The Town of Chesterfield in the County of Derbyshire

The town of Chesterfield is located within the county of Derbyshire.

Chesterfield is situated in the East Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire, councils.

The town of Chesterfield is in the East Derbyshire region of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire within East Midlands (England).

  • Chesterfield
  • North East Derbyshire
  • Boythorpe: St Francis
  • Brampton: St Mark
  • Brampton: St Thomas
  • Chesterfield: Christ Church
  • Chesterfield: Holy Trinity
  • Chesterfield: St Augustine
  • Chesterfield: St Mary & All Saints
  • Loundsley Green: Church of the Ascensi
  • New Whittington: St Barnabas
  • Newbold: St John the Evangelist
  • Spital: St Leonard's Mission Room
  • Whittington: St Bartholomew

Where is Chesterfield is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Chesterfield in Derbyshire

Dentists in Chesterfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Chesterfield
Ashgate Dental Practice 138 Ashgate Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4AQ
Aspire Dental Practice 44 Clarence Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1LQ
Cavendish Dental Care 57 West Bars Chesterfield S40 1BA
Chapel Hall Dental Surgery Jawbones Hill Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 2EN
Chatsworth Dental Care 341 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 2BZ
Chesterfield Orthodontics South Place, Beetwell Street Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1SZ
Chesterfield Pct Scarsdale Hospital Dental Dept, Newbold Road, Chesterfield Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 7PF
Clarence Road Dental Care 38 Clarence Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1LQ
Ferndale House Dental Practice 90 Saltergate Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1LG
Glumangate Dental Surgery 46 Glumangate Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1TX
Hasland Dental Practice 182 Hasland Road, Hasland Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 0AG
J P M Gale Associates 115 Saltergate Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1NF
Oasis Dental Care Wardgate Way Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4SL
S N H Dental 2 Crown Close, New Whittington Chesterfield Derbyshire S43 2AH
Walton Hospital Salaried Primary Care Dental, Whitecotes Lane Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 3HW
Wisdom Dental 542 Sheffield Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 8LX

Opticians in Chesterfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Chesterfield
Boots Opticians (chesterfield) 35-37 Low Pavement Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1PB
Chesterfield Extra Lockoford Lane Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 7JB
Elliott & Heath Ltd 79 Newbold Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 7QA
Eyeglasses 15 Holywell Street Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 7SA
Insight Opticians 7 Packers Row Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1RB
Lancaster & Thorpe (chesterfield) 5 Low Pavement Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1PF
Scrivens Opticians (chesterfield) 21 Market Place Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1PJ
Specsavers (chesterfield) 2 Burlington Street Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1RR
Vision Express (chesterfield) Unit 2, 16 Packers Row Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1RB
Watson And Jenkins Opticians 19 Middle Pavement Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1PA

Chemists in Chesterfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Chesterfield
Boots 35-37 Low Pavement, West Park Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1PB
Cohens Chemist Grange Family Health Centre, Stubbing Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 2HP tel:01246 279366
Dents Chemists 1 Windermere Road, Newbold Moor Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 8DU
Dents Of Chesterfield 79 New Square Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1AH
Lloydspharmacy 42 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 2AQ tel:01246 234023
Lloydspharmacy 431-433 Sheffield Road, Whittington Moor Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 8LU tel:01246 450425
Lloydspharmacy Lloyds Chemist, 18-20 The Green, Hasland Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 0LJ tel:01246 275825
Lloydspharmacy Unit 7, Wardgate Way Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4SL tel:01246 221790
Peak Pharmacy 148 High Street, New Whittington Chesterfield Derbyshire S43 2AN tel:01246 260598
Peak Pharmacy 25 Market Place Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1PJ tel:01246 234019
Peak Pharmacy 30 High Street, Old Whittington Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 9JT tel:01246 454651
Peak Pharmacy 540 Sheffield Road, Whittington Moor Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 8LX tel:01246 454763
Peak Pharmacy 624 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 3JX tel:01246 566945
Peak Pharmacy 92 Saltergate Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1LG tel:01246 234835
Peak Pharmacy Ashgate Manor, Ashgate Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4AA tel:01246 208647
Peak Pharmacy@wheatbridge 36 Wheatbridge Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 2AB tel:01246 234017
Tesco Pharmacy Lockoford Lane Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 7JB tel:01246 348247

Doctors in Chesterfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Chesterfield
Chatsworth Road Medical Centre Storrs Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 3PY tel:01246 568065
Chesterfield Medical Partnership Chesterfield Med Ptnrship, Ashgate Manor, Ashgate Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4AA tel:01246 232946
Hasland Medical Centre 1 Jepson Road, Hasland Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 0NZ
Hasland Surgery 82 St Philips Drive, Hasland Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 0RG
Holme Hall Surgery Wardgate Way Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4SL
Inspire Health 109 Saltergate Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1LE tel:01246 244040
Newbold Surgery 3 Windermere Road, Newbold Moor Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 8DU tel:01246 277381
Royal Primary Care The Grange Family H/ctr, Stubbing Road, Grangewood Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 2HP tel:01246 748000
The Surgery At Wheatbridge The Surgery-wheatbridge, 30 Wheatbridge Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 2AB tel:01246 277287
Whittington Medical Centre High Street, Old Whittington Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 9JZ
Whittington Moor Surgery Scarsdale Road, Whittington Moor Chesterfield S41 8NA tel:01246 456938
List of Streets in Chesterfield
Abercrombie Street
Abney Close
Acorn Ridge
Acres View Close
Albert Avenue
Albert Road
Albert Street North
Albion Road
Alexandra Road East
Alexandra Road West
Alford Close
Allsops Place
Alma Street West
Alum Chine Close
Amber Crescent
Ambleside Close
Amesbury Close
Anderson Close
Angel Yard
Annesley Close
Arbour Close
Archdale Close
Arden Close
Ardsley Road
Ardsley Road
Arklow Close
Arnside Close
Arundel Close
Ash Lane
Ash Tree Close
Ash Vale
Ashbourne Close
Ashcroft Drive
Ashdown Drive
Ashfield Road
Ashgate Avenue
Ashgate Avenue
Ashgate Avenue
Ashgate Road
Ashgate Valley Road
Ashopton Road
Ashton Close
Ashurst Close
Askew Way
Aspley Close
Atlow Close
Avenue 1
Avenue 2
Avenue 3
Avenue 4
Avenue 5
Avenue 6
Avenue 7
Avenue 8
Avenue Road
Aviemore Close
Avondale Road
Avondale Road
Back South Street
Bacons Lane
Baden Powell Avenue
Baden Powell Road
Baines Wood Close
Ballidon Close
Balmoak Lane
Balmoral Way
Bank Road
Bank Street
Bank Street
Bank Wood Close
Barbon Close
Barholme Close
Barker Fold
Barker Lane
Barker Lane
Barley Lane
Barley Lane
Barn Close
Barnes Road
Barnham Close
Barton Crescent
Basil Close
Bateman Close
Baycliff Drive
Beacon Hill Way
Beckingham Way
Beechdale Close
Beehive Road
Beehive Road
Beeley View
Beetwell Street
Belvedere Avenue
Belvedere Close
Beninmoor Way
Bentham Road
Beresford Way
Berwick Avenue
Berwick Close
Berwick Close
Berwick Court
Berwyn Close
Birchen Close
Birchwood Crescent
Birdholme Crescent
Birkdale Drive
Birley Brook Drive
Birstall Close
Blackdown Avenue
Blackthorn Close
Blandford Drive
Bluebank View
Blyth Close
Bobbin Mill Lane
Bobbin Mill Lane
Bodmin Way
Boulton Close
Bower Farm Road
Bowland Drive
Bowness Close
Bowness Road
Boythorpe Avenue
Boythorpe Crescent
Boythorpe Mount
Boythorpe Rise
Boythorpe Road
Boythorpe Road
Boythorpe Road
Bradgate Croft
Braemar Close
Brambling Court
Bramshill Rise
Branksome Chine Avenue
Branton Close
Brearley Avenue
Brearley Street
Brearley Street
Breckland Road
Brecon Close
Brendon Avenue
Brent Close
Bretby Road
Bretton Close
Brewery Street
Briar Close
Briardene Close
Brickhouse Yard
Bridge Bank Close
Bridge Street
Bridge Way
Brimington Road
Brimington Road
Brimington Road
Brimington Road North
Brimington Road North
Brincliffe Close
Brindley Road
Britannia Road
Broad Pavement
Broadgorse Close
Broadoaks Close
Brocklehurst Piece
Brockwell Lane
Brockwell Place
Brome Head Way
Brook Vale
Brookbank Avenue
Brookfield Avenue
Brookfield View Drive
Brooklyn Drive
Brookside Bar
Brookside Glen
Broom Close
Broombank Park
Broombank Road
Broomfield Avenue
Broomhill Road
Broughton Road
Browning Court
Brunswick Street
Brushfield Road
Bryn Lea
Buckden Close
Bunting Close
Burgess Close
Burley Close
Burlington Street
Burnbridge Road
Burns Close
Burrs Wood Croft
Bursdon Close
Buttermere Close
Butterton Drive
Byron Road
Byron Street
Caernarvon Close
Cairn Drive
Cairngorm Close
Calow Brook Drive
Calow Lane
Calow Lane
Calstock Close
Cambrian Close
Camerory Way
Camlough Walk
Canal Mews
Canal Wharf
Canterbury Close
Capthorne Close
Carlisle Close
Carlton Road
Carlyon Gardens
Carnoustie Avenue
Carrwood Road
Carsington Close
Cartmel Crescent
Catherine Street
Cauldon Drive
Cavendish Street
Cavendish Street
Cavendish Street North
Caxton Close
Cedar Avenue
Cemetery Road
Central Avenue
Central Drive
Central Pavement
Central Street
Chadwell Close
Challands Close
Challands Way
Chaneyfield Way
Chantrey Avenue
Chantrey Avenue
Chapel Lane East
Chapel Lane West
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Chasecliff Close
Chatsworth Avenue
Chatsworth Road
Chatsworth Road
Chatsworth Road
Chatsworth Road
Chaucer Road
Cheedale Avenue
Cheedale Close
Chepstow Close
Chertsey Close
Chester Street
Chester Street
Chester Street
Chesterfield Avenue
Chesterfield Road
Cheviot Way
Church Lane North
Church Street North
Church Street South
Church Street West
Church View
Church Walk
Church Walk
Church Way
Church Way
Churchside Lane
Churston Road
Churston Road
Circular Road
Clarence Road
Clarence Street
Clarkson Avenue
Clayton Street
Cleveland Way
Clifford Close
Clifton Street
Clubhill Terrace
Cobden Road
Cobden Road
Cobnar Drive
Cobnar Wood Close
Collishaw Close
Colton Close
Compass Crescent
Compton Street
Compton Street
Coniston Road
Coniston Way
Coppice Close
Cordwell Avenue
Cornfield Close
Corporation Street
Corve Way
Cotswold Close
Coupland Close
Cowley Close
Craggon Drive
Craglands Grove
Cragside Close
Cranborne Road
Craven Road
Creswick Close
Creswick Close
Cromdale Avenue
Cromwell Road
Cromwell Road
Cropston Close
Cross London Street
Cross Street
Cross Wellington Street
Crow Lane
Crow Lane
Crown Close
Crown Road
Cuttholme Close
Cuttholme Road
Cuttholme Way
Dale Bank Crescent
Dalewood Close
Dalvey Way
Danby Avenue
Darwent Road
Darwin Avenue
Darwin Avenue
Darwin Road
Darwin Road
Davian Way
Deben Close
Deerlands Road
Deerlands Road
Delph Bank
Delves Close
Delves Close
Derby Road
Derwent Crescent
Devizes Close
Devonshire Avenue East
Devonshire Avenue North
Devonshire Close
Devonshire Road East
Devonshire Road North
Dickenson Road
Didcot Close
Dingle Lane
Discovery Way
Dixon Croft
Dixon's Road
Dock Walk
Dorothy Vale
Douglas Road
Doveridge Close
Dowdeswell Street
Dryden Avenue
Duke Street
Dukes Drive
Dumble Wood Grange
Dundonald Road
Dunston Court
Dunston Lane
Dunston Lane
Dunston Place
Dunston Road
Dunston Road
Dunston Way
Durham Avenue
Durham Close
Durley Chine Drive
Durrant Road
Easedale Close
Eastleigh Court
Eastside Close
Eastside Road
Eastwood Close
Eastwood Park Drive
Eckington Road
Edinburgh Mews
Edinburgh Road
Edmund Street
Edwin Avenue
Elder Way
Elgin Close
Elkstone Road
Elm Close
Elm Lodge Farm Close
Elton Street
Emmetfield Close
Endowood Road
Enfield Road
Ennerdale Crescent
Errington Road
Ettrick Close
Etwall Close
Excalibur Way
Eyre Gardens
Eyre Street East
Factory Street
Fair View
Fairfield Road
Fairford Close
Fallowfield Road
Farm Close
Farndale Avenue
Farnon Close
Farnsworth Court
Farnsworth Street
Fenland Way
Fernwood Close
Fieldhead Way
Fieldview Place
Firvale Road
Fisher Close
Flamsteed Crescent
Flintson Avenue
Florence Close
Foljambe Avenue
Foljambe Road
Foolow Avenue
Forge Drive
Foston Drive
Foundry Street
Foundry Street
Fowler Street
Foxbrook Court
Foxbrook Drive
Foxcote Way
Foxwood Close
Foxwood Close
Foxwood Road
Foxwood Way
Foyers Way
Franklyn Road
Freebirch View
Frinton Close
Fulford Close
Furnace Hillock Way
Furnace Lane
Garden Close
Gatefield Close
George Street
Gilbert Avenue
Gipsy Lane
Glade Close
Gladstone Road
Gladstone Road
Gladwin Gardens
Glasshouse Lane
Glenavon Close
Glencoe Way
Glenfield Crescent
Glenthorne Close
Glossop's Croft
Gloucester Avenue
Gloucester Road
Gorman Close
Gorse Valley Road
Gorse Valley Way
Gower Crescent
Goyt Side Road
Grampian Crescent
Grangewood Road
Gransden Way
Granville Close
Grasmere Close
Grasscroft Close
Green Farm Close
Green Street
Greenbank Drive
Greengate Close
Greenside Avenue
Grindlow Avenue
Grindon Close
Grove Road
Grove Street
Guildford Avenue
Haddon Close
Hady Crescent
Hady Hill
Hady Lane
Hady Lane
Halesworth Close
Hall Farm Close
Hall View
Halton Close
Hambledon Close
Hampton Street
Hanbury Close
Handby Street
Handley Court
Handley Road
Harcourt Close
Hardwick Avenue
Hardwick Street
Harehill Road
Harehill Road
Harper Hill
Harperhill Close
Hartfield Close
Hartington Road
Hartland Way
Hartside Close
Harvest Way
Harvey Road
Haslam Court
Hasland Road
Hassop Close
Hastings Close
Hatton Drive
Hawksley Avenue
Hawksley Avenue
Hawthorn Way
Hawthorne Street
Hazel Drive
Hazlehurst Avenue
Hazlehurst Lane
Healaugh Way
Heathcote Drive
Heather Vale Close
Heather Vale Road
Heathfield Avenue
Heaton Street
Helmsley Close
Helston Close
Henry Street
Herriot Drive
High Street
High Street
High Street
High View Close
Highbury Grove
Highbury Road
Higher Albert Street
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Lane
Highfield Lane
Highfield Road
Highfield View Road
Highgate Close
Highgrove Close
Highland Road
Highlow Close
Hillberry Rise
Hillcrest Road
Hillside Drive
Hilltop Road
Hipley Close
Hipper Street
Hipper Street South
Hipper Street West
Holbeach Drive
Holbeck Close
Holbrook Close
Holland Road
Hollens Way
Hollin Close
Hollis Lane
Hollis Lane
Hollythorpe Close
Holme Hall Crescent
Holme Park Avenue
Holme Road
Holmebank Close
Holmebank East
Holmebank View
Holmebank West
Holmebrook View
Holy Close
Holywell Street
Homeport Mews
Honeysuckle Road
Hoole Street
Hope Street
Horse Chestnut Close
Horsewood Road
Horsley Close
Hough Close
Houldsworth Drive
Howard Drive
Hoylake Avenue
Hucklow Avenue
Hucknall Avenue
Hundall Lane
Hunloke Avenue
Hunloke Avenue
Hunloke Crescent
Ians Way
Infirmary Road
Ingleton Road
Inkerman Cottages
Ivy Close
James Street
Jaw Bones Hill
Jebb Gardens
Jepson Road
John Street
Johnstone Close
Kariba Close
Keats Road
Kedleston Close
Keilder Court
Kelburn Avenue
Kendal Road
Kennet Vale
Kent Close
Kent Street
Kenyon Road
Keswick Drive
Kibworth Close
Kidsley Close
King Street North
King Street North
King Street South
Kingsley Avenue
Kingsmede Avenue
Kingswood Close
Kipling Road
Kirby Close
Kirkdale Close
Kirkstone Road
Knighton Close
Ladywood Drive
Lake View Avenue
Lakeside Close
Lancaster Road
Lancelot Close
Landon Close
Landsdowne Avenue
Langdale Close
Langer Field Avenue
Langer Lane
Langer Lane
Langford Croft
Langhurst Road
Langtree Avenue
Lansdowne Avenue
Larch Way
Laurel Garth Close
Laurence Close
Laxfield Close
Layton Drive
Leadhill Road
Lee Road
Leeswood Close
Levens Way
Leyburn Close
Lichfield Road
Lillymede Close
Linacre Road
Lincoln Street
Lindale Road
Linden Avenue
Linden Drive
Linden Park Grove
Lindrick Gardens
Ling Road
Linscott Close
Linton Road
Lister Close
Little Brind Road
Littlemoor Crescent
Lockoford Lane
Lockoford Lane
Lockoford Road
Lodge Farm Close
London Street
Long Lane
Long Lane
Longcliff Walk
Longfield Grange
Longfield Grange
Lord Roberts Road
Lordsmill Street
Lordsmill Street
Loundes Wood Avenue
Loundsley Green Road
Loundsley Green Road
Low Pavement
Lower Grove Road
Loxley Close
Lucas Road
Ludham Close
Ludham Gardens
Lutyens Court
Lydford Avenue
Macmillan Mews
Madin Street
Main Road
Malham Close
Malia Road
Malkin Street
Mallory Close
Malson Way
Malvern Road
Manknell Road
Manor Crescent
Manor Drive
Manor House Court
Manor Road
Mansfeldt Crescent
Mansfeldt Road
Mansfeldt Road
Mansfield Road
Marchwood Close
Mardale Close
Marine Drive
Markham Road
Markham Road
Marsden Place
Marsden Street
Marsden Street
Mary Ann Street
Masson Close
Matlock Road
Matlock Road
Matlock Road
Maudesley Avenue
May Avenue
Mayfield Road
Maynard Road
Mcgregor's Way
Meadow Close
Meadow View
Meadowhill Road
Meakin Street
Medlock Close
Medlock Road
Melling Close
Mellor Way
Melrose Close
Meltham Lane
Mendip Crescent
Mercaston Close
Merrick Close
Meynell Close
Mill Lane
Mill Stream Close
Mill Street
Milldale Close
Millennium Way
Milton Crescent
Miriam Avenue
Mitchell Way
Monkwood Road
Moorhay Close
Moorland View Road
Moorpark Avenue
Morley Avenue
Morris Avenue
Morris Drive
Mound Road
Mountcastle Street
Muirfield Close
Nelson Street
Nesfield Close
Netherfield Road
Netherfield Road
Netherleigh Road
Netherleigh Road
Nevis Close
New Beetwell Street
New Hall Road
New Queen Street
New Square
New Street
Newbold Avenue
Newbold Avenue
Newbold Back Lane
Newbold Back Lane
Newbold Drive
Newbold Road
Newbold Road
Newbold Road
Newbridge Court
Newbridge Lane
Newbridge Street
Newby Road
Newhaven Close
Newland Dale
Newland Gardens
Newlands Avenue
Nicholas Street
Nightingale Close
Norbury Close
Norfolk Close
Norton Avenue
Norwood Avenue
Norwood Close
Oadby Drive
Oak Bank Avenue
Oakamoor Close
Oakfield Avenue
Oakley Avenue
Occupation Road
Old Bakery Close
Old Brick Works Lane
Old Hall Road
Old Hall Road
Old Hall Road
Old House Road
Old Pheasant Court
Old Road
Old Road
Old Road
Old Road
Old Ship Lane
Oldridge Close
Orchard View Road
Orchards Way
Ormond Close
Ormsby Road
Outram Road
Owen Falls Avenue
Packer's Row
Panthers Place
Park Close
Park Drive
Park Hall Avenue
Park Hall Gardens
Park Lane
Park Road
Park Road
Park Street
Park View
Parkgate Lane
Parkside View
Parwich Close
Paxton Road
Peak View Road
Pearson Croft
Penmore Close
Penmore Gardens
Penmore Lane
Penmore Street
Pennine Way
Pentland Close
Pettyclose Lane
Pevensey Avenue
Peveril Road
Peveril Road
Piccadilly Road
Pike Close
Pine View
Plantation Close
Pool's Lane
Pool's Lane
Pool's Lane
Poplar Avenue
Portland Close
Portland Close
Potters Close
Pottery Lane East
Pottery Lane West
Pottery Lane West
Prestwold Way
Princess Street
Priory Close
Prospect Road
Purbeck Avenue
Pynot Road
Quantock Way
Quarry Bank Road
Quarry Lane
Queen Mary Road
Queen Street
Queen Street
Queen Street North
Queen Street North
Quorn Drive
Racecourse Mount
Racecourse Road
Ramsey Avenue
Ramshaw Close
Raneld Mount
Ranmoor Close
Ratcliffe Close
Ravenswood Road
Red Lane
Redbrook Avenue
Redgrove Way
Redhouse Close
Rednall Close
Redvers Buller Road
Rempstone Drive
Repton Close
Rhodes Avenue
Rhodesia Road
Richmond Close
Riddings Croft
Ringwood Avenue
Rockingham Close
Rockley Close
Rodge Croft
Rodsley Close
Roecar Close
Rose Garth Close
Rose Hill
Rose Hill East
Rose Hill West
Rose Wood Close
Rosedale Avenue
Rosedale View
Rossendale Close
Rother Close
Rother Way
Rother Way
Rothervale Road
Rothey Grove
Royston Close
Rufford Close
Rugby Drive
Rushen Mount
Ruston Close
Rutland Road
Rutland Street
Rydal Crescent
Rye Flatt Lane
Ryehill Avenue
Sackville Close
Salcey Square
Salisbury Avenue
Salisbury Crescent
Sandringham Close
Sandstone Avenue
Sanforth Street
Saxton Close
Scarsdale Road
School Board Lane
School Board Lane
School Road
Seagrave Drive
Sedbergh Crescent
Sedgemoor Close
Selby Close
Selhurst Road
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shap Close
Shaw Street
Shaw Street
Shaw's Row
Sheepbridge Lane
Sheffield Road
Sheffield Road
Sheffield Road
Sheldon Road
Sherbourne Avenue
Sherwood Street
Shirland Street
Shirley Close
Silverdale Close
Sims Croft
Sitwell Avenue
Skeldale Drive
Skelwith Close
Skiddaw Close
Slack Lane
Slack Lane
Slag Lane
Smeckley Wood Close
Smith Crescent
Smithfield Avenue
Snowberry Close
Somersall Close
Somersall Hall Drive
Somersall Hall Drive
Somersall Lane
Somersall Lane
Somersall Park Road
Somersall Willows
Somersby Avenue
Somersby Avenue
Soresby Street
South Lodge Court
South Place
South Street
South Street North
Southdown Avenue
Southfield Avenue
Spa Lane
Spencer Street
Spencer Street
Spencer Street
Spinner Croft
Spire Heights
Spital Brook Close
Spital Gardens
Spital Lane
Spital Lane
Spring Bank Road
Spring Wood Close
Springfield Avenue
Springwell Hill
Spruce Close
St Andrews Rise
St Augustines Avenue
St Augustines Crescent
St Augustines Drive
St Augustines Mount
St Augustines Rise
St Augustines Road
St Augustines Road
St Chad's Way
St David's Rise
St Giles Close
St Helen's Close
St Helen's Street
St John's Mount
St John's Road
St Johns Close
St Leonards Drive
St Margarets Drive
St Margarets Drive
St Mark's Road
St Martin's Close
St Mary's Gate
St Mary's Gate
St Pauls Avenue
St Philip's Drive
St Thomas' Street
Stanage Way
Stand Road
Stanford Way
Stanley Street
Stanwood Drive
Station Back Lane
Station Lane
Station Lane
Station Road
Station Road
Station Road
Staunton Close
Staveley Road
Steep Lane
Steeple Grange
Stephenson Place
Stephenson Place
Sterland Street
Stillman Close
Stone Lane
Stone Row
Stonegravels Lane
Stoneycroft Lane
Stoneycroft Lane
Stoops Close
Storforth Lane
Storforth Lane
Storrs Road
Stradbroke Rise
Stuart Close
Stubbing Road
Sub Station Lane
Sub Station Lane
Sudbury Close
Sudhall Close
Summerfield Road
Sunningdale Close
Sunningdale Rise
Sunny Springs
Swaddale Avenue
Swaddale Close
Swalebank Close
Swanbourne Close
Swanwick Street
Swinscoe Way
Swithland Close
Sycamore Avenue
Sycamore Drive
Sydney Street
Sylvan Close
Taddington Road
Talbot Crescent
Talbot Street
Tansley Drive
Tap Lane
Tapton Lane
Tapton Lock Hill
Tapton Vale
Tapton View Road
Taylor Crescent
Tennyson Avenue
Tennyson Avenue
The Clough
The Dell
The Glade
The Glebe Way
The Green
The Knoll
The Meadows
The Willows
Theatre Lane
Thirlmere Road
Thompson Close
Thompson Street
Thornbridge Crescent
Thorndene Close
Thorndon Way
Thornfield Avenue
Thorpe Close
Tissington Close
Treeneuk Close
Treeneuk Gardens
Trevorrow Crescent
Trevose Close
Trinity Close
Troon Close
Tunstall Green
Tunstall Way
Turnberry Close
Turnbull Close
Turnoaks Lane
Tylney Road
Tylney Road
Ulverston Road
Ulverston Road
Unstone Road
Unstone-Dronfield By-Pass
Unstone-Dronfield By-Pass
Upland Rise
Upper Lum Close
Upper Moor Street
Upper Newbold Close
Upwood Close
Valley Road
Valley View Close
Venture Way
Vernon Road
Vicar Lane
Vicar Lane
Victoria Street
Victoria Street North
Victoria Street West
Vincent Crescent
Vincent Lane
Wain Avenue
Walgrove Avenue
Walgrove Road
Walgrove Road
Waltham Croft
Walton Back Lane
Walton Close
Walton Crescent
Walton Crescent
Walton Drive
Walton Fields Road
Walton Road
Walton Road
Wardgate Way
Wardlow Close
Warner Street
Warwick Street
Wash House Lane
Water Meadow Lane
Wayford Avenue
Webster Court
Webster Croft
Welfare Avenue
Wellington Street
Welwyn Close
Wenlock Close
Wenlock Crescent
Wentworth Avenue
West Bars
West Street
West View Road
Westbourne Grove
Westbrook Close
Westbrook Drive
Westbrook Drive
Westfield Avenue
Westfield Close
Westfield Gardens
Westleigh Court
Weston Close
Wetlands Lane
Wetlands Lane
Wetlands Lane
Wharf Lane
Wharton Drive
Wheatbridge Road
Wheatbridge Road
Wheathill Lane
Wheathill Lane
White Edge Close
White Leas
Whitebank Close
Whitecotes Close
Whitecotes Lane
Whitecotes Park
Whitting Valley Road
Whittington Hill
Whittington Lane
Whittington Way
Whitworth Road
Whitworth Road
Wilkinson Close
William Brown Square
William Street
William Street North
Willow Garth Road
Wimborne Crescent
Winchester Road
Windermere Road
Windmill Lane
Windsor Close
Windsor Close
Windsor Walk
Wingerworth Way
Winnats Close
Wisbech Close
Wiston Way
Witham Close
Wolfe Close
Woodbridge Rise
Woodland Walk
Woodleigh Close
Woodmere Drive
Woodmere Drive
Woodnook Lane
Woodside Close
Woodstock Drive
Woodstock Rise
Woodvale Close
Wordsworth Road
Wren Park Close
Wythburn Road
Yarncliff Close
Yeldersley Close
Yew Tree Drive
Yew Tree Drive
York Street