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The RH13 Horsham Postcode District

The RH13 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 38,108 and is within the RH Redhill postcode area.

Map of the RH13 Postcode District

Hotels within the RH13 Postcode Area

We found 5 hotels and guest houses within the RH13 postcode area

South Lodge, an Exclusive Hotel
South Lodge, an Exclusive Hotel
Brighton Road, Lower Beeding, Horsham, lower-beeding, RH13 6PS.
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Cisswood House
Cisswood House
Sandygate Lane, Lower Beeding, Horsham, horsham, RH13 6NF.
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Random Hall
Random Hall
Stane Street, Slinfold Near Horsham, slinfold, RH13 0QX.
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The Windmill Inn
The Windmill Inn
The Windmill Inn, Littleworth Lane, West Grinstead, Horsham, horsham, RH13 8EJ.
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Little Lock Cottage
Little Lock Cottage
1 Lock Farm Cottages, Partridge Green, partridge-green, RH13 8EG.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the RH13 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Barns GreenvillageHorshamWest Sussex
Bines GreenhamletHorshamWest Sussex
Brooks GreenvillageHorshamWest Sussex
Broomer's CornerhamletHorshamWest Sussex
ColgatevillageHorshamWest Sussex
CoolhamvillageHorshamWest Sussex
CopsalehamletHorshamWest Sussex
CowfoldvillageHorshamWest Sussex
CrabtreevillageHorshamWest Sussex
Dial PostvillageHorshamWest Sussex
Dragon's GreenvillageHorshamWest Sussex
HorshamtownHorshamWest Sussex
ItchingfieldvillageHorshamWest Sussex
Kent StreethamletHorshamWest Sussex
LittleworthvillageHorshamWest Sussex
Lower BeedingvillageHorshamWest Sussex
Mannings HeathvillageHorshamWest Sussex
MaplehurstvillageHorshamWest Sussex
Monk's GatevillageHorshamWest Sussex
NuthursthamletHorshamWest Sussex
Partridge GreenvillageHorshamWest Sussex
Plummers PlainvillageHorshamWest Sussex
ShermanburyvillageHorshamWest Sussex
ShipleyvillageHorshamWest Sussex
SlinfoldvillageHorshamWest Sussex
SouthwatervillageHorshamWest Sussex
Tower HillvillageHorshamWest Sussex
Two Mile AshhamletHorshamWest Sussex
West GrinsteadvillageHorshamWest Sussex
WhitehallhamletHorshamWest Sussex

Postcode Sectors within the RH13 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to RH13

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the RH13 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
RH13 0Horsham Delivery Office
RH13 5Horsham Delivery Office
RH13 6Horsham Delivery Office
RH13 8Horsham Delivery Office
RH13 9Horsham Delivery Office
Postcode format for the RH13 postcode district
RH13 - X X X
RH13 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the RH13 Postcode Area

We found 1 visitor attractions within the RH13 postcode area

Southwater Country Park
Country Parks
Country Park
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Streets within the RH13 Horsham Postcode Area