The Town of Morley in the County of West Yorkshire

The town of Morley is located within the county of West Yorkshire.

Morley is situated in the Yorkshire and The Humber region of the UK and is governed by Leeds, council.

The town of Morley is in the Leeds region of West Yorkshire within Yorkshire and The Humber.

  • Leeds
  • Bruntcliffe: St Andrew
  • Churwell: All Saints
  • Morley: St Paul
  • Morley: St Peter

Where is Morley is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Morley in West Yorkshire

Dentists in Morley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Morley
3a Windsor Court [the Dental Practice] 3a Windsor Court, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9BG
Dental Surgery 12 Corporation Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9NB
Dental Surgery Little Fountain Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9EN
Holme Lea Dental Surgery 13 Watson Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 0AH

Opticians in Morley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Morley
4158 Morley Asda Opticians, Howley Park Road, Morley Leeds LS27 0BP
Boots Opticians (morley) 7 Windsor Court, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9BG
Ivision Opticians (morley) 11 Windsor Court, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9BG
Optivu Eyecare 68 Victoria Road, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9DS
Specsavers (morley, Leeds) 15 Windsor Court, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9BG

Chemists in Morley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Morley
Asda Pharmacy Morley Asda Stores Ltd, Howley Park Road, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 0BP tel:0113 2012610
Boots Uk Limited 3 Windsor Court, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9BG tel:0113 2532387
Lloydspharmacy Little Fountain Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9EN tel:0113 2535574
Morley Pharmacy 2a Corporation Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9NB tel:0113 2597372
Well Churwell - Laneside Terrace 4 Laneside Terrace, Elland Road, Churwell Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 7PT tel:01132 380338
Well Morley - Queen Street 68 Queen Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9BP tel:01132 533143
Well Morley - Queensway 2 Queensway, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9BQ tel:01132 533335
Well Morley - South Queen Street South Queen Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9EW tel:01132 538222

Doctors in Morley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Morley
Dr Jj Mcpeakes Practice South Queen St Medical Centre, South Queen Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9EW tel:0113 2534863
Dr N Saddiq's Practice Corporation Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9NB tel:0113 2954060
Shenstone House Surgery Elland Road, Churwell, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 7PX tel:0113 2380843
The Dekeyser Group Practice Little Fountain Street, Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9EN tel:0113 2951600
Windsor House Group Practice 2 Corporation Street, Morley Leeds LS27 9NB tel:0113 2525223
List of Streets in Morley
Ackroyd Street
Airedale Terrace
Albert Drive
Albert Road
Albion Street
Albion Street
Alden Avenue
Alden Close
Alden Court
Alden Fold
America Moor Lane
Annie Street
Appleby Way
Arkwright Walk
Arncliffe Crescent
Ashfield Avenue
Ashfield Road
Askey Avenue
Askey Crescent
Aspen Court
Asquith Avenue
Asquith Close
Asquith Drive
Astell Way
Back Green
Back Hartley Street
Baker Crescent
Baker Road
Baker Street
Bank Avenue
Bank House Close
Bank Street
Bank Terrace
Bank Terrace
Bantam Close
Bantam Grove Lane
Bantam Grove View
Barnet Grove
Beacon Avenue
Beacon Grove
Beckside View
Bedale Court
Beech Grove
Beech Street
Birch Street
Birk Lane
Bittern Rise
Bradstock Gardens
Brambling Mews
Bramleigh Drive
Bramleigh Grove
Bridge Court
Bridge Street
Bright Street
Brighton Avenue
Britannia Road
Britannia Square
Brunswick Place
Brunswick Street
Bruntcliffe Avenue
Bruntcliffe Close
Bruntcliffe Drive
Bruntcliffe Drive
Bruntcliffe Lane
Bruntcliffe Lane
Bruntcliffe Road
Bruntcliffe Way
Busely Court
Cadman Court
Cadman Court
California Mews
Cambridge Close
Cambridge Court
Capitol Boulevard
Capitol Boulevard
Cardigan Avenue
Chalner Avenue
Chalner Close
Chantry Court
Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill
Charles Street
Chartists Way
Chartists Way
Chase Avenue
Chatsworth Mews
Chestnut Gardens
Chestnut View
Church Street
Church Street
Church Way
Clark Spring Close
Clark Spring Court
Clark Spring Rise
Cliffe Park Way
Clifford Place
Clough Street
Co-Operative Street
Co-Operative Street
Cobden Mews
Cobden Street
Commercial Street
Cooperative Road
Corporation Street
Coteroyd Avenue
Coteroyd Drive
Cottingley Springs
Croft House Avenue
Croft House Close
Croft House Drive
Croft House Gardens
Croft House Grove
Croft House Lane
Croft House Mews
Croft House Mount
Croft House Rise
Croft House Road
Croft House Road
Croft House View
Croft House Walk
Croft House Way
Crompton Drive
Cross Birch Street
Cross Peel Street
Crossland Road
Curlew Rise
Daffil Avenue
Daffil Grange Mews
Daffil Grange Way
Daffil Grove
Daffil Road
Daisy Hill
Daisy Hill Avenue
Daisy Hill Close
Daisy Hill Mews
Dartmouth Avenue
Dartmouth Mews
Dawson Hill
Dawson Hill
Dean Hall Close
Deanfield Avenue
Denham Avenue
Denshaw Drive
Denshaw Grove
Denshaw Lane
Dewsbury Road
Digpal Road
Dotterel Glen
Dunlin Close
Dunningley Lane
Dunnock Croft
Earlsmere Drive
East Park Street
Elizabeth Grove
Elland Road
Elmfield Court
Elmfield Road
Elvaston Road
Eyrie Approach
Farm Hill Mews
Farm Hill Road
Farm Hill Road
Fielding Way
Finchley Way
Flexbury Avenue
Florence Terrace
Foster Close
Foster Crescent
Fountain Street
Fountain Street
Fountain Street
Fountain Street
Foxton Gardens
Frensham Avenue
Gerard Avenue
Gillroyd Parade
Gillroyd Place
Gladstone Terrace
Glen Grove
Glen Mount
Glen Road
Glen Road
Glen View
Glen View
Glendale Gardens
Glensdale Estate
Goffee Way
Golf Lane
Grange Park Court
Grange Park Drive
Grange Park Way
Grange Street
Granny Avenue
Great Northern Street
Greenshank Mews
Guillemot Approach
Guppy Walk
Hanley Road
Hanley Road
Harcourt Drive
Hardy Avenue
Hardy Court
Hardy Street
Hargreaves Close
Harlington Court
Harlington Road
Harold Gardens
Harrier Way
Harrop Avenue
Harrop Grove
Harrop Terrace
Harrwood Mews
Hartley Street
Hartley Street
Harwill Approach
Harwill Avenue
Harwill Croft
Harwill Grove
Harwill Rise
Harwill Road
Hawksley Court
Hawley Close
Hawley Way
Hepworth Avenue
Hepworth Crescent
Heron Court
High Street
High Street
High Street
Highcliffe Road
Hindle Place
Hodgson Street
Homefield Avenue
Hope Street
Horsfall Street
Howden Clough Road
Howley Park Close
Howley Park Road
Howley Park Road East
Hughenden View
Hull Street
Hunger Hill
Ibbetson Close
Ibbetson Court
Ibbetson Croft
Ibbetson Drive
Ibbetson Oval
Ibbetson Rise
Ibbetson Road
Ilford Street
Ingle Avenue
Ingle Court
Ingle Crescent
Ingle Grove
Ingleborough Drive
Ingleborough Drive
Johnson Terrace
Jubilee Place
Jubilee Street
Jubilee Terrace
Kay Close
Kestrel Garth
King George Avenue
King George Croft
King George Grove
King Street
Kingfisher Mews
Kingsmill Close
Laneside Close
Laneside Close
Laneside Fold
Laneside Gardens
Laneside Gardens
Langthorne Court
Lenham Close
Lewisham Grove
Lewisham Street
Linnet Court
Lister Walk
Little Fountain Street
Little Lane
Little Lane Court
Magpie Lane
Magpie Lane
Mallard Way
Manor Farm Crescent
Manor Farm Drive
Manor Road
Marchant Way
Margaret Close
Marina Crescent
Marshall Crescent
Marshall Street
Marston Avenue
Marston Avenue
Martin Close
Maxwell Street
May Avenue
Meadowbrook Court
Melbourne Street
Merlin Close
Merlyn-Rees Avenue
Middleton Close
Middleton Grove
Middleton Road
Middleton Terrace
Mill Street
Millbeck Approach
Millers Dale
Millside Walk
Mountcliffe View
Mozart Way
Nelson Court
Nelson Place
Nepshaw Lane
Nepshaw Lane North
Nepshaw Lane South
New Bank Street
New Bank Street
New Park Street
New Village Way
Newlands Crescent
Newlands Drive
Norton Way
Oak Avenue
Oak Grove
Oak Road
Oak Street
Oakroyd Fold
Oakroyd Terrace
Oddfellow Street
Old Close
Old Road
Osprey Meadow
Owl Ridge
Oyster Close
Park Avenue
Park Street
Parkfield Court
Parkland Avenue
Partridge Close
Pawson Street
Peacock Green
Peel Street
Pembroke Close
Pembroke Drive
Pentland Way
Peregrine Avenue
Perry Walk
Perry Way
Peter Lane
Petrel Way
Pipit Meadow
Plover Way
Poplar Crescent
Primrose Walk
Prospect Court
Prospect Place
Pullan Way
Quarry Lane
Queen Street
Queen Street
Queen's Grove
Queen's Place
Queen's Promenade
Queen's Road
Reedling Drive
Rein Road
Rein Street
Rein Street
Renaissance Court
Renaissance Drive
Richmond Close
Rock Terrace
Rods Mills Lane
Rods Mills Lane
Rods View
Romford Avenue
Rooms Fold
Rooms Lane
Rooms Lane
Rooms Way
Rooms Way
Roseate Green
Rydal Crescent
Rydal Drive
Sandmead Close
Sandmead Close
Sandmead Croft
Sandmead Way
Sandpiper Approach
Sandringham Close
Sandringham Fold
Scatcherd Grove
Scatcherd Lane
Scatcherd Lane
Scatcherd Park Avenue
School Street
School Street
Scotchman Close
Scotchman Lane
Scott Lane
Seven Hill Way
Shipton Mews
Shire Close
Shire Road
Siegen Close
Siskin Court
South Nelson Street
South Parade
South Queen Street
South Street
Spencer Avenue
Spenslea Grove
Spring Gardens
Springfield Avenue
Springfield Crescent
Springfield Lane
Springfield Mews
Springfield Road
Springwood Court
St Andrew's Avenue
St Andrew's Close
St Andrew's Grove
St Paul's Street
St Peter's Crescent
Station Road
Station View
Steeple Close
Stonechat Rise
Stopes Court
Stopes Walk
Stubley Farm Mews
Sunny Grove
Sutton Grove
Swallow Vale
Tawny Close
Teal Drive
Tennyson Street
Tennyson Terrace
Texas Street
Thackray Street
The Gallops
The Gardens
The Gills
The Oaks
The Roundway
Tingley Common
Tingley Common
Tingley Crescent
Topcliffe Avenue
Topcliffe Fold
Topcliffe Garth
Topcliffe Grove
Topcliffe Lane
Topcliffe Lane
Topcliffe Lane
Topcliffe Mead
Trafalgar Gardens
Troy Rise
Troy Road
Troy Road
Union Street
Valley Road
Vickers Street
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Drive
Victoria Grange Drive
Victoria Grange Way
Victoria Mews
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Vienna Court
Wakefield Road
Watering Meadow
Watson Street
Weavers Close
Wellington Street
Wellington Street
Wesley Street
Wesley Street
West End Approach
West Street
Westfield Road
Westwood Close
Westwood Rise
Westwood Side
Westwood Side
Whimbrel Mews
Whyment Close
Wide Lane
Wide Lane
Wide Lane
Wigeon Approach
William Street
Winders Dale
Winterbourne Avenue
Winterbourne Avenue
Wood Street
Wood View
Woodcross End
Woodcross Fold
Woodcross Gardens
Woodcross Garth
Woodlands Drive
Woodside Close
Woodside Drive
Woodside Gardens
Woodside Lane
Worrall Street
Wren Drive
Wynyard Drive
Zoar Street