The Town of Newcastle-under-Lyme in the County of Staffordshire

The town of Newcastle-under-Lyme is located within the county of Staffordshire.

Newcastle-under-Lyme is situated in the West Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, councils.

The town of Newcastle-under-Lyme is covers the following regions.

  • Stoke-on-Trent - Shropshire and Staffordshire - West Midlands (England)
  • Staffordshire CC - Shropshire and Staffordshire - West Midlands (England)
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • Stafford
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Basford: St Mark
  • Bradwell: St Barnabas
  • Chesterton: Holy Trinity
  • Clayton: St James the Great
  • Cross Heath: St Michael & All Angels
  • Knutton: St Mary
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme: St George
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme: St Giles
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme: St Paul
  • Porthill: St Andrew
  • Silverdale: St Luke
  • Westlands: St Andrew
  • Wolstanton: St Margaret

Where is Newcastle-under-Lyme is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire

Dentists in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Newcastle-under-Lyme
Dental Surgery 102 Liverpool Road Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 2AX
Dental Surgery 12 King Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1EL
Elm Villa Dental Practice 193 London Road, Chesterton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 7HZ
M N Devlin's Dental Surgery Dental Surgery, 1 High Street, Wolstanton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 0EY
Milehouse Dental Practice Unit 8b, Brock Way Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 6AZ
Mr M E Neeld And Associates Cherry Orchard Dental Surgery, 1 Cherry Orchard Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 2UB
Newcastle Under Lyme Dental Practice 1 Mount Pleasant Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1DA
Westbury Park Dental Practice 10 The Westbury Centre, Westbury Road Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 4LY
Wolstanton Dental Practice Village Dental Practice, 5 Ellison Street, Wolstanton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 0BJ

Opticians in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Newcastle-under-Lyme
4168 Wolstanton Asda Stores Ltd, Wolstanton Retail Park Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 0AP
Bayfields Z Ltd T/a Newbolds Opticians 34 Ironmarket Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1RP
Boots Opticians (newcastle-under-lyme) 60-62 High Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1QL
Browns Opticians 33 Merrial Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 2AE
D & A (newcastle) Unit 11, Roebuck Centre, High Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1SW
Scrivens Opticians (wolstanton) 107 High Street, Wolstanton Newcastle ST5 0EP
Specsavers (newcastle-under-lyme) 9 Castle Walk Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1AN
Stevenson Jones Optician 6 Friars Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 2DZ
Three Counties Optical Po Box 282 Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 9HX

Chemists in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Newcastle-under-Lyme
Asda Pharmacy Asda Superstore, Wolstanton Retail Park, Wolstanton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 0AY tel:01782 712201
Boots The Chemist 60-62 High Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1QL
Bradwell Pharmacy 111-113 Hanbridge Avenue, Bradwell Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 8HX
Higherland Pharmacy 3 Orme Road, Poolfields Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 2UE tel:01782 617929
Hollowood Chemists Ltd Kingsbridge House, Kingsbridge Avenue Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 3HP tel:01782 616927
Inspire Pharmacy Unit 18, Croft Road Industrial Estate Newcastle-under-lyme Staffordshire ST5 0TW tel:01782 638677
Lloydspharmacy 117-119 High Street, Wolstanton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 0EP tel:01782 712165
Lloydspharmacy 7 The Westbury Centre, Westbury Road, Clayton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 4LY tel:01782 712160
Lloydspharmacy Unit 1 - 2 High Street, Wolstanton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 0EP tel:01782 626940
Lloydspharmacy Liverpool Road Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 2AF tel:01782 682315
Milwards (chemists) Ltd 65 Milehouse Lane, Cross Heath Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 9JZ
Morrell Pharmacy Milehouse Primary Care Centre, Lymebrook Way Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 9GA tel:01782 717545
Tc Cornwells 5 The Parade, Silverdale Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 6LQ
Tc Wornwells 11 High Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1RB
Well Chesterton - 21-23 London Road 21-23 London Road, Chesterton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 7EA tel:01782 562239
Well Pharmacy 58-60 King Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1HX tel:01782 621900
Well Pharmacy London Road, Chesterton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 7DY tel:01782 562224
Wm Morrison Pharmacy Goose Street, Off Brook Lane Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 3HY
Ws Low Pharmacy 101 High Street, Wolstanton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 0EP tel:01782 627807

Doctors in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Newcastle-under-Lyme
Dr A Malgwa Branch 74 Crackley Bank Newcastle ST5 7AA
Dr Gp Morgans Branch Ryecroft Surgery, Broad Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 2BQ tel:01782 619343
Heathcote Street Surgery 2 Heathcote Street, Chesterton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 7EB tel:01782 561057
Higherland Surgery 3 Orme Road, Poolfield, Newcastle-under-lyme Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 2UE tel:01782 717044
Kingsbridge Medical Centre Kingsbridge House, Kingsbridge Avenue, Clayton Newcastle Under Lyme Staffordshire ST5 3HP tel:0300 1231892
Loomer Road Surgery Loomer Road, Chesterton, Newcastle Under Lyme Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 7JS tel:0300 3650002
Lyme Valley Medical Centre Lyme Valley Road Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 3TF tel:01782 615367
Lymebrook Surgery Milehouse Pcc, Lymebrook Way, Milehouse Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 9GA
Midway Medical Centre Lyme Valley Road, Newcastle Under Lyme Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 3TF tel:01782 433265
Milehouse Medical Practice Milehouse Primary Care Centre, Lymebrook Way, Milehouse Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 9GA tel:01782 663830
Miller Street Surgery Miller Street Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 1JD tel:01782 711618
Silverdale Medical Centre Vale Pleasant, Silverdale Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 6PS tel:0300 1231466
The Village Surgery 49 High Street, Wolstanton Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 0ET tel:01782 626172
Wolstanton Medical Centre Palmerston Street, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-lyme Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 8BN tel:01782 627488
List of Streets in Newcastle-under-Lyme
Abbey Street
Abbot's Way
Abbot's Way
Acacia Avenue
Acacia Grove
Adams Street
Adams Street
Albany Road
Albemarle Road
Albert Street
Albert Street
Albert Street
Albert Terrace
Aldeburgh Drive
Alder Grove
Alderney Close
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Road
Allman Row
Allthorpe Place
Alton Close
Andrew Place
Apedale Road
Apedale Road
Archer Grove
Arnold Grove
Arthur Street
Ash Grove
Ash Way
Ashbourne Drive
Ashcroft Close
Ashcroft Grove
Ashcroft Oval
Ashcroft Road
Ashdale Rise
Ashfields New Road
Ashfields New Road
Ashley Grove
Ashridge Avenue
Ashton Court
Aspect Court
Aston Road
Audley Place
Audley Road
Audley Road
Audley Street
Avon Close
Back Garden Street
Baden Street
Badgers Croft
Baggott Place
Bailey Street
Bains Grove
Bakewell Close
Balcombe Close
Bamber Place
Barber's Square
Barbridge Road
Barford Road
Barker Street
Barn Court
Barnacle Place
Barracks Road
Barrington Court
Basford Park Road
Bath Road
Baxter Croft
Beasley Avenue
Beasley Avenue
Beata Road
Beattie Avenue
Beattie Avenue
Bedford Crescent
Beech Grove
Beechwood Close
Belfield Avenue
Belfield Avenue
Belgrave Road
Bell's Hollow
Bellefield View
Bells Hollow
Bennett Place
Bentley Avenue
Beresford Crescent
Berkshire Grove
Berne Avenue
Betley Place
Birch House Road
Bircham Walk
Blackbank Road
Blackbrook Avenue
Blackfriars Road
Blackthorn Place
Bladon Avenue
Blakeney Avenue
Bleak Street
Bleakridge Avenue
Bluebell Drive
Blunt Street
Booth Street
Bordeaux Walk
Borough Road
Boulton Street
Boundary Stret
Bowers Drive
Bowland Avenue
Bradwell Grange
Bradwell Lane
Bradwell Lane
Bramfield Drive
Brampton Road
Brampton Road
Brampton Sidings
Brampton Sidings
Brant Avenue
Breedon Close
Brent Close
Brick-Kiln Lane
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Bridgnorth Grove
Brindley Street
Bristol Street
Brittain Avenue
Broad Meadow Court
Broad Street
Brock Way
Bromley Close
Brook Lane
Brook Lane
Brook Place
Brookhouse Road
Brookside Close
Brookwood Close
Broome Hill
Broughton Road
Brunswick Street
Brutus Road
Brymbo Road
Buckmaster Avenue
Bunny Hill
Burford Avenue
Burland Road
Burleigh Grove
Burlington Avenue
Bursley Way
Butters Court
Buxton Avenue
Byland Place
Calrofold Drive
Calvert Grove
Camborne Crescent
Cambridge Drive
Camillus Road
Campion Avenue
Canary Grove
Cannel Row
Cardington Close
Carlos Place
Carlton Avenue
Carryer Place
Castel Close
Castle Hill Road
Castle Mount
Castle Ridge
Castle Street
Castle Street
Catherine Street
Cauldon Avenue
Cavendish Grove
Cedar Road
Cemetery Road
Cemetery View
Centurion Crescent
Century Road
Chantry Road
Chapel Street
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Chatsworth Place
Chatterley Close
Checkley Road
Cheddar Drive
Chell Grove
Chelmsford Road
Cheltenham Grove
Cherry Close
Cherry Hill Lane
Cherry Hill Lane
Cherry Orchard
Cherry Tree Road
Chervil Close
Chester Crescent
Chestnut Grove
Cheswardine Road
Chetwynd Road
Chetwynd Street
Cheviot Close
Chiltern Place
Church Lane
Church Lane
Church Street
Church Street
Church Street
Church Street
Church View
Church Walk
Churchill Close
Churston Close
Clare Avenue
Claremont Close
Clarence Street
Clarence Street
Claydon Crescent
Clayhanger Close
Clayton Lane
Clayton Lane
Clayton Road
Clayton Road
Cleveland Road
Clews Walk
Clews Walk
Cley Grove
Clifton Street
Clive Road
Clover Road
Cloverdale Road
Clumber Avenue
Clumber Grove
Clyde Place
Coaldale Road
Cobden Street
Colclough Avenue
Colenso Way
Collard Avenue
Comet Avenue
Como Place
Coniston Grove
Constable Avenue
Coomer Court
Cooper Avenue
Cooper Street
Copeland Avenue
Coppice Avenue
Coppice View
Cornhill Close
Cornwall Avenue
Coronation Road
Corporation Street
Cotswold Avenue
Cotterill Drive
Court Lane
Court Lane
Crackley Bank
Cranberry Drive
Cresswell Avenue
Croft Avenue
Croft Road
Crofters Court
Croftstead Close
Cromer Street
Cromwell Place
Cross May Street
Cross Street
Crown Street
Crusader Road
Curzon Street
Cypress Grove
Dain Place
Daleview Drive
Dalewood Road
Dalewood Road
Daly Crescent
Darius Close
Darsham Gardens
Dart Place
Dartmouth Avenue
Davenport Way
Davey Close
Dayson Place
Deakin Grove
Dean's Lane
Dean's Lane
Decade Close
Dee Lane
Delamere Grove
Delves Place
Denbigh Close
Dene Side
Denry Crescent
Denton Close
Derby Place
Derwent Place
Devon Close
Dimsdale Hall Drive
Dimsdale Parade East
Dimsdale Parade West
Dimsdale Parade West
Dimsdale View East
Dimsdale View West
Dixon's Row
Dixon's Row
Doddington Place
Dorridge Grove
Dorrington Grove
Dorset Place
Douglas Road
Doulton Drive
Dove Place
Dovedale Place
Downham Road
Downing Avenue
Dragon Square
Draycott Drive
Drayton Street
Droitwich Close
Duke Place
Duke Street
Dulverton Avenue
Duncalf Grove
Dunkirk Court
Durham Grove
Earl Street
Earl's Drive
Earl's Drive
Easdale Place
East Crescent
Edale Close
Eddisbury Drive
Edensor Court
Edensor Street
Edward Avenue
Edward Avenue
Edward Street
Eleanor Crescent
Eleanor Place
Eleanor View
Elizabeth Drive
Ellam's Place
Ellam's Place
Elliott Street
Ellison Street
Elm Street
Eltham Gardens
Emberton Street
Emberton Street
Emery Avenue
Enderley Street
Enstone Court
Eskdale Place
Essex Place
Eton Avenue
Etruria Way
Etruria Way
Eva Grove
Fair Oak Road
Fairfield Avenue
Farcroft Avenue
Farmers Bank
Fearns Avenue
Fermain Close
Ferndown Drive
Ferndown Drive South
First Avenue
First Avenue
Five Oaks Close
Fletcher Bank
Florence Street
Fogg St East
Fogg Street West
Ford Street
Forest Close
Forum Road
Foster Crescent
Fountains Avenue
Fox Grove
Foxglove Lane
Freehold Street
Friars' Street
Friars' Street
Friars' Walk
Friars' Walk
Friarswood Road
Friarswood Road
Friendly Avenue
Friesian Gardens
Gadwell Croft
Gainsborough Road
Galingale View
Galingale View
Gallowstree Lane
Gallowstree Lane
Garden Street
Garnett Road East
Garnett Road West
Gedney Grove
Geneva Drive
George Street
George Street
George Street
George Street
Gibson Grove
Glendale Court
Glenwood Close
Gloucester Grange
Goodwin Avenue
Gordon Street
Gort Road
Gower Street
Grange Lane
Granville Avenue
Granville Avenue
Grasmere Avenue
Great Row View
Greenbank Road
Greenbank Road
Greendale Drive
Greenock Close
Greylag Gate
Grosvenor Gardens
Grosvenor Place
Grosvenor Road
Grove Street
Guernsey Drive
Haddon Grove
Hadleigh Close
Hadrian Way
Halesworth Crescent
Halfway Place
Hall Place
Hall Street
Hammond Road
Hampton Court
Hanbridge Avenue
Hanover Street
Harper Avenue
Harrison Street
Harrogate Grove
Harrowby Court
Harrowby Drive
Hart Court
Hartington Street
Haslington Close
Hassam Avenue
Hassam Parade
Hassam Parade
Hassell Street
Hatherton Close
Hatrell Street
Hatrell Street
Havelet Drive
Haven Grove
Hawkestone Close
Hawthorn Road
Haydock Court
Hayfield Road
Hazel Road
Heath Avenue
Heath Avenue
Heath Place
Heath Street
Heath Street
Heathcote Street
Heathfield Drive
Heaton Terrace
Hedley Place
Hempstalls Grove
Hempstalls Lane
Hempstalls Lane
Hempstalls Lane
Hemsby Way
Henshall Road
Hereford Avenue
Herm Close
Hertford Grove
Hick Street
Hickman Street
High Street
High Street
High Street
High Street
High Street
High Street
High Street (May Bank)
High Street (May Bank)
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Court
Highfield Grange
Hill Street
Hillport Avenue
Hilltop Avenue
Hodgkinson Street
Hogarth Place
Holden Avenue
Holditch Road
Holditch Road
Hollinshead Avenue
Holly Road
Hoon Avenue
Hooters Hall Road
Hopedale Close
Horatius Road
Horton Street
Howard Grove
Howard Place
Howe Grove
Howle Close
Hughes Avenue
Hulland Close
Hulme Close
Humber Way
Huntsbank Drive
Hyacinth Court
Ilam Close
Ilkley Place
Inglewood Drive
Inglewood Grove
Irene Avenue
Ironbridge Drive
James Street
Jason Street
Jasper Close
Jenkinson Close
Jerbourg Close
Jersey Close
John O'gaunt's Road
John Street
John Street
Johnson Avenue
Jubilee Road
Junction Crescent
Justin Close
Keele Road
Keele Road
Keeling Street
Kelvin Street
Kendal Place
Kenilworth Grove
Kennet Close
Kensworth Close
Kent Grove
Kentmere Place
Kents Lane
Keswick Place
Kimberley Road
Kinder Place
King Street
King Street
King Street
King's Avenue
King's Avenue
Kingsbridge Avenue
Kingsdown Mews
Kingsway East
Kingsway West
Kinsey Street
Kirkstall Place
Knutton Lane
Knutton Lane
Knutton Road
Knutton Road
Knype Close
Knype Way
Laburnum Place
Lamphouse Way
Lancaster Avenue
Lancaster Road
Landseer Place
Langdale Road
Langford Road
Langley Close
Lansdell Avenue
Larkspur Grove
Lawson Terrace
Laxley Road
Leamington Gardens
Leaswood Close
Leaswood Place
Leech Avenue
Legge Street
Leicester Close
Lessways Close
Leys Drive
Lichfield Close
Lidgate Walk
Lightwood Road
Lilleshall Avenue
Lilleshall Road
Lily Street
Limestone Grove
Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln Grove
Linden Close
Linden Grove
Links Avenue
Lion Grove
Lisbon Place
Liverpool Road
Liverpool Road
Liverpool Road
Lockwood Street
Lodge Grove
Lodge Grove
London Road
London Road
London Road
Long Meadow
Longclough Road
Longsdon Close
Longshaw Avenue
Loomer Road
Loomer Road
Loring Road
Loring Terrace South
Lovatt Avenue
Lower Milehouse Lane
Lower Milehouse Lane
Lower Oxford Road
Lower Street
Lower Street
Lowfield Drive
Lucerne Place
Ludford Close
Lugano Close
Lyme Grove
Lyme Valley Road
Lyme Wood Grove
Lymes Road
Lymewood Close
Lynton Road
Machin Crescent
Madeley Street
Madeley Street North
Magenta Drive
Malham Road
Malvern Avenue
Manifold Close
Mansfield Close
Maple Avenue
Maries Way
Marina Drive
Marina Drive
Market Lane
Marsh Avenue
Marsh Avenue
Marsh Parade
Marsh Way
Matilda Grove
Maureen Grove
May Avenue
May Place
May Street
Mayer Avenue
Mayfield Avenue
Mayfield Place
Mayfield Place
Meadow Avenue
Meadow Lane
Meadow Street
Meakin Avenue
Medway Place
Mellard Street
Melrose Avenue
Melville Court
Melvyn Crescent
Mendip Place
Meremore Drive
Meriden Road
Merrial Street
Merrial Street
Mersey Road
Michaels Close
Milan Drive
Milborne Drive
Mile Court
Milehouse Lane
Milehouse Lane
Milehouse Lane
Milford Road
Mill Street
Millbank Place
Millenium Way
Miller Street
Minton Street
Moffatt Way
Monaco Place
Monks Close
Monks Close
Monmouth Place
Montfort Place
Moorcroft Avenue
Moorthorne Crescent
Moran Road
Moreton Avenue
Moreton Parade
Morston Drive
Moss Grove
Moss Rise
Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant
Mount Street
Myott Avenue
Naples Drive
Nash Street
Navigation Way
Nelson Street
Nelson Street
New Street
Newcastle Road
Newcastle Road
Newcastle Street
Newlands Close
Newport Grove
Newton Road
Norman Grove
North Street
North Terrace
Northcote Place
Northesk Place
Northwood Close
Northwood Lane
Norwich Place
Oak Road
Oak Street
Oakdene Avenue
Oakdene Close
Oaklands Avenue
Oban Close
Occupation Street
Old Hall Drive
Oldcastle Avenue
Orchard Street
Ore Close
Orford Street
Orgreaves Close
Orion Court
Orme Road
Orton Road
Orwell Place
Ostend Place
Oxford Road
Oxhay View
Oxhay View
Palatine Drive
Palmers Way
Palmerston Street
Palmerston Street
Paradise Street
Paragon Avenue
Paris Avenue
Park Avenue
Park Avenue
Park Road
Parkfields Close
Parkhouse Road East
Parkhouse Road West
Parkside Drive
Parkside Grove
Parkstone Avenue
Peacock Hay Road
Peacock Road
Peacock Walk
Peake Street
Pear Tree Lane
Peebles Road
Peel Street
Peel Street
Pembroke Drive
Penarth Place
Penmere Drive
Pennine Way
Penrith Court
Pentland Grove
Pepper Street
Pepper Street
Pilkington Avenue
Pilkington Avenue
Pilsbury Street
Pinehurst Close
Pinewood Grove
Pireford Place
Pirehill Road
Piren Green
Pit Head Close
Pitfield Avenue
Pitgreen Lane
Plane Grove
Plymouth Grove
Pool Side
Pool Street
Poole Lane
Poolfield Avenue
Poolfield Avenue North
Poolfields Close
Poplar Avenue
Poplar Close
Poplar Court
Poplar Grove
Porthill Bank
Porthill Bank
Porthill Green
Portland Grove
Portland Mews
Povey Place
Prestbury Avenue
Priam Close
Primrose Grove
Princess Street
Priory Road
Priory Road
Prospect Terrace
Purser Crescent
Queen Street
Queen Street
Queen Street
Queen Street
Queens Court
Quinton Grove
Race Course
Radstone Rise
Ramsey Road
Rangemore Terrace
Ranworth Close
Rathbone Avenue
Rathbone Avenue
Ravenswood Close
Redheath Close
Redmine Close
Reedmace Walk
Reeves Avenue
Refinery Street
Renfrew Close
Repton Drive
Reynolds Avenue
Ribble Close
Riceyman Road
Richmond Grove
Ridgmont Road
Ridgway Place
Ripon Avenue
Roberts Avenue
Robertson Drive
Roe Lane
Rogers Avenue
Roman Drive
Romney Avenue
Ronaldsway Drive
Rosendale Avenue
Rosevale Court
Rosevale Road
Rossall Avenue
Rothesay Avenue
Rotterdam Road
Rowhurst Close
Rowley Avenue
Roycroft Close
Rudyard Grove
Rugby Close
Russell Street
Russell Street
Rutherford Avenue
Rutland Place
Rydal Way
Rydal Way
Rye Bank
Rye Bank Crescent
Salop Grove
Sandford Street
Sandhurst Close
Sandon Avenue
Sandy Lane
Sandy Lane
Sark Close
Saunders Road
Scarlett Street
School Street
School Street
Scot Hay Road
Seabridge Lane
Seabridge Lane
Seabridge Lane
Seabridge Road
Seabridge Road
Seagrave Place
Seagrave Street
Second Avenue
Second Avenue
Sedbergh Close
Selby Close
Severn Drive
Shaw Street
Shawport Avenue
Shefford Road
Sheldon Grove
Sherborne Drive
Sheringham Place
Shoredale Close
Showan Avenue
Shrewsbury Drive
Sidmouth Avenue
Sidmouth Avenue
Silverdale Road
Silverdale Road
Silverdale Road
Silverdale Road
Silverdale Street
Silverton Close
Simpson Street
Slaney Street
Slindon Close
Smallwood Close
Smith Way
Sneyd Avenue
Sneyd Crescent
Sneyd Terrace
Snowgoose Way
Somerville Avenue
Sophia Way
Sorrel Gardens
South Terrace
Southlands Avenue
Southlands Avenue
Sparch Avenue
Sparch Grove
Sparch Hollow
Sparch Hollow
Sparrow Terrace
Speedwell Road
Spencer Place
Spencroft Road
Spode Grove
Springfield Close
Springwood Road
Springwood Road
St Andrew's Drive
St Anthony's Drive
St Bernard's Road
St Edmund's Avenue
St George's Avenue North
St George's Avenue South
St George's Avenue West
St George's Road
St Gile's Road
St Helier Close
St John's Avenue
St John's Place
St Lucy's Drive
St Luke's Close
St Martin's Road
St Mary's Drive
St Mary's Road
St Michael's Road
St Patrick's Drive
St Paul's Road
St Vincent Place
Stafford Avenue
Stafford Crescent
Standon Avenue
Stanier Street
Stanley Grove
Stanley Road
Stanton Close
Station Road
Staveley Place
Sterndale Drive
Stockwood Road
Stonewall Place
Stratford Avenue
Stretton Road
Stuart Grove
Stubbs' Gate
Stubbs' Street
Stubbsfield Road
Stubbsfield Road
Sudbury Place
Suffolk Close
Summerhill Drive
Sunningdale Grove
Sunny Hollow
Sutherland Drive
Sutton Avenue
Sutton Street
Sycamore Grove
Sydney Street
Talke Road
Talke Road
Talke Road
Talke Road
Tansey Way
Taunton Place
Tavistock Crescent
Taylor Avenue
Taylor Street
Taylor Street
Templar Crescent
Templar Terrace
Tennant Place
Terrington Drive
Thames Road
The Acres
The Avenue
The Avenue
The Beeches
The Brackens
The Brambles
The Briars
The Bridle Path
The Brighton
The Covert
The Crescent
The Crescent
The Crossway
The Elms
The Glade
The Greenway
The Grove
The Hollies
The Limes
The Midway
The Midway
The Mount
The Pippins
The Plaisaunce
The Rookery
The Saplings
The Square
The Squirrels
The Thistles
The Uplands
Thirlmere Place
Thirsk Place
Thistleberry Avenue
Thomas Avenue
Thompstone Avenue
Thornham Close
Tiber Drive
Tintern Place
Tittensor Road
Toft End Road
Treacle Row
Tregew Place
Trent Grove
Tudor Grove
Tulip Grove
Turin Drive
Turner Crescent
Turnhill Grove
Tuscan Way
Tweed Grove
Tyne Way
Tynwald Grange
Underwood Road
Upper Marsh
Vale Pleasant
Vale Street
Vale Street
Vale View
Valley View
Vessey Terrace
Vicarage Crescent
Vichy Close
Vickers Close
Victoria Place
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Vienna Place
Viggars Place
Wade Avenue
Wain Avenue
Walkersgreen Road
Walkersgreen Road
Walklate Avenue
Walley's Drive
Walnut Grove
Walsingham Gardens
Walton Place
Warrilowheath Road
Warwick Avenue
Warwick Avenue
Warwick Grove
Warwick Street
Water Street
Water Street
Watermills Road
Watermills Road
Waters Edge Close
Watlands Avenue
Watlands Avenue
Watlands View
Waveney Grove
Waveney Grove
Waverley Place
Wayside Avenue
Wayside Avenue
Weaver Place
Webster Street
Wedgwood Avenue
Wedgwood Street
Well Street
Welland Grove
Wellington Street
Wellington Street
Wem Grove
Wenlock Close
Wesley Place
West Avenue
West Brampton
West Street
West Street
West Street
West View
Westbury Road
Westcliffe Avenue
Westlands Avenue
Weston Close
Westwood Road
Wetherby Close
Wharf Street
Whitchurch Grove
White House
Whitehouse Road
Whitehouse Road North
Whitethorn Way
Whitfield Avenue
Whitmore Road
Whitmore Road
Whitmore Road
Willard Close
Willotts Hill Road
Wilmot Close
Wilmot Drive
Wilson Street
Wilton Street
Wiltshire Grove
Wimberry Drive
Winchester Drive
Windermere Road
Windsor Street
Winpenny Road
Winston Terrace
Winterside Close
Wolseley Road
Wolseley Road
Wolstanton Road
Woodbridge Road
Woodcastle Crescent
Woodhall Place
Woodland Avenue
Woodrow Way
Woodside Crescent
Woodstock Close
Woolliscroft Avenue
Wrenburry Close
Wright Avenue
Wroxham Way
Wulstan Drive
Wulstan Drive
Wye Road
Wynstay Court
Yaxley Court
York Street