HG Postcode Area for the Harrogate Region


A wide range of spatial data has been analysed to present this overview of the HG Postcode. If you would like anything added, please contact us.


This section of the site is all about the HG Postcode area, also known as the Harrogate Postal Area. Explore links to the next level to learn more about specific postcode districts such as HG1.

Detailed map of HG Harrogate Postcode Area
Detailed map showing districts and posttowns in the HG Area

Quick Facts about the HG Postcode

HG Area Statistics
Width from East to West 26.83 mi
Height from North to South 26.32 mi
Area of HG 365.03 mi²
Maximum Width 29.43 mi
Perimeter of Postcode Area 105.70 mi
Number of Postcode Districts 5
Number of Postcode Sectors 25
Number of Post Towns 3
Number of Postcodes 4,453

The HG postcode area represents a group of postal districts in the Harrogate area of the United Kingdom. The area code HG stands for the letters h and g in HaRrogate. HG has a population of 138,343 and covers an area of 945,431 hectares. Fun fact: 0.21% of the population of Great Britain lives in this area.

The postcode area falls within the following counties: North Yorkshire (100.00%).

Where is the HG Postcode Area?

The HG Harrogate Postcode is in the Yorkshire and the Humber Region of England. TheHG postal area borders the following neighbouring postal areas: BD - Bradford, YO - York, DL - Darlington and LS - Leeds, and is located inland.


Map of the HG Harrogate Postcode Area

Explore the HG Harrogate postcode area by using our interactive map.

Map Showing Location of the HG postcode area
Where is the HG Postcode Area
A word cloud for the HG postcode area
A word cloud for the HG Postcode Area

How built up is the HG Postcode?

I've calculated the total area covered by building footprints within the HG postcode area.
By analyzing this against the total area, I've determined the percentage of the area that's developed, this will give you an idea of how urban or rural the HG postcode region is.
The higher the percentage the more urban the area is. For example the least urban district is HG3 and the most urban is HG2.

Building Area Summary
Postcode District Total Area (m²) Footprint Area (m²) Built Percentage %
HG3 472,521,951 2,995,690 0.63%
HG4 368,983,328 2,582,402 0.70%
HG5 78,346,394 1,346,350 1.72%
HG1 12,782,427 1,511,092 11.82%
HG2 12,799,159 1,614,745 12.62%
HG Total 945,433,259 (m²) 10,050,279 (m²) 1.06%

Postcode Districts within the HG Harrogate Postcode Area

There are 5 postcode districts within the Harrogate postcode area

Map of the HG Postcode Area

A map showing the boundary of HG in relation to other areas

There are 4 towns within the Harrogate postcode area.

Map of Posttowns in the HG
Map of Posttowns in the HG Postal Area
Area of the HG postcode area
Unit Area²
Hectares 945,431²
Miles 3,650²
Feet 101,765,247,409²
Kilometres 9,454²

Postal Delivery Offices serving the HG Harrogate Postcode Area

  • Harrogate Delivery Office
  • Knaresborough Delivery Office
  • Pateley Bridge Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Ripon Delivery Office
  • Summerbridge Scale Payment Delivery Office

Postcode Areas Closest to HG

Towns and Villages within the HG Harrogate Postcode Area