The Town of Dartford in the County of Kent

The town of Dartford is located within the county of Kent.

Dartford is situated in the London, South East (England), region of the UK and is governed by Bexley, Dartford, councils.

The town of Dartford is covers the following regions.

  • Bexley and Greenwich - Outer London - East and North East - London
  • Kent Thames Gateway - Kent - South East (England)
  • Bexley
  • Dartford
  • Dartford: Christ Church
  • Dartford: Holy Trinity
  • Dartford: St Alban
  • Dartford: St Edmund the King & Martyr
  • Wilmington: St Michael

Where is Dartford is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Dartford in Kent

Dentists in Dartford

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Dartford
Dental Surgery 107 Brent Lane Dartford Kent DA1 1QU
Dental Surgery 1a Spital Street Dartford Kent DA1 2DJ
Dental Surgery 46 West Hill Dartford Kent DA1 2EU
Dental Surgery 60 The Brent Dartford Kent DA1 1YW
Highfield Dental Centre 23 Highfield Road Dartford Kent DA1 2JS
Lowfield Dental Centre 70 Lowfield Street Dartford Kent DA1 1HJ
Lowfield Street (dental Surgery) 69 Lowfield Street Dartford Kent DA1 1HP
Smiledartford Dental Practice 69 The Brent Dartford Kent DA1 1YD

Opticians in Dartford

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Dartford
Boots Opticians (dartford) 20 High Street Dartford Kent DA1 1BY
Boots Opticians (dartford) 48-52 High Street Dartford Kent DA1 1DE
Eye Fashions (dartford) 9 Priory Market Place, Priory Centre Dartford Kent DA1 2HL
Jackie Rothery Optometrist Crown House, Home Gardens Dartford Kent DA1 1DZ
Specsavers (dartford) 54 High Street Dartford Kent DA1 1DE

Chemists in Dartford

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Dartford
Boots The Chemists 46-52 High Street Dartford Kent DA1 1DE
Daysol Pharmacy 25 Temple Hill Square Dartford Kent DA1 5HY tel:01322 224141
Delmergate Limited 1 Homberg House, Telford Square Dartford Kent DA1 5FP tel:01634 303110
Lloydspharmacy 68-70 West Hill Dartford Kent DA1 2EU tel:01322 311753
Lloydspharmacy Pharmacy Dept, Sainsburys, Priory Centre Dartford Kent DA1 2HR tel:01322 223379
M D Moore Pharmacy 141 Dartford Road Dartford Kent DA1 3EN tel:01322 220863
Mcqueen's Pharmacy Business Unit 3, Maplehurst Close, Dartford Dartford Kent DA2 7WX tel:01322 310862
Paydens 63 Lowfield Street Dartford Kent DA1 1HP tel:01322 220779
S & S Chopra Darent Valley Hospital, Darenth Wood Road,darenth, Darenth Dartford Kent DA2 8DA tel:01322 227240
The Brent Pharmacy 15 The Brent Dartford Kent DA1 1YD
Well Dartford - Instone Road Instone Road Dartford Kent DA1 2JP tel:01322 227930
West Hill Pharmacy Cliffside Court, West Hill Dartford Kent DA1 2EF tel:01322 276661

Doctors in Dartford

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Dartford
Dartford East Health Centre Pilgrims Way Dartford Kent DA1 1QY tel:01322 421480
Dartford West Health Centre Redwood Practice, Dartford West Health Centre Dartford Kent DA1 2HA tel:01322 223600
Horsman's Place Surgery Horsmans Place, Instone Road Dartford Kent DA1 2JP tel:01322 299790
Lowfield Medical Centre 65-67 Lowfield Street Dartford Kent DA1 1HP tel:01322 224550
Maple Practice Dartford West Health Centre, Tower Road Dartford Kent DA1 2HA tel:01322 220594
Pilgrims Way Surgery Dartford East Health Centre Dartford Kent DA1 1QY tel:01322 279881
Summerhouse Surgery Beaconsfield Road Bexley Kent DA5 2AE
Temple Hill Surgery St Edmunds Church Living, St. Edmunds Road Dartford Kent DA1 5ND tel:01322 226090
The Orchard Practice Tower Road Dartford Kent DA1 2HA tel:01322 223960
List of Streets in Dartford
Abbey Drive
Abbey Mead Close
Acacia Road
Alamein Gardens
Alan Close
Albert Road
Allendale Close
Almond Road
Anchor Boulevard
Andrews Place
Angie Mews
Anne Of Cleves Road
Anvil Terrace
Applegarth Drive
Appleton Drive
Arundel Road
Ash Road
Ashen Drive
Atlas Road
Attlee Drive
Avery Way
Avonmouth Road
Baker Crescent
Baldwyn's Road
Barham Road
Barn End Drive
Barn End Lane
Barnwell Road
Bath Road
Bayly Road
Beaconsfield Road
Bedford Road
Beech Road
Bell Terrace
Berkeley Crescent
Bevis Close
Binnie Road
Birdwood Avenue
Blackmans Close
Blake Gardens
Blenheim Close
Blenheim Close
Blenheim Road
Bob Dunn Way
Bow Arrow Lane
Bow Arrow Lane
Bowmans Road
Bracton Lane
Brandon Road
Brent Close
Brent Lane
Brent Way
Brentfield Road
Brentlands Drive
Brewers Field
Bridge Close
Bridges Drive
Broad Lane
Bronte Grove
Brook Park
Broomhill Road
Broomwood Close
Browning Road
Brunel Way
Burnham Crescent
Burnham Road
Burnham Road
Burroughs Drive
Butterly Avenue
Buttermere Close
Byron Road
Cadogan Avenue
Cairns Close
Calvert Drive
Cameron Drive
Canterbury Close
Capel Place
Capstan Court
Carleton Road
Carlisle Road
Carrington Road
Carsington Gardens
Cavell Crescent
Cedar Road
Central Road
Chapel Drive
Chastilian Road
Chatsworth Road
Chaucer Park
Chaucer Way
Chave Road
Chave Road
Cherry Tree Lane
Chesterfield Drive
Chestnut Road
Christchurch Road
Christchurch Road
Church Field
Church Hill
Church Hill
Church Walk
Churchill Close
Clare Causeway
Clare Causeway
Clarendon Gardens
Clayton Croft Road
Clement Street
Clipper Boulevard
Clipper Boulevard West
Cloud Close
Cochrane Drive
Coleridge Road
Colin Close
Colney Road
Common Lane
Coniston Close
Constance Grove
Coopers Drive
Cornwall Road
Cotton Lane
Cotton Lane
Cowdrey Court
Cranford Road
Crawford Avenue
Crayford Road
Creek Mill Way
Creek Mill Way
Critchley Avenue
Cross Road
Crossways Boulevard
Crossways Boulevard
Cugley Road
Cumberland Drive
Curates Walk
Dale Street
Darenth Park Avenue
Darenth Park Avenue
Darenth Road
Darenth Wood Road
Darenth Wood Road
Dartford Road
Darwin Avenue
Dene Road
Denton Road
Denton Road
Denver Road
Derwent Close
Devonshire Avenue
Dewlands Avenue
Dickens Avenue
Dorchester Close
Dorney Place
Dovedale Road
Downs Avenue
Dudsbury Road
Dunkin Road
Dunlop Close
Durrell Dene
East Hill
East Hill Drive
Edgefield Close
Edwin Petty Place
Edwin Road
Egerton Close
Eleanor Close
Elham Crescent
Eliot Road
Elm Close
Elm Road
Eskdale Close
Essex Road
Eton Way
Fairfax Court
Fairway Drive
Falcon Close
Farnol Road
Fawkes Avenue
Finchley Close
Firmin Road
Flanders Court
Fleet Avenue
Fleet Road
Foord Close
Francis Road
Franklin Road
Fulwich Road
Gainsborough Avenue
Galleon Boulevard
Garden Place
Gerdview Drive
Gibbons Lane
Gladstone Road
Gloucester Road
Gloucester Road
Gordon Road
Gore Road
Goss Hill
Goss Hill
Gothic Close
Grange Crescent
Grass Banks
Great Queen Street
Green Street Green Road
Green Street Green Road
Grosvenor Crescent
Groveherst Road
Halcrow Avenue
Hall Road
Hallford Way
Hallford Way
Hardwick Crescent
Hardy Avenue
Hardy Grove
Havelock Road
Havelock Road
Hawley Road
Hawthorn Road
Hazel Road
Heath End Road
Heath Lane
Heath Lane
Heath Street
Heath Street
Heathclose Avenue
Heathclose Road
Heather Drive
Heather Drive
Heathlands Rise
Heathview Crescent
Heathwood Walk
Helen Close
Henderson Drive
Hesketh Avenue
High Road
High Street
High Trees
Highfield Road
Highfield Road North
Highfield Road South
Hill House Road
Hill Road
Hillcrest Road
Hilltop Gardens
Holly Road
Holmleigh Avenue
Home Gardens
Hook Green Lane
Horsfield Close
Howard Road
Hulsewood Close
Humber Road
Hyde Grove
Hythe Street
Hythe Street
Ingram Road
Instone Road
Instone Road
Invicta Road
Ivy Close
Jagger Close
James Road
Jepson Drive
Jessamine Place
Joyce Green Lane
Junction Road
Kent Road
Kenwyn Road
Keyes Road
King Edward Avenue
Kingsley Avenue
Kingsridge Gardens
Kingswood Close
Kipling Road
Kirby Road
Knights Manor Way
Knole Road
Knole Road
Laburnum Avenue
Lady Jane Place
Lagonda Way
Landale Gardens
Langworth Close
Lansbury Crescent
Larch Road
Latham Close
Laurel Close
Laurence Rise
Lavinia Road
Lawford Gardens
Lawrence Hill Gardens
Lawrence Hill Road
Lawson Gardens
Lawson Road
Lawson Road
Leyton Cross Road
Linden Avenue
Lingfield Avenue
Links View
Little Queen Street
Littlebrook Manor Way
Littlebrook Manorway
Lockwood Place
Lodge Avenue
London Road
Lonsdale Crescent
Lowfield Street
Lowfield Street
Lunedale Road
Maida Vale Road
Maiden Lane
Mallard Close
Malt Kiln Place
Mannock Road
Manor Close
Manor Gate Lane
Maple Road
Maplehurst Close
Marcet Road
Marcus Road
Marina Drive
Market Place
Market Street
Marlborough Road
Marriott Road
Marsden Gardens
Marsh Street
Marsh Street North
Martin Drive
Martin Road
Masefield Road
Masthead Close
Maybury Avenue
Mayfair Road
Mccudden Road
Mead Crescent
Mead Road
Meadow Walk
Meadow Way
Meldon View
Merryweather Close
Mildred Close
Mile Stone Road
Mill Pond Road
Mill Pond Road
Millers Close
Miskin Road
Mitchell Close
Monks Orchard
Montagu Gardens
Moore Close
Morland Avenue
Morris Gardens
Mount Pleasant Road
Murray Drive
Myrtle Place
Myrtle Road
Myrtle Road
Nelson Road
Newbury Close
Newton's Court
Norfolk Close
Norman Road
North Road
North Street
Nursery Close
Oakes Crescent
Oakfield Lane
Oakfield Lane
Oakfield Lane
Oakfield Lane
Oakfield Park Road
Oakfield Place
Oaklands Road
Oakwood Close
Old Bexley Lane
Old Bexley Lane
Old Bexley Lane
Old Bexley Lane
Olive Road
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Street
Orchard Street
Orchard Way
Osbourne Road
Osterberg Road
Overy Liberty
Overy Street
Overy Street
Papermill Lane
Park Road
Parsons Lane
Patterdale Road
Pearson Way
Peary Mead
Pencroft Drive
Penney Close
Perrin Road
Perry Grove
Phillips Close
Phoenix Place
Phoenix Place
Pilgrims Court
Pilgrims Way
Pinewood Place
Portman Close
Powder Mill Lane
Powell Avenue
Powell Avenue
Princes Avenue
Princes Road
Princes Road
Princes Road
Princes Road
Princes View
Priory Close
Priory Gardens
Priory Hill
Priory Place
Priory Road
Priory Road
Queen Elizabeth II Bridge
Queens Gardens
Radzan Close
Raeburn Avenue
Rainbow Gardens
Rambler Lane
Rayford Close
Redding Close
Rennie Drive
Ribblesdale Road
Riverside Way
Riverside Wharf
Rochester Road
Rochester Way
Rochester Way
Roseberry Gardens
Rosedale Close
Rosedene Close
Ross Road
Rowan Crescent
Rowlatt Close
Rowlatt Road
Ruby Tuesday Drive
Ruskin Grove
Rutland Close
Sackville Road
Salisbury Road
Salmon Road
Sanctuary Close
Sandpit Road
Sandringham Drive
Saunders Way
Savoy Road
Schooner Court
Scott Close
Seaton Road
Shaftesbury Lane
Shakespeare Road
Sharp Way
Shears Close
Shenley Road
Shepherds Lane
Shepherds Lane
Sheridan Court
Shiers Avenue
Shirehall Road
Shirley Close
Silver Train Gardens
Somerset Road
Somerset Road
Somerville Road
South View Road
Spielman Road
Spital Street
Spring Vale
Spring Vale North
Spring Vale South
St Alban's Road
St Edmunds Road
St James Place
St John's Road
St Margarets Close
St Martin's Road
St Mary's Road
St Ronans View
St Vincents Avenue
St Vincents Road
St Vincents Road
Stanham Road
Station Approach
Sterndale Road
Stock Lane
Stone House Lane
Stones Avenue
Strickland Avenue
Suffolk Road
Sullivan Close
Summerhill Road
Sundridge Close
Sussex Road
Swaisland Road
Swaledale Road
Swan Lane
Sycamore Road
Sympathy Vale
Taylor Row
Teesdale Road
Telford Square
Temple Hill
Temple Hill Square
Tennyson Road
Teynham Road
Thames Gate
The Brent
The Brent
The Close
The Dell
The Green
The Homestead
The Oaks
The Spires
The Terraces
Thirza Road
Tollgate Road
Tower Road
Trafalgar Road
Tredegar Road
Trevelyan Close
Trevithick Drive
Trinity Gardens
Trolling Down Hill
Tudor Close
Tufnail Road
Tumbling Dice Mews
Turner Court
Twisleton Court
Tynedale Close
University Way
Vale Road
Vaughan Close
Vauxhall Place
Vickers Lane
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victory Way
Vimy Drive
Waid Close
Waldeck Road
Walkley Road
Wallis Close
Walnut Tree Avenue
Warren Road
Warwick Way
Watling Street
Watling Street
Waylen Gardens
Wayville Road
Weardale Avenue
Wellcome Avenue
Wellington Road
Wentworth Drive
Wessex Walk
West Hill
West Hill
West Hill Drive
West Hill Rise
West View Road
Western Terrace
Westgate Road
Westgate Road
Wharfedale Road
Whitehead Close
Whitfield Crescent
Wilks Avenue
Wilks Road
Williams Way
Willow Road
Wilmington Court Road
Wilmot Road
Wilmot Road
Wiltshire Close
Windermere Close
Windsor Drive
Winifred Road
Wodehouse Road
Wood Lane
Wordsworth Way
Wyvern Close
York Road