Alkaisy Practice Urswick Road Dagenham Essex RM9 6EA tel:020 89844470
Dr M Ehsan 69 Oval Road North Dagenham Essex RM10 9ET tel:020 85920606
Dr M Fateh's Practice 2 First Avenue Dagenham Essex RM10 9AT tel:020 85924082
Dr M Goyal's Practice The Health Centre, Church Elm Lane Dagenham Essex RM10 9RR tel:020 84653000
Dr Sz Haider's Practice 561-563 Valence Avenue Dagenham Essex RM8 3RH tel:020 85929111
Dr Tc Mohan Maplestead Road (urswick Branch), 35 Maplestead Road Dagenham Essex RM9 4XH
Five Elms Medical Practice Five Elms Road Dagenham Essex RM9 5TT tel:020 85171175
Gables Surgery 50 Markyate Road Dagenham Essex RM8 2LD tel:020 36675410
Green Lane Surgery 872 Green Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 1BX tel:020 85997151
Halbutt Street Surgery 2 Halbutt Street Dagenham Essex RM9 5AS tel:020 85921544
Heathway Medical Centre Broad Street Resource Centre, Morland Road Dagenham Essex RM10 9HU tel:020 85921771
Hedgemans Medical Centre 92 Hedgemans Road Dagenham RM9 6HT tel:020 85924242
Laburnum Health Centre Althorne Way Dagenham Essex RM10 7DF tel:020 85170222
Parsoles Avenue 370 Parsloes Avenue Dagenham Essex RM9 5QP
Porters Avenue Surgery 234 Porters Avenue Dagenham RM8 2EQ tel:020 85967850
Prime Practice Partnership Broad Street Resource Ctr, Morland Road Dagenham Essex RM10 9HU tel:020 85964400
St Albans Surgery Urswick Road Dagenham Essex RM9 6EA tel:020 89844460
Tulasi Medical Centre 10 Bennetts Castle Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 3XU tel:020 85901773
Valence Medical Centre - Branch Site 1 Grosvenor Road Dagenham Essex RM8 1NR
List of Streets in Dagenham
Aconbury Road
Acre Road
Adomar Road
Ager Avenue
Agnes Gardens
Aidan Close
Albert Road
Aldborough Road
Aldington Close
Alex Guy Gardens
Alex Guy Gardens
Alexandra Road
Alibon Gardens
Alibon Road
Alibon Road
Alleyndale Road
Althorne Way
Amesbury Road
Amesbury Road
Amidas Gardens
Anstead Drive
Anstead Drive
Anvil Mews
Apple Tree Lane
Arden Crescent
Arden Crescent
Armstead Walk
Armstrong Close
Arnold Road
Arnold Road
Ashbrook Road
Askwith Road
Asquith Close
Auckland Avenue
Auriel Avenue
Aylmer Road
Ayloffe Road
Babington Road
Baddow Close
Baden Powell Close
Bainbridge Road
Ballards Close
Ballards Road
Ballards Road
Barnmead Gardens
Barnmead Road
Baron Road
Baron Road
Basedale Road
Beam Avenue
Beaumont Crescent
Becontree Avenue
Becontree Avenue
Beech Gardens
Bell Farm Avenue
Bennett's Castle Lane
Bennett's Castle Lane
Bennett's Castle Lane
Benning Drive
Bentry Close
Bentry Road
Berengers Place
Berry Close
Berryman Close
Betterton Road
Beverley Road
Billings Close
Birch Gardens
Birdbrook Close
Blackborne Road
Blacksmith's Lane
Blake Close
Blake Close
Blithbury Road
Blomville Road
Blossom Close
Bluebird Lane
Blunden Close
Boleyn Gardens
Bonham Gardens
Bonham Road
Bonham Road
Bosworth Road
Boulter Gardens
Boulton Road
Bowes Road
Boxoll Road
Boyne Road
Bradwell Avenue
Bragg Close
Braintree Road
Breach Lane
Brendon Road
Brewood Road
Bridge Road
Bridge Road
Brittain Road
Broad Street
Broadis Way
Bromhall Road
Bromhall Road
Brook Avenue
Brooking Close
Bryce Road
Bull Lane
Burdetts Road
Burford Close
Burnham Road
Burnside Road
Burreed Mews
Burwood Gardens
Bury Road
Bury Road
Bushgrove Road
Butler Road
Butteridges Close
Buttfield Close
Cadiz Road
Calverley Crescent
Cambeys Road
Campden Crescent
Campden Way
Campsey Road
Canberra Crescent
Canfield Road
Cannington Road
Canonsleigh Road
Carey Road
Carrow Road
Cartwright Road
Cassandra Close
Castle Avenue
Castle Road
Causton Square
Central Park Avenue
Centre Road
Chantress Close
Chaplin Road
Charlecote Road
Charles Road
Charlotte Road
Charlotte Road
Chequers Lane
Cherry Tree Close
Cherry Tree Lane
Cherry Tree Lane
Cherry Walk
Chitty's Lane
Chitty's Lane
Choats Manor Way
Choats Manor Way
Choats Road
Choats Road
Christchurch Avenue
Church Elm Lane
Church Lane
Church Street
Claridge Road
Clemence Road
Clementhorpe Road
Coleman Road
Collingwood Road
Combes Road
Comyns Road
Coniston Way
Connor Road
Consul Avenue
Conway Close
Cook Road
Coombes Road
Coopers Close
Coote Road
Coppen Road
Cories Close
Cornshaw Road
Cornwallis Road
Cornworthy Road
Cotesmore Gardens
Cotton Close
Courier Road
Courtyard Mews
Crane Close
Cranmer Gardens
Crescent Road
Croppath Road
Croppath Road
Crosby Road
Crown Street
Crown Street
Crystal Way
D'arcy Gardens
Dagenham Avenue
Dagenham Avenue
Dagenham Road
Dagenham Road
Dagenham Road
Dagenham Road
Dagmar Road
Danbury Road
David Road
Davington Gardens
Davington Road
Deere Avenue
Delvers Mead
Denholme Walk
Denny Gardens
Dewey Road
Diamond Close
Digby Gardens
Diversity Avenue
Dominion Way
Donne Road
Dorothy Gardens
Downing Road
Downing Road
Drake Mews
Dronfield Gardens
Dunbar Avenue
Dunbar Gardens
Dunedin Road
Dunkeld Road
Dunkeld Road
Dunmow Drive
Dunningford Close
Durban Gardens
Durell Road
Durham Road
Earls Walk
Easebourne Road
East Entrance
Eastbrook Avenue
Eastbrook Close
Eastfield Gardens
Eastfield Road
Eaton Gardens
Edgehill Gardens
Edmund Road
Edwin Close
Egbert Close
Eliot Road
Ellerton Gardens
Ellerton Road
Elmer Close
Elmer Gardens
Elms Gardens
Elstow Road
Ely Gardens
Emerald Gardens
Ennerdale Avenue
Essex Road
Exeter Road
Exeter Road
Fambridge Road
Fanshawe Crescent
Farm Close
Faulkner Close
Felhurst Crescent
Felhurst Crescent
Fels Close
Fels Farm Avenue
Fiennes Close
Fiesta Drive
Fiesta Drive
Finnymore Road
Finucane Gardens
First Avenue
Fitzstephen Road
Five Elms Road
Flamstead Road
Fontayne Avenue
Ford Close
Ford Lane
Ford Road
Ford Road
Fordyke Road
Foxlands Crescent
Foxlands Road
Foxlands Road
Frederick Road
Freeborne Gardens
Freshwater Road
Frizlands Lane
Fuller Road
Furness Way
Fyfield Road
Gainsborough Road
Gale Street
Gale Street
Gale Street
Gale Street
Gallipoli Place
Gardiner Close
Garner Close
Gay Gardens
Gerald Road
Gerard Gardens
Gibson Road
Gilroy Close
Gisborne Gardens
Glebe Road
Glencoe Drive
Gloria Gardens
Goresbrook Road
Goresbrook Road
Goring Gardens
Goring Road
Gosfield Road
Gosfield Road
Grafton Gardens
Grafton Road
Grafton Road
Gray Avenue
Gray Gardens
Gray Gardens
Great Charter Close
Green Lane
Green Lane
Greenfield Gardens
Greenfield Road
Greenwood Avenue
Griffith Close
Grosvenor Road
Grove Gardens
Grove Park Road
Guysfield Close
Guysfield Drive
Halbutt Street
Halyard Street
Hamden Crescent
Hammonds Close
Hardie Road
Harding Drive
Haresfield Road
Haresfield Road
Harlow Road
Harris Road
Harrison Road
Harrison Road
Harrold Road
Haskard Road
Hatfield Road
Haydon Road
Haydon Road
Hedgemans Road
Hedgemans Road
Hedgemans Road
Hedgemans Road
Hedgemans Way
Hedingham Road
Henshawe Road
Herold Close
Hewett Road
Heynes Road
Heynes Road
Highgrove Road
Highland Avenue
Hindmans Way
Hitch Street
Hitherfield Road
Hitherfield Road
Hobart Road
Hogarth Road
Holden Close
Holgate Road
Hollidge Way
Holmeoak Avenue
Home Gardens
Homestead Road
Honey Close
Hood Road
Hooks Hall Drive
Horsebridge Close
Hubert Road
Hubert Road
Hugo Gardens
Humphries Close
Hunsdon Close
Hunters Hall Road
Hunters Hall Road
Hunters Square
Huntings Road
Huntings Road
Hynton Road
Ibscott Close
Ilchester Road
Ingleby Road
Inskip Road
Ivinghoe Road
Ivy Walk
Ivyhouse Road
Jack Jones Way
Jacobs Close
Jade Close
James Avenue
Jersey Road
Joan Gardens
Joan Road
John Parker Close
Jordans Close
Joyners Close
Karen Close
Kean Crescent
Kelburn Way
Kemmel Road
Kemp Road
Kendal Croft
Kent Avenue
Kent Avenue
Kent Road
Keppel Road
Kershaw Road
Kilmarnock Gardens
Kingaby Gardens
Kingsley Close
Kingsmill Road
Kirklees Road
Kirklees Road
Kitchener Road
Knight Close
Knightswood Road
Krithia Road
Lacey Drive
Lake Close
Lake Gardens
Lake Road
Lamberhurst Road
Lambley Road
Lamson Road
Lamson Road
Laneside Avenue
Langdale Close
Langhorne Road
Langley Crescent
Langley Crescent
Langley Gardens
Lawrence Crescent
Lewis Way
Leys Avenue
Leys Avenue
Lichfield Road
Lighterman Road
Lillechurch Road
Limbourne Avenue
Lindisfarne Road
Lindisfarne Road
Lindsey Road
Link Road
Liphook Close
Listowel Road
Little Bow Lane
Lloyd Road
Locke Close
Lockwell Road
Lodge Avenue
Lodge Avenue
Longbridge Road
Longbridge Road
Louise Gardens
Lovell Walk
Lowen Road
Lower Broad Street
Lower Mardyke Avenue
Lowry Road
Lullington Road
Lymington Road
Lymington Road
Lynbrook Close
Lynnett Road
Macdonald Avenue
Malpas Road
Manchester Way
Manning Road
Manning Road
Manor Close
Manor Road
Manor Square
Manor Way
Manser Road
Maplestead Road
Margery Road
Markyate Road
Marlborough Road
Marne Road
Marsh Green Road
Marsh Way
Marston Avenue
Marston Close
Martin Kinggett Gardens
Martin Road
Martin Road
Maxey Road
Mayesbrook Road
Mayfield Road
Mayfield Road
Mayswood Gardens
Maytree Close
Meadow Road
Meadow Walk
Merrielands Crescent
Messina Way
Milner Road
Monarch Close
Monmouth Road
Moore Crescent
Mordaunt Gardens
Morgan Close
Morgan Crescent
Morland Road
Morris Road
Moss Road
Mount Road
Muggeridge Road
Mungo Park Road
Naseby Road
Neasham Road
Nelson Road
Nelson Road
Neptune Close
Neville Gardens
Neville Road
New Road
New Road
New Road
New Road
New Zealand Way
Newtons Close
Nicholas Road
Norfolk Road
North Close
Northfield Road
Norton Road
Nuneaton Road
Nutbrowne Road
Offa Close
Oglethorpe Road
Old Station Lane
Oliver Road
Ongar Way
Orchard Road
Osborne Road
Osborne Square
Oswald Close
Ottawa Gardens
Oval Road North
Oval Road South
Oxlow Lane
Oxlow Lane
Page Close
Palmer Road
Palmer Road
Panyers Gardens
Park Drive
Park Mews
Parsloes Avenue
Passive Close
Pasture Road
Patrick Crescent
Pavet Close
Peacock Close
Pear Tree Lane
Peartree Gardens
Pedley Road
Pembroke Gardens
Penrith Crescent
Penrith Crescent
Perry Road
Peters Close
Pettit's Place
Pettit's Road
Petworth Way
Philip Road
Pinley Gardens
Plowman Way
Plum Lane
Plumtree Close
Polesworth Road
Pond Lees Close
Pondfield Road
Porters Avenue
Porters Avenue
Porters Avenue
Porters Avenue
Porters Mews
Powell Gardens
Proctor Place
Purland Close
Queens Gardens
Queenstown Gardens
Radleys Mead
Rainham Road
Rainham Road
Rainham Road
Rainham Road North
Rainham Road North
Rainham Road South
Rainham Road South
Rainham Road South
Raydons Gardens
Raydons Road
Rectory Road
Reede Road
Reede Road
Reede Road
Reede Way
Reef Street
Reginald Ellingworth Street
Review Road
Richard Ryan Place
Richardson Gardens
Ridgewell Close
Ripple Road
Ripple Road
Ripple Road
Roberts Close
Robinson Road
Robinson Road
Rockwell Road
Rogers Gardens
Rogers Road
Romsey Road
Ron Todd Close
Rookery Crescent
Roosevelt Way
Rosedale Road
Rosemary Gardens
Ross Avenue
Rosslyn Avenue
Rothwell Gardens
Rothwell Road
Rowdowns Road
Rowlands Road
Rowney Gardens
Rowney Road
Rugby Gardens
Rugby Road
Rush Green Road
Rusholme Avenue
Rusper Road
Rutland Gardens
Ryder Gardens
Salisbury Road
Sandown Avenue
Sandown Court
Sapphire Close
School Road
School Way
Scottes Lane
Seabrook Road
Seaburn Close
Second Avenue
Sedgemoor Drive
Selinas Lane
Seton Gardens
Shafter Road
Sheldon Road
Sheppey Road
Shipton Close
Shortcrofts Road
Sierra Drive
Simmons Drive
Simpson Road
Singleton Road
Siviter Way
South Close
South End Road
South Street
Sowrey Avenue
Sparks Close
Sparrow Green
Spencer Road
Spinney Close
Spinney Gardens
Spring Close
Springpond Road
Spurling Road
St Georges Road
St Giles Avenue
St Giles Close
St Marks Place
Stamford Road
Standfield Road
Stanhope Road
Stanhope Road
Stanley Avenue
Stanley Road North
Stanley Road North
Stanley Road South
Stansgate Road
Stapleton Crescent
Starmans Close
Station Road
Stephen Avenue
Sterry Crescent
Sterry Gardens
Sterry Road
Sterry Road
Stevens Road
Stockdale Road
Stockdale Road
Stocker Gardens
Stonard Road
Stone Close
Stour Road
Stratford Close
Studley Road
Suffolk Road
Sunningdale Road
Surmans Close
Surrey Road
Surrey Road
Sylvan Way
Talbot Road
Tallow Close
Tannery Close
Tempest Way
Temple Avenue
Temple Gardens
Tenterden Road
Terling Road
Terrace Walk
Thames Avenue
The Broadway
Thetford Road
Theydon Gardens
Thicket Grove
Third Avenue
Thompson Road
Thorogood Way
Thunderer Road
Tilney Road
Tony Rawson Way
Torrington Road
Trafalgar Road
Trefgarne Road
Tremelo Green
Treswell Road
Trinidad Gardens
Tuck Road
Turnage Road
Upper Rainham Road
Urswick Road
Uvedale Road
Valence Avenue
Valence Avenue
Valence Circus
Valence Wood Road
Vaughn Street
Venables Close
Verney Gardens
Verney Road
Vicar's Walk
Vicarage Road
Victoria Road
Victory Road
Viking Way
Vincent Road
Wagstaff Gardens
Waldegrave Road
Waldegrave Road
Walden Avenue
Walfrey Gardens
Wallers Close
Walnut Tree Road
Walnut Tree Road
Wantz Road
Wantz Road
Warley Avenue
Warrington Road
Warrington Square
Waterbeach Road
Watkins Way
Wayside Gardens
Webbscroft Road
Wellington Close
Wellington Drive
Wells Gardens
Western Avenue
Westfield Road
Weston Green
Weston Road
Weylond Road
Whalebone Lane South
Wheel Farm Drive
Whitebarn Lane
Whitepost Lane
Whybridge Close
William Ash Close
Willoughby Drive
Wilthorne Gardens
Winding Way
Winding Way
Windmill Road
Windsor Road
Winifred Road
Winmill Road
Winstead Gardens
Winterbourne Road
Winterbourne Road
Wisdons Close
Witham Road
Wix Road
Wood Lane
Wood Lane
Wood Lane
Wood Lane
Wood Lane
Woodshire Road
Woodward Road
Wren Gardens
Wren Road
Wrights Close
Wroxall Road
Wykeham Avenue
Wykeham Green
Wymark Close
Wythenshawe Road
Yewtree Avenue
Yewtree Avenue
York Road
Ypres Place