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The GU Guildford Postcode Area

GU Guildford is a Postcode Area in the United Kingdom. The area code GU stands for the letters g and u in GUildford. GU has a population of 725,368 and covers an area of 1,634,186 hectares. Fun fact: 1.12% of the population of Great Britain lives in this area.


Where is the GU Postcode Area?

The GU Guildford Postcode is in the South East of England. The postal area borders the following neighbouring postal areas: PO - Portsmouth, SO - Southampton, SL - Slough, KT - Kingston upon Thames, BN - Brighton, RG - Reading, RH - Redhill and TW - Twickenham, and is located inland.

A word cloud for the GU postcode area
A word cloud for the GU Postcode Area
Map Showing Location of the GU postcode area
Where is the GU Postcode Area

Postcode Districts within the GU Guildford Postcode Area

There are 38 postcode districts within the Guildford postcode area

Map of the GU Postcode Area

A map showing the boundary of in relation to other areas

Map of the GU Guildford Postcode Area

Explore the GU Guildford postcode area by using our free interactive map.

There are 19 towns within the Guildford postcode area.

Map of the GU Guildford Postcode Area
Map of Posttowns in the GU
Map of Posttowns in the GU Postal Area

List of Post Towns within the GU Guildford


The Highest Crime Sectors in the GU Area

SectorCountPer Capita (1000)
GU1 4671110.42
GU11 152768.26
GU14 736149.34
GU12 435723.85
GU1 135331.57
Map Showing Crime Rates in Postcode Sectors in the  GU postcode area
Per Capita Crime Rates for the GU Postcode Area
Area of the GU postcode area
Unit Area²
Hectares 1,634,186²
Miles 6,310²
Feet 175,902,146,854²
Kilometres 16,342²

Postal Delivery Offices serving the GU Guildford Postcode Area

  • Albury Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Aldershot Delivery Office
  • Alton Delivery Office
  • Bagshot Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Bordon Delivery Office
  • Brookwood Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Camberley Delivery Office
  • Chiddingfold Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Chobham Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Cranleigh Delivery Office
  • Dunsfold Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Farnborough Delivery Office
  • Farnham Delivery Office
  • Fleet Delivery Office
  • Godalming Delivery Office
  • Gomshall Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Guildford Delivery Office
  • Harting Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Haslemere Delivery Office
  • Knaphill Delivery Office
  • Lightwater Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Liphook Delivery Office
  • Liss Delivery Office
  • Midhurst Delivery Office
  • Petersfield Delivery Office
  • Petworth Delivery Office
  • Ripley Scale Payment Delivery Office (gu)
  • Sandhurst (gu) Delivery Office
  • Shamley Green Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Virginia Water Delivery Office
  • West End Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Windlesham Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Woking Delivery Office

Tourist Attractions within the GU Guildford Postcode Area

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Towns and Villages within the GU Guildford Postcode Area