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The GU34 Alton Postcode District

The GU34 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 29,783 and is within the GU Guildford postcode area.

Map of the GU34 Postcode District

Hotels within the GU34 Postcode Area

We found 11 hotels and guest houses within the GU34 postcode area

Alton House Hotel
Alton House Hotel
Normandy St, Alton, alton-aireborough, GU34 1DW.
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Upper Neatham Mill
Upper Neatham Mill
Upper Neatham Mill Lane, Holybourne,, Alton, alton-aireborough, GU34 4EP.
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The Three Horseshoes
The Three Horseshoes
Cakers Lane, East Worldham, Alton , Hampshire, alton-aireborough, GU34 3AE.
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Swan Hotel
Swan Hotel
High St, Alton, Hampshire, alton-aireborough, GU34 1AT.
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The Angel - a Citylodge Hotel
The Angel - a Citylodge Hotel
Gosport Road, Alton, privett, GU34 3NN.
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The Anchor Inn
The Anchor Inn
Lower Froyle, Alton, lower-froyle, GU34 4NA.
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The Market Hotel
The Market Hotel
3 Market Square, Alton, alton-aireborough, GU34 1HD.
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White Hart
White Hart
139 London Road, Alton, alton-aireborough, GU34 4EY.
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Froyle Park
Froyle Park
Ryebridge Lane, Upper Froyle, Alton, alton-aireborough, GU34 4LA.
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Flossies B and B
Flossies B and B
Station Road, East Tisted, Alton, east-tisted, GU34 3QP.
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Bentworth Boutique B&B
Bentworth Boutique B&B
1 Parsonage Cottages, Station Road, Bentworth, alton-aireborough, GU34 5QY.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the GU34 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AltontownEast HampshireHampshire
Bailey GreenhamletEast HampshireHampshire
BeechvillageEast HampshireHampshire
BentleyvillageEast HampshireHampshire
BentworthvillageEast HampshireHampshire
BinstedvillageEast HampshireHampshire
BlacknestvillageEast HampshireHampshire
BurkhamhamletEast HampshireHampshire
ChawtonvillageEast HampshireHampshire
ColemorehamletEast HampshireHampshire
East TistedvillageEast HampshireHampshire
East WorldhamvillageEast HampshireHampshire
Filmore HillhamletEast HampshireHampshire
Four MarksotherSettlementEast HampshireHampshire
Golden PothamletEast HampshireHampshire
HattingleyhamletEast HampshireHampshire
Holt EndhamletEast HampshireHampshire
HolybournevillageEast HampshireHampshire
IsingtonvillageEast HampshireHampshire
LashamvillageEast HampshireHampshire
Lower FarringdonvillageEast HampshireHampshire
Lower FroylevillageEast HampshireHampshire
MedsteadotherSettlementEast HampshireHampshire
NeathamhamletEast HampshireHampshire
Newton ValencevillageEast HampshireHampshire
Powntley CopsehamletBasingstoke and DeaHampshire
PrivetthamletEast HampshireHampshire
SelbornevillageEast HampshireHampshire
ShaldenvillageEast HampshireHampshire
Shalden GreenhamletBasingstoke and DeaHampshire
Shalden GreenhamletEast HampshireHampshire
SoldridgevillageEast HampshireHampshire
TheddenhamletEast HampshireHampshire
Upper FarringdonvillageEast HampshireHampshire
Upper FroylevillageEast HampshireHampshire
West WorldhamhamletEast HampshireHampshire
WivelrodhamletEast HampshireHampshire
WyckhamletEast HampshireHampshire

Postcode Sectors within the GU34 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to GU34

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the GU34 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
GU34 1Alton Delivery Office
GU34 2Alton Delivery Office
GU34 3Alton Delivery Office
GU34 4Alton Delivery Office
GU34 5Alton Delivery Office
Postcode format for the GU34 postcode district
GU34 - X X X
GU34 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the GU34 Postcode Area

We found 2 visitor attractions within the GU34 postcode area

Allen Gallery
Museums & Art Galleries
Museum and / or Art Gallery
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Curtis Museum
Museums & Art Galleries
Museum and / or Art Gallery
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Streets within the GU34 Alton Postcode Area