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The S Sheffield Postcode Area

S Sheffield is a Postcode Area in the United Kingdom. The area code S stands for the letters s in Sheffield. S has a population of 1,358,507 and covers an area of 1,797,716 hectares. Fun fact: 2.09% of the population of Great Britain lives in this area.


Where is the S Postcode Area?

The S Sheffield Postcode has it's North in the Yorkshire and the Humber region and it's South is in the East Midlands of England. The postal area borders the following neighbouring postal areas: DE - Derby, HD - Huddersfield, SK - Stockport, WF - Wakefield, NG - Nottingham and DN - Doncaster, and is located inland.

A word cloud for the S postcode area
A word cloud for the S Postcode Area
Map Showing Location of the S postcode area
Where is the S Postcode Area

Postcode Districts within the S Sheffield Postcode Area

There are 45 postcode districts within the Sheffield postcode area

Map of the S Postcode Area

A map showing the boundary of in relation to other areas

Map of the S Sheffield Postcode Area

Explore the S Sheffield postcode area by using our free interactive map.

There are 22 towns within the Sheffield postcode area.

Map of Posttowns in the S
Map of Posttowns in the S Postal Area

List of Post Towns within the S Sheffield

The Highest Crime Sectors in the S Area

SectorCountPer Capita (1000)
S1 4878109.57
S1 2841334.93
S9 172362.28
S65 1663112.54
S70 1636111.72
Map Showing Crime Rates in Postcode Sectors in the  S postcode area
Per Capita Crime Rates for the S Postcode Area
Area of the S postcode area
Unit Area²
Hectares 1,797,716²
Miles 6,941²
Feet 193,504,352,524²
Kilometres 17,977²

Postal Delivery Offices serving the S Sheffield Postcode Area

  • Bamford Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Barnsley Delivery Office
  • Birdwell Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Bolsover Delivery Office
  • Bradwell Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Brierley Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Calver Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Carlton-in-lindrick Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Chapeltown Delivery Office
  • Chesterfield Delivery Office
  • Creswell Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Cudworth Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Dinnington Delivery Office
  • Dore Delivery Office
  • Dronfield Delivery Office
  • Eyam Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Grimethorpe Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Grindleford Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Halfway Delivery Office
  • Hathersage Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Hope Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Maltby Delivery Office
  • Manvers Delivery Office
  • Penistone Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Rotherham Delivery Office
  • Sheffield City 2 Delivery Office
  • Sheffield Delivery Office
  • Sheffield Epostal Delivery Office
  • Sheffield Nepostal Delivery Office
  • Sheffield Npostal Delivery Office
  • Sheffield Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Sheffield Sepostal Delivery Office
  • Sheffield Swpostal Delivery Office
  • Sheffield Wpostal Delivery Office
  • South Hiendley Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Staveley Delivery Office
  • Stocksbridge Delivery Office
  • Stoney Middleton Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Tanksersley Scale Payment Delivery Office
  • Wombwell Delivery Office
  • Worksop Delivery Office

Tourist Attractions within the S Sheffield Postcode Area

Postcode Areas Closest to S

Towns and Villages within the S Sheffield Postcode Area

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