The Town of Tipton in the County of West Midlands

The town of Tipton is located within the county of West Midlands.

Tipton is situated in the West Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Dudley, Sandwell, Wolverhampton, councils.

The town of Tipton is covers the following regions.

  • Dudley - West Midlands - West Midlands (England)
  • Sandwell - West Midlands - West Midlands (England)
  • Wolverhampton - West Midlands - West Midlands (England)
  • Dudley
  • Sandwell
  • Wolverhampton
  • Tatenhill: St Michael & All Angels
  • Tipton: St John the Evangelist
  • Tipton: St Mark, Ocker Hill
  • Tipton: St Martin & St Paul
  • Tipton: St Matthew

Where is Tipton is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Tipton in West Midlands

Dentists in Tipton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Tipton
2 Unity Walk Dental Practice 2 Unity Walk Tipton West Midlands DY4 8QL
Dental Surgery 108 Dudley Road Tipton West Midlands DY4 8DJ
Dental Surgery 73 Victoria Road Tipton West Midlands DY4 8SW
Great Bridge Dental Practice 9-11 Market Place, Great Bridge Tipton West Midlands DY4 7AR
Oasis Dental Care Tipton 1 Owen Street Tipton West Midlands DY4 8HB

Opticians in Tipton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Tipton
Eyedeal Opticians Glebefields Primary Care Centre, St. Marks Road Tipton West Midlands DY4 0SN
Eyedeal Opticians - Tipton Neptune Health Park, Sedgley Road West Tipton West Midlands DY4 8LY
The Eyecare Centre Ltd (great Bridge) 14 Market Place, Great Bridge Tipton West Midlands DY4 7AR

Chemists in Tipton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Tipton
Asda Pharmacy Wednesbury Oak Road Tipton West Midlands DY4 0BP tel:0121 5052301
Duggals Chemist 75 Park Lane East Tipton West Midlands DY4 8RP tel:0121 5224415
Duggals Chemist Mostyn Building, Lower Church Lane Tipton West Midlands DY4 7PE tel:0121 5575903
Great Bridge Pharmacy 30 Great Bridge Tipton West Midlands DY4 7EN tel:01215 571957
Murrays Healthcare Glebefields Health Centre, St. Marks Road Tipton West Midlands DY4 0SN tel:0121 5203015
Murrays Pharmacy Neptune Health Park, Sedgley Road West Tipton West Midlands DY4 8LY tel:0121 5203712
Swanpool Pharmacy Swanpool Medical Centre, St. Marks Road Tipton West Midlands DY4 0SZ tel:0121 5579606

Doctors in Tipton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Tipton
Black Country Family Practice Neptune Health Park, Sedgley Road West Tipton West Midlands DY4 8PX tel:0121 5211555
Central Clinic Horseley Road Tipton DY4 7NB
Glebefields Surgery St. Marks Road Tipton DY4 0SN tel:0121 5308040
Swanpool Medical Centre St. Marks Road Tipton West Midlands DY4 0SZ tel:0121 5572581
The Victoria Surgery Victoria Road Tipton West Midlands DY4 8SS tel:0121 5573422
Tipton Central Clinic Horseley Road Tipton West Midlands DY4 7NB tel:01215574377
List of Streets in Tipton
Adams Close
Addenbrook Way
Albert Street
Albion Street
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Road
Alison Close
Allcock Street
Allen Road
Alma Avenue
Amphlett Croft
Anchor Drive
Anderson Road
Andrew Road
Anita Avenue
Anne Grove
Arnhem Way
Arthur Road
Arthur Road
Ash Road
Astley Close
Aston Street
Atlantic Way
Attwell Road
Avern Close
Bagnall Street
Bagnalls Wharf
Baker Street
Bankfield Road
Bannister Road
Barn Croft
Barnett Street
Barnett Street
Barney Close
Barnfield Road
Bartlett Close
Bath Road
Batmans Hill Road
Batmans Hill Road
Bayleys Lane
Bean Drive
Beaumont Close
Bedford Street
Bedworth Croft
Beech Crescent
Beever Road
Bell Street
Belmont Close
Bernard Road
Bertram Close
Bevan Road
Beverston Road
Bilston Road
Bilston Road
Binfield Street
Birch Street
Black Country New Road
Blakeley Wood Road
Bloomfield Road
Bloomfield Terrace
Bonneville Close
Boscobel Avenue
Boswell Close
Boswell Close
Bourne Avenue
Bradley Street
Bradley's Lane
Bradshaw Close
Bramah Way
Brewery Street
Brick Kiln Street
Brick Kiln Street
Bridge Avenue
Bridge Road
Brindlefields Way
Brindley Court
Broad Croft
Brock Road
Brook Street
Brookes Meadow
Brookfield Way
Brown Lion Street
Brunel Drive
Bunns Lane
Burkitt Drive
Burns Avenue
Burnt Tree
Burnt Tree
Bush Road
Callear Road
Calley Close
Carnegie Avenue
Castle Road
Castle Street
Cathedral Close
Catherton Close
Cedar Road
Central Avenue
Chapel Street
Charles Road
Charlotte Road
Charter Road
Chaters Close
Chatwins Wharf
Chaucer Avenue
Cherry Road
Chestnut Avenue
Chillington Road
Christine Close
Church Street
Churchfield Avenue
Churchyard Road
Churchyard Road
Cinquefoil Leasow
Clarendon Drive
Clarkes Grove
Cleton Street
Cliff Drive
Cobden Close
Coburg Croft
Colbourne Road
Colville Close
Coneygree Road
Coneygree Road
Coppice Street
Coppice Street
Cornfields Close
Cornwell Close
Coronation Road
Cory Croft
Cotterills Road
Coyne Close
Cramnore Close
Crewe Drive
Crompton Road
Crown Walk
Crownmeadow Drive
Cupfields Avenue
Cupfields Crescent
Dairy Close
Daisy Meadow
Damson Wharf
Danks Street
Darbys Way
David Peacock Close
David Road
Davis Avenue
Dawn Drive
Deeley Drive
Denbigh Road
Devey Drive
Diane Close
Dick Sheppard Avenue
Discovery Close
Dixon Close
Doe Bank Road
Dolton Way
Doughty Close
Dovecote Close
Downes Court
Dudley Port
Dudley Road
Dudley Road
Eagle Lane
Eagle Lane
Eagle Street
Eagle Street
East Road
Eastfield Road
Edward Fisher Drive
Edward Road
Elizabeth Walk
Elliott's Road
Eyston Avenue
Factory Road
Factory Road
Far High Drive
Farm Road
Farmer Way
Farmer Way
Fereday Street
Ferguson Drive
Fern Avenue
Fernwood Croft
Field Road
Field Road
Fisher Street
Fisher Street
Florence Road
Foundry Street
Fountain Lane
Furnace Parade
Galton Close
Gate Street
Gate Street
Geneva Road
Gilbert Street
Gilson Street
Glebefields Road
Golds Hill Way
Gordon Drive
Gospel Oak Road
Gough Drive
Grace Road
Graham Close
Grainger Close
Great Meadow
Greenacre Road
Greensill Avenue
Griffiths Street
Groveland Road
Guardians Close
Hackett Street
Haden Road
Haines Close
Hall Lane
Hall Street
Hallens Drive
Hamilton Road
Harper Grove
Harrold Street
Harrowby Drive
Hawkins Croft
Hawthorn Road
Hazel Road
Heath Close
Hellier Avenue
Hempole Lane
Henderson Walk
Henn Drive
Henn Street
Heritage Way
Hickman Road
High Street
High Street
Highfield Road
Highfield Road
Hill Street
Hipkins Street
Hobart Road
Holcroft Street
Holden Croft
Holland Street
Hope Road
Hopkins Street
Hopton Close
Horseley Heath
Horseley Road
Horseley Road
House Meadow
Howard Street
Hudson Road
Hursey Drive
Hurst Lane
Hurst Lane
Irving Road
Ivy Road
Jackson Close
Jays Avenue
Jean Drive
Jenkinson Road
Jenny Close
Jevons Drive
John Bright Close
John Howell Drive
John's Lane
Jonah Drive
Jordan Leys
Joseph Hall Drive
Jubilee Road
Julie Croft
Keelinge Street
Keelinge Street
Kenilworth Close
Kerr Drive
Keyte Close
Keyworth Close
Kidd Croft
Kier's Bridge Close
Kiers Bridge Close
Kingsbury Road
Kingsway Avenue
Kipling Close
Kirkham Way
Laburnum Road
Lara Grove
Latham Crescent
Laurel Road
Lea Avenue
Leabrook Road
Leabrook Road
Leabrook Road North
Leasowe Road
Leech Street
Leslie Drive
Leveson Drive
Lewis Street
Lichfield Street
Lichfield Street
Lilac Avenue
Lilian Grove
Lime Close
Lindley Avenue
Lissimore Drive
Lister Close
Little Burton Drive
Little Burton Drive
Locarno Road
Lorne Street
Lovatt Close
Lower Church Lane
Lower Comball
Lower Longlands
Madin Road
Malthouse Road
Malthouse Road
Manby Street
Manor Road
Mansell Road
Mansion Drive
Maple Leaf Road
Margaret Vale
Market Place
Martin Road
Mayfair Gardens
Mayhurst Close
Meeting Street
Menin Road
Middle Meadow
Mill Street
Millington Road
Millwright Close
Mission Drive
Moat Road
Moat Road
Monarch Drive
Monins Avenue
Monk Close
Moorcroft Drive
Moors Mill Lane
Moreton Close
Morrison Road
Moseley Street
Mount Street
Myrtle Terrace
Mytton Grove
Napier Drive
Narraway Grove
Near High Drive
Neptune Street
New Cross Street
New Road
New Street
Newcomen Drive
Newells Drive
Newhall Street
Newman Road
Nicholls Road
Nightingale Drive
Nock Street
North Road
Nutley Drive
O'connor Drive
Oak Close
Oak Road
Oakley Avenue
Oakley Avenue
Ocean Drive
Ocker Hill Road
Offlow Mews
Old Cross Street
Old Cross Street
Olga Drive
Olympus Drive
Orchard Street
Oval Road
Owen Street
Oxford Way
Pacific Avenue
Palethorpe Road
Parish Drive
Park Avenue
Park Lane East
Park Lane East
Park Lane West
Park Street
Parkers Way
Parkes Lane
Patricia Drive
Paul Vale
Peach Tree Drive
Peacock Close
Peake Drive
Pear Tree Avenue
Peel Street
Pepperbox Drive
Perry Street
Phoenix Road
Poplar Avenue
Portfield Drive
Potters Brook
Powell Place
Power Way
Powis Avenue
Powis Avenue
Primrose Avenue
Prospect Street
Providence Street
Puddlers Drive
Puppy Green
Purdy Road
Queen Street
Queen's Road
Rachel Close
Railway Street
Ramsay Road
Ratcliff Way
Reeves Close
Regent Street
Richard Bradley Way
Richards Road
Richmond Aston Drive
Ridgeway Road
Robert Road
Robert Road
Robeson Close
Roland Vernon Way
Rowland Hill Drive
Royal Way
Rugeley Close
Rushmere Road
Russell Close
Ruth Close
Ryland Close
Ryland Close
Salter Road
Sanders Crescent
Sandgate Road
Sandys Grove
Sarah Close
Scott Street
Sedgley Road East
Sedgley Road East
Sedgley Road West
Sedgley Road West
Sefton Grove
Severn Close
Seymour Road
Seymour Road
Shakespeare Road
Shaw Road
Shelley Avenue
Sherwood Avenue
Shinglers Drive
Short Street
Shrubbery Avenue
Silvertrees Road
Simeon Bissell Close
Slater Street
Smith Place
Solari Close
Solly Grove
South Road
Speed Road
Spring Meadow
Spring Street
Spring Street
St Helens Avenue
St John's Road
St Mark's Road
St Martin's Drive
St Michaels Way
St Paul's Drive
Standbridge Way
Stanton Grove
Star Close
Star Foundry Drive
Station Drive
Station Street
Stead Close
Stella Road
Steven Drive
Stokes Avenue
Strathmore Road
Summerhill Road
Swancroft Road
Sycamore Road
Tame Road
Tamebrook Way
The Coppice
The Leasowes
The Square
Thelma Road
Thunderbolt Way
Thursfield road
Thursfield road
Tibbington Road
Tibbington Terrace
Tierney Drive
Tipps Stone Close
Tipton Road
Tipton Road
Tividale Road
Tividale Road
Tividale Street
Toll End Road
Tozer Street
Triplex Drive
Tudor Court
Tudor Street
Tudor Street
Turner Street
Turton Road
Underhill Road
Union Street
Union Street
Upper Church Lane
Upper Church Lane
Vernon Avenue
Vicarage Close
Victoria Road
Violet Croft
Wades Close
Waen Close
Wake Green Road
Walker Street
Walton Street
Waring Close
Waring Road
Warren Close
Waterloo Street
Waterloo Street East
Watery Lane
Watt Road
Webb Road
Weddell Wynd
Wednesbury Oak Road
Wednesbury Oak Road
Welch Close
Wellesley Drive
Wellington Road
Wells Close
Wenyon Close
Wesley Place
West Road
Weston Drive
Whitehouse Street
Wigginsmill Road
William Barrows Way
William Ker Road
Willingsworth Road
Willingsworth Road
Wilmot Drive
Wilson Street
Windsor Road
Wood Street
Wood Street
Woodard Road
Woodhall Close
Wooding Crescent
Wordsworth Close
Worsey Drive
Wynn-Griffith Drive
Wythwood Grove
York Close
Zion Street